Problem with flakes

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  1. Problem with flakes

    Well as the title says, i have problem with flakes.My daygame is mainly focused on uni's as of late but i cannot seem to get a proper date.On average i got 3 point something a month and now i cannot get a single one.

    What is hell is going on? I don't seem to be doing anything different that i was doing yet i am puzzled i see no results.What could be the issue?

  2. Looks like you hit a plateau. Try something different for a while and make sure the flirts are really exciting for you. Your numbers will go down first, but you get a chance to get better/good again.
    Other than that it's not possible to give you advise without knowing more details. Flakes are usually due to not having enough connection while talking. It is important to make the initial conversation as long as possible and make sure you demonstrate you interest.

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    Maybe you're routine is now so rote polished it seems inauthentic.

    How are they "flaking"? Refusing to respond to your texts? not keeping dates? Wherever the flaking is happening, you have to go back and fix the PREVIOUS step.

    1. Not responding to texts: Get the girls more excited at the prospect of talking to you via text. Send them a joke or something while they're standing there right in front of you so they associate the texting with the cool guy in front of them.

    2. Blowing off dates: Develop more rapport with them before asking them out. You have to get a sense for when to pull the trigger. Too soon, and they aren't invested in meeting you again. Too late, and they've put you in the penpal-zone.

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    One thing to always remember. Women flake on men and women flake on women. Been to a girls birthday party? Women will flake BIG TIME. I asked a female friend about it recently and she was like "well i've got the right to change my mind".
    If sitting down eating a tub of ice cream feels like a better option. They'll take it.
    If someone is flaky they will always be flaky. Cut them loose.

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    Game is always up and down. Flake will be there, that's just life. There are ways to minimized it. Imagine 40% number close rate + 10-40% get come out from number then day2 F-close. That's good enough. Again your number may vary.

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