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    So everyone pretty much knows that bad boys get girls, and not by just being a dick but by acting like they are not really caring about the girl as much as she relatively cares about him.

    I read this article The Dark Triad. The personality of evil.:Brainstorm Psychology about this personality type called The Dark Triad (cool name) where people who have this kind of personality have three things about them that make them a Dark triad. They are narcissistic, Machiavellian and have a level of psychopathy. In other words they are vain/grandiose, clever and don't give a shit. I've read around and these guys are what girls for the most part are attracted to.

    What I want to know is which people - celebrity or anyone else would you call a Dark Triad? I know James Bond is a Dark Triad even though he is just a film character. Anyone else? Who would you say gets girls and suits this personality type?

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    Forget about this. You can be great with girls without having to turn into the above. You're just wasting mental energy where you should be spending it going out and talking to women
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  3. I agree with Vox - only some girls like this type of guy. Tends to be western white women, and even then its not all of them, just most of the women who want a 'nice alpha' are usually taken and its only the younger 'club girls' who gravitate towards this. change the type of women you approach and be confident and not care about what anyone thinks and put your focus and energy into this. Other races look for different qualities in guys in particular latino and black women actually want to date a nicer guy, and have you seen how hot some of these ladies are...!

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