How to get drunk faster?
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  1. How to get drunk faster?

    Hello PUA fellows

    So basically I have a loft shared with my brother, we are both into PUA day and night game. Since we had the loft we started bringing chicks back to our place, play games, drinking, have fun and have sex. Please note that the booze is there only to make the night more exciting, it was and never will be our intention to get them drunk that we can bang them without their permission.

    The problem is that we live in Singapore, and you know, booze is crazily expensive in Singapore. Usually we spend more than $200 value of alcohol (beers and wine) to get 4 people half-drunk, which is a lot of money since we bring girls back home very often.

    We are trying to find a way to lessen the alcohol expenses, by mixing different kind of alcohol together, or mixing it with other kinds of drinks (energy drinks for example) so we can get drunk faster, basically to save more money.

    So if the veterans here can give us any suggestion on how to maximize the effects of alcohol without spending too much, please advice, we really appreciate it

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    drink tequila without mixing it, and have small breaks between the shots trust me you will get drunk quickly

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    Drink on an empty stomach.
    You'll save money on food as well !
    BTW how do you bring girls back to your place, give me a run down.

  4. pregame.

  5. drink it w/ a straw =0)

  6. Drink it without mixing... It works for many. Doesn't work so well for others.

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    Build your own home bar, develop a taste for different types of wine and aged liquors, and a savvy shopper. Odds are you'll change your drinking habits the more you know. Learn how to mix drinks.

    Anything like a Long Island Iced Tea is going to get someone drunk fast because of how many shots are in it. If you're dealing with easily impressed girls who see top shelf liquor in your home, they don't need to know that you filled those bottles with something for cheaper. I'm not saying get crappy booze, but sometimes you're paying for a glass bottle and not what's in it.

    Alcohol is something that is fun to research with friends or even on your own. It doesn't have to be a weekend night and it doesn't have to be all about pounding down drinks.

    Some people try to get deals at duty free shops.

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    Drink on an empty stomach, as jok20 mentioned. Heat helps intensify the effects as well.

    EDIT: another thing you can do is get a bottle gut-rot cheap alcohol and a bottle good/decent alcohol. pour about 40% of the good alcohol into a container. Then put the cheap gut-rot alcohol with the other 60% of the good booze. If you have a second empty bottle of the good alcohol, pour the remaining good alcohol in there. Drink the 60%/40% mix of good alcohol mixed lightly to hide the gut-rot taste..... Drink the 40% of good alcohol that is non-mixed straight at first.... Also, if you can another empty bottle of the good alcohol, pour the remaining 60% of the cheap gut-rot alcohol in. When you're already toasted nobody will know the difference between a $100 bottle whiskey and a $20.00 bottle of cheap booze.

    Here's a tip that will help cure a hang-over as well.... It more or less prevents a hangover almost guaranteed unless you REALLY fucked up.

    1) take an extra strength Tylenol before bed
    2) drink a large glass of water
    3) Eat a good meal, a grand slam at Denny's is a great one. No sugary stuff though...... look for fatty bacon, bread, eggs, etc..
    4) Get at least 6 hours good sleep.

    Tylenol will help prevent swelling and headache in the morning. Water will re-hydrate your body as you sleep. The fatty bacon and eggs will break down the alcohol, and the bread will absorb remaining alcohol in your stomach from making the effects intensify as you sleep.

    I promise with this method, you can drink and feel better than a regular night with only 4 hours sleep. I always do this when I drink Sunday nights....

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    Hahaha this post is hilarious

    drinking with an empty stomach will help, sugary drinks with a high alcohol content will allow it to get into the blood faster. This might be a no brainier but go for the strong stuff, stay away from beer or wine, and whatever you do, stay away from powder alcohol (yes such thing exists).

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    GeorgeL Guest

    Ha, Ha - fun question. You can use a straw...this helps. But - why should this be a goal ;-)

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