Does anyone here take testosterone supplement?

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    Does anyone here take testosterone supplement?

    I had a good sex life in the past. My partner enjoyed having it with me. But, my bad lifestyle and age affected my libido due to low testosterone. I started to experience erectile dysfunction. And, I had to see my girlfrend's face in disappointment every night.

    It gave me a lot of pain as I was having the desire in my mind but unable to please her. I started taking testosterone supplements with the doctor's prescription and things started to be normal. I felt like I had my life back. But yesterday my partner showed me this article on a law portal. Testosterone Lawyers & Lawsuits | The testosterone supplements can lead to heart diseases and death? I got shocked. How can a natural substance cause harm when I am not overdosing on it? I would like to know if this is true.

    If there is anyone here who take the supplement please comment. I need advice

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    I've had prostrate issues (and a hernia) affecting my performance (and getting up at 3AM to take a leak) but I'm working towards eating better, sleeping more, and exercising than going the pill route.Talk to a nutritionist (or get a physician referral) and see a urologist. Any time I had performance issues in the past I focused more on oral sex and used various sex toys, lubes, etc on her.

  3. Does anyone here take testosterone supplement?

    Well the good thing is that you found out what was causing your problem and know the fix. I hear that living with low T levels cause way more health problems. Go check out some older male forums for more answers.

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    Every big pharma product is unhealthy, specially during long periods, just read the small letters coming with each drug.

    Try Peruvian Maca. It is natural with no reported side effects.

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