Has anyone hear of joshua uebergang ??

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    Has anyone hear of joshua uebergang ??

    I'm kind of quiet guy, I don't talk a lot. I have head of product called "big talk" by Joshua Uebergang, and I'm hesitate to buy it because I haven't read a single review about this product, just a blog by the author himself. I don't trust like that.
    If anyone read it, please share your experience with me. Thank you! I forgot to say "Big Talk" is improving communication skills.
    Has anyone read Social Circle by Savoy Nick ????
    P.s If you know a good product I would appreciate if you tell me about it. Thank you!
    Happy new year.

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    Never heard of the guy.

    I'm not acquainted with a book called "social circle" by Nick Savoy. Do you mean the DVD set "Social Circle Mastery"?

    I know lots of good products, but you need to describe in more details what you're looking to learn more about.

  3. Can't say I have tbh.

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    Oh, great, you know a lot of good product. I am a quiet guy, hard for me to make a conversation with strangers, except with friends.
    One more question, have you heard or tried "The Flow" by Dan Bacon? Because so far I haven't found a single review.
    Thank you!

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