How to respond to this strippers text

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  1. How to respond to this strippers text

    .I got her # and even had lunch with this stripper. Even got her to come back to my place for a beer after lunch.

    And she texted me today. Its been a week since I asked her to come over to my place and we'd cook dinner.

    She texted, "Hi -- yes that would be cool-- I am only interested in being friends tho, if your down to be homies, Lmk."

    How should I respond? If I cant have sex with her, maybe I could use her as a wing woman. They can be very useful.

    thoughts? thanks

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    Play the gay friend game and go with she to her next girlfriends party, there have sex with one of them. She will seduce you the next time.
    But in the near future remember, if you get along with a girl is to let her f*** you, not to cook dinner...

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    Just play along

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    Quote Originally Posted by TailsPUA View Post
    Just play along
    A bit late to give advice no? If he's still trying it's a serious case of blue balls.

  5. Here's the thing about most strippers. They spend nearly every waking hour around horny men, grinding on them, putting up with their not so subtle comments. The last thing they want to do is come home and have to do it some more. Keep that in mind when going for strippers or porn stars.

    Second thing, this could be a test to see if you can handle her lifestyle. These are long (days) tests to see if your the jealous or over protective type.

    DO NOT play the gay friend. And, do not play along.

    If your cool with being friends and asking her do wing for you. Do that.
    If you want more, but are cool with just seeing how things go, with the possibility no sex and just ending up friends let her know that.

    The right kind of stripper can be invaluable. She can give you all kinds of tips and advice. Plus introduce you to all kinds of women who are not strippers. You just have to be up front with her and not make shit weird. Just tell her, "I was hoping for something more. But, I'm cool with playing it by ear if your down with that. I just want to be straight with you and not play some shit game." This tells her exactly where you are coming from, but respecting her boundaries as well.

    You stand a much better chance of her offering you some extra benefits with this approach.

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