Mastering Logistics: Introduction (part 1/5)

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    Mastering Logistics: Introduction (part 1/5)

    This is part one of a five part series on logistics. The five parts are:

    1. Introduction (This post)
    2. Information & planning
    3. Moving the girl (Soon to come)
    4. Obstacles
    5. Mindset

    This introduction covers (1) What is logistics (2) The importance of logistics (3) Why it’s an efficient skill to master and (4) Two things to improve your logistics immediately.

    What is logistics?

    Logistics concerns the process of moving the girl to a location where having sex is a conceivable and desirable option and everything that is involved in this process.

    The importance of logistics

    Mastering logistics is essential to improving your game, particularly if you want same night lays. No matter how good your game is, where you meet the girl (bar, club, coffee shop, park etc.) is typically (there are exceptions) not a location where the girl is comfortable having sex. In order to have sex you’ll have to take her somewhere else, i.e. your house, her house, the bathroom, the parking garage, the beach, your car or any other location where the two of you can enjoy more privacy.

    An efficient skill to master

    The technical aspects of logistics are very easy to learn. Moving a girl back to your place isn’t something you need to learn. You already know how to do it. Imagine talking to a girl in a club when she suddenly whispers in your ear: “listen, I’ve got a flight to catch in two hours, but I want to have sex with you first. Take me to your place ASAP.”

    Would you know what to do? Of course you do. You grab her hand, walk her out of the club, jump in your car or take a taxi and head back to your place. Now imagine you’re in the same situation but the girl doesn’t tell you she wants to go home with you. You should act the same way, the only difference is that in this situation you have to assume that the girl wants to go home with you. I’ll talk more about this in part 5, mindset.

    Although easy to learn, mastering logistics does significantly improve your chances of getting laid. If you can get a girl to a location where sex is possible and you know how to turn her on, there is a very good chance that she’ll have sex with you, because girls love having sex.

    Another way to highlight this point is to imagine that you’re in a club and that there are 100 girls. It’s quite likely that one of those girls will be into you, even if your game isn’t great. If you find her and take care of logistics there’s a good chance you’ll have sex with her. In other words, if you’re just starting out and you’re willing to (1) master logistics and (2) approach every single girl in the club then you have a reasonable chance of getting laid.

    Two things to improve your logistics immediately

    The most important thing you can do right now is simply try. You should always try to move the girl, even if you think she won’t comply. Reasons are (1) if you don’t try, you won’t get anywhere (2) you can’t fail, if she doesn’t comply you just continue the interaction and try again later or if she leaves as a result then you’re probably better off talking to a different girl in the first place (3) by simply trying you’re displaying attractive qualities such as confidence, pre-selection and masculinity.

    Secondly, always lead without asking for permission. Use a statement instead of a question, so instead of “Do you want to go to x?” say “Let’s go to x.” Don’t look for her reaction after your say this. If you look for a reaction, you’re implicitly asking for permission. You make your statement, grab her hand and start walking.

    The next part is Part 2: Information & Planning and will be posted next week.

    UPDATE: Part 2 is out! Find it here:

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