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    Sticking points

    So last night, I worked during the day as I have huge list of tasks I needed to finish. Had to leave work and to do my groceries. In the shop, I pumped into a guy who's apparently living in my apart complex. He says he's seen me somewhere I agree. We converse as we take the bus back after shopping. He says he had nothing planned for the night and offer to go clubbing together. I had nothing planned and I did not fake an excuse. Instead I told him why not and we set a time.

    As I know its shit to go clubbing without a good group in this shit town, I think, whom to text. Maybe anna

    Me: why dont you get a cute friend and join me in X club tonight?! I will also organise a nice guy for you

    Anna: haha, I cant I have a birthday part

    Me: bring the bday girl and join us
    Me: anyway have fun there

    Anna: Thanks! who are you going out with
    Me: some guy just met me and asked me to wing him. I agreed because its more fun than staying home and wanking

    Anna: ur crazy.. much fun
    Me: thanks, cute selfie by the way..hope to see you soon
    Anna Sure

    I think for a bit and I realize I had no one else to text.

    Later I met my new friend in the lobby, we drink a bit and then order a taxi to drop us to the usual shitty club. As I enter the club with a smile and an alpha walk, I glimpse Sara. A model which I opened in a student party sometime ago and whom I have been text gaming but is kinda hard to get out so I detched. Sara glimpsed me after some time and came to greet me. I hug her and then pull her hair gently, "What happened to your hair?" I ask.
    "I changed it, dont you like it?" she answers
    I respond with its okay...
    As my new friend sees this his jaws drop. At this point I realize he has nothing to do with game.

    I let Sara go and I start a convo with my friend.

    She comes back again half an hour later. this time with a brunette 7. I approach them, "SARA, why are you not introducing me to your friend?"
    SARA: Why should I?
    M: Because, It was written in the form u signed when you let me into ur life
    Sara: giggles... That's my best friend Verena
    Me: I thought I was ur best friend !!
    SARA: thats cute, touches my cheeck to tease me
    She goes and whispers something in Verena's ears. Verena then comes to awkwardly shake my hand, instead I put mine up in the air and ask her to hi 5 it. She responds with the most awkward hi5.
    I look back into my friend and he is just so quite. I come to him and whisper in his ears that he shall talk to them they are nice. He didnt. This guy needs help, I make a mental note that this is the last time I am going out with him.

    All of this interaction happened within the first hour. For the rest of night really nothing happened. In 4 hours, as the night was approaching the end, I see someone dancing super dirty with drunken Sara and Verena is nowhere to be found.

    I didnt approach anyone. My german is bad, The music is fucking loud and bullshit excuses like that that I keep tellin myself :/

    What was awesome last night?!
    I went out with a stranger. I did not make a lame execuse. I did not get any benefits from him game wise, but hey..he is a nice guy. And I went out instead of staying home..which is always good.

    my social circle game is okaayyyish.

    What is still fucked up
    I still did not succeed with making a connection or even opening a hot stranger in a club. The music is Loud. Only few people speak English and my german is not good enough to pick up a chick.

    I need to do something different. Its been so long since I gotten any success with women and its driving me nuts . next week as I discussed in other posts, I will go to vienna for work as I am planning to quite my awesome job just to move to the bigger city where it will be easier to meet people. I love social circle game as I feel that clubs and what so on are too much of a waste for money and health.

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    I had to do some work in Vienna last thursday so I took the Train on wednesday afternoon. On my way there I decided to Text a girl and ask her out. So i texted this girl that i got to know though a mutual friend.
    Me: Did u miss me yet?
    Her: you are the one who missed me
    Me: lets just agree that we both missed each other
    Me: what time will you finish ur work tomorrow , ill pick u up... I dont have a car so ill have to carry you in my back
    Her: i dont work tomorrow so iam flexible
    Me: awesome .. Mariahilferstraße at 18:00 , wear leather Jeans .. I like them

    Next day i finished my work and we met indeed. I did not have a clean t-shirt so we did a bit of shopping. Then had a small meal and went for a wine place. She was laughing at all my jokes so i took that as an IOI. I might have fucked things up a bit by saying shit like my dream life style would be to wake up next to a new girl everyray.
    I anyway fase shifted and tryed to get a kiss out of the situation. It was something like this.. During the conversation i had a friend texting me asking me where i was. I responded by taking a selfie of me and her, sending it to him and writing to him that i am about to make our with a girl. I then showed her the message. She said , there will be no making out so i said "i was talking about making out with that girl over there" and pointer to a hot Chick and asked her to wing me.
    We continued The conversation , and i then tryed one more time. This time i asked her to bring her facr closer. She refused saying. "Everyguy just wanna kiss or have sex". What a shit test!! I responded by saying " well at least am honest " she got a bit angry so I decided to just leave it there. We took a small walk and then i asked her if she wanted to come back to my Hotel room to tell me a bedtime story. She just laughed but did not take the metro with me. So i just took the metro and went back home.

    What did i do right : asked a girl out smoothly and was relaxed in the date. Kept her attracted to me and was just having fun throughout the date without having so much expectations in a specific output.

    Where i fucked up: i focussed too much on other girls and presenter myself as a player which she didnt like so much.
    My kissclose approach was more verbal than physical and therefore i got rejected.

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    So , last Saturday I went out with two blond sisters.
    I came over to their place, we watched a movie and then decided to go out together. Both are cute, one had a thing with my cousin so she is a no go for me.
    Anyhow, They both dressed up and they looked really hot.
    As we walked out, everybody in the street kept staring at the girls .. also in the metro and when we reached the club.
    We met with another friend of us, who was going out with a soccer team as she has a job there. I initially thought that the soccer players will have a killer game, turned out I was wrong.
    I started dancing with one of the sisters. She gave me some IoIs. First, the laughter at stupid jokes. Then, I started talking to some girl and as soon as she saw that she came and kissed me on the cheek. The final one was when I asked her if she liked anybody in the football team and wanted me to hook her up and she told me not to worry as they are not her type. So I assumed that she was inviting me to make a move.
    I was determined to avoid the mistake I made last time when my kiss approach was more verbal than physical. Physical escalation is easier in this scene as the music is loud and I have to whisper in her ears all the time so that she could hear me.
    So at some point I placed my forehead against hers and the tip of my nose also touched hers.
    She asked, "what are we doing"?
    I answered "Dancing"
    then I started kissing her neck. I asked is it tiklish? she said yes, I answered I told you I am a good kisser. Now do the same to me. She did. I said "I barely even felt anything" You have one last try..this is how it's done.. and I kissed her neck again.
    Then I brought my lips closer to hers..and she says "I can't this is so weird my sister is here"
    The moment she said that I grabbed her hand and took her outside..As we are rushing out she says.."we are going smoking right"? I answerd...yes but we are kissing before you that I dont get the weird taste.
    I then placed her against a wall..I positioned my hand in a way that my biceps are covering the side of her head while I grabbed her hair. I moved closer to her lips and she started kissing me. She was too fast.. So I moved back and .. not so gentle and take your time am not going anywhere.
    I leaned back in and I got the perfect french kiss. Then I told you can smoke if you want..As we are sitting she tells me I shouldnt have done this...I think my sister likes you..and am like "shit". I tell her she is just a friend.. and I assured her I will never go for a girl that my cousin had something with.
    Then after she finished her cigarette we kissed again before I pulled back and told her lets go inside.
    Her: youare weird
    Me: why
    Her: I have never had a guy stop the first time he kissed me to tell me how to kiss
    Me: jah well..
    We go inside and I was determined not to kiss her infornt of her sister as I didnt wanna hurt the sister or ruin our friendship. I tried to find a wingman to go for the sister..but not even a single guy in the club with half decent game.
    We start dancing again, the music was hot , the dancing was hot and ice was broken so we kissed in front of the sister. She asked me do you wanna go home? I thought..naaah, too easy and told her that I wanted to stay bit longer. I took a look at the other sister and she is fucking mad.
    We called her and then she came and screamed some shit in German. at this point I was fucking clueless but I knew that I did not want to ruin a good relation between two sisters so I decided no to f close my target .. at least that night... am positive that I will get her the next time.
    I took the girls back and then crushed in their couch. The next day I woke them up we had breakfast together and the sexual tension was so high between me and my target. I would catch her staring at me and when I look at her she would look down. I anyhow had to finish the business undone as I had to take the train back to my home city soon after breakfast.

    What did I do right:
    I kiss closed, the kiss was great and left a great impression. Attraction is not a choice, and I got a girl attracted to me.. once this happened, gaming and escalation was a piece of cake

    What I need to improve:
    I still get approach anxiety and get scared of opening strangers.

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    Gaming weekend in Budapest 1

    So last weekend for the first time I went to pick up girls with guys from the RSD circle. A friend of mine knows about 5 guys who are active in RSD in Budapest and I have decided to join him there to improve my game.

    First day,
    We arrived on Friday afternoon and did not waste any precious time. We immediately started with night street game. We went to a busy shopping street where we met another 4 RSD guys. apart from one of them, the others had a bad sense of fashion. Some were over weight and did not know how to take care of themselves properly. To me, If you do not fix the basic stuff like the way you dress, the way you handle your self and take car of your buddy then you might as well just stay at home and forget about pick up but I deiced to stick around anyway.
    I had saver approach anxiety as expected but everybody else immediately started approaching left and right. It was so great to see others approach. It gave me the encouragement that I needed and soon enough I approached a 2-set.
    Me: are you guys from Sweden... Totally random opener
    Girls (brunette 6 and mixed raced 6) no, we are actually not.
    Me: so...whats your story
    Brunette Girl: well, we are studying here, she is from Canada and I am from USA
    Me: guess where am I from
    Brunette: Sweden?!
    Me: wrong but close
    Brunette: where?
    Me: South Africa.
    Giggles Giggles and then a smooth conversation continued. I did not number close since I am in the city for only two days and did not see the point of collecting numbers but this set warmed me up as hell.

    I then went with my friends to a club. approaching in a club after you have been day gaming is a piece of cake. So I glimpsed a blonde 6 standing by herself and I approached without hesitation.
    Me: Hi, Do you speak English
    Girl: big smile ... Yes
    Me: whats your story? did you loose your friends
    Girl: No, am a solo traveler.
    We continued the conversation then I switched locations and took her to the bar and bought her a beer. One kokblock continued to come and talk to her while I watched uselessly. He seem to have known her before I opened her. Then I got bored and realized that the girl is not so much sexually interested in me but instead of ditching her I decided to take her back to where my friends are since some of them might wanna be with her. So I took her there.
    There were no more good sets in this club so we decided to switch. On the way to the new club one of my friends spotted a 3 set (blonde 6, blonde 8, and brunette 7) a girl of which he already knows. He calls them, we invite the to join us and they do. I open the brunette, with literally this opener "what is your story brunette girl?" she giggles and tell me that she is half Hungarian and half German. I walk next to her and we both head to the club. On the way to the club we had a great conversation. I asked her at one point about the type of guys she likes and she tells me that she has a guy and she likes that type. I played it cool and asked her to be more specific "I mean like what do you like about hiim? does he have a good butt". Finally we reached the club and I ditched the girls for a second to go to the toilet. When I come back I find that one of my friends have switched target and he is now talking to my target so I just approached his target (blonde 6). by the end of the night She does tell me that she has a boyfriend but did give me a lot of IoIs. Any way nothing really happened as the girls started to fight between each other and left the club I suspect because of the fact that my friend switched targets.

    What I did right
    I went out of my comfort zone and joined other RSD guys. I learned a lot. Now I know that being active with people who share your interests make you grow way faster.

    I did street game , something I never thought I had the balls to do. Once you do street game, every other type of game will become easier as street game is the most demanding. Talking to a girl walking on the street is way way harder than talking to a girl standing a lone in a bar or reading a book in a coffee shop for example

    What I need to improve
    Closing the girls, kiss or number closing.
    Dealing with kokblocks who would come and talk to your girl and leave you speechless. These is one of my weakest areas

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    Hey man, Loved reading these. Keep posting your Field Reports!

    She says she has a boyfriend. Just because there's a goalie doesn't mean you can't score.

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    Thank you Casis,
    I donno.. the boyfriend is always a grey area.. Some girls will bring it up to test you while some would genuinely be committed.

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    Budapest Day 2

    The second day was exhausting but so much fun. Starting at 1 p.m we did 5 hours of day gaming .. yes 5 hours. My first set was a two set. Two teenagers were smoking outside of Zara. So I opened, "How old are you guys? I should have a word with your fathers" "giggles giggles" .. they answer "16" this was way too young for me since I just turned 29.. But since its a warm up I just continued the convo .. I glimpsed one of the girls carrying a bag so I asked "What did you buy?" she then shows me her bag.. It had a bag inside. I didnt even look at it for long before I turned to her friend and said "your friend has an awful test in bags" they giggled..then I said "what do I know, am just a guy" we then continued the convo for about 10 minutes before I told them I had to go find my friends and left the set.
    The second set was a smoking hot blond smoking in front of lingerie shop. So I opened with a hey.. She immediately smiled and was very excited to continue the convo. Honestly I was surprised of how easy it was to open her and how well she responded. The shit part is that she did not speak good english. But it was enough to carry a good convo.. Apparently she worked in the lingerie shop. I asked her if she could hook me up with sexy underwear..she laughed and said sure. So I promised that I will visit the shop later and left the set. I never came back which was my mistake.
    The Third set was a brunette 8. She looked stunning and was sitting by herself. 1-sets are so easy by now since girls mostly appreciate the company. So I approached her South Africa when we see a cute chick we have to come say hi..she laughed .. I asked why is she sitting alone and offered her to come join me and my friends..she asked where they are and I pointed at was almost 14:00 she said she is waiting for her friend who is late.. i asked what is the name of her friend..she gave me the name..then I told her lets call this friend..she cant keep us waiting for long..she laughed .. She asked me what I did and am like .. Guess.. after couple of guesses I told her am an Engineer I have the coolest job in the world.. then I randomly guess that she was a Psychology student (90% of the girls are Psychology students for some reason haha).. It was a wrong guess..she was a public relations student. she asked from my name .. I gave it to her and then she gave me her name..I dont remember it but I remember it was hungarian for Star. The friend then appears..and am like finally .. u are so late..she laughed and told me she is only 5 minutes late. then I told her I was stealing her cute friend..they both laughed. I asked where they were going..they said coffee I asked if they wanted to take me a long with them..the friend said nooo...its a girls day out and am like okay whatever..then we walk a bit before I said goodbye..again..since am staying in the city only for one day I did not take the number though this would have been a great opportunity.
    We later go to a club where I glimpse a brunette 7 standing by herself..and I open with a "do you speak english" she smiles and answers "yes" she was tipsy and within 5 minutes of the convo she was all over me..I though it was a guaranteed pull .. She was australian.. I took her to the bar and we had a drink then took her to the dance floor and it was really hot..but out of nowhere.. guy comes and tell her we are leaving in 10 minutes..they were in a fuckin pub crawl..what a shame..I told her I never kissed an australian girl before ..she tells me that she doesnt wanna be a number..what a shit test..she contineued you shoud write me poetry..and I asked..why dont you write me poetry.. she said..I donno .. am not the one looking for a kiss..I told her I dont care.. I dont want it anymore..but deep inside I knew the steps..danced a bit...started kissing the neck and after sometime ..voala..then she had to leave..I looked around the and the club was full of good sets so I didnt follow...I opened few more sets but nothing successfull ..

    What I did right!!
    my day game is improving some how

    What I did wrong
    I can not stay in set long enough...Its okay to leave a set and reopen as long as you reopen and I dont do this.

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    first few go outs in Vienna

    So as people who are following may know, I have recently moved to Vienna from a remote Austrian Village for some life improvement.

    I noticed that at this point, I am getting really comfortable with basic game. So I can relatively easy approach, open, build comfort and event attract. BUT only when I have a wing man with me. So when am alone in the street or the metro or the tram or whatever I find it extremely difficult to approach. I think this could be due to my motive and probably a big hidden motive behind my game is to impress my fiends. maybe even bigger than the motive to get laid. or maybe, deep inside I just dont beleive that game is something that can get you laid. Maybe , I internally believe that game can make you look cool infront of your friends as they can see you easily interacting with people and building social life in a new place out of nothing in a very short time. In anycase, I need to change this mindset and the only way I can change it is by getting better results from my game i.e. pulling a girl directly or taking a girl I picked on a date which is something I have never done before :/ .

    So. The first night out I had a friend visiting. it was Wednesday and it did not have much expectations really. but going out is always the better choice so we went to a bar which is famous among students. Immediately as we entered I approached the first set which was a set of one by the room where you give your jacket to be kept and stuff. She was just carrying a bag and I asked here "whats with the bag". She told me "its our army bag". I told her am scared an pulled away and she laughed and thats it. That is what took me to get into state and have an epic night after. After this I approached 7 sets. The only one I was really into was a tatted 19 years old bartender. she gave me strong eyecontact. I was hesitant to approach her initially. but after sometime I passed by her and her friend and I opened and she gave me tones of IoIs. I engaged the friend made her like me and they were both enjoying my company. I told my target she is fun , I like her and that ill come hang around with her later. Guess what, I never went back "stupid me". my brain was like "if you go reopen the set you will look needy you wont look as cool anymore bla bla bla" its like my brain is my biggest kokblocker. I met another girl which I isolated and stuff. Almost kiss closed but she had a boyfriend. it was not a shittest she really had one and nothing really happened.

    Next two times I decided to game completely alone as I noticed that I do not take action when am alone. the first night I tried to enter a good club and they did not let me in saying some bullshit in german. I then went to another shitty club with bad music and set a goal to stay there for about two hours. I did not pressure myself to open I just wanted myself to get used to being on my own. finally, I did not approach a single set the whole night. instead I got approached by a weird Moroccan guy.
    The day after I did the same. went to bar in Halloween and just berried my self in the dance floor. this time I did open a set but it was really pathetic. the approach did not last long before she left. yet I felt victorious but did not open anything else for the rest of the night.
    The next day I bought two tickets to famous yearly event and I wrote in some PUA forum that one ticket is available and asked if anybody wanted to join. One guy responded and I met him at the event. It was one of my most successful nights. I kiss closed, facebook closed and number closed 3 different girls in under an hour. I did more than 20 approaches. The highlight approach would be when I got confused as to who have I opened and whom have I not so I ended up just using the opener "did I approach you before" as we were leaving I glimpsed this blonde 9 sitting on a table and messaging her feet. sure enough I approached her "did I approach you before" she was all like what I dont understand .. so I asked you know who I am? have we spoken tonight..she said no.. then I asked her what cave have u been hiding in..I have spoken to every girl in the area. Then I noticed that her shoes were off as she was messaging her feet, probably she is tired of dancing. I toke the opportunity and I delivered the perfect neg. I just covered my nose and asked her to put her shoes back on. she laughed and denied that her feet are smelly. we then continued the interaction and she seemed pretty into me. I sat on the table but kept some distance and told her I wont be sitting very close as her feet smelled. she laughed. I then closed the gab as the conversation continued till I ended up close to her and started some kino. Ofcouse she gave me some shit tests like she did not wanna give me her name so I told her am just gonna call her Anastasia since she had like Russian origin. my mistake is , I did not number or facebook close. Oh jah, this night I also got my first under minute kiss close. I noticed a girl coming toward me..I put my hand infront of her and asked her "where the fuck are you going I have been looking for you all night long" she laughed and came towards me to whisper something in my ears but before she reached I gave her a small kiss on her lips and asked her if she was trying to kiss me. She laughed and said we had to dance first. I said okay..she pulled my hand and took me to the middle of the dance floor where instead of dancing we had a wild make out . This is something I never though I was capable of doing.

    Negatives with my game
    I do not fucking act when I have no wing man along with me
    I do not number or facebook close

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    getting into state while being out alone

    There is a movie called Wanted that was released in 2008. It is not an Oscar winning movie or anything but it had something that stood up for me. The guy learned that he could bend pullets and hit far objects. However, he could not reach this unless he had his Adrenalin rushing. So, Morgan Freeman would point a gun in his head and tell him that if he did not hit the target he would kill him. So after he discovered his super power, his next step was to be able to do this without external effect. just like this guy, I know that I am a fuckin legend when am in state. But I do not reach state unless I have my wings with me. So through the last couple of weeks I was going out alone trying to reach state without my friends or my wings. Everytime I would go out, open a single poor set and then end up alone by the bar. I was building the mindset that it is totally okay. I can be by myself in the bar and not feel weird coz my awesomeness comes within.
    Last Friday, I went to the gym and then I went out alone. I left my home heading to a famous clubbing venue only couple of minutes away from me by feet.. pefect logestics for pulling in case I succeeded with a set. On my way, a weird guy approached me asking from a brothel. instead of sending him away, I used him to just make a small convo and therefor get better to reaching state. I then had a small conversation with club bouncers and the jacket girl. It was something trivial like how is the club doing tonight or so. Then when I entered for the first 2 hours or so I was alone and I was fucking okay with it. my buddy language was perfect. I was leaning back, moving from room to another and was okay with just not giving a shit. Then one hot blond (easily a 9) sat next to me (I consider this an IOI). So, I opened her with "are you from Sweden" she replied "no Iceland". I tried to talk to her but the music was really laud. I told her I was getting a drink and asked her if she wanted one she said no so I told her okay.. am gonna go get one. I toke my drink and left the room to see her sitting outside in the lounge area. At the beginning I was terrified of reapproaching so I passed her. But then I stopped, gathered some courage and went back and reopened. My boddy lanugage was really cool, as soon as I reopened, I was relaxed, clear, fun. so I started my awesome verbal game. I teased , I negged , The girl was hot and smart. Though she was a bit drunk she remembered everything I said and got all my jokes. Few minutes later, her two friends (another blonde 9 and fatty -5 ) came in. I immediately opened them with "are you also our friends" and then I continued to entertain the whole set for the next 40 minutes or so. The fat chick gave me huge IOIs. She showed me a tattoo close to her boobs, she accompanied me when I wanted to get a Redbull, lots of kino etc etc. at that point I was trying to set a target and work logistics. I reluctantly decided to target the fatty as she was the easiest target in the set but I had no Idea how I was gonig to isolate her from the group. They then said they wanted to go dance so I told them I would come along. It was getting late and the dance floor was full of guys. I looked around and I literally had the only girls in the floor so chodes were coming to my set from all directions. Some chodes were approaching one of the girls and her friend got uncomfertable. She wanted to go cockblock so I lightly held her hand which she did not take well. She looked at me pulled her hand and shouted "NO". So I toke a step back and eventually the situation got so messed up that I just decided to leave the set and the room and head somewhere else. This was probably the biggest mistake I made. i wen to another Venue in the club where I just relaxed and tried to think about a way to overcome the situation. Then to my luck, the girls came to the venue where I was so I stopped them but they were dragging tones of chodes with them. I tried to dance with the fatty and she was cool. We were grinding and stuff but then one other guy approached her from the front and started pulling her to his side. I tried to stop her but she moved my hand and went to him. Fuck her, I thought..fuck them all. I went back to the bar and watched powerlessly the situation. One of the hot girls still was looking at me and smiling though I just think it was a look of empathy(ofcourse I might be wrong and she might have genuinely liked me). So I felt sorry for myself and left the set and the venue all together. I got to give the chodes some credit. I mean they did not have game or anything but they were really orgnised in the way they disarmed me and stole my set and then went ahead and separated the three girls. Dont hate the player, appreciate the game . I went to the lobby where I found an empty couch so I just sate there with my legs crossed. again, totally being okay with being alone. now, a hot brunette came and sat next to me. As I said before, i take this as an IOI so I opened with "Hi, am bla bla". She smiles and tell me am veronika. Then I do an amazing verbal game. Again teasing her, nagging her giving her complements. I tried to kino escalate and she told me she doesnt like being touched. So, not ready.. I was okay and continued an amazing verbal game. Then I asked her what she did for living and it turn out that she is the ticket enterance girl in the club. I tried to pull her with lets go get something to eat but it didnt work since her friend was watching. Her friend is by the way the other ticket girl who was still working. She was looking at us all the time and smiling which made me feel great. This was kind of her friends approval. When I saw that she was looking our side I just waved at her. Eventually I just asked her from her facebook and she refused to give it to me and asked for mine. She also asked me if I liked her. I told her you just have to add me to find out. I then wrote my facebook name in her phone and left the venue. Oh, and when I was talking to her I saw the chodes leaving the club with one of the finnish girls while the others where still followed by many many chodes. That concludes the best night I went out alone ever.

    The advise that I would give to people who are going through my past problem of not being able to go out alone is to take baby steps. doing the following will definitely help you.
    - hit the gym before you go out. Exercising helps the body release happiness harmons which will help make you more social. You can also go jogging or so.
    - you night out starts during the day already. You can just talk to your friends, go to a coffee shop or so to get into talkative mood.
    - use people who are easy to take to like promoters or so to get into talkative momentum.
    - give girls passing by you eye contact and hold it as long as possible. They will either look away, smile or whatever. it doesn't matter. try not to be creepy.
    - If you are not ready to open sets. Just focus on being okay on your own. like just go the club order a drink and look cool through your awesome buddy language.
    - you can just look around and identify easy sets. This is like single sets or even better a single set smoking. She will have to talk to you until her cigarette runs out. Start with these sets or even a set of a single weird loner guy, this will still help you get into state..dont start with the set with two 9s deeply engaged in a conversation.

    What Went Right.
    -I was able to go out, get in state, open sets, meet people, have good time, all alone
    -my game is improving. I am now looking at game as something that improves and is about self learning and self improvement. You find your sticking point which is hindering your social progress and you overcome them.

    What I need to improve
    - dealing with chodes interrupting your set
    - pulling

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    I'm glad to have read your last post.

    I was starting to feel like I was the only one that had issues without anyone with me. Although in my case, I do better on my own (confidence wise) when I have a wing man that came with me that night but didn't join the conversation then if I'm by myself entirely. I guess it's a sort of comfort zone.

    I read your posts a couple days ago now as I wanted to give your advice a try from the last post. Eye contact with passerby's landed me a number close, she asked if she had something on her face which opened me up perfectly for a neg. Sometime this week I will try day-game before I hit the bars.

    Like to see your improving buddy. One thing I found that works really well for me is that if you're ready for a number close and you're confident in it, pull out your phone while maintaning conversation. Find a cheesy way to ask the number; say it's so you can find out that wine she talked about. Or for a psychological evaluation if she's a psychologist lol. I have never had an issue once i made it sound like it will lead to something fun and not necessarily purely for romantics.

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