Field report number closed obstacle oops!
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    Field report number closed obstacle oops!

    Went to a bar called Manana. Its a cuban themed dance club with a nice mix of HB's here in Poland. It was packed when I got there so I bellied up to the bar and said hello to my new favorite bartender.
    Side note I went to scout this place two nights ago. I introduced myself to the DJ and bartender. We hit it off immediately and got in a conversation about polish vodka. Well he insists I try some flavored ones. So he starts pouriing them for me. So seven shots and 45 minutes later I am useless. So much for sarging. Note to self.....don't let overenthusiastic bartender kill your sarge.
    I got a red bull and vodka and I eye a nice HB8. She is dancing in a group and wearing this little shirt that says Italia.
    I open.
    Hey my little sister wants her shirt back.
    She looks and me a little strange..then her friend translates.
    She punches me.
    I tell her friends they need to put her in the corner with crayons and dunce cap.
    Then I start chatting up her friend. She keeps trying to get my attention but I ignore her.
    All good so far.
    HB goes to bathroom and her friend starts to walk off the floor. I tell her friend hey wanna grab a table. I am thinking if we are at a table when HB comes back she will likely join.
    The third friend is still dancing.
    Well I get to a table and I start practicing some DHV stories on the friend.
    Friend is really digging me and HB has not shown back up. By the time HB comes back she goes to dance floor. I am now falling into my grounding sequence with friend and cannot eject gracefully.
    So I talk to friend for 20 more minutes and HB still does not show up. So we get up to go dance. HB has gotten pretty drunk and I dont see a real oppurtunity to pull her aside.
    I got one really solid IOI when she picks up this necklace think and attatches it to my belt buckle.
    Then the third friends want to leave. I figure well cut my losses. Friend comes back to give me a goodbye kiss (cheek).
    I leave club and I see them talking to three guys. I am a little irritated but figure no biggie.
    I walk across this giant square in the center and grab a bite to eat and call a Taxi. Just as I am about to get in the three come around the corner. I offer to share my cab ride as friend has told me she is staying with HB and HB lives close to me.
    They get in back I get in front. We get to my place and I give the guy 50 Zlotkys but does not have change. The girls dig and finally the friend says to me give me your number and next week we will go out together and pay you back for the taxi. So I had her enter her number in my phone.
    She does not live in the town but at least I established a premise for seeing HB next week. Prior to going to bed I received a text mesage to confirm our date? I sent back a note saying hey I would have given you the number for free.
    Hmm I number closed the obstacle
    It would be less funny if it where not true.
    Hope to have better luck on target next week.

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    Yo good job dude! But then somehow it's like 'language' is the main barrier between u guys... I'm not very sure since I'm just a noob PUA but then I feel like u're successful already. Besides, wt DHV stories did you use ? The one living with models or wt ? No shit but I'm a model myself in Hong Kong and it's like somehow they're afraid to talk to me, or they feel so freaked out to face me directly. ( I'm not's a problem to me.. ) Besides, I found it extra hard for me to establish 'emotional connection' with the HBs. Which test would u suggest ? Details plz..
    Thx !


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