How I cured my delayed/ non-existent ejaculation during sex

Bit of background. I'd had sex with ten girls and never came or ejaculated during the process. This was bad and I figured an irregular problem. Although not common it is something that plagues men and such, I thought I would put this out into cyberspace and hopefully help someone that doesn't have the answers that I had to figure out the hard way.

First of all, delayed ejaculation IS a thing. Some guys would assume it's a good thing, but a lot of girls that I had been with HATED it. A girl likes to get you off, it's something that turns her on too. No matter how much I admitted that I was into the girl they often were annoyed by the fact that I couldn't get there. Plus, it's very important especially if you're interested in having kids one day.

Also, I will say all of the girls I've had sex with were very attractive to me (and others! Fuck you reader! haha)

I had previously searched the internet for an answer on how to overcome this problem and really come up with nothing. A lot of advice will say 'don't use death grip whilst masturbating, and don't masturbate for a week'. Well, whilst this is good advice, to get over my problem I didn't masturbate for a good six months and it didn't fix anything. Yeah, read that again. However, I will say that it is an important step but in my opinion not THE most important step.

The other thing I read was that it was an un-curable affliction that was 80% in your head. This struck me as odd. Is it un-curable or 80% in your head? It can't be both.

I tried everything. I went to a Urologist but he was no help (actually he was quite condescending. Happy to take my money though and book a follow up) and he said that my junk and health was 100% normal.

So these are the things that worked for me. And yes, now I ejaculate all the time. Everywhere I can! I will also say, that I was never once not able to get myself off. So if you can't get yourself off maybe you need to delve a little deeper.

1. The most important thing to me was changing the way I got off. The '80% in your head' stat got me thinking. I mean... I had wet dreams, so clearly I was able to get off. Prior to having sex for the first time and even after, I was attracted to girl's in model poses on the internet. You need to ask yourself what you find sexy in a woman. And curb that into fucking a woman. Is it the breasts or ass? This is the wrong answer, it should be YOU fucking the breasts or ass. Because in your bedroom the girl isn't going to kneel in a beach pose staying completely still whilst you masturbate in the corner. You need to be attracted to the little subtleties that she gives off, holding her, dominating her, slightly pulling her hair, if she wore that sexy outfit just for you, her screaming your name, you talking dirty to her whilst you both match each others rhythm, her GODDAMN PRESENCE. These are the things you need to picture when you masturbate and when you see hot girls on the internet. Maybe go a while without looking at these at all. It helps.

2. The second thing you have to do is think about these things that get you off during sex. Whatever you're into, use it. Find out what turns you on and run with it. It's not taboo. Or it is taboo and that's what makes it so hot. I don't care, get your dirty mind away from me.

3. When you're fucking you need to feel the same feeling in your penis that you do when you're jacking off. Maybe you're fucking wrong? I was. If you masturbate with the top of your penis, fuck with the top of your penis. Fuck like it feels good. Seriously, I was going way too deep and was just a shit fuck, but I was getting compliments because my dick was long and girls likened it to a vibrator. Mmm very embarrassing. I was a human vibrator. Now I'm a human man, so we've come a bit of a way there.

4. Make sure your foreskin isn't too tight. Sex actually hurt me. It's not until I started pulling my foreskin back every day in the shower (and during masturbation) that it started to loosen and sex felt good. You should be able to pull your foreskin all the way back without feeling discomfort.

5. Death grip. Yeah, it makes an appearance on my list too. I changed how I masturbate. I now do it with two fingers. Yeah. It can be done. Keep trying. You can probably get yourself off without even your hands if you're turned on enough. So stop masturbating as much and when you do do it, do it at a slow pace with minimal handling.

Always wear a condom and goodnight x