Venture and Sterling 10 Day Bootcamp - Las Vegas, June 2015

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    Venture and Sterling 10 Day Bootcamp - Las Vegas, June 2015

    Another sellout program. Was a pleasure working with all of you and teaching you our Simplified Natural curriculum.

    As with each summer, this was a very special program, as it ran in conjunction with the first 10 days of Project Rockstar. That meant a one to one instructor student ratio, tons of alumni helping out, and going out pretty much every single night.

    Simplified Natural |
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    2015 Las Vegas 10 Day Bootcamp Review

    If you know that this is an area of your life that you need to handle, and you want the best-available mentorship and teaching toward reaching this goal, it would be a mistake not to take this 10 day camp. In the three weeks it has been since the first day of my camp, I’ve had many of my own limiting beliefs shattered, the biggest of which being the true importance of embracing being a masculine man and how desperate women are to meet a real, masculine man. Yes, we’ve all heard this before, but I came to appreciate this in an entirely new way during camp in how many little things hinder us and how valuable this intensive mentoring and learning environment can be.

    I am a successful professional coming out of a marriage where my man-skills were not nurtured and had atrophied. I'd guess that none of you reading these words are the guys in high school and college that got women consistently without effort, or to the extent you did, this has not carried over after college (or you wouldn’t be here). Nor was I. I had success, yes, but looking back I was inconsistent with women. Now, the social world of post-divorce dating has shown me that awkwardness breeds shitty results. And so you are left wondering, “How did I fuck that one up? Damn, I thought she was a high-quality woman.”

    So you can keep fucking it up and doing your best to learn from those experiences. And provided you push yourself and have enough experiences, you will learn and make progress. But I submit that even in the best-case scenario, there is a real practical limit to your growth. I can safely say that, for me, this 10 day camp is simply the best possible way forward through this conundrum, and better, that the world out there for you as a Simplified Natural man is far brighter, sexier and more fun than you can imagine.

    If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, right? Well, that’s true here as well, as paying the 12K and showing up for 10 days in Vegas is the easy part. The real key to unlocking your inner “masculine man leading a life of passion” comes once you identify your issues and unlock your path forward. For some this path may provide some immediate results and could be simpler that you might imagine, just needing some inner-perspective and a relatively few changes in one’s approach. For others, much more personal development will be required.

    The topics covered in the camp are revolve around the Simplified Natural Model of communication: Masculinity, Conversation Skills, Body Language, Sexual Escalation, Boundaries and Thresholds, Relationships and Sexual Skills.

    Basically this is expert mentorship and teaching, and the return-on-investment for the best mentorship is priceless. Of the students in my camp, I’d guess that all but perhaps one would submit that the mentorship and learning we were exposed to was indeed priceless. The one I’m worried about is holding onto old bullshit patterns of thinking that simply don't work — canned “lines” and “routines.” If you are not willing to show up with an open mind, and if you are shown the path but do not put in the work it takes to follow the path, you will have wasted your time and money. In part, that’s the reason for the high cost as a barrier-to-entry to this camp. They are filtering for students that are motivated to make a real change.

    My limiting beliefs. Before camp I would not have believed that women would be thanking me for being a real man, thanking me for allowing them to be a woman, thanking me for taking them and being dominant and confident in doing so. I probably believed that it was possible and perhaps that maybe this was nature’s way, but I would not have believed that I could so readily see my way forward to becoming that man. The text messages and thank-you’s I have received have shattered my beliefs. In this course, you come to understand that evolutionary biology has set this up for us, it is simply society and conditioning and a life of poor results that have sucked this out of men. Women, more than anything, want you to take this camp and embrace its charge. One new friend calls it “man college” and says that it should be mandatory education for all men (I disagree only in that I would recommend this camp only to those who believe they are worthy of the effort needed to make these changes in themselves).

    For me, this quote sums up a good deal of the Vegas 10 day bootcamp. Is it real? Is it worth the very significant cost? Provided you are willing to be real with yourself, you are suitably motivated, and you are willing to try, it is not only worth it, it is the single best thing you can do to understand and redirect your life.

    Fundamentally, this is a communications course. It’s very much an immersion environment. And the guys teaching and leading the course have their own story of pain that surrounded their own quest to get this part of their lives handled. These are generous and caring men. In the Simplified Natural model, the quality of the man is gauged by the degree to which they reach out and add value to other’s lives; by being a source of silent inspiration to others. To a man, each instructor gave of themselves in a way that was truly surprising and humbling to me. Their self-honesty and willingness to share their most vulnerable personal demons is a huge part of the power of this group. And I can say without question, that these are men that no-doubt now live a very masculine life fueled by passion.


    I identified three overarching goals for this course for myself:
    1) To be attractive to the high value, high quality women in my life — to facilitate access and choice in establishing quality committed relationships and perhaps a marriage
    2) To improve my social and communication skills for both my personal and professional life
    3) To get mentorship and feedback to shorten the process

    I have 50 pages of handwritten notes from this course, much of which are framed as “how does this fit me and relate to my goals?” Essentially everything presented just naturally makes sense. The Simplified Natural model created by Venture and Sterling is nothing short of brilliant. Its power lies in its simplicity and in its ability to crystalize the elements of male-female interaction into concrete concepts. There really are no “lines” to be memorized here, outside of perhaps a few phrases here and there that will help you get going when you are stuck. And really, the model reinforces the idea that what is said is really the least important component of communication, coming in far behind how and why it’s said, and the body language clues that either reinforce what you say or detract from it.

    I can’t thank the instructors enough and want to send out a big thank you to you guys. Sterling and Venture for the vision to create the Model and SN program and Vici, Hootie and Vybe for all the great teaching and feedback. These guys live what they are teaching and all of them have been in our shoes. On the face of it, you’d think the feedback would be pretty stingy, but these guys are so authentic and open themselves that I did not find that to be the case. I literally had hundreds of interactions either in-field at the clubs or with direct feedback at class or during breaks, and the feedback I got was better than what you could get from even years of therapy, as this was real-time, contextual real-world feedback.

    The teaching during class is interactive and is basically the Socratic method, and I found it very effective. Even with 5+ hours per day of classwork (all but 2 days), I never lost focus on the material at hand. Teaching went something like this:

    Sterling throws out a to-be-challenged concept with a statement like “It’s not what you say, but rather everything other than what you say that matters most.” — So I’m thinking, Ok, maybe. I’m willing to go with it for the purpose of discussion, but it has to matter what you say…

    Sterling then asks “Think about an interaction that went really well last night, do you remember what you said when you opened her initially?” — Oh, yeah, that’s right. Natural conversation isn’t scripted, and I really don’t remember what I said.

    He then emphasizes “It’s so much more important that you are presenting as a confident, masculine, real person… If you are not having fun, your fucked; if your sub-comms are off, you’re screwed” — All right, I’m with you. Yes, and if you don’t believe in yourself or that you should be there… I’m seeing where this is going.

    So that pretty well covers it. I had a long lists of firsts during my 10 days. Basically it was the first time I’d been to a nightclub, first day club, and first time I pushed myself in so focused of a manner in a social realm. And in terms of my goals and expectations for the camp, they were well exceeded. The resources and friendship I gained are priceless.

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    Review of June 2015 Las Vegas 10-day Bootcamp

    I first got involved in the Pickup community in 2007. Like most others, I was driven to the community by my incompetence and frustration with women. Back then, most people in the community were using routine-based approaches. The primary strategy was to use routines and various (pseudo)-psychological principles to attempt to manipulate women into bed. After around two years of reading and experimenting with routine-based approaches and the psychology behind attraction, I had learned to understand people and attraction much better than I originally had and my skills had improved somewhat. However, I had also come to realize that any highly routine-based approach (as opposed to an authentic approach) is ultimately doomed to failure, especially to someone like me who was in no way a natural. Here’s why: The way humans are built, no matter how they try to put on a show, their body language, voice, and other subtle behaviors always end up revealing their true emotional states. This is particularly true of men trying to attract women. Women are built for evolutionary reasons and also socialized to be highly skilled in reading the subtle sub-communications that a man sends off in order to determine what he is actually thinking and feeling and how “alpha” he truly is. Therefore, it is exceedingly difficult to use routines as a basis of being able to get a woman into bed with you. Furthermore, even if you were able to do so, you could never hold on to that woman. Sooner rather than later, you will run out of routines, your true self will shine through, and if that true self is much less attractive than your “game persona,” you will lose the girl. Beyond the simple lack of results, it is fundamentally distasteful for most decent people to manipulate people, lie either implicitly or explicitly, and in general, to be in authentic. There’s also the issue of how damaging it can be to a man’s self-esteem when he is taught to believe that he as a person is not good enough to attract a woman and therefore, he needs to use “game” to compensate. Lastly, a routine-based (as opposed to natural) approach breeds a fundamental disrespect for and un-appreciation of women. I suffered from a deep-rooted dislike/distrust of women for years, partially as a result of my experiences with the Pickup community. I can tell you from experience…and now from meeting a number of guys who were wildly successful with women, that if you do not like women, you will not succeed with women. They are not stupid, particularly in the realm of social skills, and they will figure it out. In short, I realized that any routine-based approach was fundamentally unhealthy and doomed to failure. At this point, I made it my goal to become a “natural” with women and began the long, painful process of trying to figure out how to do so. Of course, I also read and watched several programs on the topic, which helped to move me in the right direction (most notably, “The Blueprint Decoded” by RSD). I eventually came to realize that all healthy efforts towards self-improvement are related and lead to the same place. The best and healthiest way for a man to have lasting success with women is to gain mastery over all areas of his life and to become the type of man who moves through his life with purpose, unwavering confidence, and ease. This was a far cry from the instant gratification that I had originally wanted when I first got into Pickup, but I could see that the results would also be incomparably more gratifying if I could achieve it. So this became my mission.

    Fast forward a few years and I had gotten considerably better and more natural with women (and in life!) and been able to get into a few meaningful relationships. I could feel that I was beginning to come together as a man and I was actually able to realistically see a future for myself in which I could organically attract and hold onto high quality women. I was still not great with women and the women I dated were still not of the caliber that I wanted and felt that I “deserved.” I began to seriously consider taking a bootcamp so that I could get first-hand advice from an expert and so that I could see for myself that the rockstar-like skill level that many in the community boast about is actually possible. I had originally wanted to attend an RSD bootcamp, but then I discovered Project Rockstar in 2013. Everything about that program really struck a chord with the route that I was trying to take, not only in dating, but in life. I was and am as passionate as one can be about succeeding in my business (and even had a second business at the time, a private party venue, which, in addition to being a viable business, was useful for my self-improvement efforts). I had always taken my fitness seriously, from when I was setting pull-up and sit-up records in middle school, to winning several races in 2009-2014. And, of course, you already know my interest in getting my skills with women handled. In fact, for years before learning of Project Rockstar, my partner in self-improvement and I had always referred to our ultimate goal for ourselves as becoming “Rockstars” and what we meant by that term was pretty much exactly what PR was trying to cultivate. I had literally been pursuing my own view of self-actualization every day like a rabid dog (which I think is the ideal mentality for any kid of success) since the summer of 2007 and I hope to continue to do so for many years to come. PR sounded like a dream come true for me, so I worked hard to create the best application I could in 2013. It was good enough to get me to a first round interview, but not any further. I thought I had a lot going for me, but I also knew that PR was overwhelmed with tons of other applicants who also had a lot going for them. Oh well! I had learned years ago that you can’t just wait for someone else to discover how wonderful you are and make everything happen for you. You have to first discover yourself and then others will come to you naturally.

    OK, now I will finally get to the point! Since I couldn’t get into PR, I decided to do the next best thing, which is to attend the LS 10-day Simplified Natural bootcamp. Coming into it, I truly believed that this was the flagship program in the industry for giving a guy a clear guidebook on how to become a naturally attractive, well-put-together man. I felt that after many years of working hard to make myself into a self-actualized man who was on track to become successful and fulfilled in every sphere of his life, I had made a great deal of progress. However, I felt that there was still a great deal more progress to be made, most notably in my skills with women. Rather than spending another decade on my own trying to reinvent the wheel, I decided that the experts at the Simplified Natural program could give me a lot of direction and teach me what I needed to know, so that with the necessary amount of elbow grease on my part, I would be able to turbocharge my success with women.

    And so I attended the 10-day bootcamp in Las Vegas. I have spent so much time writing a detailed introduction of myself and my background because a) I am a narcissist and b) I believe that the 10-day bootcamp is a near perfect fit for someone like me. To me, it felt like this program is ideally suited to people who are already on the right track in many ways in life and who are extremely self-motivated and fully willing to go through a long, arduous journey to find the pot of pink at the end of the rainbow. If you are looking for a free lunch in terms of mastering your skills with women, it probably doesn’t exist, and this program isn’t the way to get it. But if you are willing to take responsibility for yourself and to put in all of the necessary effort to become truly masterful at life, this program will show you how you can get the women component of your life handled and with a fraction of the effort that it would take to figure it out on your own. I imagine that my life would be considerably better today had I taken such a program five years ago, rather than being cheap and over-confident in my ability to figure women out by myself. It took me eight years to reach my current skill level with woman alone. Had I had guidance and inspiration like the 10-day bootcamp from the start, I imagine that I could have gotten here under two years. Of course, to know for sure how this program will effect my life, I will have to see what I am able to accomplish during the next six months or so. I will probably update this review at that time.

    Now I’ll go into a bit of detail about the specifics of the program. During the 10 days, Stirling, Venture, and the others laid out a detailed roadmap of the most important things that are required for someone to become a man in the true sense of the word. Of course, you’re probably wondering if it’s really necessary to pay $12,000 to attend a 10-day program to learn these things or if there are some books that you can read to learn them just as well. The thought that I could learn all of these things on my own from books was perhaps the primary reason that I didn’t take a bootcamp years earlier. It’s true that everything we learned on the program has probably been written somewhere. However, there is a ton of material out there, most of it not great. Being able to sift through everything and figure out which advice is good and which is bad and coming up with the correct personalized game plan for yourself is nearly impossible. I believe that there is no substitute for hearing all the right things directly from the mouths of experts, seeing many of them demonstrated before your eyes (so that you know they work), getting direct feedback from these experts on exactly what you’re doing right and wrong, and leaving with a detailed, personalized plan for how you can achieve success. Oh yeah, I also got to ask the experts every burning question I could think of for 10 days and be pretty confident that their answers were correct. And I asked A LOT of questions. Thank you for your patience with me, guys!!! That is something that I could never have gotten from books. The program was a real bootcamp. We all went out together six times officially (and maybe one or two more times unofficially). While we were out, the coaches pushed us to make lots of approaches, joined us for some of them, and watched us in action. After each official night out, on the next day’s lecture, the coaches gave detailed feedback to each of the 10-day participants. They pretty much gave it to everyone straight. They didn’t pull punches or worry about being politically correct. I was on the receiving end of some of the more blunt constructive criticisms that they dished out, which I am grateful for. I have to say that I was really impressed with a lot of the guys in that room, students and coaches alike. I don’t know if I’ve ever been around a group of guys who were as open to the most biting forms of constructive criticism as the guys in our 10-day program…or guys who were as open to providing said criticism as the coaches were. Throughout the program, the coaches provided the students with numerous profound individualized insights, which it might have taken us years to figure out through our own efforts. I want to give a special thank you to Hootie, who spent a good amount of time with me, helped push me to improve my skills, and provided numerous demonstrations to us of the fact that this stuff actually works. Hootie and I actually had a few things in common personality and career-wise. In fact, Hootie attended PR in 2013, starting at probably a similar level of game to my own during the 10-day. Today, I have no doubt that he is able to attract and sleep with tons of women. Seeing him in action in person and getting to know him really drove the point home to me that such a level of success with women was absolutely possible for me. Also, night after night, I saw the coaches attract, bring to our table, and I’m sure do lots of other things to some of the most attractive women in the clubs we went to. Our table was constantly packed with lots of attractive girls having fun and hooking up with our guys. If I had had any thoughts that the Simplified Natural approach was all hype, seeing these kinds of results night after night pretty much settled them.

    In terms of my personal progress, I learned that I was actually considerably further from mastery than I realized, which was disappointing. I had come into the program thinking that I was on the cusp of Pimpdom. I came out realizing that I needed about six months of intensive work on myself before I could get there. I came into the program already being pretty good at opening girls and carrying on a conversation (but progressively worse after that). I came out of it very strong and consistent at opening and better at the various other aspects of my game. More importantly, I left with a clear, personalized picture (and a bullet point list) of most of the major things that I was doing wrong and what I needed to do over the coming months to fix them. Although I didn’t leave the program with the rockstar-like results that I had dreamed of, but realistically didn’t expect, I did make enough progress, get enough feedback, and watch the experts at work enough to feel like I had a clear idea of what I needed to do and how I needed to do it in order to get the results I wanted in around six months if I put in all of the necessary effort and didn’t let fear, life, and laziness get in the way.

    The coaches also provided us with a large collection of bonus materials and recommended readings in line with the Simplified Natural philosophy that I think will be tremendously useful in helping me along the path to becoming the best version of myself that I am capable of. I feel like this program, combined with these supplementary materials is all of the knowledge that I will need in order to learn how to permanently be able to have an abundance of high quality women in my life. The rest is up to my effort and commitment. In retrospect, it would have been much easier and overall cheaper for me to have attended a program like this and done all of the follow-up work eight years ago, rather than having spent all of that time trying to figure things out on my own.

    The one thing I will mention that I didn’t particularly like about the program is the following: Our group got tables every night, which were a cool and an effective social center for us...and provided some drinks. However, these tables ended up costing each of the 10-day participants an extra $1000 in total (around $166/night), on top of the cover charges.

    In conclusion, I feel like I got what I paid for with Simplified Natural. I am glad I did it, and I fully intend to follow the advice I received there in order to eventually have the results with women that I have always wanted. The Simplified Natural philosophy is not about using any sneaky tactics to get women into bed with you. It is ultimately a self-improvement program that will help you to self-actualize in the general sense by becoming a complete, well-rounded man, who is successful in all areas of his life (but women in particular). As a result of this, combined with the social skills with women that are taught at Simplified Natural, one can become a naturally attractive man who doesn’t need to manipulate women to have as many of them as he can handle in his life. However, the Simplified Natural approach is also a double-edged sword. There is no free lunch. You will not have any lasting, meaningful success with women unless you first achieve a degree of mastery over all areas of your life and craft yourself into the type of man who actually DESERVES to succeed with women. Depending on where you are in life, this may take years of pain-staking commitment. But I sincerely believe that it is the best, healthiest, and most fulfilling way to go, not just with women, but with life in general. I hope that the Simplified Natural program is here to stay and that it is an indicator of the direction that the entire Pickup community is headed. And I think that it is the rightful flagship program for Love Systems.

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    If you are reading this, and are on the fence of signing up for program, I encouraged you to do so and not make any excuses if you want to get this part of your life handle. When I first consider to signing up for the program, I was really hesitate and I did it till the very last minute. What really push me to do so was asking myself: “If I look back in my life couple years from now, would I have felt any regret by not signing up for this and pushing myself to get this area of my life handle?” Would you being able to be good at this if you decide to read all the information available and go out to apply it and not spent the money? Maybe, but I doubt that you would be able to do it in a timely fashion and the problem is there is just so much information out there. It’s hard to sift through what is necessary or not, and to some extent, some information could be harmful to your progress. As Vici said in the bootcamp, “There are 3 things that you need in order to master a specific subject, Knowledge, Experience and Mentorship. We live in a world today where knowledge can be easily obtain through the internet (whether it’s good or bad), but mentorship is the hardest to come by. This is precisely the reason why these guys charge the huge amount of money for this and still get sold out bootcamp year after year. It is a filter and a test to see how badly do you want this, and if you decide to do it, they will welcome you with open arms and show/teach you what is possible. It is an initiation and spark a fire inside you to making yourself better, and I can easily say that the money spent was definitely worthwhile and that my trajectory in all aspect of my life will change for the better in the future due to this bootcamp.

    Being 26, I was the youngest student to attend this bootcamp, so if you have any limited belief that age is an issue, you can shattered that, because it isn’t. Coming in to this bootcamp, I knew that I wanted to do something more with my life. I had a pretty fun highschool/university where I would just hang out with a bunch of friends. I had some success with woman but not as much as I would like, but it was never really seem that big of an issue for me since I always had friends to go out and do stuff together. However, once I graduated from my Master program, a lot of frends/classmate went into the field of finance, and in that field, you are expected to work long hours for a somewhat mediocre pay in my opinion. I knew for a fact that this was not the path for me to go down upon on, but at the same time, i didn’t know what the alternative was. Furthermore, for the first time in my life, I felt really lonely since a lot of my really close friends had moved away and I found it harder and harder to meet people. I was coming into this program searching for these answers:

    a) How do I get better with woman so that I can eventually choose who I want to be with and have options in my life
    b) See for myself of how the instructors are living their life and by being around them, I should be able to figure out the pieces of how to have a fulfilling life

    On the first day of the bootcamp, we went around the room and give ourselves an introduction. One of the thing that really strike at me was how “successful” and the lifestyle that the instructors and stories about members of the previous rockstars were living – they run their own business/doing things that they are interested and passionate about, travel around the world, and banging lots of woman. As quoted by Sterling – “This is the result if you apply everything that we teach you” and for me it pretty much set the tone that I knew that I was at the right place and learning from the people that I eventually want to become.
    The program itself is 10 days long and I cannot stress how important it is to have a longer time frame in order to learn the material and be in an immersive environment to develop the habits that is taught in the curriculum. We were not taught any “lines or canned routines”, or anything weird to attract the girls attention so to speak. We were told to be just ourselves for the most part.

    This was how I interpreted the material from the 10 day bootcamp, which consists of 2 parts. At the core foundation so to speak I would say of the program and the theme that regurgitates itself over the course of the bootcamp is learning to become a masculine man. A man that is fuel with passion. I believed that due to our society as we are growing up, society has not taught us of what it is to become a man. As I have delve into this subject through one of the suggested readings, it has become evident to me that how there are so many factors in this factors in this society that emasculate you and that we were never taught how to act and behave as a man growing up. This program truly teaches you the way to become a naturally attractive man and provides you a roadmap in becoming so. As Venutre puts it : “ You need to be able to embrace your masculinity so that she can embrace her femininity”. The caveat to this is that this is a longer process and would take time to get there.

    The second part of the process would be to be able convey that to a woman which is the call “game” part. This is where the Simplified Model really shines. As people have said in past review, fundamentally this is more of a communication course. The model that Sterling and Venture came up with is astounding, it’s really simple and elegant and makes a lot of sense. It really captures the essence of a male to female interaction and shows us the key elements that are needed for the interaction to work and be able to show the attractive side of you to a woman.
    The main topics that were covered in the program were: Masculinity, Body Language and Subcommunication, Conversational skills, Inner Game, Fashions, and the Relationship/Sex seminar. The beauty of the program is that every topics ties and intertwine with each other to paint a picture of what game should really look like. Everything that was presented to us makes a lot of sense and ties within the framework of the Simplified Natural model.

    How the seminar was taught was really interactive and through stories and concrete examples that we can all relate to. Example would be Sterling explaining a particular concept and then he would say, “Just think back in highschool when this happen.... , then after Sterling explains it, I would think to myself: wow this totally makes sense, how the hell did I not see this before. This is really powerful and effective way in teaching as all the examples are used in real life context. The lecture was more than 5 hours per day, and the feedback directed to us was real. These guys don’t beat around the bush and just tells you straight up of what you need to work on. They do this because they really care and want you to succeed, and all of the students in the program embraces that. You need to come in with an open mind and take the feedback that they give you at hand to allow yourself to change for the better.
    Here are some of the Key highlights and takeaways for me during the 10 day:

    - What it really means to be a masculine man
    - It doesn’t matter what you say, it’s how you say it
    - You should really only learn from people that have the things that you want in life

    In conclusion, this program was worth every dollar that I paid for, and I am willing to follow the advices that I received to get the results that i desire in my life. It truly trigger a spark within me to become the best that I can be. I want to thank the instructor for teaching us this, and giving us a glimpse of what is how possible out there if you apply yourself. You guys are inspiration and as well are really fun and amazing people to hang around with. As well to the rockstars and everyone else that I met, it was a pleasure in meeting you all!

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    I did the 10-day boot camp to get my life back in order after a painful breakup. After that breakup it was near impossible for me to start dating again and instead of spinning my wheels I decided to take control of my life and do this boot camp to sort this part of my life out.
    The structure of the 10-day boot camp is intense. Almost everyday there is lecture. The only day without lecture was when we went to a day club. After an outing the next day, we would then receive feedback and then lecture resumed.
    The lectures cover a breadth of topics with the central theme of making you into a more attractive masculine person. This is the essence of Venture’s and Sterling’s Simplified Natural program. What they are trying to do is to take away all the weird pick-up stuff such as lines, funny clothes and magic tricks and allow a better version of you in order to stand out. The advantage of the Simplified Natural method is that you don’t have to be weird or different or memorize lots of lines and routines. It aims to turn you into a natural, to be that cool guy that always seems to get the girl. What the website tells you about the program is what they really teach.
    Day 1 started with us introducing ourselves and why we are doing this boot camp. The lectures were given in a hotel suite. It gave off a more homely feel instead of doing it in a conference room. The Project Rockstar Rockstars were there too and they do the same.
    There is a broad range of experiences that have driven all of us to do either Project Rockstar or the boot camp. We all came from very different walks of life in terms of age, occupations and even different parts of the globe. Everyone also had a broad range of knowledge and skill at this pick-up stuff as well. I think that I was the most inexperienced one there though. The instructors also told us their stories and what drove them to a boot camp and to learn about pick-up. Their stories were quite inspiring as you could see what you could do if you put your mind to it. When you hear how they were once in your position and realize that if you work you potentially could become them.
    Another phrase that seemed to grab a hold of my mind was Sterling saying, “is the juice worth the squeeze?” In other words, are you willing to do the work to get to where you want to be? Is it worth it? Only you can decide.
    We went over that day’s curriculum which was essentially an introduction on approaching and how to hold a basic conversation. The initial night of going out had a task to just hold a normal conversation until the other person leaves. It was awkward and the point of it was to show us that we could hold normal conversations and that the pauses have nothing to fear. Despite the large number of students and Rockstars, there were lots of instructors. They did not want us to go out on our own and were constantly giving feedback sometimes doing it while we were talking. It was a little bit surreal but shows you how much you can get away with in a nightclub if you just try.
    I am not too sure a day-by-day detailed summary of the curriculum is that useful to would-be students. It is on their website but it changes as they adjust it.
    After going out, there were feedback sessions the next day. It can sting especially if you are not used to hearing negative things about yourself. Apparently the instructors meet beforehand and discuss each student so it does not necessarily matter if you do not exclusively work with either Venture or Sterling. They will find out about all you regardless. The key point to remember about the negative feedback was that it came from a desire to see you improve yourself, to motivate you and to show you the way.
    What did I learn? The words that really stuck with me from these sessions were Venture telling me that I have really let myself go. These words still burn and sting because of the truth behind them. I am not entirely sure how he knew this but when he said it, I felt like he had struck me.
    The next 3 days covered the many parts of how to talk to a girl, body language, being fun and flirty and sexualizing the conversation. There were lots of little exercises here and there during the sessions as well as afterwards. There are tasks that have to be done at home as even during the 10-day boot camp there was not enough time.
    They warned us that there are not a lot of quick fixes. While Simplified Natural is less difficult in terms of memorization, it is harder as you have to fix your life. For example after talking about proper posture they warned us that it could take 3-6 months to totally fix. Because of the vast number of changes needed, it was not possible to fix everything at once so they would say to small chunk. Focus on a few things at first and when you got them then you move on. They would also do this when going out. The instructors would ask what do you need to work on and then help you focus on it and push you.
    On a side note, the best use of video and pictures came from the body language section. There were great pictures and video clips that really made the point. It was obvious the amount of work and effort that went into that presentation.
    For the whole 10-day boot camp there were five nights out with the instructors. For the other nights I went out with the other boot camp students. Those of you interested in Project Rockstar, they went out pretty much every night with the instructors except for one day per week.
    After the first 5 days the rest of the lectures focused on some more topics in depth such as same night lays, inner game, relationship management, sex and fashion. Again despite sounding very different, the same central themes of being masculine and how best to do that were central. The point of the program is to be the best version of yourself. Another point that stuck out to me is that 10’s get 10’s. There are no magical lines that would allow you to get a 10 without being on their level.
    The inner game lecture was amazing. There were so many great points in that lecture that it is a bit difficult to list them all. There are two that really stuck out to me that I will share. The first is that even the instructors have fear. Obviously they rise above it in order to do what they do but even at that stage they get nervous. The other key point from that lecture is about optimism. Optimists are not constantly happy Pollyanna’s. What separates them from people like me is their response to adverse events. This insight has been profound in my life at least and I am currently practicing the exercises I learned from that inner game lecture to be more optimistic.
    The final day has more lecture but much shorter than before. It was a final grab bag of topics. It also had the final feedback session but this time instead of doing it in front of everybody it was private. During this time they also gave what they thought were the most important things to improve on immediately and how to go about them. Interestingly it concluded with Sterling saying, “is the juice worth the squeeze? Only you can decide that.”
    Is this program’s juice worth its squeeze? (12K! 10 days of your life)
    I definitely think so. It is as comprehensive as it can be without making it a longer program. I took over 60 pages of notes. This is not even including the various reading, videos to watch and other resources that they have recommended. The instructors would say things like make sure you take this down because it won’t help you now but later it will make more sense. Interestingly Venture and Sterling purposefully omitted much of the theory of why certain things are the way they are. For example they did not talk about evolutionary biology. When asked about that, they said that while it was interesting, knowing about it would not help us. The Simplified Natural course has been pared down for efficiency.
    The five nights of going out and the one day club outing are a lot of instructor supervised time as well. It was well worth it my mind. In the boot camp they told us the aspects to mastering a skill. One aspect of it was actually doing it to get the experience and another aspect of it that can speed up your mastery is having a mentor.
    The instructors can teach. I remember very clearly one girl that I approached who brushed me off and then Venture told me what I did wrong and immediately approached her again and had a great time. All the instructors that I worked with had great skills at both teaching and being able to demonstrate. You get to see what is possible later on down the road once you begin to master these skills.
    The Simplified Natural way that they teach is in my mind much easier than trying to remember various lines and routines. You are going to become a better man after following through on this program. By becoming a 10, you will be able to attract and keep a 10. This Simplified Natural gameplan is much more profound than just being able to pick-up someone. The way the instructors designed it, the Simplified Natural program, once you internalize the skills and do the work behind the program you will be a better man. The problem with routines is that they come from a place of deceit. Sure you may look really good for 15 minutes or so but there is no substance behind them. With this program you are able to present yourself in the best possible way however it will take time to improve yourself. Once you do however you will not need anything else.
    Venture and Sterling teach this way because they are true believers in Simplified Natural. Both teach because they want to, not because they have to. They run successful businesses and they are not dependent on being instructors for their income. This is probably the best endorsement of their Simplified Natural program. They think that it is so important to teach that they give up their time and ability to make more money so that others can learn.
    In the end we only have so many days on this earth. Rich or poor we only have 24 hrs a day. The cost of doing this bootcamp is high but doing this bootcamp will shorten your time to mastery. When you are poor, you spend all your time trying to make money, but once you have money then you spend it to get back more time. You spend money so that you can focus on what you really want to do. In the end you have to decide whether your time is worth the money. It is possible to learn all of this without doing this bootcamp I imagine but it would be incredibly time consuming and difficult. While the road post boot camp is difficult, the time needed for mastery is definitely shortened. What is your time worth? Is the juice worth the squeeze?

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    Review of 10-Day Bootcamp - Las Vegas, June 2015

    Short version: Excellent experience. Outstanding merging of theory and experience. You WILL learn something! Worth every penny!

    Long version


    The ten day Simplified Natural bootcamp was an INCREDIBLE experience. It is an excellent combination of theory and practice. The seminar sessions provide simple, intuitive concepts addressing conversation flow, body language, fitness, fashion standards, presentation, and inner awesomeness. The ten days of outings provide a forum to practice the theory and gain real-world, personal experiences that build on themselves and become a personal history of success that kick-starts your transformation into the awesome person you always knew you could be, but could never find on your own. The focus is self-improvement. Become the awesome guy you can be. The 10-day bootcamp is your intro to how to begin. Your journey will NOT be done in 10 days, but you will have a very real foundation from which to start.


    To begin with, the instructors are excellent human beings. Their own histories are similar to ours - shy or awkward and no idea how to relate to women. They learned their social skills with time, practice and effort, and so they know exactly where we were coming from. During the introductions on the first day, many of them had stories much like our own (the students), except they then went on to learn to present themselves well and communicate with women, and now had much better lives. But having been where we were, they know how to make the transformation.

    The instructors did make a very real effort to push us, but also help us and demonstrate for us. Anyone who does this program should expect it to be challenging, tiring, and intense. However, you will discover that you will rise to the challenge, and that experience of challenging yourself fundamentally changes who you are. Being able to remember that success makes it so much easier to envision being successful again - and that belief forms the basis of confidence.

    What this program is, really, is a crash-course masculinity program. I imagine guys who grew up being successful with women had good examples and role models such as fathers and peers to learn from over time. If a guy did NOT have those things early on, then eventually the timeframe when he would "normally" learn these lessons passes by, and the flow of life leaves him with no clear way to learn the necessary lessons and catch up. THAT is what this program is. Men who have learned to be successful AND who are willing to teach are dedicating the time and energy (and empathy) to teach other men.

    You will get a lot of theory, of course, but the instructors mean what they say. It's amazing to watch how straightforward it is. And it's so fast you can EASILY miss it! On one occasion, out at a nightclub, I had approached an angry-looking pair of women and they weren't receptive at all. So, later in the night, an instructor had found me and was pointing me at people, and he pointed me at that same pair. I started to approach (by reflex), but stopped when I saw who they were and told him I'd tried them earlier and they were just very hostile. He looked closer and agreed that they looked pretty angry - and angry at everyone, not just me. THEN he made some overt, dramatic gestures at them and I turned away to laugh, and when I turned back, one woman was SMILING IN HIS ARMS! Whatever it was he'd done took less than two seconds! When he came back to me, he had been disappointed that I had missed it, because he said he'd only even approached them for my benefit! Think about that. What that means is that he was able to just ACTIVATE this ability at a moment's notice - and with a woman he wasn't even interested in except as a demonstration.

    Having these people watching out for you makes learning much easier. It is easy to absorb a bunch of theory and understand it. It is MUCH harder to turn that theory into action that is real and authentic. WATCHING someone else do it correctly is a DRAMATIC help. After this example (which I missed), I made much more effort to watch the instructors, and even ask them occasionally to demo an approach so I could be certain to not to miss that critical split-second.

    Also helpful is the reality that each instructor has his own style, and so you can get a sense of what matters most and what is more flexible. Additionally, there are reasonable odds that there will be an instructor whose demeanor is similar to yours, and who you can model your own behavior off of more directly.

    One important phenomenon that occurs is that the outcomes stop mattering so much. That concept is amazing to realize. I simply wasn't able to even envision it before. But it is true. Eventually, you are just out in a crowded place full of attractive women who are having fun and YOU are having fun and talking to people. When you approach, some of them keep wanting to talk and flirt and get physical, and others drift away. But ALL of them are FUN! The ones that leave can stop hurting - you stop feeling bad about it, because there are plenty more to talk to and you eventually have had enough success to believe - honestly - that there will be other interactions that will work out.

    There is no substitute for EXPERIENCING the interactions yourself. Reading this review, or other reviews, or stories, or theory, will NEVER do as much for you as going and experiencing it yourself. There are just too many nuances that stories and text cannot capture. The first time you step in front of an attractive woman, look her in the eyes and say, "You're f-ing hot. What's your name?" and you actually FEEL a connection, that experience cannot be duplicated. When her eyes, staring into yours, light up and she says, "Thank you! I'm Melanie." and you can actually FEEL the link between you - that's when it starts to come together.

    Once you can feel that connection, you can navigate. Being free enough of all the theory to just SENSE the connection is incalculably helpful. You can flirt, touch, and get physical without feeling like you're stumbling around or taking shots in the dark. Being able to do that is a learnable skill that simply comes with experience. It's like driving a car. Eventually you stop worrying about every single control and can just feel what the car needs you to do. You still have to operate the controls, but doing so doesn't occupy all of your mental capacity anymore and you start being able to see the bigger picture and feel which moves are the right ones to make. Ten straight days of focused attention and dedicated experience is enough to start having those successes and letting them build on each other.

    You also develop a sense of the tolerances. Starting out, it's easy to feel like everything has to be done exactly right in order for "success" to happen. In reality, that just isn't true. "Talking to people" turns out to be a very forgiving activity. With experience, you begin to see that and can start to perceive what the tolerances are.

    For myself, I had significant difficulty touching women in any meaningful way, and I kept forgetting to flirt. It was as if I just couldn't remember to do it when I was in the moment. By the fourth or fifth day, though, I became good at seeing the consequences. I could tell that even though this girl was still talking to me animatedly, I was boring the crap out of her and I had missed my window to become more flirty and physical without it feeling weird. Once my awareness had developed enough to recognize when that was happening, I was able to let go of the safety of my "normal" conversations and become more playful and take more risk.

    Let me tell you - however much it might hurt to get blown out (rejected) because of something you did, it feels FAR WORSE to get rejected because of a risk you DID NOT TAKE. That is what happened as I was boring girls to death. They were hot. They were into me. I was into them. But they needed me to make the interaction fun and playful and lively, and I was afraid to take the risk. And so the conversation would go on, and become more and more stilted, and eventually she would "have to use the bathroom" or "need to find her friends" and she'd leave. Knowing that I'd had the power to prevent that and I DIDN'T USE IT hurt worse than it would have if I'd actually TRIED and it ultimately didn't work out. The only thing that made me able to start taking those risks was the accumulated experience of all the interactions I'd had earlier in the program. I needed the real-life lessons in how to gauge what's acceptable before I was able to start taking the risk of being offensive. I had to learn first-hand that my desire to be inoffensive was, in reality, FAR too conservative, and that taking the next step was actually WELCOME.

    Those memories of success are critical for me - as yours will be for you. I REMEMBER the first beautiful girl I actually connected with the moment I approached her. I remember sensing the flow of the interactions I was having. I remember not giving a f**k and approaching the hottest girls - and the fact that they responded well. I remember watching my conservative behavior bore girls I wanted to know better, and I remember how much better it was when I was more playful more quickly. I remember the girls who were attracted to me. And I remember the woman who came back to my hotel room. These memories are the foundation of my confidence that this can work and I can do this. From here it can build on itself and move forward. The program is designed to give you enough time and understanding to have these successes and build this foundation.

    It would be easy to overlook that another set of important memories is the memories of our group. A powerful part of the program is the bonding you do with the other people there. I realized after I got there that I had never actually had a group of guy friends that support each other and challenge each other and go out to night spots together. The instructors were great, of course, but the students were also excellent people. Eating together, hanging out together and going out together, we'd swap stories and life experience and compare notes and generally support each other and our drive to improve.

    This program has changed my life for the better. I would do it again in a heartbeat, and I recommend it to any man who is trying to improve his social life and interactions with women.

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    Looking for the experience to push you out of your comfort zones and challenge your self-limiting beliefs? The 10 Day Bootcamp is definitely a HUGE jump start for this journey. Venture and Sterling do an outrageous job in breaking down all the complex information into easy to use material. Vici, Hootie, and Vybe also played a very vital role and really added some good material.
    The thing I think is so awesome about Lovesystems is that this is more than just getting good with women. It is about going after what you want is all aspects of your life. All of the instructors and students have other stuff going on in their lives. The boot camp really gives us good material to excel at anything we are trying to accomplish.
    I took a 3 day bootcamp a year and a half ago. Then I took an SNL seminar course back in December. I always find it encouraging to know that there are other men out there who want to improve their life with women. It is amazing that so many of us have the same story. And even more amazing that we gather to go out and tackle this stuff.
    I was extremely pleased that their whole goal was to make us just all around bad ass men. They were there to help us become better, more masculine men. They wanted us to learn how to communicate our masculinity to women. I realized soon into it and they even told us that sure we were there to improve our game during the bootcamp, but that I ultimately need to change the way I live my whole life.
    I really learned a lot from the way they broke the different kind of conversations down for us. For some reason in my life I have taken on the persona of not thinking that I have anything to say. Or at least not anything cool to say. When they broke down the different types of conversations to have with women, I was like “Wow”. There is plenty of stuff for me to talk about.
    I am the kind of guy that does not like to beat around the bush when it comes to going up and talk to a woman. I mean the girl knows why I am there. Why should I try to say and act like I am there for some other reason? So, I really appreciated the fact that when the guys went over opening, they encouraged us to just be direct and really own it.
    Vybe’s material on how to just keep talking was really useful. It was pointed out that we can pick up even just one word that the chic says and just reply to that more material. I am guilty of thinking too much and censoring what the hell comes out of my mouth. So, the idea of just replying to one word rather than the whole statement of what the woman says was really useful. During one exercise in seminar we paired up and had the assignment of talking for like a two minutes straight and with the partner not saying a word. That was an amazing experience to feel the feeling of just continuing to talk and talk and talk.
    The first night of infield training, they gave us the challenge to stay in set just having a normal conversation. They also challenged us to stay in the set even if nobody was talking. We were supposed to crash through this uncomfy silence barrier and stay in even if nothing was said for 5 minutes or until the chic walked off. That experience was amazing. In the past I have been guilty of when I run out of stuff to say, to just up and leave. This forced me to become o.k. with the silence and the fact that I or the girl does not have to be talking for the whole time.
    One thing I have struggled with is the fact that every time I go up to a woman to talk to her, she gives me the look of who the fuck are you what the fuck are you doing here. I mentioned this to Andy while out in the field on the 1st night. What he told me astounded me. He said that most if not all girls that I approach are going to give that look, simply because I am a stranger and also because I am not “tall, dark, and handsome”. He told me that I just need to accept that I am going to get that reaction from women and that I need to learn how to get past it.
    It really stunned me how important it is to build a fun environment in order to draw chics in. By just wondering around the club looking for girls to talk to, sure it may build some skills and get me used to rejection. But ultimately in order to have the kind of women in my life that I want, I have to be having fun. This is one thing I will really have to work on back home. I am so used to just going out just to hit on women. That will be a long hard road to do it that way. I have been looking at game as a job and that I just have to keep going and get used to all the rejection and inner game issues. Game is unique because of the fact that it is emotional and if I am not having fun, the key emotion is not there.
    I was extremely grateful for all the feedback I got back from the guys. It is amazing the stuff that I was doing and was not even aware of. I came to realize how important the non-verbal aspect was in my game.
    Hootie’s presentation on all the non-verbal items was really eye opening. I had heard it before, but did not realize how important the fact that what comes out of my mouth is not nearly as important as what I am doing with my and her body during the interaction. It made total sense how using the non-verbal element can totally ramp up my game.
    I know for myself, I have some really big goals in life outside of game. Being a self-improvement junkie, I study lots of material to help me learn how to get closer to my goals. I really enjoyed the inner game portion that was presented by Vici. I need to eliminate failure from my vocabulary and just look at failure as a learning experience and do not take it personally. It was pointed out that we need to have the rest of our life in order and have bigger better shit to base our self-worth on. If my self-worth is just based on game and my life with women, that is a messed up place to be. The fact of, to be a master, I have to fail more times than most guys have failed is an awesome challenge. All of the stuff that keep me from achieving my goals is just resistance. I need to develop proper habits in order to get around resistance because that will develop rules for how I will take ACTION everyday. I need to just focus on the PROCESS of becoming good with women and not think about the results I want or the results I get. By just focusing on the process, the results will come automatically. The problem of comparing myself to other men is a major hurdle I need to clear in my life. I REALLY LIKED the point of the fact that whatever my fear is, that is pointing me towards what I really need to conquer. For my life with women, that is obvious that I need to conquer that fear. But more importantly the daunting goals I have in my life, I know that I have to crush the fear that is in me and really go after those goals. I know these goals I have set for myself will require me to focus single mindedly on those and put everything else out of my focus.
    Probably the biggest thing that I got out of the Inner Game portion is the “Why” am I trying to improve my life with women. I have thought about this question occasionally, but I came to see how vitally important the “Why” is. I have not totally figured it out yet, but I know I will. As it was pointed out to us, the “Why” is EXTREMELY important. When everything in you is saying that you cannot go on or it’s too hard, the “Why” will keep you driving on.
    I also really enjoyed hearing about when ever a person learns a new skill, they try harder. This makes them get tight. I can really identify with this through riding horses. There are times that when I have learned a new skill and tried to “do it right”, I would try too hard and my whole body would tense up. The horse can feel this and then it wonders wtf is going on and then most of the time it all goes to hell. And of course the same thing goes with my life with women. I am laughing as I am sure you are as I am comparing horse to women. Ha. Whatever.
    Overall, yes it was a huge investment in both time and money. It was definitely worth every penny and second. While yes, I did go through the bootcamp and that was all about learning and improving, I know the real work starts back in real life. I will have to push myself every day to get what I want out of life. That will be worth it as well.


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    Review - 10-Day Simplified Natural Bootcamp, Las Vegas June 2015

    A New Beginning – Boy Meets Girl , Girl Meets Boy, and Shit Just Happens.

    Hi all,

    I’ve just come off the 10-Day Simplified Natural/ Game 3.0 bootcamp. I’ll lead off by saying that this programme has changed my life, and I don’t say that off the cuff. It was everything and more of what I thought it might be, in fact, so much more that is hard to write in words. I have been on many different self development workshops around the world for various aspects of life, from business to meditation, and am well traveled - I can say without doubt the caliber of teaching, content, support and resources places this course at the very top of the pile and in what I’d say is an elite category.

    First of all, the content is like nothing I have read anywhere online, or in a book, and is not something you could possibly learn by reading. It is very intensive, hands on and you must experience and ‘live’ what is taught to begin to understand and assimilate it. This is not a pickup course – it is about finding your essence and living it and projecting it in the world via verbal and non-verbal communications. Yes, a by-product of this is that you will have all the women you want, however you want, and can choose how you want to play that.

    I felt like I was being passed down sacred knowledge – that was the vibe. You knew it was the truth that was being spoken.

    My Background

    A bit about me – I am 39 years old, an ex-lawyer turned entrepreneur 6 years ago and have now found some momentum of success. My background is very humble and I do not come from money, and had some very hard times as a child and teenager. My background with women was OK – I could get girls, but nothing crazy or what I would call having a lot of choice. The last 6 years I have worked very hard, to the detriment of building social circles, so had slowly become less social and confident due to the imbalance. I just came off the back of a messy break-up, too.

    Personally I came into the course with a couple of main objectives – to be more social, and develop my communication skills with both men and women. Really, to be a better ‘me’. I have had a lot of anxiety issues in my life, and especially social anxiety. This is not floating anxiety, but anxiety I have had to seek medical help for. I am a social person in that love meeting people and meeting women, but I felt that a lot was holding me back and this permeated many aspects of my life, to my detriment.

    I met all my objectives and goals that I came in with, and way more that I didn’t know existed. It shattered my reality, to be honest. I came away with a new sense of self, and a window of what is possible with myself and my life if I work hard on this area. I came away feeling like I had climbed onto a new platform to become the man I want to be. That encompasses having the women I want in my life, sure, but so much more. There is much work to be done, it only starts with the course and then you are just scratching the surface. Anxiety wise, It was a huge help and start for me in busting through this aspect of my life.

    Do not come into the course thinking this is a set of rules and set of routines or things to say, and that you will go out with a book full of things to learn and spit out – it is not like that. It is the beginning of something much more, and natural, and all encompassing of being who you really are.

    Course Structure

    A lot is written about the structure of the 10-Days, so I won’t detail each night as a blow-by-blow account about what girls I talked to etc, as that is not the point of my review, but I’ll go over some of it…

    It’s a very intense 10 days if you put all your energy and focus into it. There are 5 official infield nights, and each day there is an intense seminar portion from 2pm-7pm, sometimes later. The infield nights are incredibly well organized – you will go to the best clubs, and have the best tables with an amazing group of guys, and talk to as many hot women as you want to, it’s totally up to you. You push yourself to make the most of the once in a lifetime opportunity to roll like this this and learn from the best.

    Each night, the resources available with lead instructors, and support instructors is off the charts. It is what you make of it – they are there to help you and not once did I feel out on a limb or alone. Is it scary? Hell yes. That’s the point; you are operating way outside of your comfort zone.

    The Instructors

    The instructors I was blown away with, in what they know, what they achieved in their personal lives, their desire to teach and pass on their knowledge, and the fact they have assimilated everything they teach into their own lives, They are the living, real deal of the course content. They are some of the best most well adjusted guys I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, and they are very, very smart. They are not weird pickup guys, or is anything not genuine about them. They are guys you would want to be like and hang out with and party with, and be proud to have as friends.

    I will go over each instructor briefly. It’s not fair to compare them – they all offer something unique that makes this into one well-rounded programme. Each has a personality that some people will resonate with maybe more than the other, which is so cool.

    The two lead instructors and Venture and Sterling:


    Venture is very smart, exceptionally bright and intellectual. He has a very academic intense business background and is now an entrepreneur, and is clearly very articulate and on another level intellectually. He is a normal looking guy – like all the guys are - well dressed, well spoken, fit, but most of all great to be around. He says he is naturally an introvert which is hard to believe but that insight alone made me realize that you can be just ‘yourself’, whatever that is, and still be ultra successful with women. You do not need to be a loud, over the top person and the center of attention. He is not like this. His teaching style is very firm, and detailed, and articulate. His game is insane – again like all the instructors. Smooth, stabilizing, masculine presence. His ability to read people, like Sterling, was quite mind-blowing, and his feedback very firm and direct. I wasn’t paying $12k to be told that I was cool and all was fine – I wanted the real assessment of how they saw me infield, and I definitely got that. They lead instructors do not sugar coat anything.


    Sterling has a background more akin to mine. He came from very humble beginnings and hardship, and has in his own life become very, very successful, in business (an entrepreneur who came from nothing), and with women. Obviously I’m not there with business and women, yet! His teaching style is very calm, and he talks with authority and from vast expedience. His anecdotal stories of the aspects that Venture would describe were illuminating and filled in context to the teachings of the course. He was very free and generous to share his personal stories, and very open about his life and experiences. There was a great humility to Sterling, and like Venture, a stabilizing masculine energy. His feedback is very brutal and honest, like Ventures’ was. His ability to read people, and assess socially what they were like, and even dig deeper to pick up on things beneath ones personality, was mind-blowing. Sterling is a normal looking guy, taller than most, and dresses well and keep himself fit.

    Both lead instructors could dissect any person, in a somewhat psychological way, and provide incredible feedback on them regards the interactions they were having and the way they were ‘being’. In my books, this kind of feedback and deep insights was worth the price tag of the course alone. But they are normal guys. They don’t have movie star looks or magic powers, they have just worked insanely hard to be where they are, and I respect that. To learn from people you respect is very powerful.

    The support instructors were amazing too, and were all very smart, great guys, and had insane game. They are all super normal and cool as fuck, as the lead instructors are.


    Vici is a good-looking guy, fun and has an awesome energy. He comes from a similar business background to Sterling and is very smart and is also now an entrepreneur. He has more of an outgoing personality, and his game is incredible as I witnessed. I didn’t work with him a lot in field, but his seminar portions, particularly Inner Game, were top shelf and he also answered some burning questions I had regards boundaries in relationships. As with all the instructors, he was the real deal. His teaching style was very masculine and direct.


    Hootie is very high energy, and is a demon with day game and body language/sub-communications. He is a regular looking guy, and smart (an ex-lawyer). I worked with him on approaching, and he is fearless. Top-shelf game and guy. His teaching style was very fun and passionate.


    I worked with Vybe the most of the support instructors, and learnt so much from him and felt a great rapport with him. He is also a really fun guy, and taught me so about fun, in particular and also sexualizing interactions with women through verbal and non-verbal communication. Just being around him was awesome and uplifting. He is a really smart guy and had the sort of game that I would aspire to. He could go up to any girl or group of girls and totally have them all over him in minutes; it was very eye-opening. Again – normal looking, smart guy with ridiculous game. A very good teaching style that was calm, articulate, unassuming and well thought out.


    Do this course. It is worth every cent. Go in with the mindset that it is start of a new way of being; and give it everything you have; go in with an open mind and prepare to drop all preconceptions about everything to do with women that you previously thought. It will be frustrating and exhausting, but has the potential to be likely a turning point in your life and life-changing if you approach it as I have mentioned.

    Thank you so much to all the instructors for an incredible, life-changing 10 Days. Thank you to Venture and Sterling for being so open to hand on these teachings, and to develop them to the degree they have through the hard work they have put in. My departure from Vegas was tinged with sadness that it was all over!

    Every man on the planet should learn this stuff, amen.

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    Four Stars for Venture, Stirling, and the Love Systems 10-Day Boot Camp

    There’s a wonderfully philosophic bit of dialogue at the end of a fight scene in an old Steven Seagal movie, On Deadly Ground.

    Seagal plays an ex Special Forces eskimo (no, it’s not a comedy). Seagal has just beaten the crap out of a barroom full of redneck Alaskan oil workers and is now standing in front of their racist ringleader, playing hot hands (no, it’s not a comedy.) The game of hot hands is for blood, with the loser of each hand-whacking getting to punch the other guy as hard as possible, anywhere on the other guy’s body or face (yes, it’s an action/adventure movie).

    Seagal wins every round. After the fourth or fifth devastating blow, the big racist is a bloody blubbering mess and is in a mood to reconsider his worldview. At that point, Seagal gets deep. Instead of finishing the big racist off, Seagal looks at the man soulfully, pats him on the shoulder, and leaves him to repent and reform with a parting question: “What does it take to change the essence of a man?”

    Unfortunately for Netflix junkies, Seagal manages to go through the entire movie without revealing the answer. His famous costars, Michael Cain and Billy Bob Thornton, also remain aloof. So do the 37 odd characters that Seagal kills single handedly. Even the crusty old guy with a heart of gold who gets tortured for an extended period of time doesn’t bother to answer the question. So we are left to ponder by ourselves what it takes to change the essence of a man.

    Well, I now know the answer: the Love Systems 10-Day Bootcamp. If you want to change your essence, attend.

    To understand why, consider that Aristotle believed that we each possess tendencies that will guide our actions and interactions unless we work to change them. These original natures are party genetic, but mostly environmental. That is, they are mostly the result of how we were taught to act and react, what we saw growing up, and what we intuited (often incorrectly) about how to behave around other people.

    But Aristotle was not into fatalism. He believed that human nature could change. Original nature was a habit but new habits could be cultivated. With work, the new habits could completely displace the old habits. The man who was willing to do the work could replace his original nature with a brand-new second nature. He could utterly reinvent himself, with his second nature becoming entirely habitual, ingrained, and automatic.

    The Love Systems 10-Day Bootcamp provides the template for change. If you want to talk and dress and stand and walk like a Natural, you must not only know how a Natural comports himself but also be given instruction on how your own behavior deviates from that of the Natural and how to develop the new habits what will make it possible for you to become a Natural yourself. Without that information and instruction, your original nature will persist, stubbornly. Only with the right coaching can you create your new second nature.

    Stirling and Venture provide the guidance you need, day by day, in proper increments, unvarnished, and distilled down to only the bare essentials of what it means to be a Natural.

    A key point is to understand that what they are working on—what we all as men must work on—is the fundamental core essence of our manhood.

    Grandmaster Seagal (he of the blessed name) did not ask, “What does it take to dress in a comically peculiar way that will get you lots of stares on a Friday night?”

    Tibetan Lama Seagal (it’s true—look it up) did not ask, “What does it take for a guy to successfully fake looking like an Alpha for a few minutes at a bar mitzvah?”

    The answer to those questions is hardly a Mystery. You could, for instance, mimic Sensei Seagal’s entire wardrobe and demeanor, dressing up in a comically long black leather trench coat and acting like a sarcastic hermaphrodite with everyone you encounter. And then kick them in the nuts.

    But nothing like that will change your essence. You will just be faking a role, fumbling your way through some awkwardly delivered dialogue while dressed in outlandish garb that only attracts mentally disordered bipolar peahens.

    If you want real success with women, you need to change your essence. You need to answer Seagal’s question.

    As Stirling and Venture reveal, the correct answer is not easy to implement. You need to live a life of passion and fun, perfecting both your body and your mind.

    Naturals are attractive to women because they have passions and goals that they manage to succeed at while living balanced lives that feature healthily living, strong bodies, and the ability to have fun and be in the moment.

    This is attractive to women because women want just two basic things from a man: protection and fun. The man who lives a life of passion and achievement can protect her. The man who lives a life of fun can entertain her.

    So where to begin? With conversation. Most guys have no idea how to have a free-flowing, unstructured, and spontaneous conversation that is emotionally engaging to women. Day after day, Stirling and Venture teach you how to do this, both verbally with your spoken language and sub-verbally with your body language.

    I cannot explain here just how much more attraction I could generate with women simply by speaking more slowly, standing more still, and restraining both the size and frequency of my gesticulations. But the truth is that Naturals don’t move much and they speak slowly. Add in a huge amount of eye contact and you are suddenly communicating much more deeply with a woman, no matter what is coming out of your mouth. That is the sort of thing that Venture and Stirling teach.

    But the course also covers all the deeper stuff that is necessary for a man to reform himself internally in order to develop a life of passion. They teach you how to rid yourself of doubts and insecurities. They inculcate the essentials of positive psychology, boundary setting, goal setting, meditation, creativity, healthy eating, and brutally effective exercise regimes.

    Each afternoon and evening, there are lectures on these topics and then each night you go into the field to improve how you communicate with women. And then at the start of the next day’s class, you are given individualized feedback on what you did the previous evening and what you need to continue working on.

    It is especially helpful that you do all this in a group. I had nine other classmates, each of them ace guys—doctors, programmers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, cattlemen, educators, traders, and so on.

    Every single one of us was successful careerwise and nearly all of us had something that we were obviously passionate about. But some of us had forgotten how to have fun and all of us needed work on how to converse with women. Fitness was also an issue in some cases, as was fashion for all of us except for the ex-lawyer/entrepreneur. (He knows who he is. And so do the ladies.)

    Candor reigned. Some people revealed that they had severe social anxiety issues. Others revealed that they felt like failures on the inside despite huge career successes. And yet others revealed that they should strive to do better taking care of friends or family members.

    You cannot change what you cannot discuss and I was deeply impressed by my classmates’ willingness to share openly. In many cases, it also became apparent that their pain was my pain—that what troubled them also troubled me and at least a few others in the room. By being brave enough to reveal their problems to the instructors and seek a solution for themselves, they also provided that solution to everyone else.

    Along those lines, it is important to note that Stirling and Venture are not natural Naturals. They are second-nature Naturals who had to study and learn what they are now sharing.

    I think that is very important because in my experience the best coaches are never the people who were naturally good at whatever it is they are now coaching. As just one example, consider basketball coaches. The best basketball coaches were never the best basketball players. If you look up their histories, you will find that they only barely made their college and professional teams back when they were players.
    That is because they had to make up for a lack of natural talent by studying the hell out of their sport and endlessly doing drills.

    By contrast, the players who were naturals can’t really explain how they do anything because everything always came easily and unconsciously to them. It is only the unnaturals who can properly explain how to be good as they where the ones who had to consciously drill and drill and drill to figure out how to keep up with the naturals.

    So it is with Venture and Stirling. They are currently amazingly good with women and each night could bring one hot chick after another over to our tables in nightclubs. But they will freely admit that they were once shy and introverted and totally lacking in Game. It was only through hard work that they were able to develop their current second natures as Naturals.

    I felt very lucky to be in the room with them day after day, being spoon fed with what they had learned on the way to becoming second nature Naturals. They showed me exactly what I needed to do in order to reform myself into a passionate guy who knows how to have fun and interact fluidly with women.

    Even better, they sent each of us students home with customized long-term plans and the learning materials necessary for us to follow up and achieve our respective goals. So I can say not only that I was happy with my 10 days in Las Vegas, but that I am also happy now after the course with what I am currently working on. The changes I made during those 10 days were substantial. The changes I see for myself over the next year will be comprehensive.

    Each of us is a bit like the redneck that Seagal was beating on in that movie. We stupidly blame others for our problems, as with the redneck’s racist worldview that allowed him to feel superior to the local Native Americans. And then we play hot hands with life, constantly losing and getting slapped around, over and over, not understanding what needs to change or how to change it.

    I am now, thankfully, in a far better position than that racist fuck that Seagal left standing and confused, bleeding in the middle of a hick bar in butt-fuck Alaska. Unlike that sad piece of human trash, I now know the answer to Seagal’s question. I now know what it takes to change the essence of a man.

    If you want to know, too, sign up and go. Venture and Stirling will change your life.

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    10 Day Review

    Day 1

    The instructors introduced the broad concepts of the simplified natural curriculum and went into detail on the first of 4 conversation strands - which was normal conversation. Our instruction for the night was to go have normal conversations with girls (no weird routines etc) and we weren’t allowed leave until they left first. The idea was to plow through all those awkward silences and get used to talking and driving conversations (This kinda resulted in lot of pretty boring sometimes awkward conversations) We went to Drai’s where we had a table (that also had a Jacuzzi, which was full of chicks by the end of the night). At the start of the night Hootie brought me and a couple of guys around and watched us open. He gave me some good pointers on my body language telling me that I was leaning in too much (as a result of being tall) and that my shoulders were coming forward too much which resulted in my posture being poor. My night after that was both good and bad. Good in the sense that I approached a good number of girls and wasn’t half as anxious about it as I thought it would be, and bad in that most of my conversations were pretty boring and fizzled out pretty quickly. I got some girls back to the table throughout the night but once I got back to them back I never really knew what to do and conversation died pretty quickly. Towards the end of the night I got a sizzling hot model back to the table and after that had fizzled out I managed to get 2 smoke show English girls back to the table. I was happy to get them back to the table but incredibly frustrated to not have the skills to take it any further with any of them.

    Day 2

    On day 2 we learned about the next conversation strand in the model - fun/flirty conversation. We went to wet republic in the MGM grand where Calvin Harris was spinning. We had a table pretty much right beside the DJ booth. Within a few minutes myself and another rockstar had pulled 2 chicks back to our table. They were fun and we had some good fun/flirty conversation with them but after a while they left. As I was leaving the table a chick that I had pulled to our table in Drai’s the night before was passing by, she gave me a big hug and I pretty much had to sit her and her friend at out table. It wasn’t really ideal as they had bounced from our table the night before, so internally from the get go I kind of felt that the same thing was gonna happen again. My chick sat in the corner and I had her friend sat on my lap (there was no more sitting space as the instructors and alumni pretty much had the table full of chicks at this stage). I ended up talking the chick on my knee more than the other one and started ramping up the sub-comms on her as much as possible. Sterling winged me for a bit but I was never really sure how the logistics of pulling the chick on my knee was going to work. I felt she was never really going to do anything while her friend, who I originally hit on, was sitting right beside us. After about an hour conversation fizzled out and they left. I went back out hunting for pussy again but felt really clunky as I had been in the club for about 2 hours at this stage and only done one proper approach. Nevertheless I managed to pull another 2 chicks back to the table, one ugly one hottish. I had really good fun with them and things were going pretty well with the hottish one (I was holding hands with her and stuff). Calvin started spinning around this time and things just got even more fun. After about 45 minutes to an hour Calvin ran out of his hit music and started playing more DJ type music, songs I’d never heard of anyway (Oh I should point out that I briefly made out with the hottie during the madness when Venture was talking to the ugly one). Things at our table began to calm down a small bit as well. I had kind of run out of conversation with the girls as well and ended up just aimlessly dancing beside them on the couch. Things at got pretty cold with my girl at this stage she was resisting any hand holding attempts I was making. Then one of the instructor's came over and said in my ear “are you just gonna stand there fucking dancing beside her all night or are you gonna bang her?” It was a wake up call for me. I thought ‘fuck how the hell am I gonna do this?’ I hopped down grabbed her hand and said “lets go” - she threw my hand away. I thought ‘FUCK!!’ I could kind of feel the pressure of the instructor watching me as well, I knew I had to push like fuck. Then Hootie showed up out of nowhere and I explained what was going down. He immediately got the ugly chick down and started leading her out. I grabbed my chicks arm but she wouldn’t budge. Then I grabbed her arm with both my arms and broke her bracelet. She freaked out a bit at me but started following Hootie and the ugly chick. I followed them but really felt it wasn’t on. (Just to note this was happening at like 2:30am and they had a flight at 6). We all stopped about halfway to the exit and it was really on between Hootie and the ugly chick. Hootie had no idea how much it wasn’t on between me and my chick and I felt guilty that he was going to needlessly bang an ugly chick on my behalf. Luckily my chick cockblocked him hard. They eventually left and my chick gave me a big hug and kiss (which I found odd given everything that had gone down in the previous 10 mins). I approached a few more girls after that but ended up going home empty handed. I also felt a bit down that things went from so good to so bad with my chick at the end. It definitely rocked my confidence a bit and bizarrely I kind of felt that I had let the instructors down.

    Day 3

    Day 3 started with feedback. I was told that I need to stop looking like a deer in headlights when I’m out. I need to act more like ‘I own this shit’ ‘I belong here’ etc. Their feedback is spot on.

    Day 4

    On day 4 we finished off the core curriculum, which covered the 4 conversation strands, normal, fun/flirty, warmth/depth and our favorite, sexualisation. We headed to Marquee that night. My aim was to sexualize every conversation to the point of blowout. On my first set the girls said “you guys need to stop saying sex so much, it is way too early to be talking like that” - on that we immediately burst out laughing,  turned to each other and high fived. “We are just pushing the sexual thresholds” we explained to the bewildered chicks. It was a lot of fun sexualizing the conversations for the night. Later I got talking to a chick who was there with her gay (male) best friend. Things went really well and I sexualized well. I brought her back to the table but could not shake the gay guy. I tried to bounce her to the bathroom and I actually got her in the door but her gay friend actually came to the bathroom with us - so close to my first bathroom pull. After that I led them back to the table and danced for a bit and really ramped up the sexual sub comms. I ended up spending the entire night with her but could not bounce her out of the club, it was just her and the gay dude, it was his birthday and he was on ecstasy, so she could not leave him by himself - talk about a logistical nightmare. On reflection the next morning I thought maybe if I offered a threesome with the gay dude and the chick it might have gone better but then hindsight is 20/20.

    Day 5 - 10

    After we finished learning the core curriculum (the four conversation strands) the rest of the days were spent learning about other topics such as sex, texting, dates and inner game.


    I am a rockstar, part of the class of 2015. We took the 10 day as part of rockstar (my first 10 day). This is the only direct game teaching that was done on all of rockstar. We don’t learn anything else game related after the 10 day (all our seminars are business based after that) and that is because we don’t need to. We just take the information we learn on the 10 day and practice it relentlessly, and if you read the rockstar journals you can see that the results we’ve been having on rockstar are phenomenal!!

    The best part about the simplified natural curriculum is that everything is normal. You essentially just learn to be the man you should be anyway. There is nothing sneaky about anything you do. You literally go up to a girl and say “Hi”, she’ll know you are hitting on her (if she doesn’t you are doing it wrong). You are not pretending that you want her opinion on something you are blatantly hitting on her and being totally upfront and honest about everything, chicks can sense that and they fucking love it.

    The concepts taught are easy to understand and digest, but quite take a lot of work and balls to implement. For example walking up to a chick and telling her how sexy she is is scary as fuck and standing up straight sounds easy but is fucking hard when you’ve spent your entire life slightly slouched over.

    Anyway if you are reading this, thinking about signing up, just fucking do it, yes it is worth the money. If you don’t you’ll always wonder what you could have been and someday your average looking wife will come home and tell you she’s been cheating on you with an actual masculine man (well that’s a bit extreme and unlikely but you get what I’m trying to say!). Also if you can try to do the Vegas one - it is baller as fuck and you get to meet the rockstars...who are legends!!

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    10-Day Bootcamp Review

    The 10-day boot camp at its core has very little to do with game. Okay, that’s part of it, but more the icing on the cake. Consider game a vehicle through which personal growth is achieved, primarily the masculinity element. As one instructor recently put it to me, Tony Robbins does the exact same stuff for you as simplified natural game does (this makes me want to attend one of his workshops one day), but without the getting girls part. And as men, that’s denying such a core part of our natures.

    Every day we have approximately 5 hours of seminar. The first few days, the topics are mostly game related, but to their simplified natural game curriculum. Other things are added later, such as fashion, fitness, and day game. The idea is to round us out as a man. We’re divided into various smaller groups for the nights out, even though we’re all together at the venue.

    We got 5 nights out with focused coaching. This is really where the value lies. Half the night you have a Love Systems instructor by your side. If they’re not winging you, they’re watching you and giving your detailed feedback. You get it that night, as well as the next day in the debrief. Sterling, the program head, gives everyone super detailed feedback the next day, as he basically spends the night watching everyone.

    All the instructors are awesome. They really care about their jobs, and want the best for you. They all have incredible game too. I hope to get there someday, but even if I’m half as good as they are, I’d be super happy. I came out of the 10-day bootcamp knowing the mechanics. Now it’s on me to practice.

    A word of advice to other potential Love System clients. I’ve taken several bootcamps before. Not only are they unnecessary if you take the 10-day program, they also hold you back. There are a lot of mechanics (i.e. lines and routines) that limit you from fully taking advantage of simplified natural game. I’m now breaking free of this, and have never been happier.

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    High caliber program

    * What makes someone attractive?
    * How do I become attractive?
    * How should I approach and talk to women?
    * How much "funny" or "pushy" should I be? What's the right combination?
    * Should I share intimate details of my life? Do they even care? When and how do I open up?
    * What parts of myself are affecting my performance with women and life in general?
    * What do they like, what's hot for them?
    * What's an ideal relationship all about?
    * What's an ideal LIFE all about?
    * What other ways of living are there that I never explored?
    * What's the greatest, most passioned life I can have?

    These are just some of the questions I got an answer for in this program. In a way, I knew most of the answers from experience, it all made a lot of common sense, but this is a great MODEL to explain everything: what makes a conversation great, how to move forward quicker than you think its possible, what makes a guy attractive and so on. Once you understand the model, everything is much simpler and natural, just like the name of the program says.

    It's a "quick start" on life, I think everyone should learn this at around 18... At least I would have wanted to get this kind of education back then, would have save me a lot of trouble, instead of half-learning by "trial and error" for so many years. These guys tried everything, succeded and came up with a great model to explain it, so that it can take you a hell of a lot less time to learn it.

    This was the first PUA program I have ever done and I must say I ended up quite impressed. It was one of the best of any training programs I ever had. The amount and quality of material is just unbelievable. It was exactly what I was looking for.

    I was expecting the program to be more about women, tricks and lines, than about ourselves, but luckily for me, this was right up my alley. I come from the Neurolinguistic Programming school of personal development (e.g. Tony Robbins), so it turned out to be the perfect program for me, everything made a lot of sense, as it is focused on being a better, more complete, more masculine guy, which I think is much better than just focusing on getting attention from the opposite sex. That's just a by-product, a consequence of being an attractive guy.

    If you know nothing about personal development, then even better, this will open up your eyes to many really important stuff that will help your overall performance and happiness in life. I'm specifically talking about the "Inner Game", the way you think about yourself, others and the situations that happen in your life. We had a whole day just on this and let me tell you, if you never heard of it, your life will change, and if you have, this will reinforce what you already know.

    The contents of the program include:

    * A simple yet powerful MODEL for great CONVERSATIONS that lead to sex and great relationships very quickly. Once you understand it, you'll see you probably have been doing the model in past relationships, and now you know why it worked, and that you can actually implement it on EVERY girl you meet, inmediately. It might not come out of you naturally with new girls, but that's up to you to practice, you now know the "What" and the "How".

    * Sub communication: we all know our body talks louder than our words, so you gotta get this right. Plus, when approaching a girl, touching and escalating it's a must.

    * A great explanation of MASCULINITY, why it matters, and how to reenforce it in your life. It also talks about what masculinity is NOT about, which is also very helpful, to make a difference between "trying" to be masculine and actually just being.

    * The INNER GAME: how to feel good about yourself and things things that happen / happened to you, so you can become more confident. 80% of everything that happens is just in your head, so you better get that right.

    * 5 nights and 1 day going out, trying things and getting feedback from the instructor.

    * The chance to see the instructor in action. That really helps out. Plus, his overall life looks pretty much like what he teaches, so it can be quite inspiring, as in, "I want THAT shit too!"

    * Great concepts and examples about texting, day game, relationships and sex.

    Aaaaand a lot more. I learned so much and many of the concepts I had about women and relationships were reinforced, while many others were shattered.

    Some of my insights:

    * In the past, I would talk to unknown women in a very different way I would talk to women I know, or girls who are in a relationship with me. That's a mistake. If you talk to them as if you knew them forever, if you just assume familiarity with her, as if you were already her boyfriend, then they buy into it and everything moves forward very quickly.

    * You can have a deep conversation very quickly after meeting someone in way that's attractive and helps your game. I was already doing that, but way into the relationship, not after just meeting someone. I've been trying this out, and yes, it's awesome, they feel a connection very quickly.

    * You can talk about sex very quickly too. You can communicate her directly that you're not that interested in a serious relationship and that you are very open with sex and won't judge women her at all... that really opens her up very quickly. I was just starting to go out with someone back home right before coming to the program, tried this with her over Whatsapp and it worked like a charm, she's can't wait for it to happen now.

    * You've gotta mix a bit of everything in your conversation, quickly taking each kind of conversation a step further into sex, to open things up. That's basically the basis of the conversational model and it does work really well and makes a lot of sense.

    * Conversation is more important than looks. That being said, looks helps, especially at first sight and for your confidence and masculinity, so I'm planning on doing the fitness program included in the bonus stuff and improving my fashion.

    * For girls, going out, guys, relationships, everything is mostly an emotional experience. You give them the right mix of emotions, you've got them on your pocket.

    * Girls are actually open to be approached everywhere, anytime. Not all of them of course, but there's quite an interesting percentage of them who are. They are very used to being approached and so, if you've got game, they'll notice that difference and open up to you.

    * Masculinity is not just about taking the lead and deciding things, as I thought. It's a way of being that you can just "feel" in yourself or see it on other people. And it comes from your experiences in life. If you get more exposure to masculine experiences daily and confront your relationships by taking care of people in a masculine way, you will feel with more masculine energy and people will feel you too.

    * Being good at this is just a matter of knowing the basics, developing the skills and practicing a lot. That's pretty much it. Wish I realized and commited to it much earlier in life, I would have had more options and fun, outside of my social circle.

    As for the instructors, Sterling was quite articulate and very good explaining the essencials in a language we could all understand. He was also great at reading people and giving them a precise feedback that's gonna help them move forward.

    As for the program, overall, you can tell there's a lot of work behind their theories because they took the complexity of human interactions and came up with something simple and elegant that perfectly explains everything. It makes so much sense and is well above any "quick fix".

    I read "The Game" and know there are lots of tricks and lines out there, but I think this is the real deal and the direction the industry will eventually take on. Getting better with girls can't be just about memorizing a bunch of stuff, it has GOT to be about being an attractive guy and a better person in general.

    I think "game" is a great way to push your limits, to grow and improve in every possible possible area of your life, to get MORE from life. Getting laid is just a great motivator, not the end goal of life. And this program gets it right, so it won't just help you get laid, it goes beyond that.

    Is the program cheap? NO.

    Is it worth it? YES. I would recommend it to every one, no matter where you are in life. If you can pay for it, GO. If you can't right now, save up some money, like some guys in the program have done, it's worth it.

    Is it everything you need? Do you come out of it picking up all girls easily?

    NO, it depends on where you are in life, how good your social skills and your personal development before you came here.

    If you were already quite decent socially and specially with girls, then yes, this will probably give you that last bit you needed to pick them up easily, it will unleash the power in you very quickly.

    If that's not your case, then you'll have a perfect quick start that will save you months or years and a pretty clear understanding of where to go from there, so you can get there in a few months.

    To improve your game and your life after the program, you might need to work on yourself emotionally, physically, develop a few communicational skills and practice a lot. There are no free lunches in life. No program will do for you what you need to do for yourself. But this one will guide you there.

    It's not just about getting girls. It's about making something amazing with your life. Being an amazing guy you can be proud of. Then the rest will follow.

    To anyone out there reading this review and wondering if it's worth it: fucking do it, you won't regret it. I don't.

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