Project Rockstar 2016 (Sterling & Vici)

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    Project Rockstar 2016 (Sterling & Vici)

    Each year this incredible program gets more and more transformative. I feel so blessed to be able to give back and contribute to a group of such incredible men. Some seriously deep transformations happened this summer both within the class and the instructor team / alumni. So grateful and privileged to be part of something like this.

    We've opened up this thread for the Rockstars to share their overall program reviews.

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    Project Rockstar 2016 Review/Reflection

    For years I followed and read the journals/reviews about Project Rockstar. I often imagined what it would be like to take part in this program. How motivational, inspirational, kick in the butt it had to be for everyone. And yet I couldn’t apply because of other commitments, or at least this was my story. And then 2016 rolled around and I knew I had the opportunity to take the summer off, so I soon started working on my application, gathered whatever information I could, and worked hard to make it stand out. I sent in my application on the last day, had several interviews, and in the beginning of April I found out I got accepted and the fitness program would start the following Monday. The word that best describes my feeling at the moment is surreal. For me it was surreal that after years of reading the awesome stories the last rockstars wrote, I was now going to be the guy in them, writing these stories. My life was going to be divided in two, before and after the summer of 2016.

    Fitness Program

    The fitness program was our first contact with Project Rockstar. First I ordered some of the stuff we would need for the transformation, like a body fat reader, lots of tupperware, and a few other things. We were then put into different groups based on pictures and measurements we sent in. In the beginning I was in the loser group, then gainer and lastly the hard gainer group to put on some muscle mass. For most of my life I considered myself a skinny fat guy. Someone that looks skinny but doesn’t have muscles so the body fat percentage is “high”. I was at around 17% body fat when the program started.

    The program itself was incredibly intense. The time commitment is enormous. Weightlifting roughly five times a week, yoga/stretching or similar on the other days, and up to 50 minutes of cardio every day. I spent roughly 2-3 hours every day for twelve weeks doing this fitness program, and this is not counting all the cooking we did. Weekly we sent in our measurements, blog entry and body shots. It was great to write blog entries and have pictures, so we could see our progress mentally and physically. If the scale didn’t show progress, the body shots usually would, and vice versa. Sam Badger was the instructor in charge of helping us with the transformation, giving us feedback on how we are doing and tailoring the program to each one of us. It’s invaluable to have someone looking out for you in this way.

    The fitness program taught me so much it’s hard to put it into words. How the body works, what are good foods to eat and why, what is bad and why, what is a realistic progression for myself, how to get where you want to be, what is essential, etc. The most important thing I learned during this physical and mental transformation is that so much is based on your mindset. Your attitude, your thoughts, how you feel everyday, what you are capable of, your beliefs, your limiting beliefs, what you think you can handle, what you can really handle, all of that is something that once you are aware of it, you can change and control it. It doesn’t happen overnight, nor during a year, it can take a lifetime to master, but it definitely pays off.

    By the end of the program I was in the best shape of my life by far and ready to take on the summer.

    Las Vegas

    Oh my god, where do I start? Vegas is insane, it’s like a parallel universe. And being there during PR adds a whole other dimension to it. I made sure to print the first day of the program into my memory so I could recall later on how far we came. The first night out at XS Nightswim, awkward dudes walking around like headless chickens. Haha, it’s crazy to think how far each and every one of us came.

    First we had the 10-day, which was packed with information. This is the only part of the program where we get theory about game. Later we would have different seminars, debrief the last night and practice, practice, practice. This constant practice followed by feedback during the night and debrief the next day is what by far helps the most during the whole program.

    What stood out to me is how natural everything felt. No wonder they call it “Simplified Natural”. No canned routines or a single way to go from A to B. We learned what matters in interactions, what to pay attention to, and then it’s about being your best self.

    The inner game part of the program was incredible. Everyone has their own issues, and one by one we went through them all with some coaching. Stuff that people didn’t even know they had in them, bugging them for years or even decades. It made a big difference, a positive one.

    There were a lot of highlights during the Vegas part of the program. Shooting guns, sky diving, circle of vulnerability, final party at the mansion, seminars about game, inner game, fashion, entrepreneurship, masculinity, and then of course all the crazy days and nights going out. I catch myself almost every night remembering and reliving some of the craziest moments of our trip, with a huge grin on my face.


    For the first part of our break we decided to go to Hvar, Croatia. We had amazing weather, the people were amazing, and the parties as well. It was a much-needed break to catch up on some sleep, internalize some of the teachings, and bond with the guys.

    It was the first time we were out on our own, without the pressure of having instructors there. This was our first test on how coming back to our normal lives could be. It’s on us to keep the momentum going and keep improving ourselves.

    Overall Hvar was splendid. People were beautiful. The beaches had turquoise water. The islands are gorgeous. Great place to relax and have a great time.


    Our next stop was Prague, Czech Republic. Charming, old European town. I’ve been here before with friends, but it’s not the same when you are with rockstars. One of our guys got us a hotel in the middle of the city and we soon set out to check the city.

    This was a bit closer to how coming back to our lives would be than Hvar. Here there aren’t big parties going on every night, it’s not purely a vacation city. Less tourists than Vegas and Hvar as well, so we adjusted to that as well. It’s great to have this progression and adjusting again and again.


    Two of the key moments of PR happened in Vegas: Circle of Truth and Circle of Appreciation. In the first week we had Circle of Truth. It took twelve hours, where everyone gave everyone negative/constructive. Everyone had to face some uncomfortable truths. Some guys got it lighter; some probably had the worst day in their entire lives. Or the best day in their lives, depends on how you frame it. It’s incredible to get to know how others perceive us, how our actions and words affect others around us. It’s enlightening to say the least.

    By the end of the Sweden leg of the program, we had our final circle, the Circle of Appreciation. This was the time to say how someone positively affected us, what positive qualities and attributes the person has. It again took twelve hours and was also very emotional.

    A focus during the time we spent in Stockholm was on partying and having a great time with friends, instead of being out and in your head thinking about game the whole night. We still had debrief and seminars during the day, with alumni jumping in to teach us about topics they could help us with.

    By the end of Stockholm, it was amazing to stop and reflect on how far everyone has come. It’s harder to notice when we live with each other every day, and sometimes we take this progress for granted, but once you see each case individually and compare it to how our lives would have been outside of PR, it’s absurd how much change there has been.


    The lead instructors were Sterling and Vici. It baffles me how knowledgeable Sterling is about social dynamics. When analyzing a person, most people can only say the actions someone is doing wrong, but he understands the why behind it and also the actions you need to take to fix it. It sounds simple, but is far from it. Vici is a very down to earth guy. He has this skill to give you feedback in the simplest terms and point out the obvious, which makes it easier to implement.

    And we had a lot of instructors in the core team: Jasper (the king of memes and flowcharts), Sam Badger (relentless about inner game), Mav (high energy like a tornado), Vybe (lots of great analogies during debrief), and Alswede (our Swedish fashion specialist). Venture was not an official instructor (besides the 10-day), but was involved here and there dropping some golden nuggets.
    Above all, all the instructors were genuinely interested in helping us. They were humble and supporting, sometimes harsh when needed, but always with our best interests in mind. They all put so much time and effort into this program, giving it their best, offering 1-on-1 talks on the side about anything you might be struggling with, and being these beacons of inspiration.


    I’m writing this six weeks after the program ended. It is still hard to comprehend how much happened during this summer. I’ve learned so much, changed a lot, and it is still far from over. The focus lies on transforming us into the best masculine versions of ourselves we can be and the instructors did an amazing job in guiding us to get closer to this ultimate goal. Everyone came from different backgrounds and different starting points, yet everyone has made huge strides into becoming a better person.

    After PR I can say I feel lighter. I feel like what others think of me doesn’t matter that much anymore. I know my worth, know what my goals are and that I can achieve them. It’s just a matter of being my best self and putting in the effort. I wouldn’t have gotten to this point without PR, that’s for sure.

    The friendships made during PR are invaluable. It’s not something that ends once the summer is over. Rockstars and instructors travel together, we keep in touch and support each other wherever we can. It is an amazing atmosphere. It is also shown by the high number of alumni that come back each year to be around and help out. I’ll definitely make a huge effort on my part to be back next year.

    I feel blessed I had the opportunity to take part in this life-changing program. I’m hugely thankful to everyone involved during PR2016, the instructors, alumni, guests and rockstars. It’s an experience that changed the course of my life by a lot, and it will only show more and more as I keep living a life fueled by rockstar! By far the best decision I’ve ever made in my life!

    TL;DR: Just do it.

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    2016 PR Review

    Rockstar is a 9-10 week intense, complete immersion lifestyle transformation. It is not for the weak or the faint of heart. It is for those who truly want to bed the best they can be and get the most out of life. It is one of the most challenging things I have done in my life and the reward has been equally as great.

    How do you write a review for a program that has given you so much? Words don’t do justice. Going into the program I was the biggest skeptic. I have left Project Rockstar the biggest believer. I had no idea the change I would go through and the change I would witness my fellow Rockstars go through. You don’t know what you don’t know. That saying holds true for the transformation I went through during the summer of my Rockstar.

    I was completely on the fence about going on Project Rockstar and even after getting accepted I was seriously considering whether I needed the program. I came into the program in what I thought was a very polished light. I had a successful business, multiple women, and a lot going for me. Rockstar showed me I had a lot more work to be the man I desire to be.

    It’s not about the women. It’s funny to say it’s not about the women when we literally went out every night of the week talking to women. But, truthfully, I could write this whole review and not mention women once because there comes a point in Rockstar where you realize it really has nothing to do with the women. It is 100% completely about you. It’s about how you are as a person, a friend, how you treat others, how you treat yourself, how much you love yourself, how much you love others and ultimately how you are as a man. The women in your life are just a reflection of who you are as a man. Rockstar aims to change you at your core. The program will break you down and when you think you’ve been broken down enough, it will tear you down even further. It will point out all your good qualities as well as your deepest darkest flaws. No stone goes unturned on this program. If you are looking for an easy fix, then Rockstar is not for you. It is one of the hardest, and yet most fun things I have done in my life. It broke me down into tears multiple times while giving me memories for a lifetime and changing me into the man I only could have dreamed of.

    I can’t say enough about all the instructors. I sometimes forget they are on their own journeys because they are completely selfless about helping you with yours. It amazes me how they can look into you and see exactly what your flaws and sticking points are. I have never seen a group of individuals so good and gifted at what they do as the instructor core. Thank You.

    I know I have been vague up to this point so let me get into a few specifics to give a better idea of things I liked and the things I thought could be improved on. I want to state this is my truthful and honest review. No Rockstars are enticed to write a positive review. When Rockstar starts, you are put on a grueling 12-week fitness transformation. I don’t care what fitness level you think you are, it WILL challenge you. I came into the program being in martial arts and having lifted weights most of my adult life. Working out every day on the fitness program and eating clean foods daily will shape your body into nothing you have ever seen before. Even more, it will mentally prepare you for the summer ahead.

    I can say Project Rockstar is the best investment I’ve made.

    The program itself is run very smoothly. Sterling and Vici are very organized and very timely. The meetings start when they are supposed to start. The first thing I noticed is how well prepared and laid out everything is. This is not some fly by night program. Everything is laid out and followed in precision order. I remember hearing Sterling or Vici say they start thinking about and planning next year’s Rockstar the minute the current one ends. After going through the program, I believe this is true. They do devote their life to this.

    The game aspect is literally the best coaching in the world. Most of the guys leave the program with instructor level game. You receive so much individual attention. This kind of one on one coaching would cost thousands of dollars in the real world. The most valuable things in terms of game were the countless repetitions as well as the individual student/instructor breakdowns that occurred the next day after a night out. A huge thank you to Vybe for staying as late as possible to cover everything in extreme depth. Often we were the last ones left in the breakout room after everybody had left. I can’t thank you enough for the commitment and willingness to go above and beyond.

    I had considered taking only the 10 day bootcamp instead of going on Rockstar because I didn’t know if I could take that much time off. While the 10-day bootcamp is absolutely some of the best coaching it is much different than the Rockstar program. To me the 10-day is very technical in terms of game. It is like drinking from a firehose. It still had a lot of good inner game material but I noticed the most change, as a man and on the inside during the rest of the program. If you have already done a 10-day know that Rockstar will give you all that the 10-day offers and 100x more in terms of the lasting change and growth.

    I already had a business coming into Rockstar so I was extremely excited to learn items I could add to my arsenal. I will preface this by saying that my industry, a private healthcare office, is extremely specialized and there isn’t necessarily a good comparison to my business. None the less I found only 2 of the numerous presentations useful to me. I will say that other Rockstars found the presentations to be much more beneficial. These tended to be the guys who were looking to start a business or make a major change in careers.

    Nothing gets by on Rockstar, if you are doing something wrong or have an ego and are acting in a bullshit way; it will be called out. It’s the vehicle necessary for change. One way this is done is the circle of truth. In Sweden we sit in a group and every person gives every other person the brutal, hard cold truth about their flaws as an individual. Nothing is held back. The interesting thing is that as you go through and give your feedback about others, most of the feedback from all the individuals is similar. Everybody notices your flaws and so many people saying the same thing cannot be wrong. Nowhere in the world can you get brutal honest feedback like this from guys you have lived closely with for the past 9 weeks. It is the cold hard medicine you really need to grow. To me this was one of the most powerful things the program gave me.

    If you are willing to give it your all, and be pushed harder than you ever have, and are willing to push yourself well past the point of comfort, then you will come out of the program not recognizing your previous self. You will be on the path to becoming the man you want to be. In 9 weeks, I broke so many limiting beliefs than I had in my entire lifetime. More than anything Rockstar has shown me what is possible. It has shown me that it is possible to have the life you want and be the man you want to be. If you are on the fence about Project Rockstar, do it. It will be the best decision of your life. Period.

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    2016 PR Review

    Growing up, I didn’t have much success with women. I grew up in a small city. I’d say I was a shy and awkward kid. Both of my parents were around, but I was mostly raised by my mom and my grandmother, who lived with us. My parents were homebodies. They never went out or visited with friends, coworkers or even family. I remember my dad working a lot growing up. He wasn’t much of a male role model for me or my older brother. I’d say I didn’t have the right male role models to emulate regarding women and relationships; romantic or otherwise. I don’t blame my father. He was sent off to boarding school when he was really young, so he didn’t have a strong father figure in his life either. So growing up, my education about women and relationships was basically Hollywood movies and television shows and to be the “nice” guy, which teaches you exactly what not to do.

    My parents are also very religious. I was raised Catholic and I went to Catholic school from first grade all the way until college. It definitely made me feel guilty about sex and the grade and high schools I went to were very small. I saw the same classmates year in and year out. I even went to school with some people from first grade all the way to senior year in high school.

    I was a good student and I got good grades. I got picked on a lot by the other kids in the neighborhood and by my classmates. I can remember having people, who said they were my friends, turn on me and start picking on me. I think this made me distrust people and not want to open up and be vulnerable to others. I didn’t have a lot of friends growing up much less any close friends. I felt ostracized and spent most of my childhood alone except for my brother. I’d say he was my best friend growing up. I can also remember girls finding out that I liked them, acting like it was disgusting and having them laugh in my face about it. That happened a lot early on and I think it contributed to me having a feeling of low self-worth and generally feeling unattractive to girls. It was the same in grade school and in high school. Needless to say, I had no idea or any experience on what to do with or around girls. There were no girlfriends not even a kiss.

    In college, things got better. I went to a big, public school. I met a lot of new and accepting people and I started making friends, but I still had problems opening up and trusting people. As for girls, I was as clueless as ever. Even though I was in college, it seemed like my knowledge and my experience with girls was that of an 8th grader. I was still the “nice” guy. I remember being so frustrated that I had no success with women. I had no idea what to do around them, much less how to talk to or attract them. There were no girlfriends in college either. Although, when I look back on it, I had opportunities, I just couldn’t recognize them or know what to do about them.

    I remember when I finally decided to do something about my situation. It was during law school. I had asked a girl out. I could tell she was hesitant at first, but she said “yes.” When I followed up with her about going out, she admitted she really didn’t want to go out with me and just said “yes” to be polite. I was crushed. I decided then and there to do something about my lack of a love life. Being a “nice” guy just wasn’t working. Weren’t girls supposed to like “nice” guys? I was also under the mistaken belief that if I was financially successful, I would also be successful in all the other parts of my life. I thought that if I did well in school and got a high paying job everything would fall into place. I thought that I’d get the gorgeous girlfriend/wife, we’d have a house, probably in the suburbs, maybe have kids and that we’d live happily ever after. Basically, everything that's portrayed in the movies and on television. I remember sitting at my desk in law school, sad and distraught, looking on the Internet for advice. I started looking up and reading articles and books about women and dating. I would try some things out and get mixed results. After a few years, I found Love Systems. This was the early days of LS not the LS we know now. A lot of what they taught back then is outdated. I’ll admit, I did more reading than actual practicing. I think I was too scared of the rejection.

    Fast forward 7 years, I’m a lawyer now and I took my first LS boot camp, the 10-day. I had actually just found out about Project Rockstar a few months earlier and had applied. I didn’t get in, but I saw that Sterling taught the same curriculum of Simplified Natural in Rockstar. I liked it in that it isn’t about creating a false fašade to get a girl. It’s about bringing out the best in you and making yourself a better, more attractive person. It teaches you how to communicate with women. It totally blew me away and finally I was seeing things from a totally different perspective. I realized that I was a very pessimistic person with low self-esteem and a scarcity mindset. At this point, I really started to work on myself.

    Fast forward 2 years and I had just applied to Rockstar for the third time. I had made it to the last round of interviews and I had a conference call with Sterling and Vici. When Sterling told me I was accepted, I was shocked. I was happy and scared at the same time. I knew Rockstar would be one of the toughest personal journeys I’d ever take, but I also knew it’d be one of the most worthwhile. I remember Sterling telling me that I wouldn't recognize myself at the end of the summer. I couldn't wait for it to come soon enough. I wanted to be a different, more confident version of myself.

    Rockstar is the fastest way to learn how to get good with and communicate with women. It’s one big boot camp. They teach you by dropping you into some of the toughest environments to get good with women: the loud, monstrous clubs of Las Vegas. The reference is a little dated, but I’d say Rockstar is like being in the movie, “The Matrix.” In the movie, Neo learns kung fu, how to fly a helicopter and countless other things by simply having that knowledge downloaded into his brain. Rockstar is the closest thing to getting good with women downloaded into your brain. You learn not only through personal experience, but also through the experiences of the instructors and from your fellow Rockstars in debriefings. In a month, you have a lifetime’s worth of experience with women implanted in your head. You’ll experience and hear things beyond your present reality. You get to see behind the Matrix. You learn what Venture and Sterling figured out and honed in the Simplified Natural program. It amazes me how they figured all of that out. Sterling just has a way of breaking the information down and presenting it in an easy to understand and precise manner. You literally go to class every day to learn how to communicate. After class, you go out to the hottest clubs with the hottest women with the best deejays in the world practicing what you’ve been taught. You do this 6 nights a week. It’s definitely not easy. You have to push yourself and go way outside of your comfort zone.

    At times, I had my doubts on whether Rockstar would work for me. You see I was carrying around a really “dark” secret. One that I was so ashamed of that it seemed to weigh me down more and more as time went by. When I went on Rockstar, I was essentially a 39 year old virgin. I had never had a serious relationship with a woman. I had gone out with a few girls I was really interested in here and there, but it never went anywhere. I typically got “friend-zoned.” And I had never slept with a woman except for a prostitute a year earlier. I didn’t know what to look for, what the signs meant and what to do about them. I just didn’t have the knowledge or the life experiences with women to know what to do. Part of my mind was thinking if Rockstar doesn’t work for me, I don’t think anything will work for me. I was thinking I was doomed to die alone. Rockstar can be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. I think I was at my lowest of lows on our break in Prague. At that point, I had made steady progress. My approaches were better. I wasn’t getting blown out right away. I was getting into longer and longer interactions with women. My conversation skills were improving. I was escalating, but I still hadn’t gotten laid yet. It was the last couple of days in Prague and it just seemed that my progress was stalling and even backtracking. I had just gotten a stern talking to by the instructors. I remember being in my hotel room, staring at the ceiling and just wondering “Is this going to work for me?”

    A few days later, we were in Stockholm. I just kept plugging away and doing what the instructors told me to do and it all came together for me the first official night out. With some advice from the instructors, I was able to pull my first lay ever. From first talking to her and getting her back to my hotel room took about an hour to an hour and a half. It wasn’t a smooth journey. There were roadblocks left and right: friends, logistics, last minute resistance, etc. Even though it was all new to me, all of the instruction came back to me and I had at least some idea how to handle it and what to do. I finally got laid from my own actions. I didn’t expect it, but afterwards I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I was just smiling from ear to ear. I felt freer and lighter. I was on the highest of highs just a few days after being at my lowest of lows. I guess, in my head, having been able to take a woman to bed from start to finish was proof that I’m a sex worthy person, that I’m attractive to women and that I deserve to have women in my life. I was thinking it’s amazing how much you can change in just a short amount of time. If Rockstar worked for me, it’ll work for you. As the instructors say, “Trust the process.”

    Rockstar is 9-10 weeks, but it really starts 3 months earlier. They put you through an intense 12 week workout program to get you into the best shape of your life. It’s a 12 week program of ever increasing difficulty combined with a strict dietary and supplemental regiment. Guys put on 10-15 pounds of muscle while simultaneously dropping their body fat. Some guys dropped close to 40 pounds in just 12 weeks. I got into the best shape of my life and not only that they give you the tools needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep the body you took so much time to mold.

    Rockstar is a 5-6 month journey to restart your life and set it on a journey to make it what you want out of it, to make you a better version of yourself, a more refined version. It’s still you at the core, but the exterior has been refined and chipped away to reveal the potential underneath. Rockstar was everything I thought it’d be and more. They really take and try to mold you into the best person you can be in a short 5-6 months. The women are great, but, at its heart, Rockstar really is about personal development and having options to live the life you want to live. It’s like a crash course on life. They take care of the easier fixes like physique and style, but they also tackle a lot of the harder things to fix like internal beliefs, self-worth and self-love. I was really surprised at the amount of time spent on inner issues. It’s developing yourself and being the best you. It’s also camaraderie. Rockstar is such a unique experience. I feel closer to the Rockstars than I do to my own family than I even feel towards my own brother. I told them things that I had never told anyone before.

    Rockstar is evolving as well. Sterling and Vici are constantly trying to make the program better. The core principles are the same, but things are modified to try and get the best experience possible. My Rockstar wasn’t the same Rockstar that happened last year just like the Rockstars afterwards aren’t going to be exactly like the one I experienced. They’ve made changes to next year’s program from some things they learned during ours.

    Someone asked me if I felt I’ve changed. I do and I don’t. I feel I’m the same person at the core, but I’m a truer version of myself. It’s like peeling back the layers of an onion. You start from the outside and peel off all the layers to get to the core. All of those layers are part of the onion, but you’re peeling them back to get to the heart. I feel that Rockstar pulled back all the layers of shit on me to get to a purer version of me. Have you ever recorded yourself and what you saw and heard didn’t match up with the vision and the sound in your mind? In your head, you didn’t seem nervous or fidgety, but the recording showed otherwise. I feel Rockstar has aligned my exterior projection of myself to more of what I feel internally. I feel a truer version of myself has come out. So, in essence, I feel I’m the same, but different as well.

    Thanks to all of the instructors, Sterling, Vici, Venture, Vybe, Alswede, Sam Badger, Jasper, Justin and all of the alumni, who came back and helped out. Without Rockstar, I could see my life going in a very different direction. After Rockstar, I can see my life going the way I want it to go.

    The journey doesn’t end after Rockstar. Rockstar is just the launching pad for the rest of your life. I look over my notes and I’m still learning things. It takes time for everything to settle in. You see things now from a different perspective and you have a different depth of understanding.

    It’s been two months since Rockstar. I’ve gone out with old friends; friends I had before Rockstar. They say I seem calmer, I'm happier and that I smile more. Some have also commented that I’m smooth with women now.

    If you get a chance to be on Rockstar, do it, it’s well worth the time, effort and expense. You won’t regret it.

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    Project Rockstar 2016 Review

    I was very fortunate to be a part of the 2016 class of Project Rockstar. I have procrastinated writing this review for a while now because every time I sat to write it my mind would just start racing. I found it hard because so much change was still happening, even after the end of the program. Trying to sit and write a review 9 weeks after the program I still find it tough but I’m gonna work my way through this the best I can.

    First off, I say I was very fortunate to be a part of the 2016 class and I was. However, it was not luck that got me into the program. It was determination and sacrifice. I set my mind on getting in and did everything in my power to make it happen. The process for getting in included an application that took me more than a month to draft, and 6 interviews that each stressed me out to the max. Probably because I wanted this more than anything I can remember in my entire life. If you think you might want to be a Rockstar in 2017, or any of the following years, quit now, you don’t have what it takes to get in. If you know that you need to be a Rockstar and are willing to do anything to make it happen, then buckle up and get to it.

    Coming into Rockstar I thought my game was pretty good so I expected things to happen pretty quickly. Instead, they completely tore me down to the ground and started building me from scratch. They told us this was the process from the beginning but I underestimated just how different the Project Rockstar version of game was from what I had learned through Love Systems. It was very frustrating to spend three weeks in Las Vegas without getting laid. I thought something was wrong but they kept telling me to stick to the process and it would click eventually. Well, I stuck to it just like they said and boy did it click. This was a completely different way to talk to women than I was used to but as the pieces came together it just felt natural. There was no trying to think of what part of the process am I to now, now thinking about have I qualified enough or built enough comfort or any bullshit like that. There was no real thinking at all, it was just how I interacted with women now.

    I won’t go through all my story on Rockstar in this post but I will say, Rockstar had a lot of ups and downs but overall it was good for me. If you want to get my whole story go to: The Attraction Forums. Dating Advice.. After Vegas we had two weeks of a “break” after Vegas and there was a lot of bonding with the other Rockstars and a few of the Alumni during that which was beyond what I had ever expected. Then we went to Sweden where there was more group bonding and some crazy interactions with women to say the least. The amount of growth I experienced on Rockstar far exceeded what they promised in the beginning. I attribute that in part to my willingness to fully let myself go into the process. So, if you are coming in to Rockstar in the future I highly recommend you prepare yourself to be able to give full control to the instructors as you will benefit the most that way. Do everything they tell you to do and allow the change to happen.

    There is more going on during the program than you can possibly process which facilitates growth even after the end if you continue down the path they set you on. For me there has been more growth in the 9 weeks since Rockstar than there was during the 9 weeks on Rockstar. For the others that I have been traveling with since Rockstar I would easily say the same about them.

    The time you will commit to the program is great and the cost of the program is high, there are no doubts on either of these facts. I will say that there are one or two things I had hoped to get from Project Rockstar that I didn’t, maybe they will eventually happen as an indirect result of the program though. The growth and changed that I have experienced because of Project Rockstar make it worth all the costs and then some. No other program in the world could possibly even come close to what you would gain through this. And the alumni network you become a part of will completely change your life just in itself. So, do I recommend Project Rockstar? You bet your ass I do! But only if you are willing to commit yourself to it fully and have enough drive to keep you going when it gets hard, because it will get hard.

    I am working on a “Final Reflection” blog to post and posted blogs all throughout the Project Rockstar program, including the 12-week fitness transformation preceding it. If you haven’t checked that out yet you should do that. Because I am still traveling with other Project Rockstar Alumni and experiencing growth I may post more blogs in the future so make sure to subscribe if you enjoy reading what’s already there. Again, you can find them at The Attraction Forums. Dating Advice..

    I would like to end this with a thank you to my fellow Rockstars from the class of 2016. It was an honor to go through this journey with you guys and each of you has inspired me in some way with no exceptions. I wish those of you who had to go home after were still traveling with me now. Also, a special thank you to the Alumni that came and helped during Project Rockstar 2016. The support I received from you guys was critical in the success I experienced. And finally, all the instructors from Project Rockstar, who are responsible for changing my life in profound ways. I never imagined living the life I am right now; I don’t think I knew something like this was even possible before coming on Rockstar. I am more fulfilled in life that I have ever been and I am eternally grateful for the sacrifices you guys have made to put this program on and the hard work you put into it. I am happy to call you all my family and I look forward to doing life with each of you in the future.

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    Project Rockstar 2016 Review


    Life changing experience. Some of the program seemed geared towards instructors not students. If you can go, you should go. It will change your life.

    Overall Rating 7/10
    Let me preface everything by saying the rockstar has unequivicolly changed my life. Before rockstar I was overweight, ready to settle down and get married to a girl who I was not 100% sure about, had no one close to me who really knew me, and overall was immobilized by fear in many areas of my life.

    Today I feel more confident, more open, more authentic, and generally empowered to accomplish what I want in life. I've become closer with more people (old friends, new friends, family, and women) in the last 3 months post rockstar than maybe over the entire course of my life.

    I felt one of the key pieces that was lacking in the program was around conflict management -- this is a true cornerstone of masculinity and when you live with a lot of strong personalities for 12 weeks it is an essential skill to have.

    If you are thinking about applying, do it. If you are accepted and on the fence about going, go. I'm confident they will make necessary improvements and that the program will continually grow but in any case it will change your life.

    Overall instructor ratings 7/10
    Instructor engagement ranged from sleeping during seminar to staying up until the wee hours of the morning debriefing students after the club. Many of the instructors had girlfriends that were present for large parts of the program. This took away their focus and attention as well restricted them from showing off their skills to their full potential.
    That said for the most part the instructors delivered. They gave great insights, pushed us when we needed pushing, and kept a watchful eye on our interactions.

    Fitness program 10/10
    The fitness program pre Rockstar was intense and amazing in it's results. I lost 20 lbs in 12 weeks and learned a lot about my body and what it is capable of. Although I have gained some of that weight back, I am certainly in much better shape than I have been for a long time and my base level of strength is much higher.
    I myself was a challenging student during this time. I challenged Sam Badger constantly and he never gave up on me. The discussions we had have certainly added to my knowledge of nutrition and fitness. The process has given me the confidence and knowledge that you can make significant changes in a short period of time. A great realization and mindset to have before coming onto Rokstar.

    10 Day Bootcamp 8/10
    The content of the 10 day is amazing. Nothing more to say than the 10 day is the foundation for everything we did over the summer. The only notes I would have is that the information is waaaaaay too much to process in 10 days. It would be ideal if there was a book or videos for rockstars to refer back to. In absence of that, take really good notes.
    The other thing to consider is that there are paid 10 day students that will get significantly more instructor time than you as a rockstar will get. Cest la vie, but it kind of sucks given that for many this is the first real forray into the Vegas club environment.

    Other Seminar Components 5/10
    The other seminar components taught by various experts ranged from 10/10 (life coaching) to 0/10 (nameless). I admit I did not attend them all. I think the focus on entrepeneurship and business is a bit wasted. Not to say that none of the information was valuable, just that there are better environments to learn about business and entrepeneurship and going out every night to a vegas club does not really mesh well with that kind of learning.
    The piece that was missing that would have been useful is around giving feedback and conflict management. I did manage to learn a lot about these areas just from living through it and through discussions with my fellow rockstars.

    Debriefs 10/10
    The debriefs were possibly my favorite part of the entire rockstar experience. Instructors would give you tips on what they saw, people would debrief their specific experiences and get insights from the instructors. They split us into smaller groups which worked really well, and gave us a chance to connect with specific instructors.

    Infield instruction 7/10
    The infield instrcution I recieved was excellent. However, the instructors tended to focus on the weaker members of the class which left me with less instruction time than I would of liked. I felt penalized for appearing to do well even though I felt I was struggling through much of the program. More equal time for students would be helpful.

    Life changing experience 10/10
    Rockstar changed my life. It has set me on a path of self improvement and discovery that I could not have even imagined prior to this event in my life. Throughout Rockstar and throughout the subsequent few months post rockstar I have examined and re-examined the choices I've made over the past 35 years of my life. Coming on Rockstar and then following through with the necessary changes to my life that included breaking up with my girlfriend and quitting my job are some of the scariest, most uncomfortable, and most liberating experiences of my life.

    My life has gone from being a very safe, secure, comfortable world that had a giant hole in it when it came to relationships with people to one that is almost completely the opposite. I have close emotional bonds to people who I've only known a short while and the rest of my life is free from the shackles of a "normal" life.

    To some (and to me on certain days) my life seems to be in dissaray. No job. No home. And just the glimmer of direction. But it is also incredibly flexible and is giving me the chance to rewrite my future.
    There are no guarantees in life. All I know is that I risked a life I wasn't happy with and was rewarded with the powers to build a life I couldn't even have dreamed of.

    What can I say except thank you. To all the instructors, alumni, fellow rockstars and mentors, and the various people I met along the way. THANK YOU.

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