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    Great stuff, please also share your field reports Casis...

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    More go outs...

    This report will document three nights of going out. The first is a saturday night. I again, got two tickets to a techno event by a famous Austrian band. I advertised that I needed a wing in one of the PUA facebook groups. One guy answered me and we decided to head there together. So I left my place that night after agreeing to meet him at some location. When I arrived I found him talking to a girl whom I thought is his friend. The girl was really cool and once i arrived she greeted me and introduced herself. I thought she was his friend but turned out it's his first approach for the night. Wow, I got myself an extremely good wing. We waited for the girls gay friend and we all headed to the venue. Then we started approaching. We opened about 6 sets in front of the event venue. The most notable one was two greek girls visiting Vienna for three nights. I opened them with the “are you from Sweden” and ended up talking to them for about half an hour. Only 5 minutes into the interaction, my wing was doing some hands game kino escalation technique things which was great. We needed to enter the venue so I took the facebook of the hoter one and we agreed that we will show them Vienna. Then we entered the venue and again approached a lot of sets inside. This is the perfect time to approach before the music gets all laud. We opened a two set from croatia. My wing targeted the cute one so I was left with the fugly one but I talked anyway. It was boring, nothing sexual but I facebook closed just because I could. I was a little bit tired after sometime (going out two days in a raw) and I was approaching with a bit of laziness and I think my sets noticed this as I was getting mostly rejected. I was sitting in a chair and would open people who come and sit next to me but this did not work. The girls will listen for sometime and then just look to their friends and continue the conversation. In the future I should avoid this lazy technique. I always say when you approach commit...If you get rejected so be it but commit. Ofcourse I sometimes struggle to follow my own rules that I tell my friends. At some point of the night, my wing left the venue to try to pull his first approach girl who was still coming to join us every now and then. I stayed behind but not for long before I decided that techno music and its crowd is just not for me. I mean how can you think game if you can not even hear yourself thinking.

    Follow up:

    I texted the girl from croatia a day or so later “I thought all architects are hipsters with beards”. she replied “and they are not” a day or so later. so I texted her again a day later “maybe I just didn't notice your beard last Saturday” followed by ”you still remember that we agreed to name our sun Noah, well I changed my mind and now we will name him Junior”. She did not replay. She is boring and ugly so I removed her from facebook.

    I added the greek hottie we approached at the beginning of the night on facebook the next day. She accepted my friend request after she went back to greece. She replies messages very fast and she suggested that we shall meet when she visit austria few months later and she liked some of my facebook posts. She seem to be genuinely interested, she said that she did not check her facebook while she was in Austria and that's why she could only add me when she went back to greece, I don't know if this is an excuse or a valid reason. I decided to keep her in my friends list though by the time she visit Vienna again, if she visits vienna again, our connection will most likely be lost.

    The next night out is a Friday where our company organised an event to market a product. So I invited some of my friends and my newfound wing to come by. They came and I let them try our product which is something to do with virtual reality. They liked it. My wing came with his stud, a hot 20 years old girl with school girl skirt uniform whom my BOSS was constantly hitting on. At around 1 am , we left the venue and headed to another hiphop club. It was me, my wing, his stud and a close friend of his. On the way there he approached a 3-set and he successfully convinced them that they should join us in the club. I helped him a great deal by making the set laugh, teased them and so on. They were having fun but when we got to the club it was kinda hard to entertain them with the loud music and all the distractions. They left in few hours and my wing said he number closed one of them.

    The next night one of my lady friends had a birthday. So I gathered along with some of her other friends in her flat where they were constantly trying to get me to drink. I had a bit but not so much since am now am becoming more serious with game and would like my brain to be fully functional on a night out. Anyways, one of the girls gave me some IoIs like I would catch her staring at me, she added me on facebook and so on. But my target was one of my close friends who was also in the party. For some reason I wanna fuck this girl but can't since we are so comfortable with being friends. I probably should accept now the fact that this will not happen. Anyways we went again to a the club where I went solo a week before but this time with a big group of friends mostly drunken girls. I pushed for this venue as I wanted the ticket girl whom I mentioned in the last post to see me in my socially attractive situation. I tried to open some sets but no success and my state was crashing. I don't know why I just couldn't get the balls to fucking open. I left my friends for only a brief time to try to open a set and when I noticed two girls standing in the stairs one in a party mode and one angry I stood and prepared to open but the angry girl just threw her hands in the air and said something like “what do you want”. Then I looked at her and said “WHAT” with an angry serious kind of face. She started disappearing when she realised that she pissed me off so I shouted “FUCK YOU” in her direction. This shall never happen, no external circumstances should have been allowed to get me out of my cool. This is one of my major beta moments of the night. I headed back to my friends coz my gaming mode was pretty much fucked after this little incident which is to be honest was no biggy. I went to the bar and tried to open another bitchy but cute looking girl. I asked if she spoke english and she just shook her head in way that communicated to me that she wanted me to leave. I continued with .. Spanish, Arabic, Deutsch in a funny way but it was like talking to a girl. By now I think you should not use your mouth to open in a club rather use your buddy. I had more success when one hottie was coming toward me and I blocked her way and whispered in her ears that she shall stay. She immediately placed her hands around my back and whispered in my ears that she has to go find her friends. This is one of the classic cases where the woman is saying something with her mouth but her buddy language is communicating another thing. I did let her go but the one minute interaction was pretty cool. I had to then stand in the club and protect my drunken girl-friends which to be honest was very annoying but also a lesson in being alpha which I really needed. For example, one huge asshole was going and annoying girls and when he came to my friend and started dancing with her I just went pushed him away pulled her from the hand the returned her to the group. He immediately disappeared, One guy also came and tried to AMOG me by putting his arms around my shoulder in that “I am your
    friend so surrounder so that I can approach your girls later on” kindof. I realised this buddy language and then just stared at him while his hands was around me till he just removed it and went back to his seat without me saying a word. Then there was the two drunken guys who were standing behind two of my friends and all what I had to do is just move to the location where the girls are standing to get the two guys to disappear. Of Course, when there are cool guys around I let them into the group and allowed them to dance and chat with the girls. This was a rule that I really needed to take. I still think that being an alpha and protecting what is mine and forcing what I think and being more physical is something that I struggle with. I have always been a physically passive person due to bullying and other shit that happened to me throughout my life but now it's time to improve this. When I left the club with two completely drunken girls, the ticket girls I had to go through the ticket girl to pay for the drinks and stuff. She was extremely friendly to me. She was all smiles and even was kinda nervous as she dropped my credit card. I made sure that she see me in this socially active state. I did give this girl my facebook and she does seem pretty into me but she did not add me and I have no idea how to how i'm going to progress with her so I’m going to post in the general section to see if anybody will be able to advise. When we were out of the club, the girls were so fucked up and out of control and they were kind of opening every guy in the street. I just followed them quietly to make sure they did not get into trouble.

    What I did right
    Went out and got social whenever I could

    What I need to improve
    I have a huge sticking point of openig girls in the street or in a coffee shop or anywhere out of a nightclub or its surroundings. If anybody has advice on how to overcome this please do share them. Approaching girls away from noisy venues is particularly important to me since I find my verbal game to be way better than my dance floor game.

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    Nothing good happening for a while

    There is a drain period going on right now. I have not been out clubbing for a while. I have only been hanging around with my female friends Christmas shopping and so on so not getting out of my comfort zone as often as I would love to.
    At this point I am also trying to expand my gaming locations from clubs to also other locations. So I am experimenting with groups. I have so far attended one meeting to play pool with a random group on the site. I expected weird people but to my surprise I met extremely intelligent successful people whom all just moved into the city. I was planning to go to another one on Friday where there were also some girls present but unfortunately due to some unexpected happening at work I had to miss the meeting.
    Last night, I was planning to go out clubbing alone since it was my last Saturday before the long Christmas break where I will have little to no gaming opportunities since I will be in with my family all the time. Anyway, I decided to join some of my friends before hand to warm up myself and be able to go there alone. We went to an Australian bar where the waitress was super friendly but I still could not flirt or do side fun conversations with her. I thought at that time, If I cant event flirt with a friendly waitress how would i be able to go flirt with strangers. After I finished the dinner meetup with my friends at I felt a bit of laziness, anxiety, sleepiness, out of stateness and also I was convinced that since I could not talk to the waitress, I am so out of state and would end up alone by the bar if I head to the club. and instead of going to the club, I went home and slept. This makes it two weeks since the last time I went out clubbing and it will extend to 6 weeks by the time the holiday is over :/. I am really sad that I let myself slip like this.
    This is actually expected since am not surrounded by people who share the same passion. If I dont surround myself with people who share the same mentality of PUA and self improvement and social skills building I will naturally lose my motive and head back to my comfort zone.

    There is only one small venue here in Vienna which is famous for Sunday parties. I might get the balls to go there later and check it out but am not sure.
    At this point of time I feel that my state is tumbling a bit and its getting again a bit harder to approach strangers or go out alone. I hope this is just a cloud that will soon pass.

    What I am doing right.

    I am experimenting different social gatherings other than clubs and expanding my comfort zone. I am no longer focusing only on meeting women but also buidling a healthy and strong social circle full of cool and successful guys whom i can also learn from.

    What I am doing wrong
    am still not approaching strangers out of clubs
    am not doing enough night game
    I feel that my game deteriorated a bit

    How I am planning to continue
    I will continue attending meetings from and try to get to know different people
    I will travel solo for 3 nights in Istanbul for new years ever. There I will try to focus on making friends/ building social skills, gaming etc.
    eventually somehow I should get myself to open that cutie in the tram...though I donno how the hell am gonna do that
    I need to go out alone one time to show myself that it is totally okay

    Merry Xmas to you all and please, if you have good advises don not hesitate to share them with me.

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    Field Report from the plane

    So I started my journey going home for Christmas. I kept my eyes open as always for sets around me. The first two set was in the train heading to the airport. Two hot girls who spoke a language that I barely understood. I looked cool with my travel bag, my sunglasses, my bodylanguage and my torn jeans and so one of the two girls keps on looking at me. I admired the looks but did not get the courage to open. I did tell them to not forget a hat they almost left behind when we left the train and they appreciated my good act. I then head to the plane and to my luck this Turkish hoty sat next to me. After I toke a couple of cool photos and sent them to my friends to show them that I am about to kick start my trip I immediately started the fight with my brain. My first though was..she is Turkish, and am black.. she is probably too conservative and therefore opening her would result in a weird situation. Then I said I may not look so cool if I opneded her in a plane and she might get creeped out and that would result in a long uncomfertable journy. I also thought, she might no speak English.. I did not see a lot of Turkish girls who spoke fluent English. I finally used my brain to beat my brain through
    some good new frames that helped a lot. The first..I am here to offer. I have nothing to take. I just want to offer her my awesome soul and she has the chance to take it or leave it but either way I am here just to spread love. The second frame was that most of the negative things I build in my brain regarding excuses are just there and they do not even exist.
    I then just looked at her and opened using the lamest most boring opener that I could ever come up with "are you from Istanbul?"
    girl looks at me, gives a huge huge smile put the phone aside and excitedly says "YES" ... PINGO..the ice is broken
    I then continue to tell her that I will be doing a small holiday in the city later on and ask her if its safe. She gives me some good advise and then I proceed to gaming pushing and pulling and I get plenty of IOIS. at one point she stops playing with her screen and comes over to my screen and start playing and going through it. I actually felt her breasts pushing into my shoulder and her breath in my ears. It would have been a good moment to kiss but I did not want to make any big moves since I plan to meet this girl again so I did not want to gamble a big step that will scare her from meeting me agin.. so i just looked at her and did a bit of a push.. I asked her why she was plaiyng in my screen while she had also one. She smiled and told me mine is better.
    We then had our lunch and I looked at her and gave her an honest complement that came from the heart. "you're so cool" she asked why.. I told her its just easy to talk to you, you drink coke, you eat chicken.. and she said that I was also cool.
    After we had our lunch I pulled my phone and toke her contact details and told her that I will text her and suggested that we should do the most awesome thing in Vienna when am back after the holiday. She excitedly agreed and asked also for my contact details.
    we then continued the interaction until we arrived in Istanbul. I had to go to the transit area and she had to enter the city so it was time to say goodbye. I can see it in her eyes that I first of all made her day and second of all that she is really sad to say goodbye so she offered her hand to give me a hand shake. I toke the her hand and pulled her to me and kissed her on the cheek and said see you soon. She smiled and we walked our ways.

    Now I might see this girl again I might not. I will sure try to reach out to her and offer her some of my awesome me. She might be opened to receiving it or not and am okay with both. either way,
    I met a stranger at a plane taking off and by the time we landed we were two close people who enjoyed each other presence.

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    Tinder pull

    So, Things have been quite quite for January I was still busy getting up my motivation to go out and start gaming again but this has been so hard due to cold weather. I have started to go back to the gym and this always give me the energy and motivation to game so slowly I have been pushing my self out of my comfort zone and my warm sofa. I went for an awesome circle meeting and met cool guys who are into pickup and self motivation and like minded people. I then went out with a group of them and ended up in the dance floor. I opened many girls but still, my strength is in conversation game not in dance floor game so did not really have much success that night. The next night I was determined to go game again, but the secuitiy gurads did not let me in possibly because of my color..but that fine..
    for the first time thought I had a tinder date. The girl was not so attractive physically. she is a bit over weight but has nice brown hair and blue eyes. but definately not so many shit tests and also intellectual which are qualities that are nice to have in a girl. I set up the date in a caffee/shisha bar near to my place. We had a good 2 hours convesation where I gave her a lot of comfort before saying am hungry and telling her that I wanted to eat a pizza..all are plans to step her back into mine. I toke a way to the pizaaria which passes by my place and then I told her I live there and asked her if I could quilckly go to the toilet. She went in and when we entered the room she closed the door. When I sat in the sofa she sat next to me which was a huge IOI. After about an hour or so silly talk and a bit of teasing I told her that I wanted to kiss her and asked her how good of a kisser she is..she said she didnt I told her lets find out and we kissed. She didnt let me escalate and then said she wanted to leave and hops to hear from me again. So I toke her out of the appartment and we kissed again... Success I would say..

    What I did right
    Stepped a girl back into my place, build great comfort and made her trust me enough to get into my appartment.

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    keep going keep going keep going,

    So, On Friday I was feeling pretty antisocial after a long day infront of the computer. There was a meeting of some group which was into pickup. I was pretty anxious about going but eventually I beat the devil in me and gathered enough strength to go. On the metro, I already met a guy from the group and we exchanged a nice conversation about progress which already motivated me for the night. I then head to the caffee shop where we spend about two hours just gettnig to know each other and I also got brilliant advises about dance floor game from some guys who are very talented. Then the whole group moved into a bar. The crowd in that bar tend to be much younger than I am, i.e. 19 on average but seeing young girls as unapproachable I came to realize is a limiting belief. So, The first set one of the guys opened and he introduced them to me. I went their and I enteratined them a bit before I ejected and started looking for another set. I was then approached by a beginner who asked me for advise about how to approach. I asked him to wait and then glimpsed two hotties coming into our areas. I went their way and I opened with "do you guys speak english" the said yes so I followed by "thank god, I have been looking for someone who spoke english for the past hour" We had a small conversation and then they said they are there with their firneds..So i said, perfect take me to your friends....this was a brillian move. They toke me and intorduced me to another 4 girls so I was alone with 6 hot girls at that time. Then one of the pick up guys came, I was cool with that. But then he started to talk to them in German which is something I think he did in purpose to disarm me. Whatever, I just look and smile while one of the girls translated a bit of what is going on to me. I then shifted the seat and one of the girls shifted her seat and ended up sitting next to me. I had a small fun conversation with her before they said they wanted to go to a night club the music of which I did not like much. So I said goodbye to them and then back to my friends. I then noticed a set of a fatty and a hottie standing by the satairs. I hesitated a bit but this time not due to anxiety but rather due to the fact that the set was not so attractive. I finally decided to approach and I used the same do you speak english line. I dont remember exactly what I said next but I hooked the sit and entertained them for the next hour.s the hot girl gussed my name, my tattoo idea, my job and my age .. she could have been interested but I dont know exactly, I was anyway attracted to her. She left to the toilet for some minutes and when I was alone with the fatty I kinda flarted with her. I told her that I would kiss her but under one condition, she asked me what is the condition with an eyes role. So I said there are non and I was just testing to see if she wanted to kiss me so since she asked from the condition she must wants to. she then loughed and asked me why dont you kiss selma i.e. her hot friend. I replyed by "don't test me now..I know all about girls tests", this was brilliant that I immidiatly realised the shit test, something I was never able to do. After this, she loughed even more. After two hours I toke them to the bar and then after some minutes I informed them that I wanted to go to another club. They said they will not be able to go there as they are only 19 but only 21 and above are allowed there. Am like shit...these too girls are two young. As I grabbed my jacket, the cute girl whispered in the fatties ear and I kinda heard that she asked her to kiss me. This is heart warming, when the friend likes you so much that she asks her friend to kiss you. I engaged a set so well that the friend actually did So I asked the fatty if she wanted to kiss me and she was a bit looking away in shyness. So I put my hands around her waist and aimd for a smalll kiss but she immidatly used her tongue and gave me a really great kiss...hey..she may have been fat but she is really a good kisser. I toke the facebook of both girls and left the club to go join my firends in the other club. It was too crowded so I could not enter but still meet a guy from the group and we went to some other locations but there was nothing so good so I just went back home.

    What I did right.
    Still kept on going out and having fun

    What I need to do differently
    When am having a great interaction with a set I should not eject it just to go to a bar where my friends are. I guess its time that I improved my pulling skills. I should keep interacting with the set and be able to set a fast plan to keep it.

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    A Fork in the road

    So I have gone through two weeks period of strength. I have been going out constantly to the gym. I went shopping and upgraded my cupboard. I have been doing so well at work. One of my old friends just moved into the city and he is into couch surfing hangouts. So we went out twice, once to a bar with a group of travelers mostly polish chicks. At that particular event, he actually pulled, but I did not as my target left early saying that she just arrived in the city after a long trip and wanted to just go home. The other go out was to a bar in a traveller-packbackers-hostel-bar and it was nice. We managed to get three cute girls from chili to leave the bar with us und toke them to a club. It was very chaotic from there and every guy kept on approaching the set. Was so disgusting, kind of like the way bees approach sugar. At the end, we just lost the set but had a lot of fun overall.
    And ofcourse on Saturday I went out clubbing with two PUA guys. We went to a club where the girls were attractive but very young. There was absolutely no success at all PUA ways and I did not have fun as my wings were very much focused on getting results. I hated the place so much and now I am starting to think if night game is for me at all. I like bars where the music is not so loud. There, I can actually have a civilized conversation with women and demonstrate my values. But, what values can I demonstrate in an environment like a night club where arrogant basterds are rooming and praying on drunken stupid girls. I mean, there is nothing wrong with going out to have fun which is what the girls are doing I suppose but they mostly have their gurds up within few hours after entering the club and they bcome very hard to approach. Plus, they hang around in groups and they are almost unseperable. To isolate in a club, I will need a wing man with super powers and even then, it is not even guaranteed that you would pull. Plus, The bouncers of some venues are so arrogant and retarded. On Saturday a bouncer did not let me in, I guess, Just so he feels a bit important that he has some power he can use and convince himself that his shit job is actually worth something. I just called my friends so they grabbed their jackets and left with me to another venue!
    So with all this in mind, and the fact that I have not had any girl in my bed for almost two years now and the saying of Alber Einstein that a crazy person is one who does the same thing over and over again expecting different results, I came to realize that if am ever gonna sleep with a women again, I will need a major shift in my gaming style.
    I should now avoid going to loud clubs. A) these venues are full of arrogant drunken guys who do not know how to have proper fun. B) A girl you meet and pull from a club is not particulary a girl that am interested in anyways. C) girls in clubs always have their shields up due to the amount of loosers that approach them. That being said, I should not stop going to clubs but rather go there just for fun but not to do any pick up.
    I noticed that my best results come from bars when am hanging around with a bigger group of people. There, I can more easily build comfort with women and demonstrate my value. Events like proper concerts or stuff like that I noticed give me my best results. Maybe after work events are nice too.
    I should join more classes. Maybe get a proper camera and join a photography class. Maybe join an outdoor fitness group. I will also find a Langauge class and maybe find someone who needs an English teatcher. Maybe take guitar lessons. Maybe join a book club.
    I should travel more.

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    Appreciating the little improvements

    I came to realize that if you are on your way to achieve a lifelong goal like building a company or being a charming man who is successful with women or becoming a president then you will have to appreciate the little changes and make hard work a lifestyle that you maintain even when your not getting the results your hoping to achieve. I have been making the mistake of seeing that eventhough I have been in game for quite a long time I have not had much success with sleeping with women. I have overlooked how far I have came since I red the game 4 years ago. I was then, still a virgin, not able to hold eye contact with a girl and making just aweful aweful mistakes. I did not even realize IOIs. I remember sitting next to a girl after a pary in the university and her asking me if I wanted to kiss her. I freaked out so badly and I kissed her on the cheeck and that was it.
    Last Friday I went to a house party. There was 4 guys and one girl whom one of my friends was targeting so she was a no go for me. Sometime later, the door is knocked and another girl joined. Black short hair, pretty eyes but a little overweight. She was hosting one of the guys in her apartment so bad logestics. She sat, I turned to her and gave her my casual opener “what’s your story?” she laughed and came to sit next to me and told some stuff about her self. I then told her somethings about me. I then focussed on the group, not her and was just having fun with every one. A great lesson here is to focus on the group not on the girl. Provide the greatest value, make people laugh, make them listen, give them good material and the girls will get attracted. We then went to a club and all along the way she was giving me IoIs like holdings my hands and asking me tones of questions as well as getting jealouse when I asked her to hoke me up with another girl in the venue.
    I had no idea how I would isolate at the time so I just asked her to go dance. One guy joined us in the dance floor but he left after few minutes. I got this, I hugged her she held me tight. This is a sign of approval. So I kissed her in the neck, she kissed me back. I put my forhead against hers and within few seconds she started kissing me. After sometime she said she had to leave and I was like okay. She asked for my phone and I gave it to her so she typed her digits and saved her number on my phone. I gave her a missed call. She then said she wanted to leave, as the logestics were really bad I did not push further. I went back and my friend advised me to call her after she left. An advise am happy I did not take. I told him I don’t wanna seem eager. I planned to call her sometime during the week but the next day evening she texted me saying she was waiting for my call the whole day. I promised that I would call her on Sunday I was busy on Saturday which I did and we sat a date.
    This whole things made me realize how much I have improved. On Saturday we went out a gain but as a group. One drunken Russian girl kept on amoging and teasing me. That was actually funny. She was making jokes about the fact that am black playing with hair and so on. Don’t know if I should take that as IoIs or react or what. I opened about three sets but idid not hook any of them..As I expected and wrote before, saturdays and fridays are not the perfect times to appraoch as girls have their shields quite high.

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    Date Pull!

    So, Last Thursday I had a date with the girl from my previous post. She texted me earlier on Thursday asking if we are still meeting and I told her yes. We then met and we went to a shisha bar that she suggested. The place was really awesome. I let her pick and she did not disappoint. This is something I shall do from now on, letting the girl choose the date activity lifts some work from my shoulder and introduces me to some cool locations. After about an hour and a half of fun conversations, she asked me if I smoked grass. I laughed and jokingly told her that she is racist and she is only asking this coz am black. I then remembered that when I was out on the weekend one guy gave me some. I told her I have some back in my home and I suggested that she joins me. She agreed and after some time I paid the bill and we left. I suggested to walk, my place was fifteen minutes away and there is an amazing way by the canal. I then suggested a game, the rule of which is simply to kiss every time we go under a bridge. It broke the ice and we did exactly that. We then did a small shopping to get some snacks, rolling paper and so on. We went to my place I played some music and I asked her to role. She couldn't so I did the rolling but she started touching me. I toke of my shirt and we started kissing. My heart rate got high so I told her am not gonna be able to role if my adrenaline got flowing so I suggested taking a break. She agreed and told me that smoking would actually make calm down a bit. I turned to the table and continued to role, she started touching me and I told her not to touch me softly as it distracts me. We then finished rolling, smoked and then started to widely kiss. My hand was under her bra, I made her come just by this and then she told me what no guy wanna hear at that moment..."We are not going to have sex" I said i was fine with that and told her am okay with this. I was a bit disappointed and she red my body language and asked if am disappointed. I said no, sex is not a big deal. She asked if I did not want to have sex with her..and I said, only if she also wanted to. Then we continued throughout the night pushing and pulling .. a dance which continued for hours. At some point, she told me that she wanted to have sex with me but does not want to because I might lose interest.
    I did not argue, I just said okay. She then said she has fun spending time with me. The weirdest thing is that at one point she opened her eyes and asked me to please not take her freedome O.o. I told her thats okay, I just like her thats all.
    I tryed a couple of time to get her horny to the point we would fuck but no success. In the morning we kissed and she left.

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    The Downs

    so this week i have been feeling a bit down. It all started when The girl i pulled to my place Started giving me shit. i was busy doing great stuff for the week, thats the right thing but i still didnt hear anything from her. So i Texted her a voice message .. It was a small tryal, something between a phone call and a Text. She saw the message and did not respond. Got to damit that I was a bit dissappointed/hurt. I then Texted her a "dont be rude .. Tell me how ur doing , or do u not Text now and school is over " she apologizedy, told me she had an exam and asked me whats up. I replyed some 10 hours later after finishing work and going out with my friends .. "Just had an aweomse stake and red wine so am doing great .. That cow died to make me happy" a text she didnt respond to so.. I Texted another girl and she implied that she was not interested in meeting again as we didnt connect .. She was really fat and ugly and I was not into her ... Kinda like applying to a job that u dont want and u get rejected. The good part is u still get experience from the applications process. I was hurt and the feelings kinda triggered the old feelings I had from my breakup. I had the warm uncomferable feeling in my chest people have after a breakup. I haven been reading and realized that this is just a build of sadness Hormons and fight and flight Hormons as brain does not recognise facts from thoughts..I realized a good way to come out of all this shit would be to use imagination ..I closed my eyes and tryed to imagine that i already have the super model whod make me forget all about my ex and make this hard journy worth a while .. A technique which actually helped a bit. I texted the girl one more time.."quite being boring and join me and my friends in club ...", she read and did not almost certain that the reason she lost interest is because of another guy.. up untill the she left my place she was pretty much into me...god , I wish women were a bit simpler than this..

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