Met a girl in Spearmint Rhino

I have to admit I've got a same problem, which is I fucked it up last time too when I was in Spearmint Rhino
I was supposed to wait for another girl A there, I though she is the one, but at last she just treated me as a customer
when I waited for A, another girl B came over, and ask me what's up wanna talk something like that, at first i didn't wanna dance with her, but then i had to because i thought she was really hot, she is the kind i like, blonde hair, white skin, nice body, and her voice I like very much. So i surrendered and followed her to a corner and began to talk. Before that, as an Asian guy, when some girls came to me in the club, they just talked for a little while and then hit the topic whether wanna dance or go to VIP room. This girl was different, just like you did, we talked for maybe 20 minutes and I asked her for a dance and why not, we danced for 1 song, and talked for another 20 minutes, then we danced another. at first i didnt touch her, just put my hands on her butt, but she take my left hand and put it on her chest, then kiss me on my neck as the music goes.
I tried to ask her number, she thought about that for a little while, then she took my phone and enter the number and said we can have lunch together the next day, told me her real name, and let me pick up a buffet I like. She said the reason she did that, is because she likes Asian guys, her last boyfriend was Filipino(which is not easy for a white girl even she comes from San Francisco), she gave me her number without even asking me to the VIP room. But you know, how stupid i was, I didnt notice my SIM card was broken at that time, and the God damned Android Samsung S4 must register on mobile network or there wouldnt be any dial history, i was so happy and i didnt even notice she pressed the "dial" button(if she didnt do that, the number would still be on the screen so that i can save it). i found this after i returned hotel, at that time I should just go back to the club and ask her the number again but i didnt, i dont know why but i just didnt do that. i regret for this everyday recently and i wanna plan another trip to vegas, to see whether i have the luck to find her again, although i know the hope is slim, because of the not-fixed schedule of the dancers in Rhino, but i wanna try at least once
Do you guys have any suggestion on that? I called the Rhino for several time but they just didnt give me any information about her schedule time, If i wanna know that, they said, the only thing i can do is go to the club and ask the bartender or someone else in the club. that hurts, if I can find her in two night, there would be a lot of pain in my wallet and my work and my time as well.