just a boring silly little field report that I had to share

One of my sticking points right now is the fear of rejection. When I meet a girl I like, I tend to kinda leave it to fate to put us together or to give me a chance to see her again. I have been working on this aspect and have been training myself to text girls from my social circle more often, orgnise a go out when no one is taking the lead and pushing the girls I meet through cold approach to hang out till I get the clear rejection.

This is a funny one..On sunday the city was quite asleep and boring. Not many people were out. We headed to three locations where there were little to no one in the area. I then decided to get my self a Flafel Sandwitch and was eating it outside while my other friends went inside. I have then been approached by a gril with dark hair. She was not bad looking at all in fact could be a 7 but man was she weird haha.. I think she was under the influence.
She sat next to me and asked if I had a grinder in German. I replyed that I did not smoke so she then told me something something and großschwanz which means big dick..did not get the rest hah..I told her that mine is actually average and put an approximation of the size using my two index fingers. She then said she did not wanna see my penis and just came to say hi. I talked to her a bit before her male friend came and toke her inside the club.
I finished my sandwitch and joined my friends inside. She saw me and came to dance with me..we made out and were dancing dirty while my friends were actually loughin at the whole thing. I did not make any serious attempts to get her home after that due to a) I suspected she is under the influence of some drug, b) I was too shy to pull infront of my friends and c) she did not look as good as I would want..