Trouble in sex relationship - what to do?

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  1. Trouble in sex relationship - what to do?

    I'm having trouble in my sex relationship. I don't know what has happened to me all sudden. I have been making love with my girlfriend but I was not able to get a proper erection. I can't even put condom as it gets soft within a minute of penetration. We tried again but it was still the same effect and my girlfriend started to weep by saying I've lost interest in her. But to be frank I don't know what's going. I researched and saw about erectile dysfunction and discussed it with my GF. She asked me to consult a professional doctor from Canadian Men's Clinic in Toronto ( )and get treated for it. I'm very much frustrated by this. Has anyone here had a similar situation? What did you do to regain your erection?

  2. Sounds a lot like performance anxiety and a lot of pressure.
    I hope you told your girl it has nothing to do with her.
    It can go away once you stop caring.
    If it does not change, you can go to see a doctor and maybe he/she can help you to break out of the vicious cycle.

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