Should I hook up with this woman in this case?

Basically this woman has been acting really seductive towards me and she said she is interested in a FWB type relationship. I thought she was hot, especially the way she was acting towards me and all.

We were to suppose to meet up on friday, however, she canceled on me saying she is having second thoughts, cause she is afraid she will end up falling for me if we do. I told her that maybe we can arrange it so I don't give her a reason to fall for me, since we are making it about sex only, such as for example no cuddling or spending much time together, other than just the sex.

But she says that even if it's just sex, and I don't give her a reason to like me, that she still thinks she will likely fall and is having second thoughts. So either I try to talk her into it more and just really give her a reason not to fall for me, or I don't pursue it at all. What do you think?

And if I should take the former option, what would be the best way to go about it?