Having sex with a virgin

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  1. Having sex with a virgin

    I was wondering if having sex with a virgin woman would be the same as having sex with a non virgin woman. I mean, what steps to be taken to prepare her for the act since its her first time? I searched the Internet, and couldn't find any technical help.

  2. Sexual qualifications, for example, "Are you a girl or a woman?" saves me from a lot of frustrations and LMRs when dealing with virgin girls. Of course she will need to be attracted to you before.

  3. So I've had experience with 2tyoes of virgins. the first is a church girl, she's made a promise to someone or something beyond any physical perception, to be celibate. These girls are just a hassle to crack and require alot note emotional comfort -somethig which can take months or even years to get to. The minute I have this type of virgin, I RUN. Don't have time for that negotiatiom shit

    The next type is my current gf, who's virginity I took. She's interested in sex, yet has never had. She's also really nervous, and requires you to have emotional comfort and experience. You need to express to her that you don't want to just have sex, but you want to experience something that's so intimate, so transcendental , with HER. This comes from love, and care, and she's got to feel that from you. Don't rush her; obvious you wanna get laid NOW but she mustnt know that...she must know that you are interested in her, not the sex

    I find these types have alot of hurdles for you to jump. So you'll make out...undress her...then BOOM, she breaks down and says stop. So you must rinse, wash and repeat -ie,, stop, take a step back, cuddle, talk deep shit. Then kiss her again...this time you'll get abit further before she breaks down again and says stop. Then you wash, rinse and repeated bro. Eventually she'll be naked and wet in your arms, her mouth saying no and her body saying yes. This is when you've got to be careful AF. I'd even recommend going in raw without a condom just for her to get a feel for it. Don't get parrylized by the pussy tho, put on a condom after

    I find the best position for virgins is when's she's lying on her tummy, legs straight, and you behind her inserting slowly. It allows for shallow penetration haha

    Hope this was helpful

  4. I have also been with a virgin and it is really only cliche the fact of being with one, it was not very pleasant for my organ to break the imen of it. But good the excitement of being the first of a girl if it is incredible

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