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    Life goes on!

    So I had a rought patch in the past week. And like everytime that I started to lose my center I got into a downward spiral centered around my ex. Even after a year and a half after our breakup. There is a pattern here which I started to recognise. I always underestimate how awesome is my life and idealise my ex's life. I assume that she is doing great, she has all guys crawling for here just waiting for her command. This is probably a false thought. So I decided to face my fear and just contact her. So I sent her a small email. i didnt show any neediness. It was quick to the point email where it started with stating that I am so emberassed by all the bullshit needy stuff that I have sent and then I stated that I dont care anymore but I prefer to know her news and what is she up to than not to know. She immidatly replied stating that she was very happy to hear from me and suggested to catch up. I replyed with a short email telling her what am up to and told her that I will try to orgnise a meetup with also our friends. She replyed telling me not to do so and it would be enough to just meet by accident somewhere. Didnt really get her point. the contact stopped here and I decided not to send her anything more. I am now debating wheather or not if I should add her on facebook. I blocked her 3 times before due to my stupid breakup self.
    This is something that I should really focus on. I think I should do a big shift towards my inner game. I should soon order some material to learn more about inner game. I also think I miss my ex all the time due to a lack of women in my life. I know that am living an amazing life, I just need to make myself realyze this. to an actual field report. On Friday I finished work late as usual and headed to a house party. There were plenty of great girls. Started approaching the guys and made quite a few friends within short time. a cute girl approached me and introduced herself. I gave her my name, we had a small conversation and then I engaged the girls at the party one by one teasing and having a small chat with each one of them. We headed all together as a big group to a party. In the enterance, I opened something like 5 sets. When I entered the club I was already surrounded by 8 girls so I started to merge them. Earlier on, I was teasing a blond girl and there was a mixed brasilian guy infront of us so I told her if we get married our baby would look like him. When I introduced her to two swedish girls that I opened, she got jealouse and told one of them we already had a baby. The funny thing, even the two swedish girl got jealouse of each other. I think they both liked me. One of them wanted to go dance and I said I dont wanna dance. The other one then said, she doesnt wanna dance and asked me to stay with her. So I stayed and we had a chat. As I was physically escalating her friend came back and stode next to us. The friend then toke my phone and placed her number on it and asked me to text her when I go to the next party. I went back to the girl who introduced her self in the beginning. A good looking 19 years old girl from easter czech. easily a 8 or 9. I managed to isolate her and got her a drink. We had a great conversation and I escalated phyically. She started to warm up but I did not go for the kiss. Her logestics were pretty bad. One of my friends was hosting her and I dont think I could have gotten far trying to pull her so we just got back to the group.

    The next day I went out to a club. This was one of the worst go outs. I opened a single poor set which toke me nowhere. So ..Am now wondering why. Why was friday so amazing and saturday so boring. am guessing it revolves around more external factors than internal ones. clubs as I said before just drain my energy. This time. Most of the guys had low energy and some were a bit awkward. The venue was too loud and the enterance fee was pretty high.

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    Spreading the Love

    So, These days I am doing the NoFab thing. Its been 10 days now and I see huge improvements. NoFab really boosts my game always but I find the mood swings really hard to deal with. The lesson am looking for here is to exercise being present. That is, I want to learn to embress every mood I find myself in. So I want to practice just acknowldging the feeling and then accept it. Weather it being sadness, happiness, lonliness or belongingness. This feeling of presence is also what has the most impact on my game. If you can embress every feeling you will aslo be able to embress the awkwardness, uncomfertablness and other feelings you would typicall experience during sets.

    Last Friday afterwork I went to the theater with a friend. The show finished at midnight and I had a long day so I wanted to go home. I was literally in the metrostation enterance before I decided that I should look for an adventure instead. my phone battery was flat but I remembered that a few friends of mine were going out in a club in a place a bit further. I decided to head there. I entered met some of them and they tried to introduce me to some girls but I was really out of mood. I remember my friend talking and dancing with some nice girls. He introduced me to them and they showed some interest. I was unable to be fun though. my friend left us and I was alone with the two girls. A guy who happened to be well built then comes and start dacning. He then started poking the two girls and they showed some signs of discomfort. I pulled the guy aside and told him that he seems like a cool guy and I dont want this to escalate but he should stop it. He didnt listen and he was telling me to just remove my hand. Then he want back to the girls and resumed doing the same things. So I pulled the two girls by their hand and toke them to where my friends were while the guy just watched with a stupid look on his face. The two girls then thanked me and they gave me warm sansere hug. This incident ignited the hidden epic personality within me. soon after we glimpsed another two girls one of them my friend knew. He approached her and then I engaged her friend. This was a good gaming session. After sometime, some how the set got isolated and I ended up with one while my friend in another room with the other. I was pretty fun and I did great physical escalation, and I did kiss close her. At the end of the night she wanted to join her friend. I was not able to take her to my place since my landloard was sleeping in the appartment. She was also only visiting from Germany and was sleeping at her friends so she was unable to take me to their room. Finally, I pulled the whole set inclding the two girls and my friend but I had no clear goal in mind. I toke them to another location to look for a bar which is open at 5am but it was really cold and I didnt find the place so everybody decided to go home. I returned home at 6 in the morning. with a smile and a Falafel box and a good story.
    The next morning, I was out with some friends again. my other friend from the night before was with us and he was in contact with the girl from the set. Her friend asked from me and she decided to invite the both of us to their place for "chocolate". After the end of the meeting with our frineds we met them and we all headed to their flat. We had only a single room with a double bed. we decided to sleep and my friend put a mattress in the floor so my targe and I used this mattress while my friend and his girl slept in the bed. I was so sleepy and I was almost fell asleep when I felt a warm hand in my thigh. So I started to phyically escalate. When my hand reached between her legs she stopped me and whispred in my ear "they are sleeping next to us". So we ended up cuddling and spooning with a bit of touching for the next few hours but nothing serious. I am glad I tryed though...
    We left their flat then at 1 pm and my target was supposed to take the bus back home. She texed me just before I started writing this filed report to thank me for the great time.

  3. Your skill and confidence are progressing well. Keep gaming and posting. I enjoyed your journal so far.

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    So much been happening that I neglected to write here

    It has been a while since I wrote here and this is for a good reason. There has been so many changes in my life and I was not at all standing still. I still did not reach my goals with regard to pick up but here are few events that happend since my last post.

    A) travelled solo to Lissabon, Portugal.
    This is something I never thought I would have the gats to do. Going completely alone to a new country not knowing anybody and then getting to know people there and having amazing time. It was epic. I always thought my social anxiety would prohibit me from doing such a thing but I was pretty much one of the most sociable guys in the hostel. I opened people in the common areas and had fun with them. Some felt shy and I could read from their body language that they are a bit intimidated by my apperantly outgoing personality. One person actually told me that I noticed that you are a very social guy. Little did he know how hard it was for me to do this few years back

    B) I finished the book the charisma myth
    This book is great. It really gave me a better way of scanning how people's body langague is red and how to react to it to make yourself more attractive. It was really handy in my recent solo trip. It has so much material so I would probably have to read it again soon. I have also started the book, the six pillars of selfesteem and am looking forward to see how much improvments would it do to my personality.

    C) I have almost almost finished an entire month without porn or fap
    haha, I gave up at the end of the month, 25th to be exact but was really a good run. I have gained so much from it. I am practicing awarness and presense and through no fap you will really be able to improve these things. Just monitor your swings, depression and try not to escape from them. put down all distractions i.e. phone, internet, video games etc etc and dive deep into your feelings, acknowldge them and then answer the questoin why am I feeling this way. If it is a great feeling or bad feeling analyse where they are coming from and then cut or improve on the source. For example, I noticed that being around people and pretty girls make me happy, so now am going out more often while I noticed that my landlord is a source of stress so I changed flats and made sure that my new landlord is not as much of an asshole as the previous one.

    D) I moved flats,
    now I will live in a WG (shared accomodation). I feel a bit strange since I have a bit of an anxiety of the situation..but let us see how this one will go.

    E) I met my ex by accident and it was awweeeeful
    truth is stranger than fiction. I was in this event and I was sitting with my circle and at that point I realised that nothing good is going on so decided to room the venue and see if I can gather the courage to open a set or two. I then glimpse my ex and it was like seeing a ghost. My adrenalin started flowing, my legs started shaking and I evacuated the are as fast as I could. I went to my friends shevering and ordered few glasses of water. I opened upand shared my emotions with one of the girls in my friends circle and she kinda fell in love with me just for doing that and she was able to relate. I feel that I could have totally pulled her but she was really not my type but she was a good person so I appreciated the connection. After few hours I decided to get my shit together and go say hi to her but she was nowhere to be found . I hope I will run into her again and be able to manage the situation better than I did this time

    F) I have been trying to balance going out with naturals and PUAs
    there is something to learn from both sides, I noticed that when I go out with my natural friends I do not get the courage to approach as when I do when I go out with my pua circle. But when I go out with my pua friends their awkward and forced moves kinda put me off. There is something to learn from both I guess but I finally managed to slowely open sets even when am going out with my natural friends which is reallly great. The other day I was hanging with a natural and I told him lets play a game. We sit in the passage to the womens toilet and then open every girl who is leaving the toilet. It worked great. Within few minutes I was surrounded by girls I could not even beleive it myself. my natural friend was struggling to hook sets since his physicallity in opening was lacking and I told him to just try to put his arm around the shoulders of the girls and slightly pull them to his space which works really amazingly. this is something I learned from a PUA/natural guy from the PUA group

    I will now go back to being more specific with my filed reports as soon as I get the time to do strict pickup once more

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    The wolf of wall street lifestyle!

    This past weekend I have barely been home. I had two PUA friends coming over to visit. On friday we headed to a uni Party. The environment was pretty intimidating at first but soon I got comfertable and I opened plenty of sets. The one that stood out for me was a two set with an attractive dark haired brunette with Turkish origin. Her name is Selma and she looks a bit like Selma Hayek. Her friend was not attraktive at all. I stode there next to the set and I thought..why am I any less. I deserve the best so I opened with a do you speak English? luckely they were both intellectual and once they knew me a bit they started qualifying themselves..aperantly they are doing their PhD in veterenian medicine. I merged this set with the other set that my friend was in. Everybody got introduced to everybody. Few minutes in, I shifted my focus to the brunette and I made my intentions clear this time which is something I rarely done so far. I asked her for my name and she did not know it so I did a flase take away. As soon as I said goodbye and started going away she hled my hand in the warmest way to prevent me from going..sweet..plenty of Physical escalation and hugging, I asked her for her facebook and she said she does not have one ..her friend confirmed so I asked her how people actually get in touch with her and she said through email. So I handed her my phone and asked her to type in her email. her friend whispered something in her ears at this point and she looked at me and hesitated a bit before she returned my phone with her email typed in. I then wanted to go get water and she seemed like she still wanted me to stay .but I am like it is better to leave them wanting more..I sent her an email last night which looked something like this:

    So it is Sunday and I just assembled my new bed. It is really comfy but for some reason I could not sleep. So I decided to email this chick that I met in a party last Friday. For some odd reason, she does not even have a facebook or a whatsapp or an Instagram O.o..its like she toke a time machine and ended up in 2017. And she has an eastern first name and a German Surname...end of story..haha..
    I actually forgot how to write emails .. did you save any Camels today ..and most importantly, do you even remember who this is?
    Have a great Monday ��

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    Still finding these day sets incredibly hard to open!

    I still freeze everytime I see a pretty girl in day light. The first things that pops into my mind is always an execuse. Either its too cold, or I have to get back to work early or she is rushing etc etc etc. I have been using no fab to motivate myself to open more day sets. I am trying to rewire my punishment/reward mechanism. Instead of fast HD porn which is easy to obtain and kills your fighting instinct I am trying to get the high from opening pretty girls. I have almost lapsed twice. But I will just keep on going and see where would it lead.

    If any of you has advise about day game please hit me!

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    Am still just another AFC :)

    My life has been amazing. I have been going out and having fun so much. I have only been going back home to sleep.
    On Thursday there was kindof a tram Party. I went with my friends. I had fun and there was one set which I approached soon after the tram started moving. Two brunetts standing next to each other. I asked, are you guys from italy. They looked at me and said no. Then I continued guessing random countries. They soon warmed up and opened up a bit. After many guesses and asking them for help it turned out that one is from Zurich, Switzerland and the other Bulgaria. I then asked them to guess where am from. I looked at the girl am interested in and I told her that she looked bad at Geography. A bit of a tease here. She told me I am mean and after many tries I told her where I am from. They wanted to go get something to drink so I left them and joined my friends. The girl from Switzerland then called my name someime towards the end of the night as she glimpsed me randomly. I didnt even remember her haha..she was at this point just another cute girl whom I apperantly approached at some point. She gave me really great IoIs such as hitting me when I touch her or tease her, being too close to me, so much that I accidently touched her boobs many times. I then asked for her facebook..she didnt have one so I teased her and then gave her my phone so she typed her name and number into my phone. ..solid set I would say and a girl that I geniounly find attactive.
    On the Saturday we went to Prague for a trip with exchange students. My firned who accompanied me was more of a natural and he is really a lot of fun. Once we were infront of the hostel he shouted the names of the girls we were staying in the room with and they came to join us. we all went to the room. During the one night stay we formed a close tie with them. In the night we head to some bars. I approached a set of two american tourists. They were interested and the chemistry was great but the night was early and I was travelling back the next day so I did not close and did not progress much with the set. I probably should have number closed just for the sake of reference experience.
    We then went to dance club, infront of the club I opened a great set of six girls. One of them I had a great chemistry with and we had good interaction. When we were inside the club she wanted to dance with her friends so I let her go and never saw her again .

    Follow up.
    I am exchanging some texts with the swiss girl. I am going to share them at some point

    Sticking points and what I will do to overcome them.

    A) Opening in the street in Day light. I still find this hard and this is probably due to my social conditioning. People assume it is awkward so this is the way I am programmed. I have opened some sets when I was with my friends and mostly the girls are really friendly. The only way I can overcome this sticking point is to get the balls to open more sets in daylight and recondition myself. my objective for untill the end of this month is to open 10 sets in public without any of my friends watching. I will post soon to say how these 10 sets went.

    B) I do not stay long enough in sets. This is I guess due to lack of selfesteem of self believe. I have a lacking believe that I would actually make it all the way to pulling the set. Most of the set I open go like this. Open the set, do some game, hooke the set. girls start having fun and the more fun they have the more pressure builds iside of me. I see that I have already impressed my friends and I start to freak out that I might not be welcomed in the set anymore (bullshit). I say goodbye and watch the girls face drop . From now on no reapproaching. I will stay in set as long as I could untill they simply say goodbye or until I number close.

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    Life is really stranger than fiction

    Recently I have been consuming Alcohol and making more use of social circle game which is pretty bad. This is an easy escape and it is sapotaging my game progress which is really bad so I need to stop this bullshit. Having a good social circle is an assit and it brings about an attractive lifestyle but I have to find the balance between game and social circle.

    On Saturday I opened a set while my friends were there, it was uncalibrated and the girls told me they have a private conversation. I looked at them and said loosers before I started to walk away. One girl then shouted, wait you forgot to take my number. I looked back and then she flipped the middle finger in my direction. I then flipped both my middle fingers and said to the both of you. This set was aweful but there were really two goods that it indicated. First, I approached a set infornt of my firneds and the second..I did not really care much about their reaction. This means that rejection has became something which is pretty easy for me to handle.

    On Sunday, since I have been doing no fap for few days again I did not feel like staying at home at all. So I went to Mcdonalds to grap a lunch. I spotted a hot girl and thought about approaching but eventually chickened out and was too late. But even the thought of approaching a girl when am out alone is something which is very hard for me at this stage. I then called few of my friends (again, am getting too dependent of my social circle and I should start being careful) and we headed to a cool location. Guess what I see. My ex girlfriend whom my break up with almost two years ago has put me in hell. This time however I did not run away like last time when I met her few weeks back. I held my ground, grapped my seat and looked at her. She was stairing back at me so I waived my hand. She smiled and walked to my direction and then I stood up and gave her a warm greetings. I introduced her to my friends she knew one of them so she was talkting to him the whole time. She went back to her guy and I stayed there and made sure that I do not look at their direction at any cost mostly because I was not sure I could handle the sight of her kissing another guy. My heart felt warm and I felt a bit like throwing up but I did not show any of these in my boddy language. Soon we formed a good circle as more friend joined and we had a good vibe. When we were about to leave, my ex "coincidently" also decided to leave. We walked ahead but she and her guy walked fast and she made sure that I saw them holding hands. What a fucking bitch move..she is trying to show off her new boyfriend. Old me would have been jealouse but now I know this is how women behave when they still have something for you and they wanna brush it off and make you see that their life is good. Whatever..It does hurt and feel a bit awkward but not nearly as much as it did a year ago.
    Am greatful that life gave me this incident to gauge my progress. I did wish that I would see her again and get another chance to act like a man few weeks back and today am happy with the way I handled it. am however really disappointed at the fact that this is the only woman I slept with in my entire life. Sad Sad Sad

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    Out of comfort zone

    So.. Thursday is a public holiday around europe. On Wednesday I decided to get out of my comfort zone and head to a fancy event in one of the Most lush neighbourhoods in Vienna in the Meridian hotel. I posted in the pickup group and two guys responded that they would also be interested.
    My friends from my social circle texted me but I told them that I would like to go hunting and asked if they would like to join. They warned me that itll be expensive and I told them I will be there to hunt not to drink.
    Befor the event. I opened my first set who was sitting on her own reading a book.
    Me: Do you study in XY university. There was a uni building near us
    Her: No
    Me: are you an artist
    Her: yes
    ME: only artists sit by a fountain and read books
    Her: weird smile
    ME: Are you from Vienna
    Her: no from Germany
    ME: nice
    Her: weird lough an looks away
    This was my first set which was short and weird. But sweet, I was alone and I opened a set in daylight.

    I got a call from my wingman for the day. He wore a black hat and he looked like Michale Jackson after he became white.

    We introduced our selves and I told him lets open a first warm up set.
    There was a cute girl sitting by herself.
    I immidiatly opened
    Me: Are you an artist
    Her: Yes
    Me I knew from your earrings and adventurous fashion style.
    We continued and this was really a great set. She came from Poland, spoke good english and was apperantly waiting for her friend Veronica. We connected really well. Just as I asked her what she was up to, her phone rang and her friend was there..damm it. My wing said that I should have number closed but I still think it was bit too early.

    We headed to the event..We met the other guy and both of them opened a set of two stunning blondes in the line. No closing but good vibing

    We entered and I opened a set of two gorgous brunettes and a friend of theirs. I started talking and eventually I was talking to my target. The other two girls then execused themselves and left me alone with her. Wow...this is awesome.. The conversation with her was not so good .. I did ask from her facebook...I handed her my phone and asked her to write her name because I wanted to stalk her.. she laoughed and told me every guy wanna stalk me.. I told her girls are the biggest stalkers of all time..she loughed..Her friend then came..she was really good looking but not as good looking as my initial target. The other girls left and I was left alone with her..This was way better connection than the other girl ..I was tempted to get her number but thought if I flarted too much with her I would ruin it with the other girl. The girls then wanted to smoke and I wanted to get some water and go to the toilet. sadly I never seen them again after that.

    I then texted my friends and they said they left. I was at this moment self aware due to my loneliness...I Opened two more set but two bad rejections..I think this is due to the way I opened which was internally influenced by the fact that i knew now that I was alone in the venue.

    I then left the club and headed to a friend of mine who told me he is out in a bar with a hot friend of his
    I enter the bar and I see him sitting next to a stunning half nigerian half Austrian girl. She had the most beautiful lips I have seen in a woman and she was also fun. We had fun and my friend left us alone at the end of the night. Initially I was interested but she then started acting in a way I could not understand. She said that we should wing each other and she was putting me under pressure to talk to other women and stuff like that. that behaviour kinda turned me off.

    I returned home with so much frustration.

    What I did Right

    Got out of my comfort zone and did some activity away from my social circle

    What I did Wrong

    I am getting more and more frustrated with my results and becoming more outcome dependent

    What I need to figure out

    how to solidifiy a set..most of the girls I open they do not return my texts or I fail to take them out. I need to get a set to feel with me the way she would feel if I met her through a mutual friend.

  10. Flight attendet

    So after a long day at work..I went home put on my game outfit and headed to a bar to meetup with a fellow PUA. I entered roamed around for a bit before I met him.

    He was talking to some nerdy guys and he told me that was his base so he can come back and talk to them whenever he needed to emotional break. He then asked me to go open a set of two brunetts sitting by the bar.

    I directly went and did not approach from behing. Both of them were facing the bartender so I circled around, and kept them infront of me while the bar is to my left and my body slightly facing the bar so that I do not give them too much interest that they did not earn yet.
    Have you guys met my friend Alex, I said. Yes, we did not like him, they replied. I followed, in a scale from good do you think he is. One of them replied 1. You are mean, I called the bartender and ordered a redbull. Where are you two from..I asked. The answered me that they are from Kosovo. I told them that I always wanted to visit kosove and mentioned a national geographic program with two guys with bikes who travelled through the country and that they had delecious sheeps..then I asked them ..I have a serious question for you long should a guy wait before he texts a girl. They are not getting our numbers..I told them that they could keep their numbers am not really interested in it but I got a number from a hot girl the other day and had a debit with my friends about it. We had a bit of a discussion but since they did not wanna give me their number..I got my redbull and left back to my friend. He opened another set then but it was a crash and burn..I then opened a group of 4 teenagers and engaged him. soon two more PUA friends joined and we all had fun together.
    We then decided to change the venue...
    I went to an outdoor event with lots and lots of people. I felt now a bit anxious coz it is kindof day gaming. I anyhow approached a set. All the girls in the set were average..except for one stunning blonde. I approached the set with a do you speak english.. they said I told them to guess where am from and if they do they I would get them a drink ..they didnt..I told them then I told the blond that she looks like a barbie..she did not like it and said it was not nice bla bla..One of the guys joined me and was of great help as he kinda talked to all the other girls and left me alone with the blonde girl.. I dont know how it happened but she was actually quite interested..At some point she asked how I knew my friend and I told her we are both into self development and part of it is to get out that fear of talking to strangers and how it is easy to be a woman but being a man is a bit harder. She was apperantly a flight attendant which is really cute...Normally I would never close..but my wing told her that she should give me her number and meet again..I pulled my phone out and asked her if she prefer number or facebook..but then I decided for facebook ..I swiped a bit to see her photos and teased her for some....after she gave it to me she said let us see if am going to accept you..few minutes on she did accept me..

    After this I know that I need to close more often..I dont know why I found it really hard to close this flight attendant even though she showed interest and I spent enough time with her...

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