What to make of this?

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  1. What to make of this?

    I need help with something that happened last weekend. I went to a strip club by myself, was sitting in the back, didn't tip anyone on stage, saw this one stripper that had gotten off the stage a few songs back at the bar sitting by herself. So i go over and sit next to her and start talking. We seem to get along, so i ask if she wants a drink, so i buy her a drink. She then asks if i want a dance and i tell her i don't do dances, don't see the point. She says if i really wanna party, we can go to VIP and it's going to cost $$$. I tell her, if i wanted to spend $$$ to party, it won't be inside this place.

    So we keep talking, and she says lets exchange numbers, so we do. She says she would like to meet for lunch outside the club. She lives an hour away from the club, so she offered to meet me half way if i was interested in lunch on her off days. Then after 20 min or so, she tells the bartender to tell the DJ that she won't be going on stage anymore that night. 20 more min later... she tells me she is about to go home soon. So i tell her, that's cool, i was gonna head out too. So we say goodbyes and i leave.

    What do i make of this? Is she playing me because i didn't spend any money on her. She offered me her number without me even having to ask.

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    You actually spend money on her when you buy her a drink, you made not rapport and you did not went with her her when she left the place.
    Make some text game with the cellphone number but do not expect anything.

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