living with parents

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    living with parents

    living with parents is a big excuse i here from many of guys i go out with for day game im only 19 and i still live with my parents. and its not a problem at all.. i just bring them back home and right into my room and my room is set up real nice so she is comfortable to succeed the lay.

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    There are so many other places you can fuck the girl, you dont even need to bring her back to your place.

  3. Absolutly agree with the "its not an excuse "part. However not everyone can bring a girl home and freely fuck her without any consequences from their parents. (Especially your mom) i know i have to deal with this problem. So here is what i do. Like riderich said there r so many places u can fuck her such as ur car, the beach or even behind a tree. But if u like to b comfortable like me the best thing u can do is get to know someone who pays rent and offer to help out with the rent if he lets u fuck ur hb's in his house (preferably a guy that knows about the community) I pay my guy 200$ a month to let me bring my girls to his house i invested in a small sofa bed which i always clean. My guy works 6 days a week 8hrs a day so hes barly home but usually the only letdown to this method is that the girls u fuck r mostly gonna b first or secound daters since u gotta let him know when ur gonna b there so he dosent walk in or if the house is available. So if u have a one night stand chances r ur gonna have to take her to ur car. Post an ad on craigslist if u have to. U would be suprised what people will let u do in their house if it means they can knock out 200-300 bucks off their rent every month. But b clean! Take the bed sheets with u. This method takes more time and effort to acheive but the pay off is amazing!! Fucking a chick in a bathroom or car is great if ur in the mood or if ur cheap and dont wanna pay. But honestly to me there is nothing better than having a private space where u can toss her around like a rag doll and have ur way with her. Im super cheap but honestly this is something im willing to pay for.

  4. If your living at home that means your not paying rent.... more money to afford hotels! Plus if you live in an expensive area I think that most people understand now that you'll be living at home until your much older now eg early twentys. Sometimes higher.

  5. Public disabled toilets have been my saviour on many occasions.

    Spacious and little interruption, since there's no toilet stalls next to you

  6. living with pa

    Welcome to the forum. I am too far away to go collecting with, but there are some members up your way.

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