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    I noticed that all of the random anti-spam questions, kept telling me I was entering them incorrectly(I wasn't). I tried to turn cap locks on, and finally, it let me through. For whatever reason, your questions are apparently entered in upper case, and the response is case sensitive. So unless someone has CAPS on, or thinks to try entering caps, they'll just get frustrated and not bother registering.

    I don't know if you guys have an ability to change the registration script, but it's literally a two line fix. Just ToUpper whatever is entered in that box and it will work.

    You may also check case sensititivity on emails. Since some forums just won't email something like John@site but will email john@site.

    It's the same fix, if so. Just ToLower, instead of ToUpper(these are technically C++, but I assume there is a php equivalent).

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    Thanks for making us aware of this.

    I've never heard that the verification should require all caps, quite the opposite, it should not be case sensitive at all.

    However, if the question causing your trouble was "One word in shoe this sentence does not belong, which is it?", then I understand your dilemma, cause the "correct" reply would have been "eagle".

    My bad!

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