How do I get a hot nurse's number?

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  1. How do I get a hot nurse's number?

    I went in to my doctor today, for an annual checkup. The nurse that called my name was attractive, did not have a wedding ring. She took my weight, blood pressure, temperature and then took me to a room to wait on the doctor. I never saw her again, a check-in nurse. I only had literally less than 5 min with her. I tried to talk about my blood pressure and the normal reading, she seemed sweet and I was attracted. But with this is tricky, My doctor was there and the only time I can think to keep her alone and build attraction, get number fast was in the room. Should I have done a quick direct opener? I had already done a situational opener when she was checking my vitals. This is very difficult since there is so little time. Any ideas guys? Thanks

  2. Hey,

    Five minutes is not the issue! The real issue is you were not able to hook her, that's why she left you after the general procedure. Your game is weak.

    BTW, What was your situational opener!?

    According to me,
    When you try to game a professional person, the best way is to go direct. Because, obviously, time is the issue.

    If you really want her number then go to the hospital again and try!

    EXPERIMENT - That's my moto.

    How I would have experimented in this situation:
    (Being cocky)

    Me: hey, you know what I'm gonna sue this hospital?
    She: (why!?) or..whtever..
    Me: I have noticed that this hospital uses hot nurses to attract people!
    Me: Don't u think this hospital is full of hot nurses?
    She: ...watever..No/yes
    Me: you think u r/conside-urself hot eh?

    She'll laugh!
    If she don't (which will most probably not happen) then divert it to a dare ur friend asked you to do in hospital!

    And then number close!

    Try it, if u like HOT NURSES and let me know!

    Noire Licorne

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    yeah these situations are do or die, if its a one-time visit or rare, your only chance is to go for it. you can start by bantering/flirting (if you dont know how to do this, then the priority is to go practice), but at some point (quickly), you have to cut the bs and say something to the effect of "you're gorgeous, you want to hang out/go out sometime?". basically all or nothing. in many cases you'll get the "i cant date patients" or "im taken", and that just comes with the territory of going balls to the wall. ("i cant date patients" isnt necessarily the end of it, "im taken" pretty much is)

    the main point is u gotta try first, analyze later, not the other way around. goes for everything in game

  4. Thats pretty tough considering they're probably used to getting hit on. Do something out of the ordinary and cute and she'll probably be ready to give it after a bit of talk afterwards.

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