Mixed Signals from Stripper? Am I Gaming or Being Gamed?

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    Mixed Signals from Stripper? Am I Gaming or Being Gamed?

    This is something of a field report and was my first approach using game since I started study again after falling out of it about five years ago. I decided I wanted to get back in with a challenge, so I decided to go in big and go for a stripper (might also be worth noting I had never been in a strip club before, so before anyone notes that I set myself up for failure or went in over my head, I know, and it was intentional).

    My first approach was a bit more than a week ago, late night, Saturday. A friend and I go in, order drinks, chat and watch. Girls approach, I run qualifiers, a few of Ross Jeffries openers, end up blowing out two one sets, hooking one and getting her off of stripper programming, and then blowing out another. Then is the girl of interest.

    I have her qualifying herself to me, having a good conversation with good laughs until she is called away to dance. While she's dancing I am approached by another who I chat with, end up giving her one of my accessories (which is actually of a personal value to me), and then blowing the set, and she left with the accessory without my realizing.

    Girl of interest finishes dancing, comes back, we chat, she's pretty well out of stripper programming until the manager comes up and says something to her, and she immediately tells me she has to go because there are other customers who requested her. Not wanting to lose the set, I opt to shell out some cash for a room and a dance so as to continue, and end up getting some extra time in the back when she says she "lost track of time" while we were talking.

    By this time, I realize the girl with my accessory has disappeared and the club is about to close. Turns out, the girl who took it was drunk and claimed she had returned it to me. The girl of interest promises to try to find it and I and my friend leave.

    Following Saturday I return. She is not there, but the drunk girl comes up to me immediately with my accessory and a fairly lengthy hand-written letter from the girl I hit it off with apologizing for not being there (family thing) and answering one of the qualifying questions I had asked that she could not answer the week before. Very personal note. Then, my buddy and I watch the dancing, and I get ready to open more sets. Strange thing is, I was not approached by any girl the entire time I was there except for the waitresses (to refill my drink). Not once the entire night while I was approached nine times the previous week in the same amount of time I was there the previous week. Eventually we got bored and left.

    So what happened here, what did I do wrong/right, and where do I go from here?

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    Hey how'd this turn out?

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