Why is it DLV to be inconsiderate and ride your bicycle on the pavement?

Met girl at a social event. Excellent communication. Texting each other a lot. Yesterday kept sending steamy messages till 2 am. Today I received like 20 messages from her for each message I wrote.

Girl is attracted to my lifestyle and (according to her) intelligence (although my story might disprove its existance).

She is very hot, smart, has daddy issues, finds it difficult to trust men, traditional, conservative values.

Now today I got a warning from a police officer for cycling on the pavement (even though it was wide and had no people on it, the one-way street was far more dangerous.

Knowing that "girls like bad boys" I decided to exagerate the story when telling her. I ended up cycling on a forbiden path, being chased by police, caught, forced by the wall and getting a fine of 50 GBP / 85 USD / 65 EUR / 1,670,640 VND

Bicycle-fines in all currencies

This was a massive turnoff. She said "thank good there is law and order", said she needed to go to sleep (at 11 pm) and instantly left the coversation. I feel like I destroyed all attraction in this momentary aberration.

What now?