Nervous about First Time Sex with Girlfriend

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    Nervous about First Time Sex with Girlfriend

    My girlfriend and I decided to take it slow sexually. We have an amazing relationship otherwise. She's beautiful in every way, and I love being around her etc. But we haven't had sex yet. I am now nervous about it. I know for me when I am nervous I don't always stay hard or struggle to get hard more than once. It's a mental thing more than anything. Was wondering for any tips for getting/staying hard in overcoming nervousness.

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    It does not matter how nervous you are but how is she. Before getting the naked date, learn how to produce orgasms on her, You can start by learning how to touch her clitoris, kissing her nipples or even making some cunnilingus.
    The day you decided to have a penetration, she will be able to have an orgasm before the penetration, this will make her to feel comfortable and with no insecurities, so, your performance during penetration will not be important and if you feel secure too, both of you will enjoy the moment and she will never left you.

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