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    Project Rockstar 2015 Journals

    Project Rockstar is the amazing and life transforming program run in conjunction with Love Systems each year. We take 5 Rockstars for nine weeks and change everything about their lives. Project Rockstar focuses on three fundamental pillars: Game, Fitness and Lifestyle. Each component of the program is focused on optimal growth in these three key areas.

    We ask the Rockstars each year to keep a detailed journal of their experiences on TAF so the Love Systems community can follow the guys on their transformation. Each day, there will be new posts about new incredible experiences so be sure to check back each day and follow our guys on the ride of their lives.

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    For the past year I've reading the previous journals dreaming that one day that would be me, but never actually thinking that I could get in. I'm a 28 year dude from Ireland working in a corporate environment or at least I used to work in a corporate environment. I've done some cool things in my past, working internationally and living in a range of different countries. After 12 weeks of a grueling fitness program project project rockstar is officially a go.

    Day 1

    The instructors had told us that day one would be intense and man they werenít lying. To begin the day, all the rockstars convened in the lobby of a hotel here in Vegas. We all sheepishly introduced ourselves then the instructor team plus some past alumni guys came down to collect us.  Then we went up to one of the instructors rooms. We started by doing our introductions.
    I went first and I was so nervous and my introduction was so shit the instructors starting laughing and made me do it again but were recording this time (the idea being that we can look back at this at the end to see how far weíve come). After the rockstars had done their introductions the alumni and instructors did theirs. Theyíre introductions were infinitely better than ours.
    Then, we the rockstars, did ours again, going a bit more in depth this time. As everybody told their story I began to realise that I was in some baller company and I began to feel wholly inadequate. I wondered just how the fuck I managed to get on this program. The rest of the day was spent outlining logistics and rules for the rest of rockstar.
    After this wrapped up (which was pretty late) there was a mad scramble back to our mansion (which is absolutely pimping by the way) where we got ready in a massive rush - no time for food or showers etc - none of us had eaten since breakfast (a pretty big deal for guys who have been having 6/8 meals a day for the past 12 weeks). We went to the xs pool party at Encore which was insane. Game wise we had been given no instruction for the night except have fun. I literally couldnít bring myself to approach any girls at the start of the night. I said to myself ĎIíll just wait till Tuesday (when the 10 day starts) when we will actually be pushed into setsí. After about 45 minutes of wandering around taking it all in, some of the other rockstars had begun to approach so I said Ďfuck ití and started approaching. I got a phone number on my first approach which I was pretty happy with. I opened a good number of sets for the rest of the night but my conservations all seemed to just fizzle out. I also spent massive hour long chunks of time wandering around just pussying out of approaches. Towards the end of the night we were all shattered. Myself, an intern and Deacon L (who was making out with a smoking hot chick) all stayed until 4am. By that point we were starving (having not eaten since breakfast) so we asked the taxi driver to bring us somewhere with healthy food. He brought us to a shithole casino in old vegas that served steak and eggs for $6 - Such good value we ended up buying 2 each!! It was a nice little bonding experience to end the night (not the type of bonding experience I was aiming to end the night with though). When we got back, Hootie, one of the instructors that lives with us (I should point out we live with Hootie and Vybe - both legends) and another rockstar were outside the house with 2 chicks. Both had just come very close to banging the girls. The girls were leaving as we were arriving and actually hopped into our taxi. That was the end of an eventful first day.

    Day 2

    On day 2 we were brought out to the desert by 2 of the 2014 alumni (one ex air force and one ex green beret). We spent the day shooting water melons, hams, propane cans etc with a vast array of guns: pistols, glocks, shotguns, semi automatic machine guns etc. It was pretty scary holding, loading and shooting such powerful and dangerous guns but it was a good confidence builder and more importantly it was badass as fuck.
    That night we went to Marquee where we had our own bungalow. The bungalow is basically a 3 storey luxury apartment in the middle of the club. Having it gives you an incredible amount of status, which made things with chicks so much easier; as a result the night was infinitely better than Sunday. Between the instructors, the alumni and the rockstars we had the house full of chicks within an hour and thereafter there was a constant flow of chicks in and out! It was an amazing spectacle to just even watch and at times I actually found myself just sitting back and watching. I brought two english chicks back at the start of the night. The one I was hitting on was pretty hot and I was getting on great with her. I even spoke to her mother on the phone and told her she was about to be my future mother in law. After a while things with that chick fizzled out and Iím not entirely sure why although she was pretty drunk which I think was a factor. Soon after I got another 2 chicks back to the bungalow. I gave them the grand tour and hung with them for about 2 hours. I ended up banging one of them in the bedroom of the bungalow. Straight afterwards one of the alumni guys banged the other chick in there, they were literally standing outside the door waiting for us to finish. I fucking love the bungalow, it is such a cool place to bang because the wall at the foot of the bed is just a massive window that overlooks the whole club, you really feel like a boss looking down at the rest of the club, while your cock is being sucked by some chick you met down there earlier in the night. I ended up bringing my chick back to the rockstar mansion where I banged her again. A nice way to end a pretty sweet night.

    Day 3

    Day 3 was the first day of the 10 day bootcamp and our first day of official instruction. The instructors introduced the broad concepts of the simplified natural curriculum and went into detail on the first of 4 conversation strands - which was normal conversation. Our instruction for the night was to go have normal conversations with girls (no weird routines etc) and we werenít allowed leave until they left first. The idea was to plow through all those awkward silences and get used to talking and driving conversations (This kinda resulted in lot of pretty boring sometimes awkward conversations) We went to Draiís where we had a table (that also had a Jacuzzi, which was full of chicks by the end of the night). At the start of the night Hootie brought me and a couple of guys around and watched us open. He gave me some good pointers on my body language telling me that I was leaning in too much (as a result of being tall) and that my shoulders were coming forward too much which resulted in my posture being poor. My night after that was both good and bad. Good in the sense that I approached a good number of girls and wasnít half as anxious about it as I thought it would be, and bad in that most of my conversations were pretty boring and fizzled out pretty quickly. I got some girls back to the table throughout the night but once I got back to them back I never really knew what to do and conversation died pretty quickly. Towards the end of the night I got a sizzling hot model back to the table and after that had fizzled out I managed to get 2 smoke show English girls back to the table. I was happy to get them back to the table but incredibly frustrated to not have the skills to take it any further with any of them.

    Day 4

    On day 4 we learned about the next conversation strand in the model - fun/flirty conversation. We went to wet republic in the MGM grand where Calvin Harris was spinning. We had a table pretty much right beside the DJ booth. Within a few minutes myself and another rockstar had pulled 2 chicks back to our table. They were fun and we had some good fun/flirty conversation with them but after a while they left. As I was leaving the table a chick that I had pulled to our table in Draiís the night before was passing by, she gave me a big hug and I pretty much had to sit her and her friend at out table. It wasnít really ideal as they had bounced from our table the night before, so internally from the get go I kind of felt that the same thing was gonna happen again. My chick sat in the corner and I had her friend sat on my lap (there was no more sitting space as the instructors and alumni pretty much had the table full of chicks at this stage). I ended up talking the chick on my knee more than the other one and started ramping up the sub-comms on her as much as possible. Sterling winged me for a bit but I was never really sure how the logistics of pulling the chick on my knee was going to work. I felt she was never really going to do anything while her friend, who I originally hit on, was sitting right beside us. After about an hour conversation fizzled out and they left. I went back out hunting for pussy again but felt really clunky as I had been in the club for about 2 hours at this stage and only done one proper approach. Nevertheless I managed to pull another 2 chicks back to the table, one ugly one hottish. I had really good fun with them and things were going pretty well with the hottish one (I was holding hands with her and stuff). Calvin started spinning around this time and things just got even more fun. It was the first time on rockstar where I was having genuine unadulterated fun. We pretty much all took our t-shirts off (most of us being jacked as fucked) and were standing on the couches and tables just jumping around the place. Our table was the place be, jacked guys and hot chicks having a ton of fun. After about 45 minutes to an hour Calvin ran out of his hit music and started playing more DJ type music, songs Iíd never heard of anyway (Oh I should point out that I briefly made out with the hottie during the madness when Venture was talking to the ugly one). Things at our table began to calm down a small bit as well. I had kind of run out of conversation with the girls as well and ended up just aimlessly dancing beside them on the couch. Things at got pretty cold with my girl at this stage she was resisting any hand holding attempts I was making. Then one of the instructor's came over and said in my ear ďare you just gonna stand there fucking dancing beside her all night or are you gonna bang her?Ē It was a wake up call for me. I thought Ďfuck how the hell am I gonna do this?í I hopped down grabbed her hand and said ďlets goĒ - she threw my hand away. I thought ĎFUCK!!í I could kind of feel the pressure of the instructor watching me as well, I knew I had to push like fuck. Then Hootie showed up out of nowhere and I explained what was going down. He immediately got the ugly chick down and started leading her out. I grabbed my chicks arm but she wouldnít budge. Then I grabbed her arm with both my arms and broke her bracelet. She freaked out a bit at me but started following Hootie and the ugly chick. I followed them but really felt it wasnít on. (Just to note this was happening at like 2:30am and they had a flight at 6). We all stopped about halfway to the exit and it was really on between Hootie and the ugly chick. Hootie had no idea how much it wasnít on between me and my chick and I felt guilty that he was going to needlessly bang an ugly chick on my behalf. Luckily my chick cockblocked him hard. They eventually left and my chick gave me a big hug and kiss (which I found odd given everything that had gone down in the previous 10 mins). I approached a few more girls after that but ended up going home empty handed. I also felt a bit down that things went from so good to so bad with my chick at the end. It definitely rocked my confidence a bit and bizarrely I kind of felt that I had let the instructors down.
    On day 4 I also got a new roommate (I was on my own up to that), one of the mentors. He is a straight up legend and possibly one of the best-looking humans (that includes both men and women) that I have ever seen in the flesh. He looks like a Hollister model and girls pretty much froth at the gash immediately when they see him, heís also incredibly jacked and one of the coolest, friendliest guys Iíve ever met. The instructors have told him that he is going to absolutely slay it this summer and because of his looks pretty much every girl will open green for himÖ.bastard!! I think we are both gonna have a lot of fun rooming together this summer. Thankfully we have a bang room, specifically for banging chicks otherwise I think I would be spending a lot of this summer sleeping on one of the many couches in the rockstar mansion.

    Day 5

    Day 5 started with feedback. I was told that I need to stop looking like a deer in headlights when Iím out. The instructors said I look like Iím overwhelmed by being on rockstar, getting baller tables etc and it is sometimes evident in clubs. I need to act more like ĎI own this shití ĎI belong hereí etc. Their feedback is spot on, I definitely canít believe Iím here and Iím still getting used to the baller nature of our nights out. My posture is also still an issue. Day 5 was a night off so me and some of the other rockstars took a walk around the strip and grabbed some food. It was pretty chill but somehow, due to a lot of aimless wandering and some really slow service at the restaurant we went to, we managed to stay out until 4am. So much for using our night off to catch up on sleep, I guess we are just kind of nocturnal beasts now, although not really, nocturnal beasts sleep during the day, rockstars donít!

    Day 6

    On day 6 we finished off the core curriculum, which covered the 4 conversation strands, normal, fun/flirty, warmth/depth and our favorite, sexualisation. We headed to Marquee that night, no bungalow this time though. My aim was to sexualize every conversation to the point of blowout. On my first set (which I was doing with one of the interns who was also trying to sexualize to the point of blowout) the girls said ďyou guys need to stop saying sex so much, it is way too early to be talking like thatĒ - on that we immediately burst out laughing,  turned to each other and high fived. ďWe are just pushing the sexual thresholdsĒ we explained to the bewildered chicks. It was a lot of fun sexualizing the conversations for the night. Later I got talking to a chick who was there with her gay (male) best friend. Things went really well and I sexualized well. I brought her back to the table but could not shake the gay guy. I tried to bounce her to the bathroom and I actually got her in the door but her gay friend actually came to the bathroom with us - so close to my first bathroom pull. After that I led them back to the table and danced for a bit and really ramped up the sexual sub comms. I ended up spending the entire night with her but could not bounce her out of the club, it was just her and the gay dude, it was his birthday and he was on ecstasy, so she could not leave him by himself - talk about a logistical nightmare. On reflection the next morning I thought maybe if I offered a threesome with the gay dude and the chick it might have gone better but then hindsight is 20/20.

    Day 7

    The following day was Saturday. We hit our first day party in Wet Republic - Calvin Harris was spinning. I thought it was going to be difficult to game at a day party - boy was I wrong!! Our table was right beside the DJ box and was full of hot chicks the entire day. I managed to pull a good few chicks to the table. One Asian chick was going super super sexual on me - grinding the fuck out of me. Two of the alumni guys were like Ďget her the fuck out of hereí. So I bounced her to the men's bathroom but as I was closing the stall door the bouncer rushed in and pulled it open, I had a tug of war with the bouncer, but he started radioing for backup and eventually kicked us out (I later learned that if you tip them $20 they generally leave you alone, lesson learned). After that I pulled 2 English chicks back to the table, they were hot and really cool. At one stage the bouncer at our table was kicking out all the fat chicks (as the table can get very full, the bouncer does this from time to time, under our instruction) and the English chicks were like Ďwhat is going oní, I explained exactly what was happening and they thought it was the funniest thing ever - my kind of girls. One of them was blonde and I really clicked with her, she was hot, chilled and just a laugh to hang with, definitely the coolest girl I met in Vegas so far. Unfortunately things fizzled out and the cool English girls eventually left our table. After that I winged another rockstar with some Irish chicks. I ended up stuck talking at the table with one of them who was not particularly hot but it was on with her if I wanted. Sterling asked me if I was going to bang her I said no and he was like Ďwhy not?í - so I was like Ďfuck it I might as well bang her just for reference experienceí and I bounced her to the pool. In the pool I found it really hard to get my dick in her pussy because we kept swaying from side to side, so I pinned her up against the side of the pool and just as I was about to put my dick in (it was literally touching her pussy) the lifeguard came over yelling at us and blowing her whistle. That was the end of that.
    That night we were back at xs. I pulled a few sets back to the table but conversation was pretty much fizzling out with all of them. Then the chick and the gay dude, from the night previous, turned up. I was like Ďfuck here we go againí. He was on ecstasy again. This time I went super hard on the girlfriend/boyfriend frame, with the chick (obviously) I also went super hard on the verbal sexual stuff and constantly told her how I was going to bang her. She kept saying that I couldnít because she was staying with the gay dude - I was just like Iíll bang him too (to which he got really excited, he kept randomly telling me that I was really handsome). I spent the entire night with her at the table in boyfriend/girlfriend mode and it was actually really nice. Come 3/4am I was exhausted (we were at the day party for 10:45 am and hadnít slept or eaten properly since). She said she wanted to stay out and rage until 8am and I was like Ďfuck thatí and I left with some of the other rockstars. I got my back to my bedroom and at 4:42am she text me off the gay dudes phone (which I found suss cos I knew he wanted me to bang him) saying Ďwe should bang nowí. I was exhausted but I went to their hotel not knowing what to expect. Both of them came to the lobby to greet me and in the elevator on the way to the room I was really unsure and somewhat terrified of what was about to go down (I had spent the entire night talking about how down I was for a threesome even though I had absolutely no intention of banging the gay dude). Thankfully once we got back to the room the gay dude fucked off and myself and the chick went to bangtown.

    Day 8

    On Sunday night we were back at xs for the nightswim. Myself and another rockstar managed to orchestrate a super quick pull. We managed to get 2 chicks to leave with us after having only spoken with them for half an hour (in seminar that day we had listened to audio of Venture and Vici doing a 5 minute pull, and we pretty much copied that model to a t). It was so sweet we had them out of the club before midnight. We brought them back to mansion, banged them (my condom split and I came inside her which she freaked out about). After that myself and the other rockstar dropped them back to their hotel, went for steak and eggs and tried to figure out just what the fuck had happened. We went back to mansion and actually got a decent nights sleep for once.

    Day 9

    On Monday it was back to Marquee for bungalow night. We were all super excited to have a bungalow again. I was going for 3 bangs in a row and was excited for the night ahead. My first set went really well, the chick was green as fuck and my sub comms were on point. I was making out with her back at our table after 5 mins. I made friends with her friends and they said they liked me (crucial for logistics). I would have bounced her back to the bungalow but it was so early in the night our bungalow wasnít even open. Then her friends dragged her off to the bathroom but promised me they would bring her back, and I was pretty sure they actually would. Cockiness got the better of me at that stage instead of just swallowing my pride and chilling for 5 mins I immediately started opening more sets. Iím pretty sure the chick came back and saw me talking to more girls and bounced. Later that night myself and another rockstar pulled 2 chicks to the bungalow. Both girls were yellow and both of us thought we were winging the other - he thought my chick was into me and I thought his chick was into me. We ended up needlessly winging each other for an hour and a half. After that myself and a different rockstar pulled two chicks back to the bungalow. These chicks were also yellow. One of the girls kept accusing me of being on drugs and it really started to annoy me, so I decided to throw down a boundary (we had just learned about boundaries that day). I told her she was being really rude and disrespectful, which she really was, I said we were nice enough to bring them into our bungalow, give them free drinks and talk to them and it wasnít cool they were acting like this. After that they didnít apologize and persisted to say that I was on drugs at which point I told them to fuck off and I left the bungalow. My next set was two seated girls (not ideal but one of the instructors told me and another rockstar to go and a rule of rockstar is you do whatever the instructors tell you to do without hesitation), we sexualized early and they lost the fucking rag with us - we didnít flinch and threw down a Ďsex is totally normal especially in Vegasí frame. Between that and the girls thought I was on drugs it was all quite jarring. I couldnít get back into state properly for the rest of night. I was disappointed to not have made use of the bungalow as 2 or 3 of the other rockstars banged in there. On the upside about 12 of us (including the 2 instructors) ended up going back the mansion together and having a massive feast at 4am. It was kind of cool, as we were all buzzing telling stories of our various adventures and misadventures in the bungalow and throughout the night.

    Day 10

    The next night we headed to Omnia (one of the coolest clubs in Vegas) where Afrojack was spinning. Within a couple of minutes myself and some of the other rockstars managed to pull a group of pretty hot latinos back to our table. Things were going pretty well between myself and the chick I was hitting on. For the first 20 minutes we were vibing really well and at one stage she took a selfie and put it on instagram, within like 5 minutes it had 22 likes, I teased her about being so popular. She explained that in Arizona where she lives she does some modeling and has been in a few music videos, I just said Ďthatís really coolí without flinching. At this point I noticed that her 3 friends, who were sitting beside us, were on their own, on their phones and looking bored. At this point the dreaded Ďtable fizzleí began to rear its ugly head and things began to fizzle out between us. She began to spend more and more time on her phone. Hootie pointed this out to me and advised me to start dancing or do something to make it more fun for them. I started dancing and things picked up slightly again. After a while I decided that I was going to try and bounce her there and then before things started to fizzle again (avoiding table fizzle is a big thing Iím trying to work on, and I think taking bold right action is a way to combat it). I grabbed her hand and said ďletís get out of hereĒ. I led her to the exit, but she froze when she got there, so instead I lowered the investment and brought up to the terrace area for some fresh air. We vibed some more up there and eventually made out (in spite of her telling me repeatedly that she does not make out with guys in clubs). After that we bounced back down the table and things slowly started to fizzle out. I threw down a marriage role play to buy some time but I could feel things slipping. Just as I was divorcing her one of the other rockstars came back to the table with the blonde English chick that I really clicked with at the day party in Wet Republic. She sat beside me, gave me a big hug and we immediately started hitting it off again. I had her to the left of me and the Latino chick to the right. After a while the English chick went to the bathroom and the second she left the Latino chick, who I hadnít spoken to for 20 minutes, jumped on me and started making out with me hard. For me, that right there, was a lesson in how powerful jealousy can be. I stopped the making out before the English chick came back. Iím not quite sure how but at some stage the English chick heard somebody refer to the Latino chick as my wife, I joked it off saying it was ok, we had just got divorced, she could be my mistress, the Latino chick actually chimed in and helped me out with this. I spent the rest of the night making out with both chicks, when the other was at the bathroom or just looking the other way. They both caught me on various occasions, and tried to pawn me off to the other saying shit like Ďyou go back to your wifeyí or Ďyou should forget about me and look after your mistressí. I ended up making out and dancing with the Latino chick a lot more but eventually decided I wanted the English chick. Iím not sure how it happened but the Latino chick ended up going home with her friends and the English chick ended up at another table with some other guys. I was pretty gutted because I really wanted to spend the night with the English chick. I think I might have left my ego get in the way, which is not a good thing. The feedback from the instructors the following day was that I should have picked one earlier, escalated super hard and tried to bounce her, instead of trying to juggle both - another lesson learned the hard way.
    The next night we were back at Wet Republic. I ended up having an off night. Iím not really sure what went wrong but I think that on my previous nights I usually had managed to pull the second or third set back to the table which meant I had done very little cold approaching (some of the other rockstars were doing up to 40 approaches a night). I hate to make excuses but it felt like there was an awful lot of dudes there, although Iím not sure if this is a valid excuse as some of the instructors and at least one rockstar pulled. I managed to get one set of girls back to the table but it was never on with them from the get go. I left them at the table and went out hunting again. Towards the end of the night I met a chick that my roommate (the good looking guy, not sure of his handle so Iím just going to refer to him as Hollister) had banged the night previous. I asked her how she was and she said she just needed to get away from the table for a while. I led her to a pool off the main pool that is much more relaxed and got in with her (I should point out that I previously confirmed with Hollister that he was not going to bang her again). One of the other rockstars was in the pool with another chick. My chick started grinding me hard and I immediately ramped up the sexual sub-comms. She refused to make out with me, because Iím friends with Hollister, even though she had nearly made me cum she was grinding so much! (I should point out that she had changed her flight to stay an extra day - such is the power of Hollisterís looks) Then she randomly got out and wanted me to go back to the table with her, which I found odd. I told her I needed 5 minutes (for my erection to go away). When I went back to the table everything made sense. She was angry as fuck as Hollister was making out with another chick in front of her. I figured she wanted me to go back to the table with her in an attempt to make Hollister jealous. After about another 20 minutes we all decided to leave including Hollister who was leaving the 2 chicks behind of his own choice. I made a last ditch Hail Mary attempt and whispered to the chick that had changed her flight, that I was roommates with Hollister if she wanted to come back and make him jealous, she politely declined.

    Reflection on 10 Day Bootcamp Portion

    As I write this, the 10 day bootcamp has concluded and we have the weekend to do as we please. The majority of the rockstars have gone to the EDC music festival, so tonight in the mansion it is just myself, Hollister, Hootie and some chick Hootie is about to bang. It is a good time to draw breath and reflect on the whirlwind that has been the past couple of days. It is only as I write this post that I realize just how much shit has happened. The 10 day bootcamp portion of rockstar was really intense - going out almost every night, sober, usually for 5 or 6 hours, sometimes getting stinging criticism from the instructors, during the night and during the debriefs the following morning. Being an introvert sleep is really important for me, but Iíve managed to cope relatively well without it. The next four weeks is going to be a repeat of what we just had and I canít imagine the amount of learning that is ahead of us. (lol - Hootie and his chick have just begun banging)
    On a more personal level, the instructors have generally been pleased with my progress on the game front, but that isnít good enough for me. I want to push myself to the limit and squeeze every last drop of benefit out of this experience. To that end there have there have been a number of issues that have constantly popped up during my debriefs, one is my posture, (I have exercises that the guys have given me to combat this) and two is interactions fizzling out after I bring back chicks to the table, or table fizzle as I have begun to call it. Iím not really sure how Iím going to combat table fizzle but I know that taking right bold action will be key. I feel that I should really be pulling the trigger earlier in these interactions as opposed to letting things fizzle out. I feel I may have slipped into a comfort zone of just getting chicks back to the table and Iím not pushing hard enough for the pull thereafter. I know that Iím going to fuck up a lot experimenting with this but failure is the best way to learn. I also think that messing around and having fun with the guys at the table is another thing I need to do more, up to this point Iíve kind of planted myself beside whatever chick Iíve brought back, and not interacted with the guys as much at the table. Another point that may also help me is actually getting to know the chick a bit better before I bounce them back to the table, this would lessen my chances of ending up with any duds back at the table.
    Iím looking forward to recharging my batteries this weekend and going hard at it again thereafter. Hopefully I will make so more progress and fingers crossed I will have some more wild stories to share with you guys.

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    I was 26 years old and living in Indianapolis, IN when I was accepted into Project Rockstar. After 5 rounds of interviews, I was accepted into Project Rockstar. I was shocked mostly because I was unemployed and had never had a full time job. The first requirement for Rockstar was the fitness program. I wasnít too worried about it because I had already been hitting the gym pretty hard for a year and had just completed Jim Stoppaniís Short Cut to Size program. After hitting the Rockstar fitness program hard for 3 months the time finally arrived for me to leave everything behind and head to Vegas.

    I remember I saw the Luxor out of the airplane window after landing and my first thought was I canít wait to have a drink. My second thought was I canít. At least not yet. I landed in Vegas about four days before the beginning of Project Rockstar to visit my friend and relax in the upcoming days before the program. It was a very calm version of Vegas I had not seen before mostly because of the wide array of emotions flowing through my mind and body. I was really still in shock that I had even made it on the program and I really did not know what to expect. I spent the nights leading up to Rockstar sitting in the hot tub at my friendís apartment complex staring at the Las Vegas sky wondering what this summer would be like. I had feelings of excitement, fear and every other emotion in between.

    After spending those three calm days with my friend, Sunday had finally come and it was time to head to the mansion to meet the other Rockstars. As I pulled into the driveway, most of the Rockstars were outside waiting on a cab to take them to the Cosmopolitan where we would meet the instructors for the very first time. My friend drove myself and one other Rockstar to the cosmopolitan where I said my goodbyeís before the other Rockstar and I were off to enter the cosmopolitan. We had no idea what to expect so we thought we would grab a quick bite to eat in preparation for what would come. A couple of the other Rockstars met us at a restaurant in the cosmopolitan to also order food when we received a message informing us that everyone else was headed up to the instructorsí room now. I had ordered my food to go in the first place but the others had not and I wasnít going to leave them so we all scrambled together to get to the room where we would first meet everyone.

    As the last four of us walked into this fairly large room that was nearly on the top floor of the cosmopolitan we were glared at by a large room full of way more people than I had expected. It was the main instructors, the Rockstar alumni, the Rockstars, and the well known instructor Mr. M. We all shared our unique stories about what led us to the path of Rockstar and then that night we went together for the first time to XS night swim. I was scared shitless when I entered the club as were many of the other Rockstars. We were told that it was a free night out with no instruction so we all felt like the instructors wanted to watch us and judge where our current level of game stood. The thought of this made me extremely nervous because most of the other Rockstars had already been through a 10-day boot camp, normal boot camp or had been to super conference. Only myself and one other Rockstar had never had any formal training of any kind so I thought I was going to be way behind. After doing a few laps around the pool I hadnít spoken to any girls and the same was the case for some of the other Rockstars. Eventually we ended up in a group circle with some of the alumni and one in particular asked me if Iím the one with the massive approach anxiety. This particular alumniís name was Jasper and he started me off by teaching me how to properly stop girls walking by and told me just to say, ďYou are absolutely gorgeous,Ē and then walk away. I did this a few times but I never made it into any kind of state. The next night was better because it was bungalow night at Marquee so all I had to do was tell girls to come checkout the bungalow and they would come. A lot of the other Rockstars were at least used to practicing game so they were opening and talking to sets of girls.

    The 10-day started a couple days after the start of Rockstar. I learned a lot but was also really exhausted. The first few days were okay but after a while it became harder and harder to focus in seminar during the day after being out at the club until 4 a.m. One night on our way to Wet republic to see Calvin Harris at the night swim the song ďEat, Sleep, Rave, RepeatĒ came on and I started singing ďSeminar, Club, Sleep, Repeat.Ē This is what life felt like at the moment. It was really an adjusting period for me because I went from virtually doing nothing in my normal life everyday to barely having time to shower and eat dinner before heading to the club or wake up and eat lunch before heading to seminar. We had made it to the gym a few times but that was really hard to fit in. It was either go to the gym and give up sleep or sleep and give up the gym. At first I was going to the gym but now I am giving the gym up for sleep.

    I donít really know where I stand with game right now because for me itís a massive mental game. Iím working on my inner game. My biggest thing is the way I talk to myself and learning to love myself right now because Iím walking around sorry for my existence for no fucking reason what so ever. The best way I can think of my game right now is like an athlete being in the zone or having a completely shit night. When Iím in the zone or ďin stateĒ my game can be really tight from the open all the way to the close. When Iím off, then Iím completely off and I canít even open and end up just looking miserable the entire night. So far Iíve had one reference experience where I feel like I ran nearly perfect game from the open to the SNL. It was at wet republic for a Calvin Harris day party and I was with Vybe and Alexander. I saw them open two girls and there was a third so I slid in. I donít remember everything I said or did per say but I just remember feeling in a zone. I had already had one really good set where I opened a really hot Italian girl that hung with me for quite a while so my confidence was pretty boosted.

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    I remember when I applied for project rockstar I stayed up for 20 hours on the last night trying to rewrite certain areas that I was not happy with after spending 2 weeks writing the application out. I almost didnít submit the application after spending about 3 hours on the last question, but I knew I wouldnít live with myself if I didnít at least try. I never thought that I would ever get into project rockstar with the high amount of successful people that actually go through the program even though I think I have done some cool shit with my life. After a few weeks of interviews I got excepted in, I was in shock I didnít really know what to say but I was so thankful for the opportunity I was given.
    I flew into Las Vegas two days before project rockstar started so I could get adjusted to the time difference and catch up on some much need rest before the being of the program which didnít really work out that well for me. I arrived at the house on Sunday morning and met all the other guys which was a pretty awesome experience, not very often you can just roll up to a house and just start talking to everyone as though you had been long lost friend which pretty cool considering the nervousness I had coming over. We all went and met up with the instructors that afternoon to go over the program and to do introductions. I was sitting in my chair at this time listening to everyone elseís stories, including instructors and alumni. I would have to say it was at that moment I starting doubting myself whether I belonged on this program. I was literally sitting listening to a lot of people that had done so much cool shit with the lives I was really starting the think were I was going to fit in but as the all of the stories unfolded the common theme is that we all come from similar back rounds with women.
    Sunday was our first night out, which was at xs night club for the night was which was really cool to see but I was so nervous, I think I approached about 2 girls the whole night which was terrible considering how many girls were there. I did feel better seeing I wasnít the only one in the same situation as I think everyone was struggling during the night but I guess everyone got there cardio work done after walking around the pool about 200 times.
    Starting the 10 day on the Tuesday couldnít come quick enough from me, I was so nervous and inside my head, over thinking things before they happened. Having done the 10 day before I knew what the simplified curriculum was all about and how it worked, but sitting through the class again was a reminder to how much I had missed or not taken in last time I did it. Our first night out was at draiís night club. The whole night was about getting into normal conversation for about 15 min which went pretty well, must of my conversations at the start of the night werenít hooking at the start as I wasnít approaching strong enough. One of the alumni Ian, was the one that corrected me on where I was going wrong. Surprising enough I started opening with much stronger than I had been to the point that night I wasnít getting blown out every time I approached. Towards the end of the night I made out with one girl and tried pull here out of the club but got screwed my her not wanting to leave her friend, looking back now I think that was start of how much logistics come become.
    Day 2 we went over the fun flirty part of the conversation, this is probably the area I struggle in the most with even though I know how to joke around my friends, for some reason I find it much more difficult to do with women. I think I am over thinking things rather than letting the conversation flow naturally which is really frustrating when you can literally watch and know when the conversation is about it fizzle out. Trying to inject some humour into the conversation shouldnít be has hard as Iím making it, maybe I should be lower my expectation of the conversation but I am sure the more conversations I get into Iíll start seeing more success but I know itís really going to take some work on my part. I have found most of my interactions have been going pretty well but I know it not where it should be. Having a fun flirty vibe about you is something that women are attracted to, so itís something I will be working hard on.
    The third day was learning to inject sexual intention into the conversation. At first this felt a little bit clunky, probably because I wasnít used to actually saying what I was saying to her but I didnít let it stop me I was get blown out a lot but I was doing that with the purpose of trying to find thresholds within the conversation. I was actually surprised how some women reacted to it so earlier on in the conversation, having good sub communication in the interaction really helps and probably is the most important part of the conversation. At first I thought I was doing alright with the touching, but it wasnít until Vybe pointed out to me that I need to start touching a bit more. Over a few night really started to see how much you can actually get away with all because I was told to be as touchy as possible as you can always scale it back down, which I learnt really quickly when talking to a Swedish chick. Over the past ten days I have had to push myself well and truly out of my comfort zones which I a good thing. When I think about the first night out to where I am now is a big improvement but not as much as I want for myself. I guess growing up I have always picked up a new skill fairly easily but for some reason I struggle with learning game. The more I look into it probably more of an inner game issue rather than any of my out game, which I will have to keep working on.
    The biggest benefit of a program like this is having instructors around you 24/7, doesnít matter whether youíre at home or out at a club, being able to grab and instructor and ask them to watch you in a conversation or if you have a sticking point that you canít get over or if you are just in a shit state they will generally help you, but I also know that itís up to me to seek out that help as well.

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    Who Am I

    Iím 31 from Canada. I work in health care. Iíve dabbled in the game since finding ĎThe Gameí by Neil Strauss in í08. I took my first bootcamp in 2010, and have done several programs since. Iíve improved quite a bit from my baseline, but I know I can do so much more. Getting into Project Rockstar in March of this year was one of the happiest and most memorable days of my life.

    Regarding fitness, I actually bloated to the fattest Iíd ever been in December. I was in India, eating buffets 3x/day. I went up to 185 pounds. I did the Gethin program upon returning to Canada, and went immediately into a second round once getting into Project Rockstar. After 22 straight weeks on the Gethin program, I had lost 46 pounds and looked like a completely different person.

    Iíve now completed 2 weeks at Project Rockstar. It has been an absolute whirlwind of an experience. In this reflection blog, Iíll try to encapsulate the crazy amount of learning that has occurred in this timeframe. But whatever I write will fail to do it justice. Itís been just that much.

    Chronology of Events

    So every day there have been seminars from 2-7. This has included debriefs from the night before, and, up until this weekend, the standard 10-day bootcamp. This is the official timeframe, but they always run overtime. Frankly, thereís just so much material, it averaged about 1 h overtime. This made this really tight in terms of getting home and going to the infield event.

    We went out every night since arriving, except for Thursday nights. Iíve used those to sleep, but even 10 h of sleep isnít quite enough. Weíre always tired afterwards. Project Rockstar is exceedingly well organized. We have a rental house, rental cars, we always have great table service every place we go, and weíre getting amazing training. Vici, Venture, and Sterling oversee all of this. However, itís the alumni that do the most hands-on training. Iím extremely grateful for their help, but more on them later. So up until this weekend, the standard seminar-outing has been our timeline every day.

    This weekend is Electric Daisy Carnival. Itís one of the largest Electronic Dance Music festivals in the world. Weíre essentially taking a break from hardcore gaming to enjoy the music hereÖ well most of us are. Myself and a couple other Rockstars are still gaming while out. I am, however, a big fan of EDM, so I took breaks to watch some of my favourite sets. I saw Hardwell in action last night. The funny thing is I was about 500 m away from him. Wednesday night however, at our infield outing at Wet Republic, he was in the booth in front of us as a guest of Showtekís, the main performers. I lost a girl to him. A lot of the Rockstars lost girls to him. Itís not like he was gaming, but they just wanted to get in his booth and hang out with him. I probably approached about 30 girls that night at Wet Republic, but my ballsiest approach was Hardwell himself when he was standing right in front of me. Right before I opened my mouth to ask him for a photo, however, his security guards stopped me. Better luck next time! Still, it was a really wicked night.


    Given all the time constraints, Iím extremely proud of myself for keeping my body in shape on Project Rockstar so far. We have outsourced a chef for the house, so we always have an abundance of healthy foods. Iíve also gone on the maintenance fitness program prescribed to us by Sterling and Vici. Itís way more feasible, being only 4x/week and about 1 h at a time. This is in sparkling contrast to the 3 h/day I was spending on the Gethin program. Iíve maintained the abs I got (a function of body fat percentage) and still feel like Iíve dropped a pound or 2. My clothes are a bit looser than when I bought them, which is still better than a bit tighter, which was my worry coming into the program.

    Progress Iíve Made

    Letís start with the stats, but first, a disclaimer. As Iíve been taught, we really canít be focused on the outcomes, but rather the process. If I take care of the process, the results will come inevitably. Iíve only banged one girl. It was in a closet, so I kind of did it for the story (no she wasnít attractive). Iíve made out with over 20 girls. Iíve gone to 2 girlsí homes, but didnít bang either of them. One was a virgin, and the other was obsessed with finding her friend.

    More importantly are the skills and mentalities Iím honing. You would think that being so tired, I would pick and choose which nights to cruise, and which nights to game. The instructors donít really allow you to do that, and so Iíve mentally shortcut my mentalities to approach as many as I can (though by this, I also mean approach well, and not just say hi to a million people). Iím approaching anywhere between 20 and 40 girls/night. This is often a factor of how many of my sets are hooking, but even so, youíll rarely catch me just hanging around doing nothing.

    The most important mentality Iíve probably reframed in my head is that if it gives me fear, that translates instantly in my head to go do it. It starts with approaching, but it also extends to sexualization, which I discovered within a week was my biggest sticking point. I just wasnít pushing beyond a particular threshold, probably in large part because of my very conservative nice guy upbringing, something Iím sure many readers can relate to. But now Iím doing it early and pushing it farther than ever. I tried to finger a girl at EDC last night. It didnít work, but Iím really praising and judging myself on whether or not I tried to push my boundaries.

    One more big tip Iíll share that I learned on rockstar thatís helping immensely is the ď5 in 10Ē concept. As soon as you enter the venue, approach 5 sets within the first 10 min. The goal isnít that they hook, although that happens sometimes. Rather, it shortcuts the process of getting in state. So say you start the night at 22:00. Instead of getting in state by 23:30 and only gaming for so many hours, now youíre gaming 1.5 h more. Itís far more effective, and really gets the ball rolling. Iíve been praised for my approach reflex and mentality. I believe what the instructors are telling me without using these words exactly is that if I keep this up, staying committed to the process and not really thinking about the big picture, Iíll achieve all my goals with game by the end of the program. This is the approach Iíll take forward. Iíll check in with you guys next week.

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    Its been exactly 2 weeks since the beginning of rockstar, and I can honestly say this was hands down the best decision I have ever made. To be surrounded by so many successful and motivated people who are taking the time out of their own lives and away from their businesses to help many of us overcome lives of frustration and shed insight into their experiences and how they overcame their own fears and challenges is truly an inspiration. Most of the alumni have been in places far worse than where I started so to hear their stories and just experience how rockstar changed their lives is unbelievable until you see how it has changed many of us in only the first 2 weeks.

    My journey started out pretty low, not getting my first real kiss until I was 18 and my virginity a year later. By many standards a lot of people would look at my life and think everything is fine and that Iím in an enviable situation. But for me personally things always looked great on the outside while inside I felt alone and isolated. Most of my friends always saw me as the optimistic guy always having a blast, flirting and talking with pretty attractive women and occasionally taking one home. For me it was never enough to be placed in the right situation again and again but yet not have the confidence to consistently talk to the most attractive women at the bars and clubs. In many ways it was like having the keys to a Ferrari and not knowing how the hell to drive.

    So coming into rockstar I definitely felt ahead of the game. I had taken a bootcamp superconference 2014 in las vegas, and had some level of success prior to the start. My mentality from before was always direct. I hated the idea of memorizing lines and checklists as a guideline for game 1 because I did not have the time or patience to sit and memorize them so always used the model as more of a guide because there were many time I had been able to pull girls in 10-15 minutes rather than go through a step by step outline. It just felt very unnatural and robotic to go through different phases and levels of the model.

    The first 2 nights we went out there was 0 instruction and help which was a great thing as the alumni could access where we all were in regards to our game. I was definitely a bit nervous not having been gaming the last 3 months, being so busy with work and the fitness component( gained 12 lbs of lean muscle). Things were very clunky and it took me that first day to regain my bearings. Needless to say things did not exactly start out as I had hoped. By day 2 though I was starting to get back in the groove and approached much more confidently and with much better reactions (made out with 3 girls and was able to get one of those said girls tops off before the cockblock (her friend) rolled out and grabbed her away. Things were starting to look much better.

    When they first introduced the simplified natural curriculum it was exactly the style I could relate to. It really makes ďgameĒ so much easier to learn and understand without having to memorize steps and lines. It just makes learning game so much easier without having to memorize much of anything. Just be the best version of yourself you can be. For me personally it has always been with my perception of how others view me and so I always placed myself in a little box and rarely if ever dared to venture out and explore the boundaries. It was not easy but day after day I tried with very few results. Everything in my mind was trying to resist the urge to take big risks and stay comfortable but by not getting the results I wanted I knew I had to change my mindset and take the big jump. Luckily all the mentorship helped a great deal in understanding the hurdles I placed upon myself and that it was ok to test the boundaries. So I went a little overboard. I was talking to much more attractive women, but would then get blown out by overstepping. The old me would have said donít do it go back to the safe zone but that old me is done. I needed to prove to myself where the boundaries lie and so learned some very valuable lessons. The boundaries were a lot wider than I had ever imagined. Suddenly I went from approaching tons of set with very few interactions to approaching fewer sets with much better results.

    The end of week 1 concluded with me talking to 1 tropics model I had briefly conversed with while she was competing (always having a great table is key!). I saw her walking past our table and boom, it was like all the practice and training over the first week clicked and I was on cruise control. It was an incredible feeling talking to a total 10, and having her fully engaged in conversation. Her friend wanted to go back to their table of friends so they left but she first asked that I take her number. Even though it was just a number it was an amazing feeling to be able to not only talk to the girl of my dreams but have that mutual connection with a person. And it was only the end of week 1!

    The whole time I made a conscious effort to focus on 1-2 goals per night(usually just 1) in an attempt to build a solid foundation upon which to build. I know the goal is to rack up numbers but I knew from experience that that would come in time with solid foundations. The start of week 2 was trying to fit it all together. I guess it must have worked because after 10 minutes of talking to a girl at the club, ended up taking her into the bathroom and having some fun. And yes she did have 2 tongue piercings. The second day I pulled a girl back to the rockstar mansion after 20 minutes of conversation but did not have the same success. Again testing the boundaries and learning valuable lessons rather than just looking at it as a failure. The next night met another model from the vegas hot 100 competition and building off the lessons I learned throughout the week took her back to the mansion and score. Its only been 2 weeks in and already I feel like I am light years ahead of where I was the last 6 years of learning game.

    As I reflect on the last 2 weeks the biggest lesson I have learned is that taking big risks can also lead to big rewards. Besides the game aspect all the mentors and alumni and my fellow rockstars come from around t4e world, and al successful and motivated in their respective lives, and come together with the common goal of helping each other be the best versions of ourselves we can be. It is an experience that can not be truly expressed in words and in many ways only when you get to meet and see just how much it can affect peoples lives.

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    Saturday 20th of June
    Again the majority of the boys went to EDC. It was just myself and an intern in the mansion. Jasper, one of the instructors, was not going to EDC so the three of us decided to go to Surrender. When we got there it was uber quiet, I counted 36 people. We thought the night was going to be a bust but thankfully it picked up and ended up getting really busy. The intern and I were pretty much allowed do what we wanted, as in we could drink and we weren’t going to be forced into sets etc. I decided not to drink, given that I haven’t drank since March I want to make it a big occasion when I actually do go back drinking. Jasper was approaching left, right and centre, it was quite impressive. He is really funny in set as well, and I was actually taking notes on my phone. Later in the night I had a good albeit drunken chat with him about all things rockstar, he spoke of his experience and re enforced the point that it is not the number of lays you get on rockstar is irrevelant, what really matters is the friends you make and the networks you build for which are crucial for everything that happens after rockstar.
    I didn’t really approach many sets during the night, I was more so riding on Jaspers coattails for the night. At some point during the night I got talking to a Canadian chick and we really it off. We spent the majority of the night together talking, dancing and making out. I was in girlfriend/boyfriend frame for the entire night with her. I even managed to bounce her as far as the taxi lie but she refused to go home with me. I spent the rest of the night texting her but to no avail, she had a major issue that she would have been the 4th girl I banged in 2 weeks (maybe shouldn't have told her that, but the simplified natural model is based on honesty and masculinity so I said ‘fuck it, I might a well be honest’). The following morning at 8am, I get a text from her saying she regretted not banging me. She was checking out at noon so I knew time was limited, I went straight to her hotel. When I got to the lobby I sent her a photo (she didn’t know I was going to her hotel). She still resisted and said I couldn’t go to her room, but she came down to the lobby to meet me. We went for coffee and chatted for a bit. We then went for a romantic swim in the swimming pool of her hotel. We made out a lot and it really turned her on. Then we went for a pleasant stroll around old vegas. I eventually managed to get her back to her room and got to the stage where both of us were naked. I reached for a condom but she still still stated that we were not banging. At that stage I did something Jasper had taught us. I started jerking off and said “well I’m having sex you can join me if you want to” - she joined in, gave me a handjob and I ended up cumming all over her. It was pretty hot. After that we went for a shower together which was really intimate, and she said she regretted not actually banging me!! I guess the lesson I learned from the whole experience is to trust what the girl is telling you with her body language, her signals, her actions etc and not to take what she says verbally that literally. (Although obviously there is a line, when they say stop you really do have to stop in spite of anything else their body language might be saying).

    Sunday 21st June
    Again most of the guys went to EDC on Sunday night. 4 of us who weren’t going decided to go to the movies. It was cool to just chill out, relax, enjoy each others company and most importantly get a good night’s sleep.

    Monday 22nd June
    Monday night was bungalow monday again. The majority of the rockstars were too shattered from EDC to be excited about it but I felt fine. My first couple of sets were a little clunky but I didn’t let it affect my state. At some stage early in the night I winged another rockstar and we ended up bringing two chicks back to the bungalow. They were fun but very yellow and after about half an hour they left. After that the exact same situation repeated itself but this time with another rockstar. Again both chicks were yellow but I stuck with it for the long haul this time. The original rockstar left and at various points of the night I was being winged by different rockstars. I slowly turned my chick from yellow to green. It took about 150 attempts to make out with her but I eventually did. After that it kind of began to fizzle and the chicks said they wanted to go the dance floor. I still felt it was kind of on with my chick so I lead them to the dancefloor. On the way Vybe jumped in and saved the day. Within minutes he was making out with my chicks friend then slammed on the girlfriend/boyfriend frame hard. After that he gave a masterclass in leading girls out of a club and back to our car. It was girlfriend/boyfriend frame from then on until we got back to the house. There we fixed the chicks drinks and brought them out to the pool. Then Vybe led his girl to his room and shortly after I lead my girl to my room, where we preceded to go bang bang. It was really amazing to see the whole ‘Leading a girl out of a club’ thing in action and really useful for me as that is something that I’ve definitely been struggling with up to this point.

    Tuesday 23rd June
    On Tuesday we went Drai’s, a rooftop club. My first couple of sets were fine. I hadn’t done a he said/she said on the way to the club so things were a little clunky to start. On those first few sets I ended up winging one of the rockstars, he was hitting on a hot chick and I went in to speak to her fatish friend. Things went well between the rockstar and his girl and he ended up bouncing her back to the table, which meant I had to go back to the table with her friend. I ended up speaking to her for about 45 mins. It was all normal/boring conversation but it kind of brought my state down a bit. Thankfully they both left and I was free to go out hunting again but as soon as I went out again I saw another rockstar in set with hot chick and a really fat chick. I knew i had to jump on a grenade again, as this whole rockstar experience is a group effort first and foremost (also I got winged a lot the previous night, where I ended up getting laid so I felt I owed the universe a debt). I jumped in and opened the big fat friend. Again things between the rockstar and his girl went well and we all ended up bouncing to the table. We were at the table for what felt like an hour but was probably less. After that I was pretty tired but ended up bringing a chick of my own back to the table. However as soon as she got back to the table she started to turn her back on me and talk to her friends, I felt like I had no time to waste so I left her there and went out again. I ended up bringing another chick back to the table. She had a pretty hot body and I felt things were going OK (but not great) between us but all of a sudden she got up and left to go to the bathroom. At this point I had had no good solid interaction and it was pretty late in the night. I bumped into Hootie and told him that I was having an off night. He told me he was really tired and also having an off night. It looked like most of the other rockstars were doing really well at that point so it was really reassuring to know that even the instructors can sometimes have off nights as well. Even though it was still pretty early Hootie and I decided to bounce and we brought Vybe with us. In the car on the way home we talked about the best way to get into really good state, the type of state where it feels like your superman cape drops and you are just like ‘these bitches are mine’. Some of the guys have been doing 5 approaches in 10 minutes or saying random shit to people in the first 10 minutes but in the car Hootie came up with a new experiment for getting in state. The plan is that a group of us will go to the club an hour earlier and walk around the casino (all the clubs are in casinos here) talking to everybody and anybody we see. The idea is that this will supercharge our state before we even enter the club.

    Wednesday 24th June
    After Tuesday night being such a bust I was determined to work my butt off on Wednesday. Hootie, an intern a mentor and I went the casino an hour early to carry out our ‘getting into state’ experiment. We walked around the casino for an hour saying random shit to people and giving people high fives. To be honest I’m not sure if it worked for me although I was in great state for the majority of the night. I think for me being an introvert getting an extra hours sleep before we go out would be more beneficial for me. Having said that I think for the sake of the experiment I am going to try it at least one more time. Anyway to get onto to the events of the night. The first few sets went fine then my third set with 3 Candian girls properly hooked. Myself and 2 other rockstars brought them back to the table. I was getting on really great with my chick, did a marriage/divorce role play and although she was slightly yellow I really felt it was on. However after about half an hour her friends dragged her away to the bathroom. Initially I thought I would definately have had her if her friends didn’t take her but when I text her later in the night she didn’t respond, so maybe there was something I did wrong that I just haven’t figured out yet. Immediately after that set myself and the same rockstar bounced another 2 chicks back to the table. These chicks were Swedish but things didn’t quite as well and they bounced after about 10 minutes. For the rest of the night I worked my ass off approaching, I didn’t really get blown out that much, the majority of my sets hooked to some degree, although I didn’t manage to get any more chicks back to the table. I think pretty much all of us worked our asses off and burnt the place down to the ground. We left at 3am exhausted, happy with our efforts but not happy with our results or lack thereof (except the guys who actually banged obviously).

    Thursday 25th June
    Thursday night was a night off for us. Myself and 3 of the other rockstars went to the alumni house for dinner. We all did our introductions again (as some more alumni have come since the first day). It was inspiring to hear just how much self improvement all of the alumni experienced as a result of rockstar. It was also really cool to to chat informally about our experiences on rockstar so far.’

    Friday 26h of June
    On Friday we were back in XS and had ourselves a cabana. Zedd was spinning and the place was full of chicks from the get go. The vibe was excellent and everybody was in a great mood, the table was full of chicks before I even got in. This actually worked against me as I went to the bathroom on the way to our table and by the time I got to the table literally everybody was in set. I ended up standing around by myself for about 10 minutes before eventually opening 2 milfs just for the sake of trying to up my state. My state was still pretty poor after this set, I also have a pretty bad head cold which was giving me a splitting headache. After that I approached a girl from Vancouver and brought her to our table, she was pretty yellow the entire time and that interaction fizzled after a while. A combination of my head cold, my headache and incredibly high temperatures were affecting my state. I grabbed one of the alumni guys and asked him to bring me around to do some approaches (you have to be proactive if you want to improve in any area of life) and that helped a lot. After that myself and another rockstar bounced 2 Irish chicks back to the table. We had a fun time with them but they were pretty yellow and ended up ushering the age old words ‘we are going to the bathroom’. Towards the end of the night myself and Vybe were with 2 aussie chicks. Things were going well, we were making out with and managed to get them to the taxi line but their big fat friend came with them. We brought them all the way back to the mansion but their big fat friend ended up throwing major spanner in the works and they ended up leaving again after 5 minutes. Shortly after they left one of the rockstars emerged from a room where he had just lost his virginity!!! Everybody arrived back and we kind of ended up having a massive virginity party. It was fun.
    I had a big breakthrough in my feedback session today. Up to this point my main aim has been getting chicks back to the table then hopefully somehow get sex. Instead my aim should be to them lead the girl as much as possible, Led her to the table, but when things start to go stagnant led her elsewhere like the bar, the casino, a bathroom etc. If a girl is willing to be led somewhere it is a good gauge as to whether she’ll go home with you. Also if you’ve been leading her to x,y and z all night, leading her back to her hotel/our mansion won’t be such a big step. This is such a massive realisation for me and my goal for the next few nights is to play around with leading, fuck it up a few times invariably, then try to calibrate it.

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    Journal Entry 1

    With the close of the 10 day program of simplified natural, we were given all the basic fundamentals needed to help jump start the rest of rockstar. After going out to nightclubs and the occasional day club, a break was definitely needed. EDC- electric Daisy Carnival was the perfect way for the rockstars to get together, let loose, and have some fun dancing until the sunrise. We definitely had a blast partying with each other running around stage-to-stage dancing until our feet hurt and then spending the rest of the days sleeping. By Monday most of us were pretty wiped out, but ready to get back to working on our game. Unfortunately I can feel a cold coming on and my energy levels were pretty low but I still wanted to get out there and practice.

    Getting back in the flow was a little difficult just because it had been a few days since the last time we had all gone out with the purpose of gaming. I still managed to get into some long sets but it was a slow night in general. I talked to one of the instructors about which areas I needed to work on and it was the same thing I had been hearing over the first week. I keep playing in the safe zone verbally and physically. I always knew this was a huge point for me, always playing things safe, trying to avoid risk or anything that could lead to catastrophic failure. In a lot of ways I have confidence but I need to believe more in myself and that I can push the boundaries with success.

    After breaking up into smaller groups our rockstar instructors broke down our progress during the first 2 weeks and what steps we needed to take to continue moving forward with our progress. This type of individual help was incredibly helpful as I have always felt that small changes can lead to the biggest results. Im on the right track but still not pushing the limits enough physically.. I was getting blown out earlier after the first week and then went back into my normal comfort zone. So last night my goal was to push the thresholds and find those limits. The first set started out great. Came in to wing a fellow rockstar not having any clue what the girl looked like. Was pleasantly surprised when she was pretty attractive. She started out yellow but once we got her on the dance floor and back to the table. I went in for the kiss and she moved away but she must have liked it because her hands were all over after that. It was my first set of the night so I was not too upset when she told me her and her friend had to leave to get some sleep but that I should get her number.

    The rest of the night was just practicing the same thing, trying to ramp everything up a little bit. I sniped a sexy girl with tattoos from another cabana and got her number. Eventually got her to come to our table where I kept trying to escalate verbally(need to continue working on the physical part) we made out here and there and she seemed interested but they were ready to keep partying. I had only gotten a few hours of sleep over the past 2 days so I wanted no part of it and just decided to get home and rest up since I started getting a cold earlier in the day. Over the next couple days my plan is just to really ramp up the physical as its been my biggest weakness so far.

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    Blog Entry 2


    Electric Daisy Carnival was last weekend, a core part of the programme for Project Rockstar, but actually a break from the daily routine of pure game. Itís an opportunity to enjoy one of the biggest electronic dance music festivals, and form closer bonds with the group. Some people are more into the music than others. No one else is gaming. The only people hitting on girls are a select group of rockstars.

    I probably spent about half the time hitting on girls, and the other half enjoying the shows. I am a big fan of EDM, so it was great to hear Tiesto, Hardwell, and so on. Iíll never forget the final night, when we partied as a group till the sun came up and the last song was played. Iíll also never forget the blowjob I got in the Ferris wheel. This was a great reward for my efforts.


    We went out Monday-Wednesday nights. They were all relatively weak nights for Vegas, as I think the city was hungover from EDC. Fortunately thereís a new crop of girls to hit on. The best part of the program format now is that all the Rockstars have been divided into groups of 2-3 with an individual instructor. So the evenings after seminar, we have a group debrief led by Sterling, then we break off into our subgroups. We have very detailed debriefs with our lead instructors (mine is Jasper this week, who is an amazing teacher and really cares!). We get specific instructions for the night. And when infield, we get specific attention from our specific instructor, and are often in field with our subgroup. This has really allowed me to small chunk my learning. Right now itís my subcomms, converting yellows to green, as well as owning sexual talk. Jasperís been pleased with my progress, as have I, though no results to show from it yet.

    Today I also did some day game in a small group for the first time since starting Rockstar. It was fun, though Iíll need quite a few sessions like this to really get this down.

    Lifestyle Entrepreneur

    This week, our seminars changed to the business portion of the Project Rockstar content. We had some amazing sessions with Jesse Krieger. He taught us some cutting edge techniques on how to generate an idea for a business, and how to get it started. As Rockstars, we get special access to Jesse, who has promised to help mentor us in the future in these endeavours. As an example, most of last yearís Rockstar class has left their jobs and started their own enterprises. Jesse is an inspiration.

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    Days 3-6

    Since my last post the thing I was really trying to work on the most is pushing the boundaries and getting out of my safe zone. I tried to think about the previous nights and rethink how the interactions had gone. I was seeing improvements in the chemistry I was forming simply by testing the boundaries instead of just casual interest with my usual normal boring conversations and body language.

    Tonight we went to a night time pool party with a dj known for pretty hard edm music. The night was pretty slow but I really wanted to try and push things. After I couple laps I realized that most of the girls in the place were at our table. Everyone was having fun and it was still pretty early in the night. I started out a little slow but then quickly realized how to fix it. I saw one the girls I had met earlier and could tell there was pretty mutual interest. I started out real strong and I could tell it was going pretty well. I knew one of the rockstars had been talking to her earlier but when I got the all clear I went in and got the make out pretty early. I was ramping and playing the thresholds and getting a feel for how the chemistry was building in our conversation. Things were going well but it was still pretty early in the night and I wanted to get more sets in so I went around again a few times and practiced with a lot more success. The rest of the night was just more blowout trying to test a=the boundaries and learning something more everytime. That would also become the goal of the next night- get blown out.

    This night felt much different from the start, and not because of how intensely hot it was.. Instead of my normal talking to girls to warm up, I hung around with the rockstars, alumns and instructors and just chatted it up. The conversations were hysterical. This got me into a really great state and I just knew tonight was going to be fun.

    I went around with an instructor and almn and started I few set. I opened real strong with both groups and tried to push things pretty fast. She was with a large group but my boys came to help out. Everything went pretty well as far as a warm up, started to feel the boundaries a little more. The next set I hit even stronger, and even one her her friends commented wow your friend must really like my friend. They had to get to their own table so I got her number, er tried to memorize it and forgot what it was. Note make sure to always just hand her your phone.

    The rest of the night I continued to push things further and further. I met a very cute local girl who I talked to for most of the night. She was a very toned down version of my type so it was great seeing how there was chemistry from the start. We danced a bit here and there and everything was going great. I would go back and check in with the guys and also meet more girls and it was amazing to see just how the interaction were going so much smoother than before. I even had one with a dancer from a professional sports team who was smoking hot. It was unbelievable being able to have a conversation with someone and actually maintain it for awhile. I knew I had to really test things so I went in for the kissÖand completelly hesitated at the last moment. She got me and the interaction quickly soured. Unreal. Oh well, another lesson to be learned. I was pretty happy with how the night went, and after speaking with my instructor we hashed out that im getting a much better feel for everything and to now scale things back just a little bit but now at least understanding what it feels like and where to take it.

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