Living back at home

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    Living back at home

    Hey all,

    After school, i had to move back home to do a research project at distance, to save money.

    I was just wondering how can you have sex while living at home.

    Should I try to make an agreement with my parents, if that cannot be done.

    I know there are hotels, but my issue here is that there needs to be a lot of planning for hotels. And I wouldn't want to book with guaranteeing a lay.

    I'll be moving out in the next 6 months, but this has killed my sex life!

    And if I can immediate lay girls I date, what are some strategies to get the girls come over only during specific times?


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    I am In the exact same boat as you mate, On a internship from uni for a year so been living at home for the past 6 months only 6 to go haha! While its not ideal as living in your own flat/house It isnt all too disastrous...
    I find the main easiest options are:

    1. Her Place - Most girls my age are at Uni still so I usually go out in the main city's (Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Sheffield etc.. Obviously apply to where your from) And just have a good time chat to people I would rather put my time into 1 or 2 girls that I know I get along with over the night than just pestering for numbers. I think the key literately is just be having fun and the rest follows. Anyway after that always follow it up text each other and if she liked you then 9 times out of 10 they agree to meet up as I usually am all over the place I say 'shall I come to you or you come to me' they say 'ohh here is easier for me etc..' mention you have nowhere to stay and depending how you were when you met just be like 'Im staying at yours though if im coming' I think once they agree to that Its sorted, usually give a ring on the day and just have a chat to make sure its sound and your not wasting your time. Then go, fuck any nerves, hope shes as you remember, then go for a drink, suggest watching a movie, whatever you want. If she was okay with you coming when you rang even if you don't get to shag that night, your well on your way for next time. This can also be applied in the day I guess probably with better results just Im not too good at street day game

    2. Hotel - I dont think hotels require that much pre-planning like I said if you are from different cities it is the only way you can both go somewhere to have a good time, dont mention sex, just say 'yeah we can go out in XXXXX , I know somewhere cute we can go' when she mentions where you'll stay just be casual and say we'll just get a room, for a first time seeing them its probably going to be easier you just paying, but If you are more comfortable with each other its very easy to just be like yeah lets split a room, Im yet to meet a girl who doesn't like staying in a hotel, just play off the idea thats literally just somewhere your staying and shes coming so you can go out and do something fun, once your together shell jump at the chance to go back to the room. Just Depends on the initial interaction, how quick you can make her comfortable with you.

    3. Car - I know a number of good places to go in the car that girls always love, think high up views over the city, little walks that lead to somewhere with a good view, somewhere quiet and relaxed, stars etc... just go pick them up at night if your thinking sex, maby go for like a hot chocolate or something then drive to a cool place, go on a stroll out the car, sit in the car chat too each other, if your both feeling it then youll definitely know, jump on that back seat and your set.

    4. Home - Depending on what your parents are like this could be the easiest or the hardest, personally I only go here if its someone ive seen before/know wont be awkward, Ill just say 'ive been seeing this girl XXXXX and we're doing something on Friday do you mind if we stay here' Dont make it look like a 1 night stand thing more someone you like and they dont usually mind. Unfortunately I have quite a small house and my room is next to my parents but I mean if they say yeh you can chill here what can they expect, just shut the door, chill in your room for abit, just tell her to be quiet or just wait till they go out or something.

    I hope some of that can be of some use!

  3. I was just wondering how can you have sex while living at home.
    haha! I know this situation very well, but no one can help you in that man. you have to figure out that on your own! Or just move out.

    Should I try to make an agreement with my parents, if that cannot be done.
    YES, this is a good idea. Let me know what your parents have to say about the agreement.

    Honestly, Her place is the best place!

    Noire Licorne

  4. talk to your parents. If they love you, they will help you

  5. Hahaha! Quite possibly, in my opinion, it really depends on your family's culture.

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    Don't pay for hotels unless you have no option. It can be awkward for first time lays.

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    Her place
    Public places
    Friends places - once you start doing it they can't stop you mid sex

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    Quote Originally Posted by TailsPUA View Post
    Her place
    Public places
    Friends places - once you start doing it they can't stop you mid sex
    second this

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