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    Great book Humor


    I'm lacking social intelligence and humor. Usually I got said that I have a silly humor or black humor. People hate it and stay away from me.

    Can you advise a great book for creating humor skills that makes people laugh with me, without lowering my status?

    If you have a great way for creating social intuition and social intelligence, feel free to tell me that as well. I appreciate that.

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    If people downright HATE your humor, then you certainly don't need to learn about humor from a theoretical point of view. You need to gain social intuition, which you mention yourself.

    I suggest that you watch a ton of stand up comedy. Start with Louis CK and Chris Rock. Don't analyze, but try to get a feel for why they can be so much "out of line" without offending people too much. Notice their body language and tonality. Then search for "Live at the Apollo" on youtube and watch them all, you will get exposed to a lot of different types of humor. I 100% believe that extensive exposure from comedy is the best way to train your wit. Supplement it with the IVS from LS about humor, teasing, push-pull etc.

    For gaining social intuition and intelligence there is only ONE way. Socialize a lot. 15 hours a week at least. All sorts of settings, that are not work or school, where you are forced to hang out with a lot of people. Volunteering and team sports are good ways to do that. Cold approach is usually not, unless you can go out three x 5 hours a week and be talking to people 95% of the time.

    Edit. I just realized that I have replied to this question, from you, under other of your aliases, and you never seem to get it or follow advice. Stop trying to learn how to socialize through game. You are autistic or have a similar condition. It sucks, I know, but it's just a fact. You need to learn from professionals how to deal with with it.

    And stop pretending to be a new member. It's rude.

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    Alright, I will try it with volunteering and team sports, team works.

    The point is I dont know if I have aspergers, but as you know, there is no healing for it - except: Practice harder than others. There is no magic pill by professionals. Some people dont get it and think, that there would be a magic plan to become Mr.Cool and Mr. Promiscuous by going to therapist.

    Anyway, it is about social intuition. I always get a sighing when I say something that is funny for me. Some guys laugh about what I said. Sometimes because they found it too harsh or too ridiculous.
    Therefore I search for a way out. Maybe my humor should become softer and with a surprise moment.

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    I've decided to go for RSD. I am disappointed of marketing hints here. Bye

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