Deodorant and Erection

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  1. Deodorant and Erection

    I made an experiment few weeks ago.

    For 3 days I use deodorant, the next 3 days I don't, the next 3 days I do and the next 3 days I don't.

    During the weeks, I have sex for about 1-2 hour a day with the same girl, my wife actually, just for the sake of the experiment

    The thing is that in the days when I use deodorant. I went limp in the middle of the sex. And that depressing!

    While when I don't use deodorant, I got annoyed by the smell of my body odor.

    Is it just me, or does someone experienced the same problem?

    By the way, my deodorant is R*x*n*.

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    That's a new one.
    Try a cock ring and maybe change to a new brand - actually check the chemicals. Switch to/from stick, spray, or roll on.

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    A bar of soap is also a deodorant, but some people avoid deodorant containing aluminum because of its connection to kidney problems. The natural food stores, supermarkets usually have aluminum free deodorant but it costs more. There's oils (coconut oil) and homemade deodorants people have tried, or just shaved the armpits and it either reduced it or there was no odor.

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