If you get a sudden late night text from a girl....

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  1. If you get a sudden late night text from a girl....

    Say she messages you between 2200-2300 out of the blue, should you reply? Or could it be a test to see if you are doing anything like socialising with friends and actually have a life?

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    Damn you're overthinking this pretty bad
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    I know what he means actually, a couple girls recently have taken a whole day or two just to send a silly Lol text and feel like it may be seeing if I am desperate since I recently asked them to do something

  4. Why is he overthinking? Itís a common shit test afcís who are borderline ljbf.

    Iím curious as to the content of the text..
    is it

    Or something like what are you doing

    Idk Iím new and I question this because I been in this situation

  5. Either she is bored and expects you to be down for talking with her because she knows that you like her. Or she tries to see what you are up to, maybe there is the chance to win her. But idk, with girls, you just never know...

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