Girlfriend left me, still texts but is mad? HELP!
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  1. Girlfriend left me, still texts but is mad? HELP!

    It's kind of a long story but I will try to make it short. So me and my girlfriend broke up about two weeks ago. We had been together about four years and at the end of a relationship everything was a "rollercoaster" One week we were fine and the other week we were arguing about stupid things and fighting. I said to her that I love her and she said that she loves me. She made it clear that she doesn't know what she want and I was cool about it. Altough it really hurts on the inside. So now things get complicated(we were no contact about a week). I was at a party one weekend with my friends and on sunday she texted "how was the party?" and I texted back that I had a fun weekend, how was yours? It was about it then. Then about a week later again when i was abroad for about three days she texted "how was your trip?" and she seemed normal. I texted back normally and it was it. Yesterday I asked her if we could meet and she agreed. I went over to her place for a quick visit (about 10min). I thought that she was happy and normal but she was a complete opposite. Distant, rude, angry. I didn't react to her behaviour and tried to be positive and talk. I DIDN'T ASK WHATS WRONG! I made her laugh and told her a couple of stories and so on. Then I said i've gotta go and she asked "where are you going?" and I said to my friends place. I was really trying to be neutral. I know that if i had asked her what's wrong she just would lose her mind.

    So the question is : Why is she texting me if shes mad at me and don't want have nothing to do with me? Is she mad at me because im not chasing him and not begging her back? Is she mad because I am doing my own thing now and being positive? Is she really just trying to get attention? I really dont understand. The other day shes cold and then hot.

    And yes, I want her back.


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    Why on earth do you want a relationship back that was full of fighting and arguing.
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    Women dont know what they want, they are controlled by their fuking emotions.
    If i were you i would just forget about her and find a new one.

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    It's ashame that people can't relate a little more to the obligatory emotions that come along with a 4-year relationship breakup which you're obviously feeling with simple one or two line statements.

    Don't get me wrong, I agree with them, but obviously it's not that simple all the time when your fueled with years of emotions telling you that you really want her back. Try and take a step back - resist urges however you can, - primarily by working on and improving yourself, surrounding yourself by friends, etc..

    The more you leave her be the more she'll miss and be attracted to you either way, but really this shouldn't be your goal. Eventually after all these emotions wear off you'll realized life is an oyster, you're young, and why not feast on all of the many flavors before settling down with something that isn't really working when your honest with yourself...

  5. Its not fair to you for her to call things off and then still be in your life txting you etc. Are you sure you still want to be in a relationship with her? If you feel its because you cant do better then your wrong, you can get someone just as good as her, if not better for your next relationship.

    Vox is right here. Your relationship didn't sound too great. You need to be honest here and decide if you want to be with her properly in a relationship or not and is this genuinely what you deep down want and aspire to - dont say you want her back just because its easier than starting again. She will be going through the same emotions as you, and or feeling guilty for calling things off. Breaking up is scary particularly if your the one who does it so she is on a rollercoaster too of emotions which is why she is texting. Give her an ultimatum. either a relationship to what your want in full or not at all. If she does not want this then move on with your life - its hard, but in the longer term you'll thank yourself.

  6. Look, a relationship is not like that all the time you are enjoying and nothing can go wrong in your relationship. Life and relationship are full of ups and downs which we have to face and should try to solve them out. Similar is your case, where you got some unexpected turns in your relationships which lead you to think about your relationship. If you want her back then you should give her a surprise which she love the most or you can take relationship advice from experts to let you out from these troubles.
    Hope, you will get her soon.
    Good Luck

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