I've masturbated for a year without having sex

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  1. I've masturbated for a year without having sex

    My problem is that I recently had sex with a girl and it wasn't that exciting at all. She gave me a blow job (for like 15 continue minutes untill I cum!) It was good at the end but when it came to have sex I felt like much worse than my hands. I mean it wasn't that tight like I supposed and not to mention that I actually couldn't cum

    What to do to get back to my normal sexual life? One of the things that come in mind is to quit jerking but anything else? I used to finish masturbating pretty fast and jerk off in like a minute.

    Thank you.

  2. Jah, quit jerking off. Porn kills your sex drive coz of how it fucks with your brain chemistry.

    Do different positions. I find that doggy style is theeee hottest sexiest thing known to mankind..if you want some tight pussy tho, do any position where her legs are closed. So avoid missionary and cowgirl. I found this one where she's standing and facing me, legs closed, and it literally feels like the walls of her wet warm vagina are pulling my penis in deeper. Ooh, ooh, there's one where she's lying on her tummy with her legs closed and you are knelling behind her. Get her to stick her ass out alittle till her back is arching...my God that shit is the tightest.

    And try sexig petite, slender girls as oppose to wider hipped girls. Its rapey and pedophilic...but those girls that look 14but are actually 21 are the best to sex

    Once you have that, masturbating becomes boring my bru

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