Volume 113 How to Attract Girls with Your Core Identity - (Nick Hoss & Dave Vox)

Identity is a key component to attracting the girls you want. Identity will show girls who we are as a person. It allows us to display our value and gives snapshots into our world and what our life looks like to draw girls in, it's a very powerful way to cause attraction and solidify attraction.

Your Identity can provide powerful insights to build up emotion and take attraction to the next level. Also contained on this interview is a recorded Q & A session with Dave Vox and Nick Hoss with subjects ranging from Storytelling, Dealing with Hired Guns, and much more .

Some of the questions answered on this interview are:

  • Why do we want to work on our Identity?
  • How do you convey Identity to girls?
  • What makes our identity strong?
  • How do you express your identity through story telling?
  • How does inner game and lifestyle feed into your core identity?
  • Does fashion play a part in your identity?
  • How important is it to work on our identity?

Quotes From The Interview

"If she knows what you value and knows where you come from then she can see you as a certian type of guy and base certain types of projections from that"
Nick Hoss

"No aspects of your identity should be false and purely because you think it will be attractive to girls"
Dave Vox

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