She stared at me wierdly. Help

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    She stared at me wierdly. Help

    Folks, I need your detective skills to figure this girl out for she is killing me with her brains or what.

    She' doing her Computers undergrad and I am in a different stream in the same School. Think quite an HB8 and since the start of this session been having a crush on her.

    She talks to me quite nicely, also when alone. Smiles and blushes if I compliment her etal.
    Been touching her hand on silly pretexts to signal my IOI. She does not seem to mind at all but behaves somewhat shyly when I do that.

    Just before I was building up the game to ask her out, saw her walking with a guy from her class. Was looking at them to figure this out(just friends or what), then the guy motions to her about me and she turns to look at me. They were like going sideways and to my front while I was strolling straight ahead and approaching from behind to them.

    She turns sideways and back and looks at me and this makes me look at her face even more intensely(was this a mistake?), she keeps staring at my face and neither breaks off till they pass over to the extreme side. This staring match happens for like 2 minutes and I think seeing her with her classmate made me frown and appear tense while staring her.

    Next day we bang each others path again. This time I see her on the back seat of a scooped of a different guy from her class. The guy was about to start his ride and is not even good looking just your average beardly guy.

    I am totally shocked to see this so I stared at her with wide open eyes in disbelief. She mirrors my stare and expression back, seems she is also surprised to see me seeing her ride with this guy. I get irritated with her and break glances with her by forcefully and angrily jerking my head to the side. Think I frowned or scowled too.(Err no. 2?)

    Know I shouldn' have done that but that was my natural reaction to the moment, couldn't help. I am a fairly good lookin and funny guy BTW, my friends like me wits and girls tend to enjoy talking long hours with me so I don' think she stared cause I am something exotic or weirdish.

    Since then she' been avoiding looking me in the eyes. We have some shared classes, and she seems to be giving me the icy shoulder. I look at her and she does not look me in the face instead she looks as if looking someplace straight and undefined. Am not approaching her any further nor even trying to talk with her till I figure out what happened!

    My assessment of her so far has been of a stuck up HB. Did I screw my chances badly or are these guys she' hanging with just friends.

    Really like her so I would love to solve this puzzle out and ask her out if already not all screwed up.

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    You think she's stuck up? What would make you say that? You were the one who acted weird in all this by giving these odd butt hurt looks when you saw her with another guy.

    Now to be entirely blunt, this entire post is pointless. No one is going to figure this out from reading this and interpreting looks. If you're interested in a woman, make a move. Invite her out to something, make moves when out with her. That's how you find out. Not by sitting down and analysing looks and eyebrow frowns and what not.

    Lastly, because this is also about one specific girl, if you're not already I would highly encourage you to be continuing to meet other women too and improving your overall skill set rather than just solely focusing on one woman.
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    Yeah, Vox it all happened so quickly before I could close my moves. She does seem stuck up cause she sits all alone in a front row corner always in the class. Does not speak much to others in the class, in fact never saw her talk to the other gals.

    She' a better HB than other deuces esp. the ones in my class but I guess I could gel better gaming elsewhere and should totally get her off my mind.

    Just for curiosity' sake, what do you think shoulda been the ideal behavior to deploy in this situation. Thanks for your help.


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