Dealing with 2 sisters

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    Dealing with 2 sisters

    Tonight I met 2 sisters at a bar, was interesting and won them over. The problem was that I couldn't number close the target, because was too shy to give her number in front of her sister. This happens to me sometimes with a girl in front of her best friend too... Advice for the future?

  2. Honestly they dont have to be sisters. Any girl can feel shy while infront of a group of people. The answer is "isolate" bring a wing man or get a wing man at the bar. Ask him if he would b willing to wing u. Its like asking for a spotter at the gym. Most guys will if it means they get to talk to a hb without having to break the ice. By having another wing keeping the other girl busy u r taking a massive amount of social pressure off the girl. After the guy comes in put yourself in between the other girl and guy and then work your magic. However this will kill any threesome chances

  3. I meant put yourself infront of the target so that your back is facing your wing and the other girl

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    "Hey, X. Your sister and I really like each other, would you be cool with us exchanging numbers?"

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