Venture and Sterling 10-Day Bootcamp - Las Vegas, July 2016

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    Venture and Sterling 10-Day Bootcamp - Las Vegas, July 2016

    The biggest 10-day we've ever done. What a great and transformative week. Look forward to seeing all the reviews for this one. It was definitely special.

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    Here it is, my review of the 10D Bootcamp, Las Vegas, 2016:

    The 10 Day bootcamp program is not like any other product offered by Love Systems. I decided to take the program after coming to the realization that I needed something drastic to shake up my approach to dating, women and finding romance. I had considered doing a 3 Day program, which I had done back in 2008, but remembered how easy it was to forget everything that was taught. My fear was that it would be blip on the radar and momentum would pave over any breakthroughs experienced over a short weekend. I know repetition is the only way to make a new habit stick, and I thought the 10 day program would be a better choice..

    I didn't make the decision lightly; this was going to require a huge financial commitment and sacrifice for over 6 months to make this happen. I also knew that I wanted to be in good physical shape for the two weeks in Las Vegas, so I started a new fitness program and just kinda hunkered down for the winter. I saved my money, got in decent shape and didn't really go out and 'game' at all.

    Upon arrival in Las Vegas, my excitement was tempered with some anxiety and nervousness. What was this going to be like? Was I going to get raked over the coals? Would I be able to handle the feedback and coaching. Looking over past reviews I knew Sterling and Venture weren't going to sugar-coat anything. I was worried whether or not my delicate little ego could take it. All of that happened, but I also walked away from the experience feeling reborn. It was like an adrenaline shot for my life.

    We got started right away on Day 1 and went through introductions. It was great getting to know some of the guys, where they came from and a bit of what they were looking for on the bootcamp. I've been sober for a number of years now and discovered that a fellow student was too. That was another element that put some of my nervousness about this experience at ease. I don't shy away from alcohol, but I will admit I was on extra alert for any kind of emphasis on drinking or getting carried away with partying. The research I did before I made my decision to sign up indicated that drinking was not really a big part of it and that proved to be the case. Students are highly discouraged from drinking, and the Project Rockstar students are, in fact, prohibited. This was just one more element that indicated this program had depth. We were not going to become PUAs (I cringe even typing 'PUA'....). , but instead get at the core of what it means to be a man.

    As the tone of the bootcamp was set during these first few interactions with the instructors, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that what motivated the instructors. It was not simply a superficial goal of banging a bunch of girls, but much deeper work around masculinity and self improvement. Doing "well" with women, it was emphasized throughout the 10D program, is really an outward manifestation of a man who is strong in his passions, drive and masculinity. We're not here to learn how to be a better lounge troll, but to get at the core of who we are as men. A man, strong in his masculinity goes after what he wants without being tricky about it. No lines, routines or other dated crap was part of the material. Again, I had read that coming in to the program, and the message was delivered to us time and time again. I think if it had been any different, my comfort level would have been very different. Something always felt a little fishy about routine-based 'gaming'. On that very first day, the claim was made that "no one has ever accused our students of running game.". I see can easily see why: there is no 'game' on this program. The techniques that are taught have openness, directness and authenticity at the core. You are asked (more like "told") to be direct about why you're even talking to the women with whom we interacted. This was not only scary for me (I have always had a hard time comfortable conveying attraction to women) but refreshing. As the days went on, I got more and more comfortable with marching up to the hottest woman in a club and pulling her into me, speaking softly into her ear that she was fucking hot and I straight up telling her what I wanted. Words can't describe how liberating it is to just drop all the routines bullshit and say what you really mean. Try it, you'll be glad you did.

    My daily routine was basically like this: I would wake up around 10-11am, have something light to eat (Jamba Juice with a TON of fruits and vegetables was my go-to) and get some sun by the pool for 60-90 mins. It was really nice to just sit out in the heat of a Vegas summer and relax for a bit. As the bootcamp went on, I even practiced striking up conversations with complete strangers at the pool before class everyday. I would just walk right up and introduce yourself for no other reason than that's what I wanted to do. I would never have done that before the bootcamp. I'd have sat there trying to think of something clever or funny to say, come up empty and just sat off to the side by myself. You can flex these muscles anytime, anywhere. It's not game.

    So, after the pool, I'd get back up to the suite for the ~5 hours of workshop. We covered new topics everyday and each day built on stuff we learned the previous day and night out. The first few days went pretty long, but the information was super important. Plus, just being around guys who have the same motivations and goals as you do was great. So time really flew. Once we broke for the day, I'd pick up a light meal and head back to my room for a nap, shower and some downtime. I totally remember how badly my gut was chruning while waiting to meet everyone for those first few nights out. Breaking through personal barriers is not without a fair bit of stomach-churning anxiety, but when one builds enough positive reference examples, it gets much easier. In Las Vegas in the middle of summer, you have an opportunity to throw pitch after pitch. It's like being at a shooting range with an unlimited amount of ammo.

    We'd stay out until 3-5am every night. The instructors were always available to help. The group of guys that were showing us how things worked were chosen from past years as Rockstars. I thought this was super helpful. They were 'closer' to my level, and I remember thinking "Hey, it wasn't so long ago that these dudes were in the same boat as I am now..." It just made them very easy to relate. By the wee hours of the morning, I was usually spent, but happy with the effort I put in, and happy to see that women actually enjoyed talking to me. Of course, a couple of those late, late nights were due to my applied knowledge *actually working*... That reminds me that I should mention: If you apply this stuff....there is a damn good chance you are going to get laid. So be ready for success, you never know when it's going to strike

    So, bedtime around 4am each day and then rise and shine around 10 or so. Rinse, Lather, Repeat.

    This is a review of the program, not a progress journal, so I really can't add anything more about how well the bootcamp is organized. I can just end with some advice for those that are considering it.

    Do it.

    The feedback you will get will be direct, and might sting a bit, but the course is not meant to give you a warm fuzzy feeling. It's there to show you how to own your manhood and be the kind of man woman want. It's not about routines and smoke-and-mirrors crap. That shit is over. This is about owning your true self and getting what you want.

    My advice to those that are thinking about going:

    1. Budget an extra 3-5 grand to cover staying at a decent hotel on the strip and food. Being in Las Vegas for 10 days is rough on the wallet. You will also need to pay for bottle service for the nights out. The instructors did a good job of keeping costs down each night, but 10 days adds up.

    2. Get in shape before your bootcamp. You don't have to look like a Men's Health cover model, but find a local personal trainer if you need help getting a program put together and a basic nutrition plan. The girls you'll be talking to need to at least see that you are healthy and take care of yourself. I promise that every moment you spend getting this part of your life taken care of will pay off.

    3. Go with an open mind, be brave and do shit you normally wouldn't do. This is your time to shine, have the courage to do what the instructor tell you to do.

    4. When you go out, make it your responsibility to stay with a specific instructor for the night. I had some trouble with this. I assumed on the first few nights that the instructors had some sort of all-seeing eye and were watching everything. I hit the first few nights running and just went out and approached as often as I could. I figured "Why wait to be pushed into an interaction, just f-ing go and get it done...". I'm glad I had the balls to do what I needed to do without a push, but it came at the expense of some good coaching. If I had a chance to do it again, I would make it my job to stick with the instructors way more closely. The protocol for how that went down wasn't clear to me. I'd say that's really the only thing that I would suggest doing differently. A clearer assignment of which students were going to work with which instructor. I felt that part could have been tightend up a bit more.

    5. Drop the language of 'game'. You are not talking to 10s, 7s, 4s, or HB8s. You are not "in a set". That shit is done, it's juvenile, dated and weird. Forget that it ever existed and drop it from your vocabulary. This is a better way. I believe that deeply. Every time I heard a fellow student say "I was in this set last night...." I would die a little bit on the inside.

    6. Remember you are there to work on yourself. This about you as a man. Treat like life and death. And then laugh it off when things down't go your way. It sounds like a contradiction becuase this isn't logical. It's something you experience at the level of your feelings and beliefs about yourself. Logic doesn't exist here. If it did, logic would tell you that you have nothing to fear by walking up to a girls and nibling her on the neck within 5 minutes of introducing yourself because that just the kind of experience many women are yearning for. Yet we fear that level of directness for a million illogical reasons.

    As a post script...

    I want to specifically call out one guy that was a shining example of the ideal this program represents. Sam B, a former PR student now turned instructor, was my go-to guy for anything. He clearly worked his ass off to go from a guy who would beat himself up about how bad he was with women, full of negative self-talk to a guy that you'd want as your best friend or family member. He oozed compassion for how hard we all had to work, but he didn't sugar coat anything. Coming back to one of the venues after a (fucking amazing) pull on second-to-last night, he saw what I high I was on with a knowing grin. We spoke at length about what happened, how my wing and I navigated the whole thing and what went well. The whole time, he was listening with intent and a selfless pride, not because we got laid, but because we were stepping into new space as men. It was totally not about the hookup, but all of the changes that helped make it happen. Guys like him are what we should all aspire to be. Strong, compassionate, smart and totally selfless.

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    Summary - Overall I was happy with the 10D Las Vegas Bootcamp, run by Sterling and Venture.
    The material offered was valuable and will prove useful in the future. The 10D uses a different conversational
    model than other programs. I think this conversation model will prove valuable in the future, both in short term SNLs and
    in long term relationships.

    Also, since the program is not cheap, I will state upfront I think it is worth the cost. In addition to the program fee,
    there is a club entrance and table fee which this time worked out to an additional 1K per student. If you are sensitive to the cost
    of the program, I suggest delaying the program, as opposed to borrowing too much money to take it. It is best to game when you can focus on game.
    If you are worried about the cost, wait another year or two or three until you have saved the money up.

    I will point out a few areas where the program could have been better as well so that they may take my thoughts into account
    when designing future programs.

    Instructors - The lead Instructors were Sterling and Venture. The support LS instructors were Vici, Vybe, Sam Badger
    (aka Scumbadger), Alswede (fashion expert), Mav and Jasper.

    All the instructors were great and really humble. Having gone through the ups and downs in their own game, they were understanding
    of the students struggles. I have to say, I did not detect an ounce of ego from the instructors. This made a lot easier to get along with them.
    They had excellent game as well and did a good job winging me and giving me some constructive criticism.
    Sometimes the criticism was pretty harsh, especially since I was out of practice for awhile, but well meaning. Don't come into the
    program with thin skin, and leave your ego at home or get rid of it all together.

    An extra shout an to Scumbadger for all of his comments on my interactions and support.

    Physically, the instructors were all average height to slightly tall, with thin to slightly muscular builds. No one was so good looking
    that you could say their results with women was due to good looks or their physical build. For some of the shorter
    guys in the program, maybe it might have been nice to have one shorter instructor, but the short guys in the 10D did just fine as well.
    Overall I would say the instructors were normal looking young guys, similar in looks to the 10D students but on average slightly younger
    and in better shape than the 10D students. The rockstars were in similar shape to the instructors.

    Rockstars - The rockstars program started on Sunday July 17th, 2 days before the 10D program started on July 19th.
    The rockstars were great guys and it was great to see the commaraderie develop between the rockstars, the 10D students and the
    instructors. The rockstars took the same classes that the 10D students did, but they lived in a mansion and had other outings
    which you can read about the Project rockstar thread on TAF. The 10D students just did the seminars and the 9 nights of infield,
    as well as 1 day club infield.

    Program Structure
    Days 1-4 - Normal conversation, Flirtatious conversation, Sexual Conversation, Depth Conversation, Logistics, Text Game
    Day 5 - SNLs
    Day 6 - No seminars. We had infield sessions during the day and another at night.
    Day 7 - Relationships and Sex
    Day 8 - Sex (Part 2), Inner Game
    Day 9 - Fashion, Sex (Part 3)
    Day 10 - Living a life of passion, private debriefs

    Thoughts on the Program and the material
    I like the conversational model presented on Days 1-4. I think you will get results faster with women
    when you get good with the model. Your interactions will be more fun. This is as compared to the
    model presented by LS in "Magic Bullets" or as compared to the standard model from "The Mystery Method."

    Will this conversational model be useful in the long term? As opposed to the LS Triad Model in magic bullets or the
    Model in The Mystery Method, I think this model is also more applicable in a long term relationship. It is simpler and
    based on much more normal human interactions as opposed to when you are just approaching and "gaming a girl."
    There are no lines or routines given. However, the instructors will give off the cuff examples of what they are talking about.
    Make sure their off the cuff examples do not become your routines!

    That said, I think the model presented here in the 10D program is higher risk and will take longer to learn and master.
    The reliance on flirtatious and sexual conversation makes more demands of the student. It will get you blown out more as well.
    You will be pushing your boundaries, which can be uncomfortable.

    As far as is it useful outside of the club? Well I thought the sex seminar was useful, the fashion seminar as well, along with the inner game
    material, and living a life of passion. While you can get some of this material elsewhere, it is nice to have it all streamlined
    and packaged for you by young single guy instructors with goals similar to your goals. In some ways the material will presented
    will help you in other areas of your life, but it will also come back and help you with women.

    Infield Venues - For the sake of keeping the program somewhat private, I won't mention which venues we went to, except to say
    we went to many of the most popular night and day clubs in Las Vegas. Some were indoor and some were outdoor, some were large
    and some were medium size. It was a good mix of venues. I think the clubs we went to were easy to talk in.
    In general you could get your verbals across, except for maybe at one venue which was completely
    indoors. We went out every night unless someone wanted to rest up, which some did as the program can be exhausting.

    I will say that the 10D students also had access to the Bungalow at Marquee, which was awesome. Each night, we did have bottle service
    at a cabana or a table. It's just necessary in Vegas when you come in with such a large bunch of guys and no girls. A large part of the program
    was pulling girls back to our table and giving them a drink with as little alcohol as possible. It bought us some time
    to get to know them, although I don't know how much it ultimately impacted the outcome of any interaction.
    If you go to Vegas on your own you do not need to get a table, you can just buy a ticket to get into the club from
    the club promoters, who are all over on the strip. That said, it is slightly easier to game if you have a table.

    The 10D students were encouraged to stay sober, as it makes it easier to learn. I did not drink any alcohol.

    Where the program could be improved - Overall I give the program a 8.5 out of 10.

    1. The location and time of the seminar were not emailed to the students until an hour and 15 minutes before the start of the 10D.
    Luckily I had the info the night before as I had been communicating with Sterling, and I was able to send it to another student
    I had spoken to on the Lounge. However stuff like this makes things a bit stressful for the students and doesn't get things off
    to a good start.

    2. On day 2 of the seminar, the instructors mentioned the 10D students would have specific instructors to work with each of us
    infield that night. This did not happen, and it was discussed among a few of the 10D students the next day.
    After that, the 10D students became more willing to go to the instructors and ask for help. This may have been due to a food poisoning outbreak
    that hit some instructors and the rockstar students, but no explanation was given.

    At some point one day 1, a quick discussion should take place where the students are told
    A. You should ask the instructors for help whenever you feel like it.
    B. The instructors will be watching you most of the time and giving you feedback even if you don't ask along the way.
    C. Some combination of A and B.

    I feel like C happened, but mostly after Day 2s infield. Days 1 and 2 the feedback was pretty light.

    3. The biggest problem, in my opinion, was the seminar venue. We did the seminars in the instructors hotel rooms, which
    was somewhat uncomfortable and crowded. It got very hot in there even with the A/C on. Many people got sick due to the stress of late
    nights clubbing, jet lag, mediocre hotel food, lack of sleep, etc. Any illness is easily transferable when you are stuck in one large hotel room.
    The ventilation was not that great.

    Ultimately a few people got sick and cut short or skipped infield nights because of some combination of
    being ill, sick, tired, etc.. Since we have 10 infields and 9 days of seminar, so 19 events in total, each event is worth say 631 dollars given
    the cost of the program. Also, once you get sick, even if you go infield, it probably lowers the quality of your interactions with women.

    My suggestion is to get a separate larger space that is equipped with a reasonable number of bathrooms and to have students either bring
    lunch or have the food catered/ordered. Even if you have to increase the cost of the program per 10D and rockstar student by 250-500 dollars,
    I think it would be worth it. Getting sick during the program makes it harder to push yourself. There are plenty of conferences rooms in
    the hotels and surrounding areas in Vegas. Without this problem, I would rate the program a 9.5 on a scale of 1-10 instead of 8.5 out of 10.

    4. More drills where we practice flirting. Flirting is never really used in life except in a context of trying to get someone else into bed,
    so a few more drills to practice it would be very helpful.

    Overall - It was great and I recommend the program, even though it is costly. I hope the program designers at LS consider my suggestions along
    with what the other students say. The instructors were great guys, as were the rockstars. It was sad it ended after 10 days.

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    10 Day Review

    The 10-day boot camp was like drinking from a fire hose. The information came hard, fast and there was a lot of it. It was a completely new model that is more in line with being who you naturally are. I’ve taken a 3-day boot camp a couple years prior and the difference in quality, content and presentation is like comparing a paper airplane to an F-16. There really is no comparison. If you’ve taking a previous boot camp and are wondering if the 10 day is worth the investment or if you will get anything new out of the answer is a definitive, Yes.

    The difference is really two fold as I mentioned. It’s in both the content and the presentation. First the content. The base material is so much more advanced that the previous Triad model and logistical model. The old model is very linear. It doesn’t leave any room for variation. The new model is very flexible and allows you to see how you are doing in any interaction without having to spot where you are on a linear model. The content is also so much better because it takes away all the creepy and stupid pick up artist terms. The content was presented in such a way that for anybody who has never taken any previous boot camp or has never had any previous training they would be able to take the seminar and understand the content very well. In fact, that person who has never taken a different boot camp or previous experience because you won’t have bad habits that you would have to erase before learning the new material.

    Some of the most powerful aspects is how the material is laid out. Each day builds on the next. You get to go out in the field and then put in action the material that you learned for that day. It’s important to make sure to work on each thing that you learned that evening in field. If you don’t you will be left behind. The learning comes with the doing and being able to get an immersion of a massive amount of in field is a huge benefit.

    I found that this material is an awesome blend of outer mechanics and also has an awesome amount of inner game and theory. The first half of the seminar was heavy on the mechanics and theory. The second half was more focused on inner game with an awesome transition into relationships and then also into sex. It’s an amazing balance. This type of balance really helps no matter where you are in your level of development. Some of the guys were lacking in inner game and others were heavily deficient in mechanics. I can say everybody benefited no matter their sticking points.

    The best part of the content was how in depth the material was. Over the 10 days you will everything from how to approach all the way through how to keep and maintain a healthy relationship. It also goes into how to be fucking awesome at sex and what women really want in the bedroom. It’s one thing to get the girl of your dreams and it’s one thing to be able to keep her around. The 10 day boot camp addresses this amazingly. This is what I found absolutely amazing about the 10 day. It addressed parts are never talked about or never talked about in depth to the extent they are addressed on this program. Some guys just may want to go out and slay a bunch of women but for most they would like to eventually have a long term relationship with a woman they are attracted to. There aren’t many if any resources I’ve found in the pick-up community that address this topic. Sterling in his talk on relationships hits the nail on the head and address this topic in a way that makes complete fucking sense. This alone is worth the 10 day.

    The other nugget I found extremely important and powerful is the talk on sex. Again there isn’t much if any information out there how to effectively pleasure a woman in the bedroom. If you want to have the sex that women crave it is important to know how. You want to be that guy that women go and tell her friends about. How she has never had sex like that in her life. So many guys, myself included before the program, have no idea what that entails. Yes, you can think that you are good in bed. I thought that before the program too. I am telling you right now that you are not. If you haven’t taken this program you are no more than an average Joe. This information will blow the doors wide open as to what good sex is and what women really want in the bedroom and it’s not what you think.

    The presentation is amazing because you are getting the best of the best. Its direct from the creator of the content. There is no middle man. The material is straight from the fountain head. This leaves no way to misinterpreted the information or dilute it in anyway.
    Some of the most important information is the infield. You get the full attention of the instructors. They are there every movement watching. They have literally been in thousands if not tens of thousands of interactions and know exactly what your sticking points are and how to correct them. It literally takes years off of your development. You don’t know what you don’t know and you surely can’t fix something you don’t realize if a problem. The instructors are trained to have an eye for the mistakes and do an amazing job of finding and correcting your problems. The large amount of infield time is worth the investment.

    In conclusion the 10 day boot camp is the flagship product for good reason. It meets all expectations and is amazingly comprehensive. There is literally no aspect left out. If you really want to get this area of your handled I would start with the 10 day boot camp. It will shave years off your learning curve.

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    Overall, it was f'ing awesome experience. I wish I could go back, tomorrow. There is so much information, encouragement, depth and support.

    In terms of information, there's a lot of it (the 'drinking from a firehouse' analogy is apt). However, it's obvious they have put a lot of thought into what information to give and what goes when. It's an extremely well thought out curriculum, rolled out organically.

    You're thrown into the field directly. It's part of the experience. Each night builds the last. Not so much that the nights are 'mission oriented' but that you get feedback and instruction that day which you want to practice that night (and it all fits together easily).

    Instructors were each inspirational. They were open about what brought them to this, the struggles they have had. Sam B was very open about what he's done to improve himself, and is very practical in his approach. He was super supportive in field. Mav did a lot of demos, both in class and in field. He's a machine, both in the energy of his approaches and in constantly thinking of new ways to approach and convey the material. Jasper's like a ninja. I would see him just kind of hanging out in clubs, almost invisible. Turn around a second later and he's got a girl. Later I learned that the 'hanging out' was because he took his instructor duties so seriously - he was making sure he saw what we were doing and that we got feedback. He and I had a long talk about the practicalities of all this, and how we bring 'extra stuff' that gets in our own way. Sterling gave a long elocution on the place of pick-up in a full life. I don't know if it were planned for that particular time or if he just took an opportune moment to bring it up. It was a very centering message in the midst of all the partying. The instructor I related to most was Venture. We both have a similar viewpoint on things, I think. He has a great ability to go from concrete examples to principles, without making lines out of the examples and without being overly dogmatic on principles. Vici and Alswede both gave thoughtful presentations on their subjects. I should also mention the Rockstars and RS Alumni, many of whom gave of their knowledge and experience.

    Should also mention the other 10-dayers. I think we were older than the traditional bootcamp, in our 30s and 40s (maybe one in his late 20s). Obviously I haven't done a study of traditional bootcamp attendees; it just seemed that way and you have to be further along in life to shell out the cost. All of came from diverse backgrounds, but a similar place in our lives and mindset towards personal improvement. One of the really nice parts of an experience like this is working with a great group of like-minded people from around the world. We spent off nights together, dinners, etc. I stayed a little longer in Vegas and I wished these guys had been around to do one more day clubs, jump off the Stratosphere, just let loose.

    I should say something about the model. At the initial presentation level, one can 'get it' pretty easily. As you work with it more, it has a lot of utility and depth. For example, throughout the week the model was applied to conversations, SNLs, different cultures, etc. It works for different preferences in style, different types of girls, etc. It's not linear, so an interaction can live in the model.

    As others have said, it's not lines or routines. You're not going to be called out because the girl heard the routine before (unless you bring those routines into your interactions). Instead, it's a structure around which you can understand where an interaction is and where it needs to go. Throughout the ten days, the instructor group made the point of taking out traditional 'Pua lingo', in part to make the point that the model is at a deeper level.

    Backing the model or surrounding it or serving as a foundation (take your pick) is being masculine. An example of the contrast between the 1.0 and 3.0 - and this is my way of thinking about it, so don't think you're getting some super secret here - is the idea of qualification. I came in with a question about qualification. The end point in this 3.0 model is that your life is itself qualification. You wouldn't have people in your life if they weren't at a certain level. So you're always qualifying in a sense by being masculine, but the interaction is not driven by having to pass that 'stage'. If you do go verbal, the level of that 'natural qualifying' within an interaction - how intense it is / 'how big the hoop is' in 1.0 language - is driven by the simplified natural model. If you're doing the model, it would fit, simply and naturally (pun intended). If you were a theory buff, you could do the same with pretty much any part of the traditional progression model. As I said, this is just way to give people an idea of the difference that occurred to me, not a part of the 10-day tutelage.

    One more thing about the model: it's not passive. You're not throwing out routines and looking for indicators from the lady you are wooing. At the core of the philosophy is that you are masculine. That means that you have to push and risk. Still working on that ...

    Obvious that a lot of thought has gone into everything presented. There are sections on fashion, lifestyle, fucking, a session that kept everyone on the edge of their seats on inner game. Some of these things they can only point the way, but keep in mind the value of hearing things verbally, hearing from the personal perspective of someone who lived through the process, and getting individualized feedback (and the breadth of subjects covered). Basically, they are trying to shove a lot of knowledge into your head in a short time.

    A really cool aspect of this is self-development. A couple of points here: the 10 day approach is how men do self-development. What I mean by that is taking it by the horns: I don't completely like where I'm at, and I'm going to unabashedly work to change that. Each of the instructors and each day embodied that. The instructors, the rockstars and the 10 dayers were all focused on development of self and helping others - it's a beautiful thing. Taking it another stage, though: there was throughout talk about gratitude, of losing one's ego, all these things that speak to basic life happiness beyond simply getting a girl or many girls. And this was not just mentioned once or twice, this was imbued throughout the whole ten days.

    People have mentioned some things above that I'll opine on:

    Drinking. It simply wasn't an issue. Didn't drink, didn't miss out on anything.

    Budget extra money: for sure. I didn't do that as well as I could have - stayed at a Motel 6 to save money. But still took away tons from the seminar.

    Stick with an instructor: I mentioned Jasper's watchful eye. Other instructors were watchful as well. There were just so many guys there that they couldn't watch every single set. That being said, I received lots of infield advice, observation, etc. from Sterling, Venture, Sam B and others. I really didn't seek out instructor winging, so I can't comment on that. Should also note that there's also a shift from the first night out (simply talk with a few guidelines) and the subsequent nights when there were specific tasks, so there was a natural balance that developed ('hey, I think I need help with this ... come watch me'). But Sterling, Sam B and others were guiding me into interactions on Night 1 as well, so it's not that they weren't there it was just a different mission (Sterling unfortunately steered me away from a cute girl in a red dress who had just walked in).

    Thin skin? This seminar will expose it. And it will be for your betterment.

    Guys height etc. Not a big deal, since you can't change it. Some of the best rockstars were shorter than me (I'm on the short side of average). The thing about the instructors is that they are fit and are fashionable even in lay around cloths. Both of those subjects were covered in the 10 day. Coincidence?

    Venues: Good choice of venues. I didn't ask but it seemed a deliberate 'going into the deeper end of the pool' progression from clubs with more conversational areas to trendier clubs. I have a discomfort with clubs, and that was part of my journey. Someone mentioned bottle service and cabanas. I think most 10 dayers actually did a mixture of different strategies (table / elsewhere in the club). I know I did.

    Getting sick: I have to admit, I got sick on the last day. I was taking Airborne and Zicam pretty much throughout. It happens. I think my crash on the last day was equal parts exhaustion and illness. I don't know if a venue change would have helped with that, as we also had a lot of physical contact in the infield clubs. As far as lunch: myself, the rockstars and others subsisted on QUEST bars and occasional food we brought in. In other seminars, ordering lunch always breaks things up, creates logistical nightmares (who wants what and who ordered what?) and it's hard to gather people back together (meaning lost seminar time and momentum). I'd rather have the instruction than the food.

    Only negative I can see is that it has to end. Maybe some follow-up - a Simplified Natural 201 (of course there is - Project Rockstar - but I mean for men who can't take that time off from work). Seriously, though, I might encourage these guys to expand. Maybe start with 10-day, at home support, 3-day refresher for alumni (Vegas is centrally located).
    There's so much information that you come home with so much to work on. As Mav said, it's good to have better problems. And the final debrief prioritizes things for you as an individual.

    Should you go?
    On the one hand, you'll face some uncomfortable truths about yourself and you'll face some hard work. Other the other hand, you're surrounding yourself with experts who give of their knowledge and experience readily - in fact, almost shove it into you - in one of the greatest party cities of the world.

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    For me the journey started back in 2010 when I took a bootcamp with LS. That bootcamp ignited a spark within me that set me on a path of self-development that ultimately led me to be in Vegas and attend this 10-day simplified natural bootcamp.

    The first comment I have to make is about how natural, logical, and not fake or forced the whole program felt. If you have ever taken a bootcamp before, the first thing you notice during the 10-day is the lack of PUA terms, like PUA itself, set, open, kino, x-close, etc. This makes it so much easier to not pollute your head with those terms.

    In the beginning of the program the instructors laid out that the end goal is to be someone that is masculine, which includes things like confidence, leadership, fitness, fashion, owning it, and someone that is passionate, has ambition, is driven. These two traits, masculinity and passion, is what most women look for and something we should strive for. Not for the sake of women, but for ourselves.

    During seminars we first learned about the four conversational strands: normal, fun/flirty, sexual, depth/warmth. There are no routines or any stories you should stick to. Create your own narrative, how to tell your story in a way that is engaging and exciting to people, not only women. This goes to show how much this program is based on the intent of making us better selves instead of giving us something that feels weird like routines.

    We also spent a good time going through sub communications with warm or sexual intent, passive and active. The majority of the communication that takes place between people is not the words actually said, so the instructors made sure to go through all of the possibilities we have to communicate with someone else. It really opened my eyes to how many different ways there are to create sexual tension with your body.

    The most amusing part of the seminar for me was text game. Venture’s style and explanations were so good. First, everyone said the assumptions they have about text game, like matching her interest, and then he worked on each of these assumptions and showed us if there is anything to it. Then he showed us some of his text interactions and they are just golden. Having a better grasp of text game and having some of the guys helping me definitely mattered in having my first lay during the program.

    The core parts of the program and the specifics are well thought-out and coherently presented. It’s easy to understand and they just make sense and are logical. We covered the four conversation strands, text game, body language, sub communications with warm intent, sexual intent, passive body language, active body language, being in good state during the night, banter themes, logistics, mindsets you should have, relationships, dates, and a lot more.

    A very important part, especially for living an amazing life after the 10-day, is inner game. You being an awesome person makes you attractive to girls instead of you being attractive to women makes you awesome. Becoming a better, stronger and more masculine person are the things that will lead to long-term success with girls and leading a great life. This is a life long journey.

    Excellent game is a house of cards. What happens when you are on a date, when you start seeing the girls, and then girls try to test your boundaries, or you have a bad night? It all comes crashing down if you down have rock solid inner game. Having strong inner game will lead to fulfilling relationships. You can be more real, honest to people. There is no true reality, only our perception of reality. And once you realize that, the next step is to think about how to change your perception in a way that is most beneficial to me? There is no benefit in carrying negative beliefs, so why carry them around?

    Near the end of the seminars we also learned about fashion, setting up and enforcing boundaries, and on how to live a life fueled by passion. How to keep this momentum going and to strive for a great life of constant improvement and self-development.

    The infield portions of the 10-day are insane. Las Vegas is the perfect city for it, there is no reason to be worried about burning the place down or anything similar because there is just too many people around to even bother.

    The feedback we get from the instructors is spot on. It’s amazing how much instructors can pick up from just watching you for a few minutes, listening to a few sentences, or just having a short conversation with you. I made sure to tell instructors I was going in an interaction so they could watch the first few minutes and afterwards I came back to them to see what they had to say. I felt like every single time I got spot on advice and something to work on.

    Before coming to the 10-day my goal was to have a clean mind, not latch to any old notions I had, and take the feedback I get 100% to heart and just take it for what it is. This was a great approach and it helped me and the instructors find my flaws and mistakes and work on them much quicker.

    Overall this 10-day seminar is amazing. It gives you the fundamentals, the mechanics to turn your dating life around. And then you also have a direction for how to make sure you live a life true to yourself and how to be a man that people feel pulled towards. I highly recommend it, yet be aware that this is not a quick fix. It’s the beginning of a lifelong journey on becoming better day-by-day and there is a lot of hard work involved.

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    10 Day Review

    The past two weeks has changed my life more than any two weeks I can remember. There is no monetary value that I could assign to the change I have made. The countless books that I have read or mentors I have met before rockstar have not even come close to helping in the way that I had hoped for. Everyone has a life story, some type of pain or issue that has caused them to seek out help in a particular area. Whether it be getting better with women, learning how to be successful in business, developing a better lifestyle, getting healthier, or just being a better person, the inner issue that will help all these cases is ironically, the same. I realize that I have made some progress, but this is just the beginning, and there is far more growth to come.
    The first few days of the bootcamp were an eye opener because they taught the mechanics of what it takes to genuinely approach a woman and portray who you are in a masculine way that is attractive. Many of us had issues with this ridiculously simple skill because of our previous negative reference experiences with women. One of these simple skills that was a huge takeaway for me was the 4 strands of conversation. Normal, banter, sexual, and deep are the 4 strands of conversation that are involved in human communication. This was so new to me to realize that was all that conversation was. Prior to this seminar, I always had a fear of not knowing what to say or how to communicate effectively to be genuine and interesting. The information we learned and in-field experience forced us to calibrate our social and communication skills.
    One takeaway from the seminar for me was sexualization. Coming from an Asian culture, sex is usually undiscussed or carries a negative connotation. Growing up with this conditioning is so detrimental by the time you are an adult. The seminar helped me understand and feel comfortable with the topic of sex, expressing my views on it, and communicating my ideals about this with women in an open way. Along with this, subcommunicating my sexual interest in women was also difficult. Touching, caressing, and displaying my affection physically always felt so awkward. Since the lecture, and my sexual experience with the beautiful woman the first week, I no longer have the same issues.
    Forcing yourself to face your fears was one of the biggest takeaways from the seminar. For most of the 10 day students and Rockstars, the fear of not being enough and not being loved were far too common. We learned to realize through the inner game seminar and the 1 on 1 coach that loving ourselves and letting go of what we were dragging with us emotionally, were vital to success in any of our endeavors. In particular, womenís brains are more strongly wired between the left and right hemispheres making communication a strong suit. Essentially, we learned that in talking to women, if there are any incongruences with your language and body language, they immediately will see it and have an inconsistent feeling of you. This was such a huge hit for myself as well as many of the other guys who unintentionally learned terrible communication skills growing up. The power of this canít be underestimated. The best night I had so far, I got to spend the night with a beautiful Mexican woman that I just met. The ironic thing to me was that the majority of my communication was body language. Later the instructors later reemphasized the point that getting good with women is 80% internal, and 20% mechanics.
    The one on one coaching with the private instructor was also something I would like to address. I have never felt anything more powerful than the feeling that was generated from that one session. The experience was about an hour and a half and he went through the terrible experiences I had growing up, with my family and friends and he was able to get rid of the negative emotion I had been holding all this time. It was absolutely amazing. He literally took me from a deep point of sadness to feeling more joyful than I have ever felt in a long time. There are many questions I now ask myself multiple times a day. How can I feel even more joy in this moment? How can I spread that joy to others? These simple questions improve your state and help you get to a better place. Another meditation exercise he had us do, was fantastic as well. In moments of anxiety and fear, you can close your eyes, visualize your temple, and it instantaneously transforms that fear and anxiety into serenity and strength. Lastly, one of the most powerful takeaways from his seminar was incantations. This tool was simple, yet powerful beyond measure. Getting into a positive state each day enhances every action of the day, ensuring success and positive growth.
    The 10 day program was amazing in itself; however it is just a small glimpse of the potential you can grow yourself if you extend yourself beyond the 10 day program. This is one of the reasons I am so grateful for being in the program I am in. The growth I made was even more apparent when the instructors reassured me on what I had improved in. For anyone who wants a glimpse of what project rockstar is, and is motivated to gain the momentum to make the most amazing life changes, a 10 day bootcamp is the start. I canít imagine what I will be learning and how much more I can improve in the weeks to come.

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    10 Day Review
    I’ll preface my review by stating that I’ve only taken one bootcamp and am a current member of Project Rockstar. The 10 day bootcamp covers all the key concepts of the Simplified Natural Program.

    One of the biggest things they focused on at the beginning was de-creepifying the language of game. Instead of sets they are interactions, instead of kino it’s touch. This really spoke to me as it was one of the aspects of game I found slightly uncomfortable about.
    The first day the focus was on Normal Conversation. The programs conversational thread theory is super easy to understand and really demystifies one of the key questions for beginners: what do I say? For the first day we were instructed to only have normal conversations, no banter, no sexual, and no deep meaningful conversations. Amazingly one of the Rockstars got laid.

    Over the next few days we explored the other conversational threads: fun/flirty, sexual, and depth. Interspersed in the program is a lot of good content on text game, non-verbal communication, and of course: fashion.

    One thing that surprised me was how good some of the 10 day students were. Clearly some of them have had additional training, but still I was blown away. Many of the 10 day guys have pretty good game, 1 guy in particular ended up locking down a very hot blonde for essentially the entire trip.
    The text game session was mind blowing. Some of the instructors can literally make girls they’ve never met fall in love with them. They just start messaging models and princesses on facebook and end up making them fall in love with them.

    The session on sex was similarly life changing. I simply did not realize that you can do exercises to essentially allow yourself as a man reach multiple orgasms. I have yet to go through all the resources – it will literally take me months to get through it all.

    Prior to rockstar I had already committed to going on the 10 day if I did not get in so I was very excited about the program. The information and the infields are worth every penny. Honestly the 10 day guys got more attention then we did which was fair as it is a function of them paying for the program.

    The best advice I can give to any perspective students is to leave it all out there. The students that did the best were the ones that approached the most, were willing to take the most risks, and just pushed the hardest. A lot of guys have mindsets that make it difficult to do this and I think as guys in this society we have a lot of built in fear around approaching and talking to women. Acting despite this fear is the most valuable thing you can do.

    As one of the least experienced participants I definitely struggled, but the success of the other students motivated me to try harder even harder. Overall it was a great experience and I wish I had done it prior to rockstar!

    Overall 5/5. Highly recommend!

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    10-Day review

    I just finished the 10-Day Love Systems / Simplified Natural boot camp in Las Vegas. As one of the Rockstars for 2016 this was the first part of Project Rockstar. Coming in to this I thought we would be learning a portion of things during the 10-Day program and the rest throughout the remaining 50+ days. As it turns out, we covered all of the ďgameĒ content in that 10 days. After that we switched gears into learning things about business. So, the guys who were here for the 10-day actually got all of the content we will get on this. The only difference is we will have additional time to continue practicing and internalizing everything we learned while there are instructors present instead of doing that part back at home. The value in this program is considerably beyond anything you can imagine.

    We started the program off by introducing ourselves and explaining our history with women and what led us to be here. That was very interesting. I thought my story was unique, and in many ways it was, but there seemed to be unifying themes in everyoneís stories. One of those being that we grew up with a lack of a masculine influence in our lives and instead had more feminine traits instilled in us. This was a concept that I had never even thought of but it is true in my life as well and explains a lot about who I am now and why.

    After everyone getting to know each other they get straight into the meat of things. The schedule is absolutely packed between being in seminars during the day and going out at night. It is crazy but awesome and a hell of a lot of fun at the same time.

    This program is so much more than picking up girls. I have done programs in the past that focused on learning lines or routines and it always just felt like I was acting. Plus, that stuff never really worked consistently. Sure, it would work once in a while but it only worked on certain girls and sometimes. In this program they focus on teaching you to be the man women are looking for, not how to act like something you are not.

    Day one they lay out the things that women are attracted to. It is a simple concept really, masculinity and ambition. If you are reading this blog it means you have taken some kind of initiative so you have the ambition part to some degree already. Then they break down the different parts of conversation between not only men and women but also between those of the same sex as well and how we started out life with the ability to do these things naturally but how over the course of our lives events have happened that made us start filtering our conversations. That night we went to a pool party at Draiís at the Cromwell and had a cabana out by the pool.

    Day two they continued explaining different threads of a normal conversation and how to break the beliefs we are holding that cause us to filter ourselves. They explained, in great detail, both active and passive body language and then taught us how to properly flirt in conversation. That night we went to Surrrender at the Wynn.

    Day three we continued our conversation on how to properly flirt and then talked about appropriate sexual conversations. They really break this stuff down to a very basic level and then explain it in a way that is easy to understand. Being part of Project Rockstar, we didnít go out on night 3. I think the guys who were on the 10-day program did but Iím not sure where they went.

    Day four we talked about deep conversation and how to tell stories about your life without bragging and in a relatable way. That night we went to XS at the Wynn. Our table was right near one of the bars so there were a ton of people around. It was at this point where it seems like the tables now have more women than men which is really interesting.

    Day five there was no seminar. We have covered in the first four days pretty much all of the material. Thatís how simplified these guys have made this. It is truly amazing and has opened my eyes. I donít look at this as tricks to pick up women anymore, these guys are teaching me to be like the friends I had growing up that were just naturals with women. During the day we went to a pool party at Encore Beach Club and at night we went to XS at the Wynn again. We had some of the best tables at both places again.

    Day six they taught us the difference between the interactions you have with girls you are interested in dating and the girls you are just looking to have sex with. They do this in a very tasteful way, not in a way of teaching you to trick the girls or anything but instead by being completely honest with them. That night we had a bungalow at Marquee. This is basically a 3-story apartment attached to the club with a hot tub on the roof that overlooks the club.

    Day seven we learned about different types of relationships and some sexual techniques that will put us ahead of the crowd in that department. Pretty cool stuff that you canít really learn anywhere else. That night we went to Hyde at the Bellagio.

    Day eight was inner game. It focused on how to be more confident in yourself and how to love yourself even more. This was very valuable because women can tell those things through your body language so they are key. That night we went to Surrender at the Wynn. At this point the 10-day guys were through with their official nights out but several of them still joined us.

    Day nine we learned a lot about fashion. This was a turning point in how everyone in the class dressed. After this people started getting a lot of compliments, especially from the ladies, which was really cool.

    Day ten wrapped things up with how to live a life fueled by passion, this will give you a whole new perspective on what life is all about and inspire you to go after the lifestyle you really want.

    The instructors watched closely every night and listened in to our conversations and gave us feedback and advice on the spot. Every day started out with a full debrief of what happened the night before to help you stay on track and answer any questions you came up with overnight. The instructor to student ratio is about 1 to 3 so they are constantly able to see you.

    In short, if you want to get better with women and reach your full potential as a man, all while having the best tables at the best clubs in Las Vegas and partying like a real Rockstar, then this program is for you!

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    The 10 day bootcamp is over and it was the best decision of my life for many different reasons. The most important reason is that personally, it represented my action towards change that I want and need to make in my life. The bootcamp itself provided the tools necessary for me to succeed in making this change.

    Before camp

    Before taking the bootcamp, I had never taken a bootcamp in the past. I had basically zero connections with the “PUA” Community, mainly because I was turned off by the nature of the community in general (And the gimmicks etc… being taught to meet women). I had success in many different parts of my life, but dating was one strand of my life that I had never been able to develop. Like many other students and rockstars, I was merely compensating by excelling in all these other parts of my life (finances, career, some in fitness). I had a strong social network at home which is important to have.
    I had not done a bootcamp in the past, which actually made learning the material easier. Sterling and Venture are trying to get rid of the whole “PUA” nature of meeting women. They made a huge emphasis on this. All the instructors came from a similar place, and most if not all of them started by taking a bootcamp. They were taught the ‘old’ way, and Sterling and Venture specifically have realized how flawed and unnatural this is. This was an absolute relief for me to hear. I’ve read The Game and had a sinking feeling that “PUA”s had to use various gimmicks, lines and routines to meet women. Simplified Natural teaches you how to be the most masculine form of yourself to attract women – how “naturals” do this in general. It is merely a communication course for men who have never been able to develop their dating/relationship skills for whatever reason – and every person has their own reasons for being unsuccessful with women. Simplified Natural teaches you the mechanics behind unwinding these bad habits that have prevented men from being successful in the past.

    Before camp, I read all the reviews (like you probably are doing right now) and was stoked to see the many positive reviews. However, I had some suspicions, as you probably should if you are spending thousands of dollars on a program like this. First, I was concerned that all the reviews were mostly positive. How can any program be perfect? Were the negative reviews being altered or removed? Or was the program just that amazing? Second, after putting in a 50% deposit on the program, Savoy suddenly left the company, and he was my main contact and had no idea what would be happening with the company. I thought I was conned of my money. In any case, I had 2 weeks in Vegas booked and I had committed myself to change. The only way I could confirm everything was real was just by showing up, and that’s exactly what I did.

    The Bootcamp
    So I showed up, and everyone was real. Sterling and Venture were real. Project Rockstar is real. The other students were real as well. Most importantly, the content of the program is legit. Getting better with women is a process. With SN, every instructor was genuine and interested in your self-development. Furthermore, the material they taught makes absolute sense, and void of any routines, tricks or gimmicks. I’m now not surprised that the reviews were all mostly positive. The instructors were fantastic and genuine (more below). Everyone was on a path to self-improvement, including the instructors and rockstars.

    My two biggest issues with women before the program were: 1) Severe approach anxiety and 2) Knowing what to say/do when meeting a new girl (and get out of the friend zone). The program teaches you how to deal with (2) but can only help so much with (1), which I will explain.
    Sterling has taught that success with Simplified Natural can be broken down into three parts. The first layer consists of a strong social life and stable inner game. On top of this layer, is the ‘mechanics’ of game, which is what Simplified Natural teaches. Project Rockstar helps with inner game and the mechanics over the entire 2 month period. Outside of Rockstar, it takes months if not years of self-improvement to fix inner game issues.
    I went into the program hoping that Simplified Natural would fix my (lack of) dating life in 10 days. In a way, I am glad that it didn’t, because I knew beforehand that NOTHING could do that in such a short period. The students with the cleanest inner game did the best. I finished the program with a strong framework for the mechanics – I know what I need to do when meeting women. Of course, getting good at the mechanics will also take time, but Simplified Natural has laid out what needs to be done for success.
    The challenge moving forward is fixing the approach anxiety and inner game issues (ie confidence, limiting beliefs), which are things that you can fix at home with time (or by getting into Project Rockstar if you get lucky). The majority of communication is non-verbal, and when your inner game is not congruent with your subcomms, then girls will easily pick up on this. Correct your inner game, combined with the mechanics, and everything will fall together nicely, as it has with a few of the other students.
    With respect to the content and program itself, I won’t go into details, since other students have done so already, and previous reviews have outlined the same. I will say that this is a constantly evolving program as they find new ways to deliver the content, and put emphasis on different aspects of the content depending on the class.
    Every day we were given feedback, and this was exceptionally useful. The feedback was honest, and both Sterling and Venture have a way of identifying the core issues that need to be fixed, and providing ways to improve on them. Being put on the spotlight everyday was intimidating, but every single person in that room has been or is in a similar position, so I never felt put down or judged.

    The Instructors
    They were all fantastic, genuine people. I worked with some more than others. I agree with one of the previous posts in that we felt that we were going to be specifically attached to instructors every night, but this never happened. In any case, I knew that I could always ask for help, which I did, and the instructors were always easy to approach and willing to give advice. I had to get pushed into a number of sets, and Sam B was especially helpful with this.
    Sterling and Venture were obviously the leaders. They complement each other very well. Venture is down to earth, genuine, and also an introvert, which made it easier to identify with him being an introvert myself. He came from a difficult place and was able to overcome his obstacles by working on himself. It’s incredible to see the type of people they are now, yet realizing they were all once like ourselves at some point in the past. Sterling is extremely insightful and articulate, and provided demos and live feedback during the nights out. I worked mostly with Sam B – he had a lot of inner game issues that he overcame after Project Rockstar, and is exceptionally helpful in-field. Sam B provided constant encouragement and feedback, and really shows an interest in trying to help you. Other instructors that were available were Jasper, Mav, Vybe, Vici, Alswede – all of them were humble and easy to approach. Some of them worked more with the Rockstars which made it difficult for us to get to know, but I found working with one or two instructors to be most helpful as they get to know you better over the 10 days and know what you need to work on. As a side note, I particularly looked up to Mav, as he had amazing verbal and non-verbal skills. However, I don’t think he had a chance to tell his story in full to the 10 day students. Mav is tall, extremely animated and good looking – this made it hard for myself to identify with him. I think knowing his backstory may have been helpful, since comparing where he started to where he is now may be helpful. Most of the students at least seemed to be introverted and shorter than average, so when some of the instructors suggested we mimic Mav, I found it was hard to just do whatever he did (ie- I would often question whether or not he would be able to get away with things because he was taller etc…)—clearly I am just projecting some of my own inner game issues. In any case, he showed exceptional integrity and the Rockstars are truly blessed to have him as an instructor for 2 months.

    I did not work with Vici, but one of the students mentioned something that I thought was extremely humble of him. Some of the students were in awe of how amazing the instructors were with women. Vici overheard something one of the students said in this regard, and immediately shot down the notion that the instructors were any ‘better’ than the students or rockstars. Specifically he mentioned that all he had over the students and rockstars was “more reps”, and that he came from a difficult background himself. This was encouraging to hear.

    Interestingly, looking back on these last 2 paragraphs, I had more to write about the instructors that I didn’t work with than the ones I did work with – that just goes to show how much can absorb just from being around them.
    Watching the instructors felt like looking to the top of Olympus from the base (not that I want to deify them). The only way up is taking the first step. They started at the bottom as well. The instructors put in the hard fucking work to get to where they are. The only way students will be successful is if they do the same.

    Other comments
    1. Cost: The 10 day is not cheap, but definitely worth it. This camp was sold out. SN is essentially a compressed communications course should be taught to every young man. I now feel like I have the tools to get better with women, and in life in general.
    2. Is this just regular PUA stuff? Absolutely not – otherwise I would not have taken this course. Lines/routines are a huge turn off for me and I find something inherently unnatural about this. This course teaches you how to be the best version of yourself in any environment. This stuff will not make you a ‘weird PUA dude’.

    After bootcamp
    It has only been a week since bootcamp. I’ve made it a goal to go out every weekend. I still have severe approach anxiety that I will need to work out on my own, and I believe I have a strategy to overcome this. Without the pressure of instructors, it’s easy to be lazy and not approach. That being said, I was at a bar a few days ago with a buddy. My approach anxiety prevented me from making any approaches, but my friend was helpful. He wouldn’t let me leave without talking to at least one girl. I finally pulled the courage and met a beautiful girl, and the interaction was phenomenal. After the initial approach was done, the rest of the interaction went smoothly (the mechanics work!!).
    Simplified Natural will give you the tools and show you the path towards self-improvement. If you are in a rut and dating is a huge part of why you’re in your situation, then I would highly suggest taking the 10 day bootcamp. If anything, it signifies your own personal desire for change, and signing up for the bootcamp is a good first step to learning how to make that change. The road ahead is long, but this bootcamp will give you the mechanics to achieve success.
    Could you do this on your own without SN? Sure, but SN will give you a HUGE head start and show you the path you need to take.

    I think you get the gist. Just make the change you need to make and fucking take the bootcamp.

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    10 Day Bootcamp Review - Vegas 2016

    As a result of completing the 10 Day Bootcamp, my life has taken a new trajectory. I am growing and evolving in ways that I could not have predicted just a few weeks ago.

    First, I will share a bit about myself. I am 47 years old and have been sober for a number years. When I was younger (and under the influence) it seemed like it was a lot easier to get laid. In retrospect, however, I realize that alcohol was just a crutch I used in order to lower my standards. (i.e. sleep with women that I wouldnít sleep with now) I also used alcohol to numb the pain of rejection I often felt during my interactions with women. I am pretty much a newcomer to all of this. (This being whatever you want to call it: Game, Pick Up, etc. )

    In other words, I never really did any work on this area of my life until very recently. As a result of this neglect, I have never been very good with women. My social life has suffered greatly. I had all but stopped going out socially. With next to no skills when it came to picking up women, there was not much fun associated for me when it came to going out. There was only the pain of seeing a bunch of beautiful women that I knew I could not have.

    I figured that I would come away from this bootcamp with a pretty good set of tools I could use to pick up women, and I have. What I could not have anticipated were some of the things that I learned about myself. Things that could only be recognized and pointed out to me by the highly skilled instructors involved in this special program.

    Because of the significant monetary investment of the 10 Day, I had high expectations of this Vegas Bootcamp 2016. To say that I got more than I bargained for would be an understatement.

    Some of these things were of a simple nature, and relatively easy to fix. ( Like certain fashion doís and doníts) Other things were not so simple. ( Like how certain behavior comes across as needy to women. Or even worse- how certain behavior creeps women out.)

    Over the course of the 10 Day, some painful truths were revealed to me in a caring, supportive way. I am learning how these things used to hold me back; not just in my love life, but in my whole life. This was a big step out of my comfort zone, but I am really glad that I took it.

    I cannot speak highly enough of all the instructors involved. Right from the start of day 1, I got a sense of who I would be working with, why they were qualified to be there and how they would help me. Sterling and Venture are the creators of Simplified Natural and also the people behind Project Rockstar. These two have an approach that relies on the abilities that we all have within us. The other instructors are all graduates of Project Rockstar.

    The days were packed full of valuable instruction. I took copious notes, as I didnít want to miss a thing they were teaching. The nights were amazing! We had VIP bottle service at the best clubs in Vegas- night after night after night. The instructors really know how to do Vegas. It felt like we owned every club we went to. Our table was always the most coveted spot in the entire place.

    Each night, we were given specific things to work on. These included sharing things about ourselves with the women we interacted with. These also included specific ways and places to touch a woman in the course of a normal, fun and sexual conversation.

    It was a big relief to me that I was not instructed to recite memorized lines, or do routines. With this more natural approach, women are not calling me out for running game on them- because itís not rehearsed or canned. Itís essentially how to be the most relaxed & confident me in every interaction.

    The instructors were watching and listening up-close and personal to most every interaction. They gave me real-time instruction on things to do to push my limits on what I previously thought possible or impossible. (often with surprising results) They also helped me correct certain mistakes that I was making. Itís quite amazing how they are able to do all of this without any of the women noticing. The following day, there were personalized de-briefs. We shared what went well & what we could improve upon for the next outing.

    At the beginning of day 1, all the students in the room introduce themselves including personal information such as age, previous experience with women, previous experience with Game (Love Systems products purchased or other bootcamps attended), what you hope to get out of the program, etc. The instructors introduce themselves. In the room were the lead instructors Sterling & Venture. The support instructors included: Sam B, Vici, Jasper, Alswede and Mav.

    Included in the instructors introductions was information such as what their experience was like before they found Love Systems, what programs they have taken (3 Day Bootcamps, 10 Day Bootcamps, Individual Instruction, and Project Rockstar) and how Love Systems has transformed their lives.

    To hear what these people were like just a few years ago was mind-blowing. Iím in awe of these guys because of how they have transformed themselves and their lives. Some of them are unrecognizable based on what they said they were like before. This gave me a sense early-on of how powerful this type of training really is. Not just for picking up women, but for total life transformation. It was encouraging to me to know that these instructors were not born with this natural ability of seducing women. They were once sitting in my same chair- frustrated, hurting and struggling with the same problems as I was.

    Day 1 instruction focused mostly on how to have a good & normal conversation with a woman without running out of things to say. The instructors touched on what are good topics for you to talk about. Also what are bad topics for you to talk about. Approaching was also covered.

    On night 1, we were given a specific things to focus on for that night. The assignment was to 1. Approach as many girls as possible 2. Come in Bold & Strong 3. You canít do anything but have normal conversation until she either walks away, or 20 minutes has gone by. We were not allowed to use any routines or escalate the conversation (verbally) to a sexual nature. We were also not allowed to hide or to congregate around the instructors. It was at times surprisingly difficult to just stand there in front of her talking for what seemed like an eternity. I often times wanted to ďejectĒ, but we were not allowed to until 20 minutes had elapsed. It was a challenging, interesting and fun night. Lotís of barely clothed & intoxicated women frolicking in pools and hot-tubs.

    The next day, fun stories were shared from the night before. (There were some good ones including a ďsex partyĒ) Individual debriefs were done in front of everybody. (What went well, what can be improved upon, etc.)

    The Model of Simplified Natural was introduced (a graphical representation of what happens during an interaction with a woman from start to finish.) Included within the model are different types of verbal conversation from Normal & Deep to Flirty & Sexual. Also included was body language which was very in depth. It included Passive Sub-communications, as well as Active Sub-communications. How to speak from the diaphragm

    The next night, we were to employ the active sub-coms during while having fun & flirty conversations with as many women as possible. We were supposed to get blown out 50% of the time tonight. (or we werenít trying hard enough. I have to say that my ďStateĒ was very low and flat on night 2. I shared this with a couple of the instructors very early and they helped me work through it. They had me do simple things like breathing exercises and some visual imagery to help me. They told me, ďAll it takes is one good conversation to turn the entire night around.Ē They were right. I was able to turn the night around, whereas before, I might have been tempted to just pack it in and go home feeling defeated.

    The next day, fun stories shared from the night before. (This is always a great highlight reel) We were instructed to get rid of the ď0-10 scaleĒ for rating women. I found this helpful. Itís much simpler (and healthier) to just think in terms of ďis she a yes or a noĒ. This way, really hot girls are just another yes instead of a 9 or 10. It gets rid of pressure.
    Sexual intent was discussed today. This was sub-coms in two parts: 1. Communicate your views on sex as normal & natural. 2. Turn her on!
    Various types of sexual conversation were discussed like,Fun & Flirtatious, Framing ( setting the tone that sex is very normal.) An in-depth seminar on Logistics was given by Jasper. I thought it was great and also quite entertaining.

    Night 3 was a night off for the instructors. Most of us students went out for a nice dinner together. Several of the guys went out later. I used the night to catch up on a bit of needed rest in order to be fresh for Fridayís seminar and night out.

    On day four, depth was the first topic discussed. Being able to show her the real you- not just some fun club guy. Sharing personal things about yourself. Very specific techniques were taught of how to talk about yourself in a relatable & interesting way.
    The Date Seminar was great. The purpose of the date: To Bang. Simple. All things were covered to insure success in a short time frame.

    Next was Text Game. This was fantastic. I had many misconceptions as did most of the other students. Proper texting is fun, rapid fire & spontaneous. It is way easier to do this now than I thought it would be. I just needed permission to do what I used to think were bad ideas.

    On the next night out, we were instructed to push our boundaries even further. Biting women on the neck during conversations, pulling their hair, biting her wrist, etc. Essentially going beyond what I thought was possible so early in interactions. Physical escalation is one area where I have struggled in the past, so this was very important for me.

    The next day was the Same Night Lay seminar. Hearing some success stories from some of the instructors was mind-blowing. My beliefs about what is possible have changed drastically. It is possible & common to have sex with a woman much earlier in the interaction than I previously thought. It turns out, that you donít necessarily even need to leave the club in some cases. More people are having sex in bathrooms than I would have guessed. Women will have sex with you if they think that the sex will be good, and that they will not be judged. Essentially, if you have good game and good logistics, you can be successful at SNLís. The next night out was at a great club, and we had a great table in a cabana area. Continued to push boundaries with physical escalation.

    The following day included an in-depth seminar on relationships which was very interesting and informative. It included things like how to be dominant but caring, understanding women, how to separate yourself from other guys in her mind. Itís the little things that make a big difference in a womanís mind. How to keep multiple relationships going without hurting anybody.

    The Sex Seminar given by Sterling was fantastic! It was broken down into 4 quadrants:
    Personal Conditioning, Fundamentals, Kink & Party Tricks
    This seminar teaches that itís not all that difficult to fuck really well. Itís just that most guys donít give it that much attention, and donít care enough to put forth the effort to do it well. Itís possible to get very good, very fast. You can be in the top 5% of all guys. You can consistently be in a womanís all-time top 3 or 2, or even her #1 best of all time with the proper training.

    Next was the Inner Game Seminar given by Vici. I found this particularly helpful, as this is the area where I need the most improvement. Inner game is essentially a wholeness which impacts every area of your life. It is a lifelong journey. Game isnít so much about what you say, itís how you feel. This seminar covered things like basic boundaries, confidence, state, etc. The notion of abundance was covered. With an abundance of attractive women in your life, then not that much emphasis is placed on just one. This eliminates the fear of losing one girl. The notion of eliminating resistance in all areas of life was also covered. Sam B gave a great presentation on Emotional State. How do we control it ? What we Focus on, Our Physiology and the Meaning we assign to things. How we can change our state whenever we choose.

    Our next night out was at a very loud, very crowded club. It forced us to take our focus off of what we said verbally, to what we said with our bodies through body language and touch (sub-coms) It was said that the outside areas of clubs were like training wheels ( nice and quiet, with lotís of room to move around) Well, the training wheels came off tonight.

    The next day included a great fashion seminar given by Alswede. Americans, as it turns out, dress like shit. We were given everything in this seminar to stand out from those around you. Following the instructions given here essentially buys you time with a woman, because she will assume good things about you. She will assume you are successful & possibly wealthy. Style is a skill-set that you can master quite quickly. You can get laid based just on how you dress. Nights 8 and 9 were great for using our new skills in fun and interesting ways. Also great for continuing to push our boundaries even farther.

    In Summary:

    If you want to completely transform your love-life, and ultimately become the very best version of yourself in all areas, take this bootcamp. It is money well spent.

    Thank You Instructors for all of your help and compassion. I am now on a path to making very difficult and important changes in my life!

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    This program far exceeded my expectations... 10 out of 10 ... would fuck again. I’ve been following Love Systems for several years and I was just looking to get a solid bit of practice in to reboot my skills and honestly, I wasn’t interested in hearing any new theory at all. I'd heard plenty, I got it and I just wanted a solid technical foundation of doing, not more blah blah blah. I really just planned on letting seminar wash over me like an old familiar song. "I Fink You Freaky" perhaps.

    That perspective shattered almost immediately on day one. The superiority of this approach to game is manifest just from the most fundamental foundations of Simplified Natural. It's a simpler and a much healthier way of thinking about things.

    That said, this program is exceptionally challenging. The instructors told us the first day that many of us were probably going to question if this is really for us and we might want to quit. I didn't believe that was going to be me at all, but it hit me hard on the second day and it was work from then on. That was me, and I don't see that being that same for everyone, but much of it is painful. I have nothing but praise for this program, but it was grueling. I can't imagine not having to face some inner demons in some way.

    Now on the other side of that pain, I found a wealth of answers to all of the questions that I brought as well as more quality questions that I should have been asking. I would recommend that anyone taking this program do the same thing: Bring your questions even if you think you know the answers and get ready to write. I found that mine were answered in multiple ways by several people and in depth; not just in a transfer of information but through experience. They have created an amazing environment for testing and experiencing your answers as soon as they are answered.

    I can not speak to the quality of the instructors enough. Just all of them. They just put their soul into this. They shared things they weren't proud of, even some of their current struggles, just as easily as they were to share their amazing and sometimes hilarious successes.

    Infeild feedback was spot on too. In general, they were very calibrated to knowing what I needed, whether it was to break something down or to say, you already know what to do, go hit it harder. It never came from a place of coddling or force, and I have to think that they consciously created an atmosphere of treating everyone like men instead of weak or incapable. For me, there was a really good balance between giving me responsibility for my own work (exploring and asking for specific feedback) and when I needed to push things a little more, they gave me that too. And several times, I had instructors winging with me and that was as fun as it was interesting. You'll see them get blown out but you'll also see them wreck shit.

    The instruction in seminar was awesome too. The Inner Game of Tennis talks about coaches that over teach in a way that becomes destructive. These seminars were thorough without getting to that point of the coach just really getting off on hearing himself talk. To me, that is messy. I've had coaches for dance, improv, etc and they almost always dip into this territory at some point, but the 10 Day Seminars requires no tissues.

    And for plugging this into real life... I'm posting more than a week after my program (I kept a journal along with notes) and the content of simplified natural is easy to understand and remember and immediately usable. My personal outward success in Vegas wasn't necessarily flashy in terms of lays, but I came back with a ton of great stories. Then plugging this into my home town, I've had an absolute explosion of progress. A little bit of this for me was luck, and a little bit was setting myself up well and a good fraction was the bootcamp. the ratios were maybe 3/5/8. Fibonacci.

    In additon, I wing with some guys that follow a few different companies and it is very compatible with alternative styles, everything from breaking down interactions in a concise way to actually gaming along side your wings. I've noticed that since it's a natural system, it's easy to talk to non pickup guys just as easily. A lot of the arguments in Simplified Natural really just cut to the chase.

    For all that, I don't see how you can be around such quality, such genuine, such passionate people and not return immediately positively affected. It's almost worth the price tag to hang out with them and soak up their beliefs and let their influence go deep inside you. I had some outright inner toxicity when I left for Vegas that I didn't even know about, I just knew that something was very off and it was getting progressively worse and that I needed to fix it. When I came back it wasn't all gone by any stretch but I knew what some of it was and I knew how I was going to crush it. I could feel real positive change had already happened and I'm pumped to keep up those gains.

    I only have really small things that would improve the program for me: No talking about game in field. I was an offender here and it's really tough because it's what you're thinking about most of the day, but it doesn't help in your interactions and it's certainly not what I talk about with my friends at home. Just don't do it if you can help it.

    Pure collaborative theoretical offering: I think they've absolutely nailed down the getting laid side of this quite efficiently. I'm not saying that it's even possible to do in 10 days, but logically, the next step would be to cut down the learning curve on inner game. Simplified Natural works on a foundation of basic Social Skills, Clean Inner Game, and Simplified Natural sits at the top of that. Since not everyone coming into the program has clean inner game, to me, that's logically the next place to start knocking down the learning curve as the program develops. They teach a very comprehensive inner game seminar that I absolutely love and have found very useful. It's a game changer for me, so I'm not knockin that at all, I'm just saying that maybe the 10 Day Bootcamp in 2027 will have that solved as we drive in flying cars near gigantic metal bugs.

    Bottom line though, if you've read the program and curious enough to read the reviews, you should sign up. It's just that simple.

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    Many of the reviews have covered the details of the program better than I can, so my review will be a little about myself, why I decided to participate, and what I took away from it. Hopefully there will be some aspects of my story that you can relate with to help you make a decision one way or another on participating. It is not a decision I took lightly, and I read every review I could find before I committed.

    Whew what an epic 10 days! Although exhausted, I was sad to see it come to an end. I had more incredible stories from those ten days than from the previous ten years of my life. My comfort zone was shattered, some of my previous limiting beliefs were proven to be false, and I felt more confident about meeting women than I ever had before. I now have close friends from around the world. This may be the thing I cherish above all other incredibly awesome things that happened over the ten days.

    I’m a 42 year old man from a small town in the bible belt of the mid-South U.S. I have taken an LS bootcamp before in 2015 in Miami, and I attended SuperConference the same year. Both were good experiences for me. They also helped me get a feel for the way this company does business and treats its customers prior to spending the hefty sum that the ten day costs.

    I have always been quite shy around people, and especially attractive women. My past encounters with women would be described as they sort of just fell in my lap. These would usually turn into relationships of some sort, even when these women were not the right ones for me. I felt like I was just settling for what I could get, not going after what I wanted.

    One of these relationships became a marriage of 13 years. When that failed, I was single again with the added internal belief that I was too old now for attractive women. On the positive side, keeping things interesting with someone for that long had made me experienced in exploring new things and confident in the bedroom. I felt my weakness was in the meeting and attracting women.

    The Miami bootcamp was good because for the first time, I was pushed to talk to many attractive women each night, and during the day. At first it was scary as hell, but over time, my anxiety evaporated. I was given a few lines or routines to say. I used these as a crutch, but it was kind of weird and felt robotic. The best interaction of the whole bootcamp was with a beautiful Columbian girl that would tell me I was acting weird when I was trying to use that stuff, but would warm up to me when I was just being myself.

    Fast forward to the Ten Day Simplified Natural program. During SuperConference 2015, I was able to watch the main instructors perform a presentation of the SN program including the model, and also a presentation on Project Rockstar. The model was unlike anything I had seen or heard of before. It did away with all routines and lines and just introduced what a conversation should look like that is stimulating to women. I was very interested. The Project Rockstar presentation sealed my decision to apply for that program, even though I would be burning the boats to my previous life. During the interview process for Rockstar, I decided to pull the trigger on the Ten Day in case I didn’t get in. I am so glad I did because I didn’t make it into Rockstar.

    We arrived at the suite where the seminar portion was held. It was fairly crowded, but we made do. There is always some discomfort for me in these situations. I felt a little self-conscious with the fact that I was here trying to get better with women. Everyone else is there for the same reason though, no matter how polished they seemed, or whatever my initial perception of them was. I’m sure we were all going through similar emotions, and just doing the best we could to be comfortable.

    The content of the seminar portion is solid gold. No BS, nothing weird, it makes perfect sense and the instructors understand it at an extremely deep level. The model, while so simple, encompasses everything they teach so fully it is a bit of a marvel. Their communication skills are so solid. Questions are completely answered, and they make sure they address your point and you are satisfied before they move on. The caring and commitment to you getting the information is without reproach.

    The nights out are insane. We would leave the seminar with the logistics for the evening, go back to the hotel for a couple hours, and meet at the club. The energy, when we would start gathering near the club entrance, was always gaining momentum. A couple of the participants were able to vent some of that off by approaching girls outside the club. Some of the rest of us would chat with each other, helping to pump each other up. Going through something like this together built comradery very quickly.

    Each night had a different theme, or specific goal in relation to the model. Each night built off the day’s seminar. At first I didn’t see the pattern, but after it was over I could clearly see that the instructors had been through this many times, and had honed the program to be most effective. I was amazed at how the instructors, after just a few minutes of watching you in an interaction, could tell you exactly what you were doing, the root cause, and give you advice on how to fix it. As with anything worthwhile, there is work to be done on your part. Seek out an instructor if you are having trouble, but don’t cling to their shirt tail all night either. There is much to be gained from just doing the hard yards. The Miami bootcamp had prepared me for that.

    I had some difficulty in completing the goal for the day, while not letting it become a mission. The overarching goal is to have fun. That alone is what attracts women to your group. If you are out prowling like a shark, that can be creepy. Having fun with the boys should be the main goal, and drawing girls into that becomes fairly easy.

    Another thing to watch out for is becoming outcome oriented. One of the nights out, it seemed like everyone was having good success. I saw the table full of girls and everyone having a good time. It seemed like I couldn’t even find anyone in the club to wing with or talk to because they were partying at the table. I started getting hung up on the thought that I wanted to be having that success as well, and focused on that thought while opening girls. After several blowouts I realized what was happening. I found one of the instructors to approach a pair of girls with me, only this time I just focused on the process and my victory was meeting the goal for that day. It was probably my best interaction of the night.

    The range of emotions felt during this Ten Day bootcamp was off the charts. From the apprehension of meeting everyone initially, to the sadness of telling them all goodbye at the end. The fear of putting yourself out there at first when we started approaching women, to the excitement of it all clicking and walking out of the club with one (or two for one of the participants) on your arm. The frustration of hitting a sticking point, to the elation when you figure out how to crash through it. The exhaustion of too little sleep, to the energy heading into the club. I feel like I have been through the fire with my fellow participants. I expect to stay in touch with these guys for a long time, and hopefully we can even get together in person again at some point.

    One thing I would like to mention. When I decided to participate in this program, my questions were less about how to get good with women, and more about self-improvement and leadership. There are portions of the seminar that give you tools to help take a look at yourself at a fundamental level. Ask yourself why some things in your life are the way they are. Rewrite how you view certain things so they can empower you rather than steal your power away. How to elevate your mood and energy level. There was so much content in this program. The firehose analogy is very appropriate.

    So was it worth the cost? I would do it again in a heartbeat. I feel like I got every penny out of the content and experience. I was relieved that I wasn’t learning the same old routines and lines that are all over the internet now, and make you into a robotic weirdo that trades short term gain for long term pain. The straightforward feedback from the instructors is also welcome. Where in your life can you find someone that can so accurately assess you, and pull no punches in telling you how others perceive that? Yet that is the information that is so valuable in order to make lasting changes.

    Overall it was an incredible experience. I think anyone that isn’t happy with how they are doing with women should seriously consider this program. I thought of every excuse in the world not to take this Ten Day bootcamp, but now my only regret is not doing it earlier in my life. But then I wouldn’t have met these awesome people that went through this experience with me, so it is all good.

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    I have written a fuller review below into the core components of the program and what I think someone considering this program would want to know before going into it. But the conclusion is really clear for me --- definitely do this, it is a really big step to getting on your path to fixing this area of your life, and there are so many ancillary benefits to your self-development as a man. The course is expensive but you get unique knowledge, delivered by instructors that incredibly genuine in their desire to improve you, and who exhibit the characteristics that you are wishing to create for yourself. The instructors are really cool guys, and you see them on nights out meeting and banging hot chicks. Nothing is fix all, but my view is that that acquiring the knowledge and putting into practice over 9 nights is the a big step, the most difficult step and allows you to go home and implement over months in order to master this area.

    Simplified Natural Curriculum
    From the outset, it is very clear: this is primarily a communications course. It is not weird. It is not gimmicky. No magic tricks or weird clothes required. This is about how you communicate verbally and non-verbally with women. And then it takes it even further Ė no routines, no fixed structure to an interaction. Every interaction is different, every woman is different, the same woman on different days is different. So you no longer have to get frustrated by using a linear conversational model (as per Magic Bullets and other Love systems methods) and even after implementing the triad model perfectly Ė wondering why it didnít work. There is a big reality check right here at that moment. And I think this is much more reflective of reality --- a simple linear model of A to B to C to D is not going to work in the real world, there is no cookie cutter. Instead the model focuses on the fluidity, and the ebb and flow of an interaction, and what creates chemistry with a woman that you have never met before. That chemistry can be created in 5 minutes, 5 hours, or long distance over months. And much like an expert skier who knows when to zig and when to zag, the curriculum gives the principles of how to navigate an interaction. And as your skillset gets better so do you get better at what to communicate when. You basically 10 days and nights on crafting this skill --- and there is a lot of knowledge and complexity to it

    For 10 days, there is a seminar each day lasting 5-6 hours, and then a night out lasting 3-5 hours. Not every night is an instructor night (i.e. they take off 5 nights but they are active in watching you, analyzing you, and helping you for the other 5 nights). In reality, you end up going out 9 nights even if just with your bootcamp buddies.

    In terms of the seminars, the basic idea is that conversations fluctuate between normal, fun, sexual and deep types of conversation. You spend a day on each component of these Ė verbal and non-verbal. Really worth stressing the non-verbal component, as that is where most of the communication done, and that is the biggest source of difference between guys that get laid and guys that donít. The non-verbal components are really honed in on, and analyzed in clear ways with examples during the teaching days. This stuff is seriously cool, very high-tech, you are not going to find this knowledge anywhere else. And likewise on the verbal piece --- you are just not going to find this information anywhere else, in terms of the types of conversations, how to oscillate, when to oscillate, how to interact verbal with non-verbal, and what to be talking about. In that sense, you are receiving really top tier knowledge, and you can feel it this as it is being delivered to you.

    So the meat of the seminars involves going into unbelievable detail of the communication types with women: normal, fun, sexual and depth --- both verbal and non-verbal. This is a TON of information going through this. And I mean real detail. To take an example Ė fun verbal communication: different ways to bring a fun vibe in the first 5 minutes, broken out into 7 main conversation frames. You get taught the substance of each. How to build pressure, how to release it. How to make it ebb and flow. How much is too much, how much is not enough. And so on. And that is sort of one eighth of the basic model.
    But then there are some really cool add-ons to the meat and bones of the simplified natural method, each with its own carved out time to analyze in depth: text game (with crazy crazy ridiculous examples shown up on the screen of text interactions between instructors and super hot girls), a really awesome fashion seminar (no matter how fashionable you think you are, this will take you to another level), inner game seminar (probably my favorite day of the whole thing as it is applicable to everything in life --- and is on how to be a proper man --- how to deal with fear, pain, failure, how to improve, how to become who you want to be), same night lays, logistics, how to be your best self once in a relationship (also a really really top seminar, zones into the different phases of a relationship), physical sex seminar (how to fuck)

    A mind blowing amount of material and examples. I ended the 10 day with over 70 pages of typed notes, and over 18,000 words written (and I kept things very much in note form)

    The instructors are the real deal. You realize within 5 minutes. They are cool. They look good Ė they are in shape, have great fashion. They are super funny. But what struck me the most was that they actually cared. It would have been easy for them to be arrogant or rude. Not the case at all, they speak a lot to their own failings and what brought them to where they are now; they talk to how hard they found the transformational process to be themselves; they give you a lift when you need it; they also arenít afraid to give you the direct feedback that is very sharp but which no-one else in your life is giving you. Valuable stuff that. You donít get it anywhere else.
    They teach because they find teaching rewarding. Really obvious that this isnít about the money for them, they all have their own companies or real jobs they are working on outside of this sphere. They do this because they want to give back, help other guys, and also because I think they enjoy meeting like-minded people and that only helps their friendships & network
    Each day after a night out, they go around the students, and for 2 hours they speak to each person (in front of the group) as to what that student did well and didnít do well the night before. The feedback is really helpful, they identify your core issues on Night 1. And then you have time to improve on it in front of them, and see if the progress is visible. And on the designated nights out, they push you out of your comfort zones and you end up doing things that are amazing, which you have never done before. Guys on the bootcamp banged a bunch of chicks. All same night lays. Same really crazy stuff happened fast.
    All of the instructors were really great with us: Venture, Sterling, Sam B, Vici, Jasper and Mav --- I spent time with all of them on nights out, and they all helped out happily

    Nights Out
    The nights out are really great. Everyone is nervous but that soon change to having fun. Some students have more success than others. There is variability in peopleís experience depending on how quickly you can pick up the information and your past life experience. Regardless of all that --- the instructors make sure that everyone is pushing themselves into a new place. I found it very straight forward --- whenever I was nervous or in a rut, I asked one of them for help, and they helped.
    For Vegas, the instructors set up and organize the nights out, you roll in on tables at the top clubs filled with hot chicks. No issues in terms of logistics or venues, everything planned with ease.

    Is it worth it
    It is a lot of money. Make sure you can afford it before doing it. But I view the knowledge, experience and time with the mentors as a unique experience. It canít be found elsewhere. The knowledge alone is all you need for years. It is definitely worth it in my opinion. I had taken a 3 day a few years ago, and I thought the 10 days is wayyy better value for money, as you get real depth of the material. But to each his own.

    Very impactful. Not just in this arena of life, but also in terms of kickstarting that desire for self-development. You are surrounded by people that feed of it. It makes you hungry to improve. It makes you want to be a better man, for you to achieve what you are capable of. It was sad for it to end, but I left with the feeling that this is just the start, and now I am kicking it all off in my home city to begin a whole new chapter of my life. Beyond excited for that

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    Summary - One simple way to sum it up is that I not the same person I was when I started this program.
    I have spent most of my life using my professional pursuits as an excuse to avoid the dating scene which I now realise was just an excuse which made enough sense at the time to keep me in my comfort zone/coffin.
    I realised that approaching and meeting women was just one of those situations that made me very nervous and uncomfortable and it was easier just to avoid it if it became to challenging.
    This program helped me challenge allot of my personal limiting beliefs I had about myself, women, etc. Thereís so much I could write about the benefits of this program but I have picked just a few which really stood out for me.

    My Commitment with the Instructor Ė On the first night I decided to go to the instructor and look him the eye and make the promise and commitment that I would approach any one he pointed out.
    Approaching during the first days was extremely challenging, and interestingly I found that by making this commitment, it shifted some of that attention from the approach and diverted it to being a man of my word. Surprisingly this helped. I kept my word throughout the Bootcamp and achieved better results than I could have imagined.

    Redefined Masculinity Ė Masculinity and being a man seems to have different meaning for me after this Bootcamp. For example, I use to avoid being too nice to certain people like women or family as I either felt Iím being too needy or they are taking advantage of me.
    Learning to be Masculine meant that I started to realise what it means to be a man. This really evolved throughout the 10-day program and I continue to work on this area and see it benefits, now that Iím back in my normal day to day life. I find that Iím now doing allot more for the people I care about, but Iím doing it from a different place (mentality) and I can almost feel the different attitude Iím receiving in return. People donít look at me as needy or try take advantage but rather see me as a respectful man caring for and protecting the people I care about. I have also found that these benefits have made their way into my professional life. I find myself being a better leader, making the people around me feel like they are in good hands and feeling more comfortable to focus on other things. These benefits personally and professionally are priceless in my opinion.

    Feels Natural - This is a major highlight of this program. The instructors have designed the instruction and the mechanical side of the education and taught it in a way that allows you to take it and apply it naturally and develop your own style. This in itself was amazing and in my opinion made it easier and more enjoyable to learn. Had we been tough strict mechanical systems and lines, etc., I donít feel I would have achieved close to the results I achieved during the program. It was interesting to see how all the other students developed their own natural style while we all learnt the same information. Teaching us to be more natural allowed me to get out of my head quicker than I thought, and allowed me to start enjoying the moment allot more.

    Explosive Energy - The Energy was amazing. The combination of the 10 dayers, the instructors and to top it off being surrounded by the Rockstars took the whole experience to another level. Being surrounded by all these guys with such positive energy made it easier to get your state up and keep it up when you needed to.

    Proving it to Myself Ė The one thing I did several times during this program was cross and crack through manty comfort zones. So many times I felt like I just wanted to run back to the hotel and hide but instead pushed through and each time came out the other end feeling what almost felt like a natural high. Knowing that I had proven to myself (which I later found out was the most important way of allowing me to progress) gave me a great sense of accomplishment, and I fed off that to continue my progress. Although as amazing as this was, I did experience what you could call an emotional roller coaster throughout the program but I found that with the support of the very professional and amazing instructors I kept on going no matter what to keep pushing the envelope and cracking through my own personal thresholds.

    Instructors (The Experts) Ė Iíve read somewhere that it takes ten years of doing something to be considered an Ďexpertí. The combination of all the ĎExpertsí in this program is the reason why I and all the other students achieved the success and life changing benefits we did. Each and every instructor has a strength in a particular area that they would focus on, and listening to them teach I felt like my brain was a sponge wanting to absorb every valuable bit of information that they spoke.

    Inner Game Ė 80% inner game, 20% mechanics. So very true and at this Bootcamp they delved deep into many of the issues plaguing our subconscious which has led us to this position. This portion of the Bootcamp had a significant impact on myself and all the students, and open our minds to a different way of perceiving reality.

    Other Benefits Ė I cannot deny the fact that this has taken me to a whole new level when it comes to meeting and being with women. However, the same can be said for the benefits this has had in other areas of my life which I discussed in this post, professionally, relationships with friends and family, etc. Im a much better decision maker thatís for sure, im respectfully leading the people around me and am seeing a much better flow in my life.

    Conclusion - I started the first day dreading the idea of approaching a woman in a club (without a few drinks first). The idea of touching a woman and holding her hand while talking felt so foreign to me and so, so challenging to do. By the end of the program i had had achieved more success than in the last decade. This program has in many ways changed the trajectory of my life and open my eyes to what is possible. I always wanted this in my life, and this Bootcamp has allowed me to accelerate my way into the results and success I, at one point, felt was just not possible for me. Everyone is different and gas a different set of circumstances, I found this program to be designed to really help people from many different angles and you will often see other students and yourself being wowed by the information learned and by the results achieved.

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    The 10 day bootcamp was a phenomenal experience and easily ranks as one of the best investments I have made in my life. It has been more than 2 weeks since the program ended and I feel like I am now on a different trajectory in my life.

    I came to the program to primarily learn the tools to unlocking the most masculine and attractive version of myself, and I believe that I have returned home with the foundation for doing just that. It definitely wonít happen overnight and neither will it be an easy journey, but I have taken a huge step forward in that direction. Also, seeing the kind of inspiring people that the previous rockstars and instructors have transformed themselves into by applying these same foundational concepts and tools and in a relatively short time, I am stoked about the possibilities that lie ahead for my own personal growth.

    The program is essentially a communication course about how to verbally and non-verbally express ourselves effectively to women and how to do that from a place of strength. This is stuff that I wish I had learned in high school or university or at some point in my 20s. I donít know how much longer Venture, Sterling and the other instructors will continue to teach this program but I feel fortunate to have been able to learn this material so that I can apply it to my own life and relationship and also teach it to my son when he grows up.

    This is also the exact same material that the rockstars go though as well. We were all in the same room together learning and it definitely added to the experience to hear their questions being answered, and also to hear them share their stories from the previous night during the morning recaps.

    There is an incredible amount of detail covered in the program and it is delivered in such a simple, logical and articulate manner, that it is easy to just sit back and listen. A lot of the golden nuggets come from the stories the instructors share. One of my biggest learning moments came from an hour long story that Sterling shared during the relationship seminar about how he treated the girl that he took back home with him the previous night and how itís very similar to how he treats his girlfriends in general.

    The analogy of drinking from a fire hose is an apt one so be ready to take copious amounts of notes. The instructors kept hammering this point throughout the program. As Sterling mentioned on the first day when he urged the rockstars and everyone else to take more notes, there are three categories of rockstars every year. In the first category are the ones that have a natural affinity to this material and just hit the ground running. The second group are the ones that took extremely good notes and kept referring back to it constantly to improve and then went on to achieve great results. The third category is everyone else.

    As for the curriculum, we were told that the simplified natural (SN) model works best when it is applied on top of decent social skills and clean inner game. And it showed in the varying results that the class experienced, which ranged from good to mind blowing. I think all of my fellow 10 day students who came in with relatively clean inner game got laid multiple times during the program.

    The first four days of the course covered the core curriculum which is the four foundational strands of an unscripted organic conversation that you would have with your girlfriend Ė normal, fun, sexual and depth. The simplified natural (SN) model was then introduced along with how all the pieces fit and flowed together. Each strand has a verbal and non-verbal component to it and each person applies the strands differently and in their own unique way to make it fit best with their personality. The rest of the days were add-ons to this core SN model.

    The day 1 seminar broke down the dynamics of a normal conversation, how to talk about any topic in an inspiring way, being relatable to the other person and talking with emotion. It also addressed in depth the solution for our most common fears during a conversation, which is running out of things to say and being perceived as boring. We were also shown the mechanics of how to approach boldly.

    During our first night out, the instructions were to use only normal conversation for the entire night. The rule was to keep conversing normally using the tools we learnt for at least 20 minutes or until the girl just walked away. Sterling mentioned that if done right, this would feel super awkward but would also be one of the most memorable nights of the program. He was right. For most of the night, it was a struggle breaking out of the shitty old conversational habits and I frequently kept running out of things to say after the first 5 minutes. A lot of time was spent basking in the utter discomfort of trying to revive a dying conversation or standing around in awkward silence with nothing to say. However, it all clicked towards the end and I had the first of many memorable experiences of the program talking to a beautiful French girl and her friends for almost an hour.

    On a side note, I find that I am constantly using the lessons I picked up from this first day in my social and professional life now that Iím back at home. My ability to converse well with anyone and be at ease throughout and also genuinely enjoy the interaction has improved significantly. I have already rekindled several old friendships in my social circle and am enjoying more fun and fulfilling interactions at work.

    Day 2 was spent learning about fun conversation, banter and flirting and the different tools that can be used to take the interaction from normal to fun. Warm passive and active sub-coms were also covered and this was a real eye-opener for me.

    Day 3 was about sexual conversation and sexual sub-coms, as well as a hilarious and practical presentation by Jasper on logistics. Learning about these sub-coms has been extremely beneficial for me, and I've been using it regularly in my own relationship and the results have been amazing. These mechanics really work wonders! The instructors mentioned that 70% of what they do is based on these warm and sexual sub-coms. Special thanks to Mav for constantly demoing and helping us nail this critical piece.

    Day 4 covered depth and authenticity and the various filters we can use to tell any story in a relatable and inspiring way. Very useful skill to master and the demonstrations were great.

    The instructors are just top notch. They are all authentic, caring and accomplished people who have put in the hard work to get to where they are now. They were selfless and devoid of any ego when instructing us in the classroom and infield, and they poured their hearts out into helping us. The lead instructors were Sterling and Venture, and the support instructors were Sam B, Mav, Jasper, Vici and Alswede. I got to work with mostly Sam B, Mav, Sterling and Venture and was struck by how insightful, humble, genuine and giving they were. I have a great deal of respect for them and if they are reading this, just want to say thanks.

    Venture has a great sense of humour and is very down to earth. He also happens to be an introvert and admittedly is not fond of the loud club scene. It was a blast listening to him teach the fun conversation and the texting part of the course. He and Sterling complement each other very well. Sterling is a very caring and sharp guy. He is extremely articulate and has a great knack for seeing right through you very quickly. Sam B and Mav were tremendous and I don't have enough good things to say about them. They worked with us the most during the infield nights. Mav is high energy and has an amazing handle on the sub-coms. I might be the only one who thinks this but he reminds me of Tony Starks in Iron Man. Sam B is a great role model for what a compassionate masculine man is all about.

    If you have signed up for the a 10-day camp, one recommendation to get a lot more out of the experience is to come here with good physical conditioning. Itís very intensive and to really give it your best shot every night, being in shape goes a long way.

    So is this program worth the price of admission? For me, it was a resounding fuck yes! I believe that these are the foundational skills that every man should know about and develop if you want to have consistent success, choice and fulfillment in the area of relationships. You can certainly find parts of the theory being taught in other places too but Iíve never heard about or come across anything like the simplified natural model that is being taught here. If you can afford it and are on the fence, I will say do it. You wonít regret it and your future self will be thanking you many times over for it.

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