If you get a sudden late night text from a girl....
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  1. If you get a sudden late night text from a girl....

    Say she messages you between 2200-2300 out of the blue, should you reply? Or could it be a test to see if you are doing anything like socialising with friends and actually have a life?

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    Damn you're overthinking this pretty bad
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    I know what he means actually, a couple girls recently have taken a whole day or two just to send a silly Lol text and feel like it may be seeing if I am desperate since I recently asked them to do something

  4. Why is he overthinking? Itís a common shit test afcís who are borderline ljbf.

    Iím curious as to the content of the text..
    is it

    Or something like what are you doing

    Idk Iím new and I question this because I been in this situation

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