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    just a boring silly little field report that I had to share

    One of my sticking points right now is the fear of rejection. When I meet a girl I like, I tend to kinda leave it to fate to put us together or to give me a chance to see her again. I have been working on this aspect and have been training myself to text girls from my social circle more often, orgnise a go out when no one is taking the lead and pushing the girls I meet through cold approach to hang out till I get the clear rejection.

    This is a funny one..On sunday the city was quite asleep and boring. Not many people were out. We headed to three locations where there were little to no one in the area. I then decided to get my self a Flafel Sandwitch and was eating it outside while my other friends went inside. I have then been approached by a gril with dark hair. She was not bad looking at all in fact could be a 7 but man was she weird haha.. I think she was under the influence.
    She sat next to me and asked if I had a grinder in German. I replyed that I did not smoke so she then told me something something and großschwanz which means big dick..did not get the rest hah..I told her that mine is actually average and put an approximation of the size using my two index fingers. She then said she did not wanna see my penis and just came to say hi. I talked to her a bit before her male friend came and toke her inside the club.
    I finished my sandwitch and joined my friends inside. She saw me and came to dance with me..we made out and were dancing dirty while my friends were actually loughin at the whole thing. I did not make any serious attempts to get her home after that due to a) I suspected she is under the influence of some drug, b) I was too shy to pull infront of my friends and c) she did not look as good as I would want..

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    Tinder Data #2

    So, I have been watching a lot of David De Angelo to get my inner game checked. In combination to this I have also been reading the six pillars of selfesteem. This combination is really great for an inner game boost. Unfortuantely, I have not been doing as much cold approachc as I would like to.

    This a tinder thread that actually led to the date:

    Me: Jasmine... U look like princess Diana, if u can speak English with British acces I definately might take you out

    Her: Well, thats a rare comparison .. hasnt she got blue eyes and blond hair? Not sure if definitly could pull that british accesnt off either

    Her.. hadent she I mean

    Me: You are very artistic whats with the sand photos..can you explain..start with where did you find the sand

    This text was in Febrarury... and last week (3 months later) she texted

    Her.. well, I searched and searched and searched and searched and then I found it

    Her: always enjoyed playing in the sandpit

    Me: haha, your not really the fastest typer are you? it only toke 3 months for you to reply my message haha

    Her: Good things come to those who wait haha

    Her: I'm not really fast with anything in my defense though

    Her: and I took a tinder-break. it became a bit too stressful for my taste

    Me: Well then maybe it is my turn to keep you waiting for 3 months am also good thing

    Me: Agree, tinder is full of weirdos haha..but also there could be some cool people .. I have actually been in only on tinder date haha

    her: Maybe but then youde be risking that I would be on another tinderbreak in 3 months which lead to our conversation taking years before it gets anywhere

    Me: true...But if our conversation actually led to a house in Niederösterreich and twins.. Black brother and white sister ... O you think we should tell them that we met on Tinder and that their mom toke like three months to respond or shall we just tell them that we met in the mall

    her: with the twins am find but a house in niederösterreich ) No no no no no way

    Her: I think I need another tinderbreak to recover from this shocking idea

    Me: Haha...its good that you dont like the location of the I get to keep it after our divorce along with the get to have Marie...our beloved cat

    Me: please tell me that you work in health care or art..I have always wanted my first wife to be in one of these fileds

    Her: Hahah...then youre going to need to be the one who earns all the money to buy the house and the porsche..But sorry to dissappoint you..I am an architecture student which is not really much better moneywise..anyways..your fantasy is far too creepy .. I grew up in a place like that and I never wanna go back (if I did I would definitely keep the porsche though) seems like our divorce is going to be a messy one - do your really wanna go through so much trouble? maybe lets rather keep this casual what do you think?

    Me: haha..casual is my favourit word in the dictioanry along with spontaneous. I donno, haha.. am also having best summer of my life and not looking beyond building my career and getting to know as many people and have as many experiences as I could.. thats why I moved to this nice little city...I tryed to do architecture but could never figure out the correct pencil to use for my drawings so I quite it and moved to engineering was actually good decision architects are always serious and I just dont like all the seriousness..just chill and smile people

    Her: best Summer of your life..sounds awesome! where have you been living before you moved to vienna?

    Her: Are you studying or working already?

    Her: Maybe you met only tired out architects whod been working all night through

    Me: I moved to Austria 5 years ago ..lived and worked in villach. I finished my masters degree this side and stayed to be with my now ex girlfriend..before that I was in Port Elizabeth...south Africa..busy growing up..any by growing up I mean being in the beach every single day, smoking and not really giving a dam about anything haha..before that I was in the middle east where my father was working..worst place ever...dont go there working in vienna now..I have like the best job my name it is ********** ******** haha..lets see hwo good of a stalker you are do you think your story is as interesting as mine??4

    Her (4 days later) : No I am not on another tinderbreak..if you were wondering. But as you were saying .. am also a slow typer. And tinder can get a bit stressful for my taste.. Also you gave me quite a read and a homework..which I did obviously

    Her: Hmm, I guess you could say my story was intersting. But not really the parts you would tell a stranger. grew up in Mödling after school started studying drama then architecture, squeezed a little bit of philosophy in between. moved to Vienna about 5 years ago and have been living in the same apartment far so boring..

    Me: sometimes I get a bit jealouse of people who were born and reaised in close areas..I would love to see my childhood friends or just visit the park that I loved for me this is hard.. but most of the time I feel blessed that I got to live in so many cultures and realise early that we are not really that different no matter where we are.. my fingers started to hurt from typing too haha..we should probably see each other now..I mean we have a connection and I would not want it to go to waste coffee dates are cliche.. how about we get a bottle of wine and meet somewhere by the canal how do you know klaus by the way? I got to know him in Villach.. he is such a nice dude (I noticed a mutual friend here)

    Her: you know klaus..well thats weird. we grea up in the same city, he was my first boyfriend..

    Her: hahaha..your funny, deciding we have a connection after a few texts, but I guess well see about that when we meet just dont pick the darkest lonliest spot in the canal. I am a feminist but I do have a few reasonable girl rules

    Me: Well, Technically speaking we have been texting for 3 monts actually you can tell if you have a connection with someone just from an eye contact.. but weather there is more into the connection or not would take more time. But will see what kind of girl you are haha.. hopefully talking wwith you will be as much fun as texting with you how about saturday like 4 pm or sunday sametime? since your a strong femanist you get to choose the spot haha..I cant believe that you are the ex of Klaus..he is a cool guy so at least now I know you have a good taste in Men do you also have a good taste in music to go with should know upfront that I like justine bieber

    Am too tyred to type the any how we exchanged numbers and set a date. The weather was a bit cloudy so she texted me and tested me a bit. She said stuff like she would rather study because the weather is not soo good and I told her we should not let the weather affect us. She then told me that she does not like pushy people and anyone to tell her what to do so I sent her this message

    Me: you are really good at detecting insecurities in men arent you haha.. pushy, authoritive etc etc..looks like oyu have got some good experience from your previous relationships..haha..but for, drawing the line between week..i.e. someone who chanes plans all the time and push is not always easy..both are bad and we always have to make sure we are in the middle of the two haha..sometimes I wish if Ii were a woman but then again, women have ot give birth and have periods which is also rough..guess its just hard to be a human..

    half and hour before the date she texted me and asked me if I still wanted to go out so we met.

    The weather was really good and we sat by the waters. it was one of my best date ideas really. I did alot of stuff form the routine manuals liek cold reading based on the way she looks to the side and the size of her fore and ring fingers and so on. I also did a venue shift and we headed somewhere to have some coffee. Things worked out really great.
    She gave some pull hints like asking me what I wanna do after and if I lived alone but I did not take actions..I would like to see this girl again and there were good hints so lets see where and how it will go.

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    Missed Opportunities

    So, This past week I have been on my 3rd tinder date. She just texted me out of no where to see if am free and we went out for an icecream. This is a great date idea, definitily recommended. we just went sat by the grass and talked. she texted me the next day and told me how nice it was but unfortunately this particular girl will not be around for the next 3 months.
    I have also went out sarging with some guys from RSD inner circle. I like the fact that this guys are couregious and they are not afraid of opening set. I dont like that some dont dress proberly and in some it is clear that there is more knowldge than results. So you go out and they will be talking about you should have done this and that and the most of what they say is actually true but still they never pulled or anything probably because they lack alphaness or naturality. So we went to a bar and one of them opened a set of two cut brazilian girls. He was opening from behind and I was surprised that even though they had to look back to talk to him he talked for quite a bit. I cam in to wing him and I toke the right posision and they started to talk to me..they were even putting an effort to keep the convo going but he soon left the set caliming they were not easy to talk to. So he opened a set that I did not have the courage to open but he could not keep a convo while I natually could.. After 20 minutes into the set he came and told me he is leaving the venue so I left with him.
    Next day I was out with my social circle and in some random bar I met a cute girl who knew me from visiting her appartment. she was really happy to see me and came and said hi and so on. I actually am into her kinda..but when my friends wanted to leave at 6am, I decided to leave with them instead of staying behind and trying with her.
    This two incidents of leaving sets to join friends kinda indicates that am missing out on opportunities just to not be alone. I shall change this.

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    First Report in a while

    Okay, So I have not posted here for a while. This not due to laziness or not enough commitment. But I was under the impression that constant thinking about how to attract women only makes me less attractive. Also thought that I might have finally reached a level where I have sucessfully integrated game into my personality. So I thought I should abondon writing here for a while and see if going out of game would work. Well it did not. Am still a looser when it comes to attracting women.

    Last Monday a girl whom I met through a mutual friend sometime ago invited me to go to a club with her. She told me that she would be with two friends of hers. I told her I would be in if she baught me a drink. She agreed and some hours after work I headed there.
    I enter the club and to my surprise the two friends are actually dudes. I introduced myself and both of them got jealouse. She told one of the guys that am his wife, its a roleplay that we like to do. He truned into me and said, well we already made out! so instead of being jealouse or anything I just gave him a hi5. I started talking to him to win him over and it worked but the girl was busy with the other guy. An hour or so later,
    they were drunk and he was grinding her. I went to the toilet and when I came back the other guy got my seat and my drink. What a duche! . I started arguing with hiim about the drink but he was too drunk and the other guy I was talking to told me that am awesome and he just got me a drink. So now this guy has my seat my girl and my drink.. I had three options in this moment. I can either stay there and watch, I can start to fight with him, or I can just leave. Since I barely know the girl I decided that fight for her would just be weird so I finally decided to leave the club all together. This I think was the right decision.
    Early in the morning I received an apology text from her. This tells me that she is actually attracted to me. She did nothing wrong (we had no commitment to each other, didnt even kiss) but she felt guilts which is a good thing.
    I waited some days and then texted her just "thats cute" and asked her to join me out but she could not... will see how it would go in the future with this particular girl but it toke so long so now am not so optimistic that anything would come out of it.

    These days though my frustration has reached incredibly high levels. I have not been with a girl for almost three years now. Am hitting 30 and I feel that I lost out on my 20s. Women are really the most pleasure this world has to offfer and not being able to get that part of my life handled is sending me through all these negative emtotions.

    Sticking points that I need to address
    - Am again afraid of opening
    - Am afraid of sending and bonding with girls I meet in my social circle privetly
    - I feel that I have nothing to offer these girls

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    Just another weekend

    I have been on a nofap streak for 10 days now. My energy is sky rocketing. The pain and depression are however, as always temendous ..

    On Friday, I got a text from a work colleague who also happened to be a natural gamer. I had nothing else to do and staring and interacting with real woman is way better than watching pixelated women on a monitor so I said why not and we headed to a bar. I entered met him and we were just having fun and talking to people. Not long after he opened a set of a stunning blonde and a brunette. I cam for the help he introduced me and made it clear that he was targeting the blond who was really so much fun. Based on her actions, I think she liked him too so things looked set for him and it was just a matter of waiting till the end of the night. The bruneete, though completely my type was boring as fuck. We did have a connection and she told me about her ex boyfriend who ditched her days before her major law exam. I also shared with her some stories of my ex and I think we built a good comfort. The shen slept for like an hour in the couch in the bar.. really. When she woke up we already have decided to head to a venue that I have chosen. The blond girl was asking us what we wanted to do after the bar is closed, my friend was kinda choding and asking her for recommendations hoping she would make the decision for him. being so many years in game i knew better than this and I told them we will head to so and so club although it was not the best option, it was close to my place and it is better to take the risk and make a shitty desision than to ask woman to lead. So I ordered and Uber and we all headed there and it was quite shitty. we danced a bit and then my idiot friend said out laud that he wanted to leave and this made the other two girls put on their jackets and prepare to leave. The idiot should have isolated his target first and then left quietly with her and gave me space with my target. but whatever, he still opened the set so if not for him I wouldnt have event made it that far. I came home alone but....I still managed to go out and pull a set and learn a bit.

    The next day, I went out with a friend I met though RSD circles. He was amazing. He opened so many sets and did well. I kinda started getting huge AA since I have been too active in social circle game and been kinda ignoring cold approach. I however still had some funny encounters. Like one time I was just walking randomly in the club and one girl stopped me and started dancing super dirty with me before her boyfriend came and at which point she jumped to him and hugged him to forgive her.. Its kinda nice to be that guy whom drunken girls would secretly steal a dance or a kiss from before their boyfriends shows up . At one point, my friend also opened a set and I engaged a hot girl. I did not manage to keep the convo goig so far because of feeling shy or awkward which is something I only felt in my first days of PUA. Also, one of the sets my friend opened had a guy whom I talked with for a while before he told me that he is waiting for a hot friend of his. When she cam and i introduced my self she was so into me that she even ignored her friend and asked me to join the groups for a dance. In this case for example I was pelasent to the whole group. The guy did not see me as a competitor and went as far as trying to set me up with his friends.

    Seeing going out as a fun activity once more

    need to work on:
    opening sets
    pulling to my place

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    Turning 30 birthdays, entitlement and solo trips

    Things have been moving quite fast lately. I have done another trip to Amsterdam. The girls I have seen in that city I have not seen anywhere else in the world. Blond, tall and fit really great stuff. At my last night there I posted in a facebook group and managed to get a wing for the night. I met him in a cosy bar and we got to know a bit about each other games. As we headed out he glimpsed a set of two stunning blondes. He opened with a direct opener telling them how beautful they are. I was kinda shocked more by the fact that his opener actually worked than by his courage. It was very weak to complement girls like this since they did not earn it at all. I anyway came for the rescue and led a great fun convesation and the set pretty much hooked. After sometime my wing wanted to move around and it was early in the night so we said goodbye to the girls and I could see the dissappointment in their faces. They asked us where we wanted to go but for some reason we did not pull them to a new location. Instead I exchanged facebooks with my target who was single. When I did that I heard my wing saying ooh, you guys are gonna get married. What an idiot, he really does not know anything about game I tell my self before I thought about a quick recovery. I just looked at her and told her at least well have cute babies and then she laughted. Quite stupid. For the rest of the nght we hopped from one place to the next opening some sets. We had fun but not major success. I added the girl I met later on on facebook but to my surprise she rejected my friend request (Bitch).
    Next weekend I headed to a cottage somewhere in the woods with 7 of my friends. one of the girls was super attractive brunette. We lit a fire on saturday night and I had a warm conversation with her. I did a small hidden kino i.e. placed my arm behind her in a way that allwed me to stretch it all the way behind her back to the seating area. She did not move and signald that she was quite comfertable with me. my friends all left and at the end I was alone with her but instead of kissing her I checkened and asked her to go join them.
    After the trip, I got back home and to my surprise she actually added me on facebook. She must have found me through one of our mutual friends. For some reason I find myself scared from contacting her. This might be due to the high stakes I might be risking. A rejection from within a social circle spreads faster and therefore has extra implications. This also happened with a roomate of a good friend of mine. She added me on facebook. Gave me plenty of hints that we should go out together but am too scared of asking her out due to hight stakes of regection risk. The awkwardness one feels after being rejected within a social circle is big. This shall be my next sticking point. why do I not feel entitlement. Why do I feel that rejection is bad and emberassing. So what if I went after a friend of a friend and she told him and he made fun of me. I seriously need to start taking things into my own hands.

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    Meeting my target once more :)

    So as I mentioned before, last week I was in a trip with some friends and I failed to kiss an attractive girl due to fear of rejection.
    I did mention that I dont feel entitled which is an inner game issue. To my luck, two day after the trip a mutual friend had a birthday party and she invited me so I got a chance to see my target again. This time, prior to the meeting I did some meditation and imagination exercies. I then put on my new cologn and went there feeling like money.
    I kept the positive mindset that am entitled to be with pretty girls throughout the night. I flirted with girls and kept social with guys.
    At the end of the night people left one by one until I was left alone with my target whom I suspected from the beginning that she liked me. at close to 07:00 am the bartender finally decided to kick us out. She walked me to the metrostation and told me that she will have to go to the other direction. I put my hands around her waist and hugged her. then a kiss on the cheeck then again a hug. the a kiss on the cheeck and then wondering.. how the hell am I gonna kiss her. She then said goodbye and came closer to me, this time I kissed her on the mouth.voaalaaa. she is an amazing kisser and we kept kissing for 20 minutes while the cleaners were doing their things and the sound of the brooms brushing the ground was quite laud in the background but I didnt care much. the sun was also rising and it was really one the most romantic experiences I ever had. She stopped sometime and told me how she knew this would happen as she always felt there was a connection between us. I told her how cool I tough she were. She then asked me to relax and indicated that she does not even know where this will be heading. I just smiled and we kissed again. I asked her to come to my place, she said she had quite a bit to do that day and it was already too late. So I said goodbye as I did not want to insist and come off as a needy guy and walked home victorious.
    What I need to be doing now is to continue pursuing this girl without being needy or outcome dependent but on the same time put the effort and energy. I need to not get lazy and continue on gaming other girls as well. I need to keep my positive mindset and my feeling of entitled to be with hot great smart women

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    First lay in two years and eight months :)

    Yep, The title says it all.
    I have gotten laid for the first time in two years and eight months.
    What is more important than getting laid since this long is the fact that it happened with the right woman. She is smart, caring, pretty and mature. Basically what I have been looking for for the past years.
    I have now decided to focus my pick up effort into a) making this new promising relationship work b) focus on my career and set more goals c) improve my lifestyle , get mor hobbies and face fears on other areas of my life.
    The best thing ever is that I find myself not giving a ratass about my ex who has been an emotional stress in my life ever since we broke up over two years ago but truly you can not get over someone untill you meet someone who makes you feel better than the way she did.

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    One last post.... Handling a breakup

    So, I thought the last post would be my last one but I thought maybe one more post would be helpfull for others.

    As I mentioned before, I was getting close to a wonderful girl. Unfortunately, She through me a text sometime ago saying that she has been neglegting her future and would like to focus more into it and therefore would not like to get deeper with me and wanted to just stay friends. Yes the good old cliche. It was a long text and my reply was one word and one smily .. I just said .. Sure . Thats it..
    It did feel a bit like a bunch in the tammy as always but it was no way close to how I felt in my last breakup. The way I replied to her text and handled the whole thing as it did not have any major impact in my life and I was able to just brush it off and continue through life knowing deep inside that someone better than her is gonna make their way into my life helped recognise how great of a man I have become. I am really proud of myself and would like to share some key points that I have taken out of this little story and my other posts in the thread.

    1. you should be a man who is focussed on a purpose. women will make their way into and out of your life...dont let this distract you much from your purpose.

    2. Build a life for yourself. A life that you want and is attractive as having women in yourlife is just a side effect of the way you carry yourself from day to day. Get an amazing job. live in a great city. Have great open minded friends. travel, have hobbies..and have more money in your account than you know what to do with and beleive me..a relationship with a nice women will not be the greatest part of yourlife and it would be less likely that you would put them in pedstols

    3. in a new realtionship .. make sure you do not forget yourself. keep focussed on your job and your friends and hobbies and from time to time..give her the gift of your time and attention but dont be sacred of saying no when the time is right

    4. Your are there with her to give not to take and when she does not want your gift..let it go. Dont act all hurt just because of a late reply or a date cancellation

    5. be fast to love and not fast to get committed.. you can love your friends, your family your women. You have to understand love though..its not about being possessive ..its about wanting the good things for the other part no matter what. This will help you when you get ditched in case it is a better path for the other part. But do not get committed this implies you will then have to make sacrifices and changes in your own life to accommodate the other part and this is the point you start losing yourself. so you really have to understand someone really well before you take that rist

    6. Make decision always and once you make a decision do not regret it. So dont blame yourself when the relationship is might have been something you did and may have not.. In this case I know I did nothing wrong and this made things hell a lot easier for me. But in case I made a bad decision I would have taken sometime to forgive myself which is a key to the guys who are struggling over relationships that broke because of somethings they did

    now this girl that broke up with me..she might come back and she might case she did..I would consider letting her back again but not before I qulalify her and see if she is worth my time..if not..then I still got a great life to live and in it..there will be other girls in the future.

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