Married - and dating other women

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    Married - and dating other women

    Hi everyone,

    I'm married for some years now, I have a 2 years old daughter and everything is wonderful except SEX.
    Recently decided I need to do something so I want to reactivate the old PUA in me hoping that having other women in my life for SEX will help.
    I really don't want to loose my family but I'm in a very stressful period and I feel that this is my only way out.

    Help please !!!
    Should I tell women on the first date that I'm married? (I would never leave my wife!)
    What about logistics? How can you go to her place/hotel without looking strange if you don't mention you are married.
    Any good PUA tricks would be wonderful!!!

    I'd prefear to be honest (or 1/2 honest) but I'm afraid that no woman would date me a second time.

    What should I do?
    Thanks a lot.

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    No moral judgement, but if you want to cheat on your wife and the mother of your child, I think you need a different kind of forum.

    If your sex life is bad, fix it. Or talk to her about seeing other people. Or get separated. Or divorced. All of these are better than cheating on her unless you want your kid to grow up with a messed up view on relationships.

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    You need to worry about getting your marriage to a level where SEX can be discussed openly. And stays fun for the both of you. Not looking for "PUA tricks"

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    Isn't this still LOVE SYSTEMS - Attraction Forums - Meeting and Attracting Women???
    Thanks for the answers but they are off topic in my oppinion... (well intended, I agree, but off the questions)
    I'm looking for PUA attitude... on the top PUA forum...

    If I'm wrong, sorry...
    Please, Administrator decide if the thread should be moved on another forum or if it is unapropriated please delete the thread.

    Anyway, in about 2 weeks I'll discuss this with a Love System instructor. Till then, curious of other PUA comments. (also to make an ideea of the game level of the people commenting on the forum...)

    All the best to everyone!
    Again, any answers ON TOPIC are welcomed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pythonus View Post
    I'm looking for PUA attitude... on the top PUA forum...
    PUA attitude has nothing to do with lying to women. Maybe it did at some point or maybe it does in other communities, but Love Systems aims to give you all the tools to get exactly the kind of relationships you want without ever lying to any women or breaching their trust.

    Often people will give you the reply they feel you need rather than the reply you want.

    You tell that you really don't want to loose your family. Well guess what, jeopardizing your family is exactly what you're about to do.

    You tell that you're in a very stressful period and that you feel cheating on your wife is your only way out. I see several other ways out, the best being to deal with your stress in a wholesome way and sorting out your sex-life with your wife.

    If the ONLY thing that is missing in your marriage is good sex then why in the world would you want to cheat on your wife rather then make an effort to get a better sex life? I'll tell you, it takes a lot more time to find a women you find wonderful enough to have children with than it takes to get an unsatisfying sex life up to par.

    What's wrong with your sex life anyway, if you don't mind me going off-topic? Was it always bad?

    In my view the PUA attitude here is to sort it out with your wife. If there is simply no way to do that, then leave her on good terms, follow your path and sleep with all the women you can possible want. It's even the best for your kid. Show your kid the healthy way to deal with stress and relationship problems rather than teaching your kid to take the easy way out.

    Back on topic, you ask whether you should tell women that you're married. I personally can't relate to that as I find idea terrible to begin with, but if you want to cheat on your wife, that's your prerogative and then the least bad alternative is to be straight up about it. At least that way you're only lying to one women, you filter out women who are not fond of the idea to be mistress and you minimize the risk of drama. There are dating sites specializing in exactly that.

    And if no one else has a better response to your question then in true PUA spirit I suggest that you field test the question and post a report about it.

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    Tank, thank you for the complex reply!

  7. I see conflicting stuff in your post. If you want to have sex with other women then you don't need to date or court them. I just don't want to give you the stuff you are asking about. I can see from your posts you have little to no experience in this department. The innocence is a good thing, and I admire that a little bit somewhat. Anyways you will get caught, and I don't want to be involved with that. I will tell you that it is both thrilling, and lonely. There is nobody you can trust enough to talk to about it. At the same time you have some amazing memories you can pull from your mind whenever you are alone contemplating your existence to bring forth a smile.

    I can suggest this though;

    Try a test run sometime. Come home late on purpose, make her wonder where you were at. Don't answer the phone when she calls. While doing all of this think about cheating with various women you see throughout your day. It is very possible that if she thinks you are doing anything;if she thinks other women find you attractive enough to sleep with you then she may just thaw a little and start flirting with you. Regardless it is not terrible to know how your wife will react to such things. I mean maybe you already know this, but do you know it when you are doing it intentionally with the possibility of cheating planted in your mind? You will react differently with that added in. Pay close attention to how you react, your body language, and are you able to remain calm? Go back over it in your mind and analyze the entire thing later when you are alone. You will get a small taste of what it is actually like.

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    So what you're suggesting is manipulation by making her think you're cheating? Poor advice. Follow Tank's instead and just bring it up like real proper adults
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  9. Updated gay

    Hi Tank,

    Have you notice this Pythonus he is amazing guy one side he is showing he care and fear towards his family and relationship with his wife and on the other hand he wants to cheat her what a guy ha ha totally confusion a man wants to travel many ships together.
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    Get marriage counseling, discuss having an open relationship, just don't lie. There's plenty of unhappily married women who have no plans on leaving either, but you have to make sure they're flings and not affairs. Getting attached and infatuated to someone else while you're in a marriage will always end badly.

    So even though you're afraid someone wouldn't date you a second time, it's better off being a ONS if it did happen.

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