Tables in stripclubs

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Hey guys

I'll be going with some friends to a strip club tomorrow. That would be the 1st time for me since I started learning game (2nd time ever)

I know the couple basic rules: act as if sex is normal and not something I'm looking for, don't pay for dances and try to connect with the girl, say no to dances and tell the girl "let's chat" instead.

What can I do between today and tomorrow to improve my chances ? Anything I should know ? (Apart from listening to IVS71- intro to stripper game)
I already told my friends that I won't pay for sex and that I'll try to game the girl. Which was probably a mistake because now I got the lights on me: "we gonna have fun watching what you can do". For them, there is no way I can pick up a stripper in one night, their reference experiences is to become a regular client first before turning her into a friend with benefits.

Thanks in advance

I have only had a table in a stripclub twice. One time was with LS in 2k8 and one time was a friend of mine from NYC had a table with 2 of her male friends in spearmint. I think like a lot of things in game it has its advantages and disadvantages.

01) The girls will flock to you
02) The management (at least in spearmint) has girls fighting with each other to get access to tables
03) You have booze and can lock them in easier
04) If a girl is at a table she is excused from rotation so if you have her you wont lose her to something ridicuilious like being called to stage or another guy throwing money at her

01) People who buy tables are usually throwing out money so she expects that this will be an easy kill
02) There can be more pressure to get dances especially if everyone at your table is getting them