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  1. Honestly shy guy i dont think you should b asking yourself any of these questions. Overanalizing a worthless scenario when u r clearly in the friendzone is a waste of time. Go take action like vox said and leave the sherlock holms mindset at home. Now if u want an answer to your question its very simple.... She dosent care! I have been in the fz pleanty of times to know that they dont care or most of the time it just comes out naturaly since that is what she usually does with her friends.

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    Omg so much shit advice on here. As Vox said, create more opportunities to meet women and work on yourself. And Hurley, hit on her and work on being something more, or leave the girl alone! If you have a hard time being friends with her, then go make new friends. Either way, meet more women.

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    JMO, I think you should just be friends. It doesn't hurt to have girlfriends and they can help with future catches. But let her go on here merry way. Your giving yourself brain damage, Seems like your over analyzing shit Long story short you like here more than she likes you. good luck man.

  4. from experience girls like this are not worth putting too much stress into. Stress gives you wrinkles - remember that lol. She still likes you but as you ended it she doesnt know what to do now and its just awkward for her. You need to decide if you wanna have FWB again or not. If you just wanna be friends then why are you even posting this, move on and find another girl and dont worry about it, if you do want to sleep with her again then arrange to go round hers into her room and have a private netflix and chill session with ONE glass of wine each (just enough to relax you both). Then give her a complement, tell her her smile is great, make small talk and then be up front and tell her you still find her attractive and find it hard to be around her without fantasizing about having sex, and wait for her response and see what happens - dont waste time beating around the bush, be direct here. As you have history dont worry too much about trying to game her. You've already done the work.

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