Do I over react or not?
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    Do I over react or not?

    Okey, my girlfriend came home 29/7 (yesterday) from her vacation. I meet her that evening and I was very happy for meet her again. We kissed each other and huged and so on.
    After some hours it was time to sleep, but both had big problem to sleep that night. She touched me many times and made me think that she wanted to fuck with me. As far I touched and stroked her, I got the impression that she wasn't horny at all. So I gave up and tried to sleep. And then again she touched me, I tried again, but failed.
    Okey, suddenly she began to cry. And I was asking why? She said; I can't sleep. (My girl have very easy too cry). She left the bed and sleeped in the sofa instead.
    Morning: She was really tired, couldn't sleep good that night. Later that morning her and her mum was went to the new apartment who was in need to be furnish, and I went home to my place. I was really disappointed on her because she was in a bad mood whole that morning and behaved that weird. And now like 30 min ago I was called her and asked if they was finished and when she is come to me? Then she said that she is so tired and want to sleep at home. (She know that I'm home alone in 2 weeks from now, and have many beds to sleep in) Serious, I'm really pissed of and disappointed on her. Do I over react or not? Serious answers please!

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    Dude, if she doesnt respect u an misses chance´s to meet u, dump her!
    Look, she wasnt even into the sex, an all that.
    Tell her, listen do u think i`m stupid or somethin?
    I wont tolerate this kind off behaviour, ..dont fuckin do this again.
    Take control, if she doesnt feel u, dump her. An stick do it, cuz the girl gotta respect u dude. or u just an AFC..who she can toy around with!!
    Punish her, tell her she needs to make it up do u, if she doesnt do it. Tell her Bye for now! An dont call her an shit. Do the "Freeeez" out..
    Tyler Junior!

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    Thank you so much Tyler Junior. I'm so weak. I always begin the sex act, I always console her when she isn't happy etc. It's so tough to always push in this relationship. I think it's time to open my fucking mouth and talk with her. I can't respect this more I feel so bad everytime she behave that weird. (It's not the first time she is wierd, it happens to often)
    Any more who have something to add?
    Ps. Thanks for the support.

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    I know that is a crapy situation the one that you are standing in.
    I know too that is reaaaally difficult to freeeze out the girl that you love, and missed a lot when she was in her vacations.
    But one thing is true, you have to talk to her, call her shitty behaviour, tell her to talk to you about what the fuck is going on in her head and that you will not accept that kind of behaviour, but you dont have to look angry, just dissapointed, she cannot disturb your feelings, dont give to her that power.
    Put yourself in her position and you will find an answer and a motivation for stop behaving like an AFC and start behaving like a MAN. Come on dude, I hope things end Ok for you.

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    Thanks IceNow

    Thank you IceNow, it is a sensitive situation but you have right, I need to talk with her. I will uravel the problems.
    Thank you for your support IceNow. Your opinion is gold worth. =)
    //Fiven with a girlfriend who have needs.


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