Need your help please. Rejected and humiliated, but I still need her.

Hello guys new here just wanted to say Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me. I met this girl on facebook. She posted a meetup to eat. i said i was down to go. I went and it was just her. then some other guy comes along, and i said is it cool that im here? she said yeah its only her buddy. Only us 3 the whole time. After meeting her, she facebook me saying thanks for comming. i responded the next day. i said we should get together again and that i liked her. (i know i should not have said i liked her) anyway this is what happened:


(ME) Hi, food trucks was great. I would like to get to know you better you want to get something to eat sometime?

(HER) I really dont have time aside from when i go to the food trucks or the weekends. This weekend I'm outta town too. I'm sorry. I dont really go out. I'm focused on working out right now. Im lifting. Trying to get muscle definition by hitting the gym every day.

(ME) I get it. My schedule is crazy too, I just figured I'd let you know my intentions lol... no worries though. I only have a night or two a week that im free, but yeah, you seem like a pretty cool girl. I can try and make some time one of these weekends... send me a text when you figure something out. (my phone number)

any advice on what i should do?? did she leave a small crack in the door for me to get through? or shut me out? Thank you