Volume 112 Early Set Calibration - (Keychain, Intrigue, and Helicase)

The early moments of any interaction are vitally important. It's first contact; all the variables are still unknown. Learning how to read the situation and calibrate your game in this exciting and fast-paced phase is essential. In this interview with a recorded Q & A, Instructors Keychain, Intrigue, and Helicase will discuss techniques such as rapid escalation, same-night-lay red flags, and consistently reaching the hook point.

Some of the topics covered on this interview:

  • How to tell the differences between Green, Yellow, and Red lights.
  • What are the different responses you can expect and what to do in these situations.
  • How to use physical escalation to build attraction quickly.
  • What are some red flags when dealing with same night lays.
  • Using teasing and push-pull with set calibration.
  • What level of speed you should be pushing the emotional pace.
  • How to calibrate to her body language.
  • Using calibration in day and night game.
  • What to do during the first five minutes to build attraction.
  • How to use negative frames to your advantage.

Quotes From The Interview

"Something alot of guys struggle with is they treat red lights how they should treat yellow lights."

"You can screen her out to see if she is a potential same night lay candidate very early and there is a list of certain things you need to figure out first."

"Go with one of those negative frames and say yes to the frame and you enlarge it to such a ludicrous degree that it shatters."

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