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    So, I remember hearing about Hootie's upcoming book Body Talk this y past summer at the SuperConference , and I couldn't wait to read it once it came out. So I purchased it last night, and haven't put it down since then.
    I really love how he delves into the importance of having good body language, and how even back in the caveman days women looked to these men with strong body language as the ones that wanted to go to for safety, and families.
    I really liked how he then went into the IoI's of female interest with regards to their body language. Its great to have these concepts to look for when your in an interaction in mind so that you have an idea of how the interaction is proceeding. I found this to be very interesting and something I will keep in mind for my future sets that I open.

    The section of IoD's I thought was a great compliment to the book because it tells you the signs of what you want to avoid..

    Overall I really enjoyed this book and plan to read it again more thoroughly this weekend.

  2. I'm curious if it's any different than Beyond Words. If you have that is this book mostly overlap? Which is more advanced/comprehensive?

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