Need advice on how to proceed with a Vegas dancer

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  1. Need advice on how to proceed with a Vegas dancer

    I was in Vegas recently and met a dancer at the rhino. I had a bad night, so decided to hang out with her in the private room. As I was chatting with her, she told me that she was into drones. I wasn't into drones but knew a little bit about it as I was in tech. We had such a great conversation about it and thought we really connected. We exchanged numbers after that and have been texting for a few weeks now. She responds to texts only about drones and nothing else. It seems impossible to get anything else out of her and it feels like I have hit a wall. Any recommendations on how I should proceed? I liked her a lot. Maybe I am just infatuated.

  2. Dancers give me their phone numbers all the time, but they see me as a "client" not a potential mate. If she gave you her number in a "room" she is thinking you will txt her the next time you want to do a "room" with her. Girls in the clubs often will lead guys on in order to keep them as customers. I have seen how good looking most these girls boyfriends are, so I never get the wrong impression. One top dancer I know at a club I go to has a 6' 3", blonde & blue eyed boyfriend who is very muscular and has that tattooed tough guy look. The reality is even the guys that have great looks still are lead on by dancers that there might be a chance, when in reality the chance is slim to none. Most of these girls have boyfriends and many will lie and say they don't have boyfriends just to keep customers thinking there is a chance so they keep getting money from him. If you keep texting her and are not paying her in the club eventually she will block your number and stop responding.

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