Project Rockstar 2015 (Sterling, Vici & Venture)

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    Project Rockstar 2015 (Sterling, Vici & Venture)

    Another epic Project Rockstar in the books. Thanks to everyone for an unforgettable summer.

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    The purpose of Rockstar is to become the man you have always wanted to be. That has a different definition for everyone, but getting accepted into Project Rockstar will be the single most effective thing that you can do in order to get there. Up until I got accepted to Rockstar, I had done the usual checking of all the boxes for living a life I thought I was supposed to live. I had gone to a good school, I had gotten a good job, I had a great family and friends, but I was realizing how none of that was getting me any closer to the life I really wanted. I knew I had a bigger purpose, but quite frankly before Rockstar there was still a part of me that was too scared to say to myself, “I am good enough to get whatever I want out of life.” When I applied in January I did so with the intention to get killer game, the tools to start my own business, and to make some great friends. What I didn’t expect was to develop this amazing amount of self-belief and self-acceptance that allowed all of those other things to even be possible. The complete immersion of Rockstar allowed me to fully undergo an identity shift from the guy I told myself I was towards becoming who I really want to be. I expected to grow ridiculous amounts on this program, but I never would have expected the path I would have taken to get there. Honestly, I can only connect these dots backwards because my thinking changed so much over the course of this summer.

    One of the first lessons I learned on Rockstar was understanding how powerful it was to commit everything towards achieving a singular purpose. I already knew that if I wanted to achieve greatness I had to work my ass off, but if I wanted to go further than that, if I wanted to be the best, I learned that I need to be willing to focus all my efforts to achieve that one thing. It is easy to think, “Yeah! I can give 100%” but not until you have literally given up everything else can you realize how much 100% really is. This realization for me started with the Sports Food fitness program that all the Rockstars have to complete to get ready for the summer. I was already the fittest person in my friend group before this, but not until I changed my life so that everything I did was based on getting jacked for those three months did I realize how drastically that complete commitment to a singular purpose changes the trajectory of your success. By the end of the fitness program I had the highest muscle mass and lowest body fat in my entire life. For those three months my life was only gym, eat, work, and sleep. I was a hermit, but I improved my body more in that short time than I had in the past two years. Similarly, Project Rockstar is the only place I know of where I can make that type of 100% commitment towards improving into the man I wanted to be. For this summer every waking action I took directly improved me as a person. I can’t think of anything else in the world that can give you that opportunity- if you can, please let me know.

    The first piece of the puzzle that makes Rockstar so unique is the coaching I received. First off, no matter what I learned during these two months it was from some of the best in the world at what they do. More importantly, though, once I became a Rockstar I noticed all the instructors and alumni from years past wanted me and all other Rockstars to make the same massive improvements in life that they have already made. I’ve been in a fraternity and on sports teams so I have experienced the bonds from brotherhood, but the bond you form with Rockstars is something much greater than that. Fraternities and sports teams are together to party/have fun/win/etc., but the core commonality among all Rockstars is that they are all great men who have this insatiable desire to achieve a life greater than what most think is possible. That is our bond and it is something that runs deeper than any kid of brotherhood that I’ve experienced before. Everything you learn becomes so much more impactful because the people are teaching for the sole reason of you turning you into the man that you want to be.

    For the beginning half of the program we get daily debriefs on the night before. If you know the improvements you can make over the course of one bootcamp, imagine how powerful it is to have the best instructors in the world with you every night and giving you the information you need to self-correct for two months. The feedback you will receive is always a harsh look in the mirror, though. You need to detach your ego from the debriefs, otherwise you won’t be able to make the changes you need to. And you need to make those changes fast because you’re going out partying with your bros every night. The speed of Rockstar can be your best friend and it can also be your worst enemy. If you are not pushing your comfort zones every night then you won’t grow and there won’t be anything new learned for you to improve on for the next night. It can be tempting to just go out and party every night without any real end goal but you will squander one of the greatest opportunities in your life if you do. Not a single day can be wasted on this program because of how much real world time is condensed into every interaction. That’s why it’s so great to be surrounded by all of the alumni and instructors with you. They pointed me to where I needed to push my comfort zones. I still had to do it, there is no replacement for taking bold and decisive action, but having people to show the right path streamlined an already difficult process. The breakthroughs I would get each week on Rockstar may have taken months or years to realize in the real world. The big reason is because you see how far you can push interactions by way of others. It was the equivalent of seeing Roger Bannister break the 4 minute mile. Once people realized it was possible two runners broke that pace just two months later. I was constantly seeing how far I could really take interactions and then making jumps in my game instead of baby steps.

    A big part of this summer is about getting sick game to become a natural part of who you are, but as the weeks go on it also becomes about growing beyond that. You gain the skills that improve every important area of your life. The way Rockstar is laid out is that every day was filled with different seminars to improve ourselves interspersed with the occasional much-needed rest day. Part of the beauty of Rockstar is that it is so easy to see the correlation between lessons we learn while cutting our teeth in the club and everything we are taught during the day. We got taught everything from creating your own business to leadership to internet marketing to self-acceptance and a lot more. Plus, the feedback loop from this one-on-one coaching every day creates compounding growth. Sometimes I was amazed at how my beliefs would grow and change in just a week. Halfway through Rockstar I could barely recognize myself and by the end of the summer the person I was before was just a distant memory. And the bad ass part about this is that even the stuff you do on Rockstar that is not directly focused on hitting on chicks helps you anyways. You become more passionate about your life as a whole and who doesn’t want to be around a guy like that?

    One of the most proven methods for to make any type of massive change is to change your environment, and Rockstar is the most supportive environment I have ever been a part of. This environment facilitates the kind of direct feedback that even close friends are afraid to give. I was lucky enough for others to call me out when I was fucking up and, on the other hand, to hear all the positive things about myself that I took for granted. After weeks of this I was able to embrace all the awesome traits about myself that everyone else saw in me. Similarly, I was taught a lot of amazing things, but the ideas planted in my head wouldn’t have grown unless I internalized them. This goes for both becoming naturally attractive and realizing you have the potential to live the life you want to live. For instance, I knew that I needed to be sexually nonjudgmental, but not until I actually practiced and watched others exemplify it for an extended period of time did that attitude became part of me. By the same token, I have internalized that I can achieve the life I dream of thanks to being surrounded by so many amazing people who are all on the path to achieving whatever amazing life they want.

    Rockstar gave me a taste of the life that is possible for me. And part of that life is hard work but the other part of it is fun as hell. I was lucky enough to travel around the world partying at tables in the best clubs almost every night of the summer. (You can read about the fun shit and amazing stories we had in the journals.) I want to mention that it is by no means cheap to overhaul your fashion, travel, and party every night for a summer. Realistically, you should expect to drop $35K. For me I had to work a second job and sell a lot of things but there is no question in my mind that this was worth it. I spent much more on college and came out with so much less growth.

    By being thrown into this awesome party atmosphere, one of the biggest weapons I added to my arsenal was learning how to have fun no matter what was going on. Most people never get to cultivate this skill as much as I did because when you’re out there’s always the option to fall back on alcohol or any other comfort zone. Since neither of those were an option for us, making my own fun became a necessity. It didn’t take long to see how important having fun was to getting laid, either. But more importantly I now have this ability to have a great time no matter where I go. It took almost 2 months of constant social interaction for me to build this social muscle, but once I did I realized that I had been mislabeling myself as an introvert my entire life. I love being around people but I never had the confidence and skills to communicate as freely as I can now. I honestly do not know if I ever would have realized this about myself if I hadn’t done Rockstar.

    Now that it’s all over I just keep seeing more and more ways I will continue to change because of the growth I made this summer. At the beginning of Vegas they sat down all the Rockstars and told us that by the end of the program the girls will be the least important thing to us. I wanted to believe that, but I had such a hard time imagining what that could even feel like while my game had yet to develop. By the time we got to Sweden I understood what they meant, though. And by the last night, the sheer magnitude of how much we all had grown and the remarkable things that we had yet to accomplish finally hit me. Having good game is just a microcosm of becoming an awesome person. It can act as an effective litmus test because your true self always bleeds through, but it is not the end of the road. Instead, it is just one small facet of the amazing life that I have in store for myself. The most remarkable thing about all of this, though? I know I will become successful in whatever I decide to do, but I also know that there will be a whole crew of Rockstars who are on their own similar path. These are the guys that that I have more crazy stories with than I do with friends I’ve had for years. These are the guys that I have been awake long enough to see over 50 sunrises with (shoutout to the morning crew). These are the guys that I know I can party with anywhere in the world and still talk about the toughest shit in my life with. To know that I have these people who have already grown with me and will continue to grow with me for the rest of my life is a feeling that is more powerful than I can even begin to describe. By staying part of this awesome network we will all become better than any one of us could on our own. I am forever grateful that I had the chance to meet all of these truly incredible people and I cannot wait until I can be so lucky as to return the favor to all of them and the Rockstars that are yet to come.

    Thank you to Sterling, Vici, Venture and all the countless other guys who made Project Rockstar into the powerhouse of a life-changing program that it is today. Most people would say that something this bad ass is too good to be true, but you all decided to do prove them wrong and made it into a reality. To each of you I pass on the words I heard once from a wise man: "This guy is a fucking legend!"

    So if you want to be a Rockstar take my advice from the beginning of this review. Commit fully to doing absolutely everything in your power to get accepted. Read the website, the journals, and the reviews to figure out what you need to do to give yourself the best chance of getting in. Then, start taking that action immediately. Don’t over complicate it. Just do it. I guarantee you will not regret it.

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    What can you say about something that changes you in every meaningful way possible? Words fall far short of being able to describe the magnitude and expansiveness of Project Rockstar. I could write a book and it still wouldn’t be enough. All I can tell you is that it is a journey of a lifetime. Before I was selected, I was lost, confused, frustrated, disenfranchised by the world, and unsure of what direction to go to make things better. I felt helpless. A few short months later and I now have a clear sense of purpose. I have a group of friends that I consider my brothers and access to a network that gives me the opportunity and resources to do anything I want. I was a virgin. Yes, you read that correctly; I was a 28 year old virgin that was afraid to talk to girls and had never had a girlfriend in his entire life. Now, I am dating two girls at once and I am occasionally hooking up with a third on the side. It is crazy how fast life can change. I went into the summer knowing that I had potential buried deep down inside me and I just needed to find a way to unlock it. Project Rockstar helped me unlock that potential and become the man that I always knew that I could be. Project Rockstar truly lives up to its name and delivers on everything it promises.

    I come from a suburban Midwestern city. I went to college and joined a frat. I went to countless parties and drank myself silly on plenty of occasions, so I thought that I was fairly well versed in partying and having fun. I could not have been more wrong. There is partying, and then there is partying like a rockstar. Six nights a week we had tables at the most exclusive clubs in Las Vegas. We filled them with hot girls and danced and raged all night to the likes of Calvin Harris, Zedd, and Deadmau5. Sometimes we would be so close, I could see the sweat rolling down their face as they spun tracks yards away. Guys were having sex with girls in the pool, in the bathroom, in the car, or sometimes we would even bring them back to the house if we were feeling boring. This happened every night. All night. We were going until 4AM, 5AM or later. We even had a designated morning crew that would watch the sunrise every morning together. It was the most insane fun that I have ever had in my entire life by far. And this was for the most part sans alcohol. Sweden wasn’t much different, except at that point, all the Rockstars had a pretty solid grasp on game. What had started out as isolated sexual escapades turned into group sex parties, double dips, triple dips, raucous bar fights, and finishing the night at the ever delicious Max Burger. It was the most crazy, incredible summer of my life, and sometimes I look back and wonder if some of the stuff that went down really happened. But it isn’t just about all wild stories that you get to experience during Rockstar, even more so, it is about the people you get to share those experiences with.

    All the people I met on Rockstar, and I really mean everyone, were awesome. I have never met a group of guys that give so generously, are so welcoming, and are just cool people in general simply by virtue of the fact that they are associated with Rockstar. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect or how I would fare before the summer started because I am an introvert and I tend not to like people in general. But there was nobody I disliked. All the instructors are top notch. Venture, Sterling, and Vici are all obviously exceptional, but even all the junior instructors and alumni that came back to help are more than incredible. I can’t thank them enough. I learned more from them then anyone in my life, and I owe all my transformation to them. Also, the guys that hooked us up with tables in Vegas and Sweden, that did our fashion consults and took us shopping, and all the other guys that provided behind the scenes support. I can’t ever express my full appreciation for everything you guys did for us Rockstars.

    And the Rockstars themselves are all remarkable guys as well. Honestly when I applied for Rockstar, I did it for myself. I did it to fill a hole that I felt was missing from my life. I wasn’t really looking for new friends, but that was one of the best surprises that I got from Rockstar. I now consider all the other Rockstars not only my friends, but my brothers as well. Going through the highly demanding fitness program before Rockstar officially started the bond that would continue to build throughout the summer. When you live, breathe, eat, and party with the same group of guys for 3 months straight, you get to know them pretty well and you bond with them in a way that you just can’t with any of your other friends. Your other friends and your family can never understand what you go through on Rockstar like the other Rockstars. The late nights, the struggles, the victories, the crazy stories, the highs and lows, the change, the improvement. All of that stuff together creates something special that you can’t get anywhere else; only on Rockstar.

    For me, the most special time was the Rockstar break. I’m really glad the instructors decided to extend it to two weeks this time around. Chilling with the boys and getting into mischief in Germany and Croatia without the pressure of the instructors evaluating us and having to go out almost every single night allowed us to get to know each other on a more personal level. All those guys are now my best friends, and I feel closer to them than some friends that I have known for years. I wasn’t looking for friends coming into Project Rockstar, but I definitely got them, and now I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

    With all the madness that occurs during the evenings and with all the new friendships being forged, I think sometimes it is easy to overlook the fact that during the day we were also getting some world class business and life training. We had the former head of mergers and acquisitions at Ebay give us a week long training on business politics and negotiation. We had a serial entrepreneur teach us the model and methods he uses to create a lifestyle business that we can run from our laptop. We had a professional life coach teach us how to accept ourselves for who we are and build our confidence. We had a former Special Forces commando give us a talk on leadership. We had talks on finding tax breaks, the efficient frontier, online marketing, building websites, fashion (I now dress sexy instead of like a 16 year old) and countless other subjects. All this in addition to being taught game from the world’s best. I have no idea how much all this training would cost in the real world, but most of these guys come in and give these talks and trainings for free simply because they are associated or have been associated with Project Rockstar in the past. That always astounds me that all these people would be so generous with their knowledge and time for that fact alone. And now that I have gone through Project Rockstar, I am one of the lucky few that has access to this amazing network of people. Only Rockstar can deliver something like that, and I am so grateful.

    While Project Rockstar was one of the most fun things I have ever done in my life, it was also one of the toughest. The days of seminars, talks, and studying your notes followed by nights partying at the clubs and all the lack of sleep add up and take their toll. Some were even brave enough to go to the gym when they could. I think I got sick early the third week, and after that I basically had a stuffy nose or sore throat or cough for the entirety of the program because there was just simply no time to rest. There are many nights where you wonder if you’ll ever figure it out, if you really belong, where you wonder what the hell you are doing there. It isn’t all just partying and fucking bitches. I think something like that ought to be tough though because that’s what makes it worth it. If I hadn’t struggled as much as I did, I may not have experienced the positive change that I went through. They tell you at the beginning that you won’t even recognize yourself when you are through. Looking back on the summer, I can now honestly say that is true. I have been instilled with a confidence in life that I never had before, and I can feel it deep in my bones that it is something that can never be taken away from me now. It is a part of me forever. And I have Project Rockstar to thank for that.

    I’d like to leave you with a small anecdote that illustrates the transformative power of Project Rockstar. Although there are many, many wildly entertaining tales of carnal mischief to be told of that summer, my most favorite, for reasons that will soon become apparent, is one of my own. It was the final night in Vegas. The next afternoon we were shipping out to Germany to begin Rockstar break. And in typical Rockstar fashion, we ended the Vegas leg with an epic bang. We rented out a bungalow off of Marquee or as we liked to call it the “bangalow.” For those unfamiliar, a bungalow is a three story apartment attached to the club with a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and hot tub overlooking Marquee at the very top. As the Irish would say, fucking class. We filled the place with glow sticks, neon sunglasses, and dozens of bottles of vodka and champagne as the alcohol restriction had been lifted for the Rockstars and we had been instructed to go wild.

    I was having a blast just partying my ass off with my boys and not even worrying too much about the girls. That all changed when I took what I thought would be a rather pedestrian and routine trip to the bathroom, but of course nothing about Project Rockstar is pedestrian or routine. The ground floor bathroom opens up to a sink and mirror with the toilet area to the right and a shower to the left. When I enter, I notice that there are multiple people having sex in the shower but can’t tell who because the glass is fogged up. At this point in Rockstar, occurrences like this hardly faze me, so I continued into the bathroom area to carry out my original mission. Upon completion, I return to the kitchen area and amusingly remark that someone is having sex in the bathroom. One of the instructors encourages me to return to the bathroom and join in. Initially I was hesitant because I had never had group sex before, and I was nervous. Eventually I agreed, went back to the bathroom, got naked, and hopped in the shower.

    When I step in, one of the other Rockstars is railing away at some hot chick up against the wall, and then there are two other sexy Mexican girls sitting naked on the other side of the shower. One of them, when she sees me, gets up and bolts. The other one, without either of us ever having met or spoken to one another, begins voraciously sucking my dick. I was totally blown away. No pun intended. Never in my wildest dreams had I ever thought it possible that a girl that I had never met before would just start happily sucking my dick unprompted. I had amazing time fucking her up against the wall with my friend doing the same to his girl a couple feet away. As the warm water ran down my back and moans of ecstasy emanated from all four people in the shower, I was just thinking in my head how crazy it was that it was even happening. My reality of what I thought was possible was coming crashing down around me. When it was over, I went out of the bathroom and danced naked on the bar. I was feeling fantastically overwhelmed after my first group sex session.

    About an hour later, I ended up in one of the instructors’ suites at the Cosmo still trying to compute what had just happened in the shower not too long before. That’s when I was told that there was another group sex party going on in the bedroom, and that I should join. Again I was somewhat resistant at first because I was tired, a bit inebriated, and still trying to process how the hell I had sex in the shower. It didn’t take much prodding for me to drop my pants though. Rockstar is all about pushing boundaries, right? When I walk in the room, I see four other naked guys, a naked girl walking around, and another naked girl hogtied on the bed with rope. I froze in panic. There were lots of firsts waiting for me in that room that I was not prepared for. I had never really seen people having sex before (except for an hour earlier) especially multiple people at once. I had never seen someone tied up like that and I had never heard someone being told to beg for cock like a good little slave. I had never smacked someone’s ass with a paddle before, but I ended up doing that too. I don’t think that girl was probably able to sit down straight for two weeks after that night.

    Most of the guys took turns having their way with the hogtied girl. We paddled her ass, gave her instructions on who to fuck or suck, and she loved every minute of it. After the initial nervousness began to subside, I joined in too. The whole experience really turned me on to bondage and dominance Christian Grey style. Eventually they untied her and it ended up just me, her, and one of the other Rockstars. I tell you what nothing really bonds Rockstars together like when you make eye contact as your friend is fucking a girl and she is sucking on your dick with a finger up your ass. Now that is an emotionally bonding experience. So within a few hours of one another, I had my first and second group sex parties of my life.

    Now that story is pretty insane in and of itself. But what makes this story even more amazing is that it was only two and half weeks previous that I had lost my virginity. That’s right. I had never had sex with a girl only a couple weeks before. So I was really experiencing a whirlwind of emotions coming off that night because I was so inexperienced. I may be the quickest guy in the world to go from sexless to gangbang in history. Regardless, it was the most epic night of my life and one that totally shattered my reality and belief in what is possible in the most significant way. And that is what Project Rockstar does. It makes the stuff of imagination into reality.

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    If you’re reading this, by now you know a bit about what Project Rockstar. I’m going to give you a breakdown of my experience of the program starting even pre-application. Inspired by alumni that I met at Super Conference 2014, particularly Jasper and Scumbadger (now both Love Systems instructors), I was determined to apply. Even though the application doesn’t come out until January, I got the old questions from 2014 and started working on them right after Super Conference. I spent countless hours on them. The rigour of both application and interview process is very much on par with applying to professional school. If you’re going to put half an effort into it, you will get only half a result; it is very competitive to get in. Fortunately my hard work paid off, and the day I found out I got into Project Rockstar was honestly one of the happiest days of my life. I will never forget that night.

    The 3 themes of Project Rockstar are game, lifestyle, and fitness. The fitness portion is tackled immediately after getting into the program. For the 12 weeks prior to starting in Vegas, you’re put on an intense workout and diet program that becomes your life priority, even over going out and meeting girls. In fact, you barely have time for game. It’s the Kris Gethin program from To help my application, I actually started this program prior getting in. In fact, I had completed one cycle of the program before the Project Rockstar portion took over, so I actually did 2 consecutive cycles. Once in the program, the instructors monitor your progress and give you recommendations to adjust, which is super helpful. I really didn’t have much of a life in 2015 prior to starting in Vegas, but it was so worth it. I lost close to 50 pounds. I got down to 10% body fat. I got abs. I never thought either of these were possible. I was already smashing these huge barriers.

    Because of all this, I had to get an entirely new wardrobe. The timing was perfect, because the Project Rockstar fashion consultant gives everyone a breakdown of their fashions pre-rockstar, and does virtual shopping with you. This means I would go to stores he recommended, try on clothes, send him pictures, and he’d tell me right away what he thought. He did this for all of us, which meant all rockstars looked like such badasses from day 1 in Vegas. It was amazing.

    The set up in Vegas is spectacular. We’re living in a mansion with a pool, cooks, games room, basketball court, and so on. This year they had 2 house captains, which helped organize us to maintain the property. It was very well done. As soon as I met the other guys, I knew we’d all get along. We are carefully selected by the rockstar leadership to mesh as a team. And we are all uniquely motivated by self-improvement. As time went on, I realized how our personal success on rockstar (in personal development and getting with girls) is very much a factor of how well we mesh with the group. As for going out, we get tables every night and see world-class DJs. Even though it can be exhausting, we clearly lead a charmed life… it is ridiculously fun!

    The game part of the program starts with a 10-day bootcamp with other students. This is where we get our fundamentals. Every week, we were divided into small groups amongst the instructors. I found this so key for the program. After our seminars, which were 2-7 every day, we would meet with our small groups, get extremely personalized feedback, and make focused goals for the night. This could be learning to open bolder, to something more abstract like getting rid of my chasing vibe (as a personal example). I have a word of caution for this part of the program. Depending on your personality, it’s very easy to get caught up in the fun of the environment and not progress with game. It’s even easier to get caught up in the game part of the process and not have much fun. I can personally identify very much with the latter problem, though there were people who had problems with the former. You need to have some balance.

    After the 10-day program wraps up, we start Lifestyle Entrepreneurship with Jesse Krieger. Jesse is an inspiring guy who has done so many things in his life. Read his book, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, to get an idea of how you can transform your life on the business end. As a rockstar, not only do you get a week of seminar with him, you also get his help in your post-rockstar entrepreneurial endeavours. I know I have kept in touch with him with the business I’m building. He has been a rock for me.

    After Lifestyle Entrepreneurship, seminars consist of various presentations from mentors and guest speakers. So it will range from topics like leadership to team building to even STIs.

    This year we had 2 weeks off for our break and chose to go to Europe. I have heard that in previous years people actually got some sleep and recharged. This was not the case in our year. Our cohort was determined to party even harder. Using our newfound skills, our group had success in every place we travelled with some ridiculous stories. I realized sleep would have to be deferred to after rockstar. But you only life once, right?

    Sweden is where most people made real changes in who they are. This was definitely true for myself. This is partly a factor of time, having been on the program for 7 weeks by now, but the key event that occurs in Sweden that makes this happen is the Circle of Truth. This is where the real essence of the program, the self-development portion, comes through harshly. For a whole day, we sit around a circle. One person is put on the spot, and we go around the circle telling that person the plain truth of what we don’t like about them, how they can improve, what their bad habits are, and so on. This is a process that brings people to tears. But this is the best. Damn. Thing. Period. It is a unique time in your life where people shine a mirror on you so you see how you really look like to the outside world. Your friends back home either don’t see it or don’t tell you because they’re worried it’ll affect their relationship with you. Only in this environment, one that’s so extremely supportive and non-judgmental, can this actually work. Grown men cry during this.

    The changes in people are dramatic afterwards. For the rest of the time in Sweden, people make massive changes in themselves. Having dinner with an instructor a couple weeks later, he said it was like being with a completely different person. It was amazing. The Circle of Truth positively affects group dynamics too. Before the exercise, we are kind of focused on getting girls. But by now, it’s all about the boys. We are brothers. We don’t give a crap about girls. If they come, it’s icing on the cake. But we’re here for each other.

    All the criticism you will get on the Circle of Truth comes from a place of genuinely wanting to help the person on the spot. We are all supportive of each other and passionate about self-improvement. That is why this is probably the only environment in which this can work. (I tried doing it since returning home with my friends here, but I had to stop pretty quickly as people were getting quite upset with me!) After seeing the dramatically positive effects of this, I start to wonder how 99.9999999999% in the world who don’t do Project Rockstar get by in life!

    In terms of game, Sweden was a blast. It is the best place in the world for day game. I couldn’t believe that even when my day game wasn’t good, girls would still smile and chat with me. As for night game, girls are sexually liberated here. There were a few gangbangs. There were a lot of pulls last minute off the street. This just doesn’t happen where I’m from.

    Oh… did I mention the girls are virtually all dropdead gorgeous? I will definitely be returning to this magical place very soon!

    I would like to take a moment to discuss costs of the program. It can be quite substantial, as you’re travelling for 2.5 months, going out nearly every night, and doing table service. It can vary a bit if you spend more on shopping. If you’re not recognizing the potential for life change with my words above, than you won’t understand how some people take loans for Project Rockstar. I was prepared to quit my job for this.

    Project Rockstar clearly is not for everyone. Besides the cost, there’s a lot of time off work. There’s virtually no free time. You’ll sleep less than you ever have in your life. And then there’s the mentality you have to have. We’re grown men having our entire persons being broken down by others. The beat downs can be harsh. If you’re not fully committed to self-improvement, you will not survive the rigours of this program.

    I have to say that Project Rockstar was one of the hardest things I’ve done in life… but with each passing month upon returning home, I am starting to realize it may be the single best thing I’ve done. Besides the fact my life is full of women, which is clearly the secondary point to the program, I’m smiling all the time. I have never been happier. I now know who I truly am. I actually love myself fully, and this is something I discovered I wasn’t doing before. If only for that, then this program is so worth it. But it is so much more.

    Early in the program, Sterling tells us that the aim of Project Rockstar is for us to be who we want to be, where we want to be, and with whom we want to be; I can clearly see how this has come through for me, and for all of my rockstar brethren. Girls are a secondary focus. It is about personal development. As one alumnus I met at super Conference prior to applying said, “There is life before rockstar and life after rockstar.” I definitely know now what he meant.

    I want to thank Sterling, Vici, Vybe, Alswede, Venture, Huzefa, Jasper, and Scumbadger. I hope they all go to bed every night feeling extremely fulfilled. They transform lives every summer. They go out of their way to coach us throughout this rigorous program, giving up their summers. I know they are proud of the really special work that they do. I feel so privileged to have gone through this program under their guidance. My life is forever enriched for it.

    Lastly, good luck to all applicants for 2016. I hope to see you in Vegas!

  5. #5

    Imagine it is the month of June and you have just moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where you will be living in a mansion with 15 other guys for the first 5 of 12 total weeks on the summer. You all come from a different walk of life and are all unquestionably remarkable people. You all possesses your own unique qualities which make you different yet you have all been brought together because you share an unquenchable thirst for personal growth and the desire to live a life of your own design. Together, you will spend 72 days of your life submerged within a force of positivity and success so powerful that it is literally impossible for you to make it out without having made exponential growth personally and within your minds realm of what is possible in life.

    I first heard about Project Rockstar in the fall of 2013 when I was on a phone consultation with an LS instructor. He basically told me that a program exists, there is a financial requirement and the guys who are generally accepted on are successful in an area of life or younger guys who can show they have the potential and drive to be successful. That night, I googled Project Rockstar and found the website. I remember in the moment after the moment I finished exploring the website I told myself that this is something I have to do at some point in my life.

    The program was not an option for me then because there were two obstacles in my way. The first was that I could not financially afford it. The second was that I was not convinced the program is actually what it’s made out to be because I had never been on any other programs or met anyone affiliated with rockstar outside of the LS phone consult. I finished university in the fall of 2014 and a few months later some inheritance money which had been tied up overseas was finally released to me.

    I finally printed out the Project Rockstar application in January 2015 but didn’t fill it out because my new excuse was it’s too expensive to not know if it’s legit or not. Another month went by and the urge in my gut kept growing louder. With only 2 days left to submit my application, I immersed myself into the Project Rockstar journals and reviews from years past which I had not read yet. After reading everything I knew I had to apply because everything lined up perfectly with something I was willing to take a leap of faith with. I spent the whole night before the application was due as well as the next morning relentlessly working to complete mine. I finished writing it with 10 seconds left on the deadline timer. Fortunately, I had already pre-loaded the submission link earlier that morning so I was able to quickly submit the application and get accepted to be a part of something that has changed my life for the better.

    Before rockstar, I knew my life was not what I want it to be and I always thought there must be something better. I knew I am smart and driven but I felt like I had so much more potential that I wasn’t clicking into. I felt like if I had the right mentors and people in my life to guide me in the right direction then I could really tap into my potential and get on a better path. I was really fed up with how much I was struggling with women and tired of people telling me there is no way I should be having any problems meeting women. I grew distant from my friends because it seemed like they were content living in their small life boxes and didn’t have any desire to grow. They were perfectly fine with working their desk jobs Mon – Fri and spending the entire weekend, day and night, shitfaced. The only true friend that I had was my best friend from high school who was also my roommate. We hung out a lot for the first few months of living together and I even introduced him to game but then he tied himself up with a serious girlfriend 2 months later and stopped going out. It all built up inside me and I started feeling really lonely as well as angry.

    Rockstar seemed like it could help me improve my outlook on life, my situation with women and build real friendships with incredible people who will value the friendship as much as I do which is why I was so attracted to the program. I also love EDM, nightclubs, staying fit and learning about entrepreneurship so it really made sense for me to apply.

    The program met all of my expectations and did so much more for me than I ever expected. I learned things I didn’t know I was going to learn which I will use for the rest of my life as I continue to grow and pave the path towards the incredible life I have no doubt I am going to live. Before rockstar my attitude towards nearly everything in my life was negative. I was coasting by with no real direction or insights on what is truly possible in life. Despite being so negative, I actually considered myself to be a generally happy person which couldn’t have been farther from the truth. In reality I was drenched in sadness and everyone but me could see it all over my face yet no one ever bothered to say anything to me, not even my friends or family. Thanks to the honest, non-judgmental, supportive and constructive atmosphere that revolves around rockstar, I received the feedback that I look absolutely miserable all of the time and that it’s hard to want to be around me especially at the nightclub. I never realized how deeply rooted into my core my negative views of life were and unhappy I really was.

    After going through rockstar I can say and truly believe that I am an amazing person who has value. I am a much happier person who has a positive outlook on life and I am confident in what I am doing and in my beliefs of what I am capable to do. This became especially apparent to me after arriving home at the end of the summer and catching up with my roommate who is also my best friend from high school and someone who knows me very well. He told me he can’t explain it but I seem so happy and confident in myself and that it is was apparent to him from just being in my presence. Other friends that know me have told me I seem calm and much happier. I now know what I need to do to create massive success and more happiness in my life. Most importantly, I have a massive brotherhood filled with the most astonishing people who walk on this planet. Brothers who only want to see everyone else grow and are forever dedicated to giving back to this amazing network.

    One of the first lessons I learned was that the act of going out to a bar or nightclub does not need to start by pre-gaming with alcohol and getting wasted as my foundation for the rest of the night. Before rockstar, I was going out with my group of friends every Friday and Saturday and the night always started with us getting together at 9 and pre-gaming really hard before heading out. My association between going to bars/clubs and being wasted was so strong that the concept of being in a club environment without drinking didn’t exist in my reality but was an issue I had to face since drinking isn’t an option during most of rockstar.

    Though it took me basically all of rockstar to realize it, learning to party without drinking any alcohol was one of the best things I have ever done because it forced me to face everything I was running away from. I quickly realized that I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin in general let alone at a nightclub where there are hot girls that I didn’t believe I was good enough to talk to. After 5 weeks of partying without alcohol I had several reference experiences that built upon each other and helped me start seeing that I don’t need to be wasted to have fun or to feel comfortable interacting with others at a nightclub. I started seeing that I can build the same kind of fun by making the choice to take right action despite my fears and through doing that getting into state naturally.

    I believe the most important lesson I learned during rockstar is to love myself. People like me because I’m me but I couldn’t see that. Everyone saw all these great things in me and were shocked about the way I would talk about myself. I was the only one that viewed myself so negatively and couldn’t see all of the great things about myself. Before rockstar, I was walking around in life constantly tearing myself down and never realized how deeply it actually affected me. It was especially bad every time I interacted with or even thought about interacting with a beautiful woman. I remember at some point during my pre-rockstar days I adopted the belief that I was a “woman repellant” and then told my friends and others that I repel women. Eventually I completely stopped approaching any girls and I deleted my Tinder because I believed all women are mean and I had developed an unhealthy sense of hatred towards them.

    Over the course of rockstar I learned that the real problem was with my mindsets, beliefs and the way I looked at things in general. The Scumbadger went out of his way to teach me, and everyone else, how to reframe any negative, unhealthy or generally unhelpful beliefs into ones that are positive and uplifting. I learned to consciously monitor the way that I talk to myself so that I can catch the negative on its way in and reframe it into something more positive. For example, every time I approached a girl and was blown out I would get so embarrassed and tell myself I suck so much and that there is something about me that girls just don’t like. I based all of that off of one girl rejecting me which I now realize is ridiculous to believe I suck as a person and that no girls like me just because one girl rejected me. I now realize there are a number of other possible reasons for rejection that have nothing to do with me and even if it was because of me that’s ok because it’s impossible for everyone to like me. The only thing that matters is that I like me and am prepared take the right action which is always a win. Now I have started to automatically look at things more positively though it is still a work in progress as I have 26 years of negative thinking to rewire.

    Bravado, Vybe and T taught me how to have fun and feel the freedom to do everything for my own self entertainment rather than to accomplish a certain outcome. One way Vybe helped me work on this was by having me randomly say something ridiculous like “I’m looking for someone to fist my ass can you help me with that.” I never would have dreamed of saying something like that before but once I did I realized how much fun it was not taking the whole thing so seriously and that I can get away with a lot more than I ever thought. Bravado and T helped me realize it’s not always about getting laid and that the night is not a complete failure if I didn’t get laid. One of the best ways I learned from Bravado is if I get blown out and my wingman is nearby then I just yell “Call me” to her and then look to my wingman who will say “She’ll call” and then we just both start nodding and grinning really big. Bravado would also always say things like “It’s all over, game as we know it is finished forever we should pack up and go home” at the end of the night if we didn’t pull. All of it just taught me that I’m there to have fun and whatever happens is ok as long as I did my best to reach my goals. I was also struggling with feeling like I didn’t belong on rockstar but Bravado and T quickly helped me sort that out and realize that I was definitely chosen for a reason. Bravado constantly told me that I’m money and I don’t even know it. He helped me so much and still talks to and works through things with me today. It’s so amazing to have that kind of support.

    Another change for me since finishing rockstar is I have stopped taking the antidepressant and antianxiety medications I had been on for years before and during rockstar. I of course discussed it with my doctor first and he approved. I have been off of the medications for around 3 months now and I feel better than ever. Getting off of the medications is such a massive success for me because I believed that I was going to be on the medication for the rest of my life but rockstar helped me see that it’s possible for me to create my own happiness, change the way I think and not have to depend on a medication to function in life.

    By now you can see that my rockstar was about so much more than just learning how to smash it to chicks which I did learn how to do as well. I went in thinking getting epic game was one of the top reasons I wanted on the program but now I realize it was never really about that for me. It was about becoming comfortable and confident in my own skin and learning how to create my own happiness. It was about seeing myself in the awesome way everyone else sees me.

    The best word to describe how I feel since the end of rockstar is liberated. I feel liberated from the shackles and bull shit that I had allowed to imprison me. I look back at who I was before and I get exhausted just thinking about how much energy I was exerting on a daily basis worrying about what everyone was thinking about me or what they would think about anything I did. It’s such a liberating feeling because now I feel like I can be who I know I am and not worry about what others might think. Since I’ve been home I’ve even started going out by myself just to keep my momentum going. I never was confident enough before to go out and game solo and used the excuse of not having a wingman which limited me to only going out when my friend group was going out.

    Most of the days in Vegas and Sweden were spent in seminar learning from highly skilled experts on the topic for that day or week. First we learned about the simplified natural method of game. After simplified natural was finished, the seminar subjects turned to entrepreneurship, various business topics and personal growth lessons. The Vegas nights are spent partying in world class nightclubs where our group always had a table reserved to serve as our home base where we would create an epic party that was always flooded with girls over the course of the night

    We were split into groups which consisted of one instructor and one or two of us rockstars. Our individual goals for each night were based on where our game was at and our individual sticking points which we had determined with our instructor during debrief earlier that day. The groups changed every week and we were placed with whichever instructor they thought could help us improve the most based on where our game currently was. I look back now and realize the most important thing in your life every club night is to make sure you are having loads of fun and smashing it to all the girls in the club. If you have done your job well then the result could be you banging a chick in the bathroom at the nightclub, joining in on a gangbang, pulling her back to your bed, or any other combination of things you can think relating to sex.

    The rockstar break was 100% fun and 0% rest for our class. We all enjoyed being around each other so much and all enjoyed raging at Hula Hula is the beach bar in Hvar where each of us would our own personal 7 person mojito and also smash it to the girls of course though we were much more focusing on having fun and bonding together.

    Sweden was amazing as well now that I look back on it. I was so caught up in wanting to bang a fully Swedish girl that I became extremely frustrated when it didn’t happen and lost sight of things. After my 5th time of pulling a girl back to the hotel and the end result be me not banging her I started completely missing the fact that just pulling girls I had met in the same night back to the hotel was badass in itself. The circle of truth was the real deal as well and one of the hardest things I’ve been through. I honestly started crying half way through it and it was especially hard to keep looking at the person giving me feedback in the eye. Sweden was an absolute blast and the women there are so phenomenal. I even started working on day game in Sweden and found it to be a lot of fun.

    All of the instructors are such incredible people who I admire and look up to. They are all so skilled in everything they do and they have a hunger that drives them to lead the best life they can and they make rockstar so powerful by selecting guys who they believe also have that constant hunger for growth. They genuinely care about how you are doing and want you to succeed. Though they appreciate it when you appreciate everything, they would much rather you say it by showing them by taking what they are teaching and showing them that you are using it. Actually seeing us succeed is the best thank you we could give them.

    Even 3 months after rockstar everyone is still very connected. We are still helping each other and talking daily via our texting thread which shows how close we all are no matter how far apart we are living. The same true with us and the instructors. I needed advice on how to deal with a tough situation that was non-game related a month after rockstar had ended and Sterling was there to understand my problem and knew the right direction to point me in which of course was to another person involved with rockstar who happened to be an expert in the field I was having a problem with. I was in Chicago over Halloween and wanted to go out but didn’t know where to go so I send a message out and Vici instantly recommended I go to this amazing club called Underground and Sterling put me in contact with an LS instructor located in Chicago who I met up with that night.

    It still amazes me how they managed to effectively select so many guys with different personalities and unique qualities and mix them together for 72 days with the end result being an epic group that operated extremely well and bonded very closely with everyone loving everyone. I have played sports my whole life and was part of a fraternity in college, like some of the rockstars, but I have never bonded with anyone in the same way that all of us rockstars bonded this past summer. I’ve also never been surrounded by so many amazing and incredibly motivated guys who work together to help each other out. What we went through together this summer is real life and things most people will never face in their entire lifetime. Every single thing we did was meant to help us grow in some way and we spent 72 days of doing nothing else but things that would help us grow. The result was us making massive changes at an extremely fast rate. After seeing the incredible mindsets and accomplishments of both instructors and rockstars I have even more motivation to constantly pursue an extraordinary life of my own design.

    Thank you instructors to the instructors for making the experience possible. I can’t express in words how remarkably happy and exceedingly thankful I am that I was given the opportunity to be a part of this truly magical experience.

  6. #6

    PR 2015 review

    Project Rockstar is the experience of a lifetime, it has forever changed the quality and trajectory of my life! Sitting here writing this I am reflecting back on what has been the most incredible and rewarding year of my life! It was an intense journey of self discovery that helped me to redefine the expectations of myself.

    Previous to Rockstar my life was ok, I was seeing a girl and was on my way to starting my second business but I still felt an emptiness inside of me, I wanted more out of life. Mediocrity was something I had never been content with, yet most of the time I felt like I was living at 70% of my potential simply because I did not have the skills sets to tap into the other 30%. I had so many years of negative programming and shitty beliefs about myself, sex and women. My fear of rejection and lack of confidence around women had haunted me my whole life.

    It wasn’t until a couple of years ago when I took a 10 day boot camp with Sterling and Vici in Miami that I realised I had the potential to achieve so much more for myself, that the world out there was so much bigger than the one I had been allowing myself to experience.

    I found out about Rockstar on the 10 day, but at the time I felt like I wasn’t good enough for the next intake, so I spent the next year working my butt off in the key areas of social skills, fitness and lifestyle design. I was in my mid thirties at the time of applying so I knew I had to stand out on my application. Thank god I got in because from the day I was accepted I can honestly say my life has never been the same!
    Being on Rockstar has given me the chance to face my fears, live outside my comfort zone and truly make some huge strides towards finding out who I am as a man.
    The programme is a huge commitment, both financially and with the level of effort you will need to put in. It will shake to the core, weed out all your insecurities and more than likely it will see you reduced to tears at least once by the end of the summer. But through all of this you will have the best time of your life and make a heap of new friends along the way.

    The Sports Food Fitness training programme starts immediately upon your acceptance to the Rockstar. Fitness becomes your life, the programme is both physically and physiologically gruelling but you will most definitely get in the best shape of your life. It’s a solid 12 weeks of getting jacked but it also mentally and physically prepares you for the summer ahead. I had personally never eaten so much clean healthy food in all my life! We all hated chicken by the end of the fitness programme only to arrive in Vegas to find more dry chicken waiting for us. It’s extremely intense but all the hard work doesn’t go unnoticed by the girls and when you’re at the pool parties surrounded by gorgeous women in bikinis you certainly won’t regret having completed all the thousands of reps in the gym.

    I remember the first day in Vegas well. We all meet up at the Cosmo, it was an overwhelming feeling sitting in the room with all the new Rockstars, the instructors and a huge number of returning alumni. Everyone had a turn at introducing themselves and telling their stories, it soon became obvious how successful everyone was and how everyone had their own unique story of what brought them here. The fact that so many alumni came back to support the programme was testament to how special it was to them.

    The Rockstars this year not only spanned more than 15 years in age difference, but we also all came from different countries, cultures and careers and yet everyone in the group becomes such close friends by the end. Something special happens when you put a group of guys together who all share the same aspirations of wanting to become the best version of themselves. It’s such a tight brotherhood that forms, and pretty much all of them ended up being as close as my best friends back home that I had known for years!

    During the first couple of weeks on the programme I was so far out of my element, I would get to the clubs and just be mesmerised by all the bright lights, thumping music and just so many hot women. I was taking on so much new growth that at times I almost felt like I was going backwards. It’s a hard graft and I experienced many peaks and plateaus. I eventually started hitting my stride around 3 and a half weeks in, by then the combination of my new fashion, ever increasing self belief and the way I carried myself as a man had improved 10 fold. Honestly the changes I saw and felt in myself from one week to the next were profound. As I was becoming more masculine and bold my successes with women were becoming more consistent and the dialog that went through my head during my approaches and interactions became more and more positive.

    The great thing about the programme is that as you learn and with each and every little adjustment or change you make to your game you are getting constant feedback, firstly from the interactions with the women you met each night, then again from the instructors the next day. One example of how noticeable the changes can be was when I got a new haircut and Alswede had taken me out on the fashion consult. The results were immediate; straight away I was getting more girls opening green.
    The feedback sessions were so on point; Sterling, Vici and Vybe are experts at breaking down game and explaining it back to us in a way that is digestible. Sterling would spend his whole night just watching us and taking in what was going on, nothing gets past him. If we were not pushing hard enough, approaching enough, using enough contact, any number of things he already knew! We thought we had a busy schedule but the instructors seriously worked there arses off organising everything.
    I really had no idea how I was going to survive the clubs in Vegas, my seen had always been country music and bars. I maybe got to a nightclub 5 or 6 times a year so the prospect of partying to EDM and House music 6 nights a week for 10 weeks straight scared the shit out of me. But EDC weekend changed all that for me, you can’t make it through that weekend and come out not loving EDM and House music. I had never partied so hard in all my life as what we did that weekend.

    One of my biggest concerns going into the summer was that this may end up just being 10 weeks of partying and game. Having been through the programme now I can attest that there is so much more learning that goes on than just game. There are seminars on just about everything from Jesses ‘Lifestyle entrepreneur’s academy’ to leadership, marketing, website building, property investment, negotiations skills to life coaching and so on.

    We also get the odd fun day thrown in the mix. We got to go skydiving, shot machine guns in the desert, 4th July celebrations, wakeboarding in Croatia and a day out at an amusement park in Sweden to name a few.

    There’s a shit tonne of learning and growth to be had with a healthy mix between Fitness, Lifestyle Design and Game!

    Heading to Berlin and Croatia for the 2 week Rockstar break was fucking epic, I had never been to Europe so it felt a whole new world. The clubs were of the chart and the women were straight out of an FHM magazine. We had great weather and the beaches were a welcome site after 5 weeks in Vegas. We ended up partying super hard for our break, which isn’t really the objective of break but we did all get to know each other pretty well by the end of it.

    Once we hit Sweden we started partying like kings. Everyone was starting to relax and have fun with their game. We would often have tables at the best clubs, we were all dressing like total badarses and our game was getting close to instructor level. The women at these clubs were smoking hot and Swedish culture is very much so sexually liberated. The way we were now partying as a group created such a fun atmosphere and vibe that it would draw women in, they could see we were guys who knew how to party and fun. There were all sorts of crazy stories happening everyday in Sweden. Here we were also getting roughly 3 nights off per week so it was a great chance use these nights for dates, either with women we met while out or from Tinder.

    For me by this point I was feeling the full effects of my Rockstar transformation. I had shed so many limiting beliefs and I was feeling more and more like a boss walking around the clubs.

    I could feel myself becoming the person I always knew I should be and wanted to be but before Rockstar I just didn’t know how to get there. I was able to communicate with women at a level I previously didn’t know existed, a level beyond words. My body language seemed to be doing most of the talking. I finally felt like I got women and they could sense it.

    I gained so many positive reference experiences that there is just no way I could slip back into my old life. I was getting comments like “When I first met you I thought to myself who the fuck is this guy and how come he is so confident” and “I’ve never felt a connection with anyone so powerful” and more than once I banged girls that had previously never had an SNL. One of them even commented to me that I got her to break her number 1 rule but that she felt like she should be thanking me!! You definitely feel like the sexual liberator when you hear comments like that. Keeping in mind my background and that I myself had never had a SNL before Rockstar, my reality was constantly being shattered.

    Another highlight for me was a 5 minute pull I had with a 20yr old chick in Croatia that was almost half my age.

    The material they teach on Rockstar is so on point and when delivered right hits super hard. I now feel like I can take an interaction in any direction. You get given the tools to take interactions with women as far as you want anywhere from SNL to a longer term relationship. I feel like I can now build strong connections with women so much faster and deeper. None of what we learnt was based on bullshit lines or routines.

    Having been through Rockstar now I can honestly say that I know and value myself so much more than I ever have, I now recognise my own self-worth and I have a renewed passion for life. I was always my biggest enemy coming into this but I conquered myself and came out on top. I was rejected hundreds of times over the summer but I also managed to almost double the number of girls I had been with in my entire life. By the end of Rockstar how many times you got laid becomes irrelevant and you come to realise how much growth can be attributed to being surrounded by such an amazing crew of guys. These guys will be friends for life and I’m truly grateful for the part they played in my journey.

    From the day we were accepted into the programme the instructors were there for us, they went out of their way to make sure we experienced as much growth as possible. I have a huge appreciation for the core instructors Sterling, Vici, Venture and Vybe who sacrificed so much of their time and energy just to help us succeed, not to mention the junior instructors who also played a massive part over the summer Scumbadger, Hootie, Jasper and Alswede. You guys are legends thank you so much for making Rockstar the epic transformational experience that it is today!

    Project Rockstar literally is a blueprint for going after your dreams and getting what you want out of life. It’s incredibly difficult to put into words just how special this programme is and I don’t think anyone will truly understand unless they experience it themselves. If you make it onto the programme and put in all the hard work that’s required, it won’t come easy but I can assure you the rewards and memories out the other end are for life and they far out way any of the sacrifices, expense and effort. So I encourage you to do everything and anything in your power to get accepted. Become your best self and never look back again!

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