Advice on 3 Weeks Gap?

First off, I don't know the game at all so my vocab might be off. For the TLDR readers, there's a shortcut to the relevant section. Included more in case people are interested.

Met this girl on OkCupid. Very attractive, well traveled, she's a doctor. Looking for a "kind, caring guy". She said she's shy in groups. Seems very high value.

Her first message back to starts with "You might be the guy of my dreams!". We talk back and forth for about 2-3 messages each over 3 days. Talk about travel and she says she likes various things about my profile We end up talking very briefly before I give her my number for something silly (shared interest is plants and hers was dying..she wanted advice). I ask her out via OKC message for tea/coffee but leave her an option to wait if she's uncomfortable [trying to be a little considerate since she's shy].

She *calls* me to respond instead of texting to set up the date and basically says I can meet her that afternoon, night or the next day but she's traveling out of the country the day after. I was at work, so I text her back saying that I love calls but I'm at work so text works better. We set up the date at a swanky tea shop.


We meet up. I actually walk past her because I forgot my phone and couldn't believe she was the super attractive girl in front of me. Date goes really well, all kinds of personal stories, family discussion, how she wanted to help out with disaster recovery while she's home, we sat against the same wall and super close. I broke the physical barrier when laughing and she seemed very flirty and physically comfortable with me. She didn't seem to be in a hurry to leave even when I gave her the opening.

She's was going to be in her home country for 2.5 weeks.

I'd say she was a 8 or 9 to me.

We hugged goodbye. Kissing on a first OKC date was always weird to me. I kiss on the second on those. Has worked for me in the past.

She texted that night to see if I got home safely and thanked me for the night. I figure she's outta my league so I just go for it. "Had a great time. Love to go out with you again." She replies, "Would like that too. Have WhatsApp? I can text you from out of the country".

So I've been talking to her. Lots of personal stuff/building comfort/getting to know. Talks about her family a lot. I think I'm doing well on that front. Talks about the menial things in her life in her country. Occasionally some jokes.

If I don't reply immediately, she'll sometimes text me 3-4 messages in about a hour with different questions.

We talked frequently for a few days but I realized that I shouldn't do that so I stepped back for a while.

After 2 day gap she opened with "The moon looks beautiful tonight. You should go look at it ". 2 mins later: "When are you going home for the holiday?". 5 mins after that: "How has your week been"? 30 mins after that:"Are you staying safe from the snow storm?"

The Gist:
I don't get to see this girl for about another two weeks at the earliest. How do I keep her interested given she's high value, seems to have a strong desire for a caring guy, seems to be into me and is out of the country? Any way I can avoid LJBF bomb on this? I'm normally communicating only slightly between physical dates and using text/call to line up the next date so completely out of my element here.