Living in Odessa Indefinitely -- WAR is not scary, girls are! -- Looking for wingmen!

I figure I should post this here because there is a lot of crossover between people wanting to visit Russia and Ukraine for pickup reasons.

I am an American from Los Angeles currently living in Odessa, Ukraine and have been for the past 10 years now. I'm available to hang out and go sarging pretty much anytime.

Even though there is a war going on in the eastern part of the country, only a very small section is directly affected. The 3-4 major cities for picking up, Kiev, Odessa, L'viv and Harkov are not affected and just as safe as any other big cities in Eastern Europe. Think about it this way: How did the 9/11 Attacks or Boston Marathon bombing affect people living in Los Angeles? Same thing here.

I also run a business consulting firm and a tourist agency that can help with cheap accommodation, transportation, translation, PUA training and anything else one might need in a foreign land where hardly anyone speaks english.

Be sure to brush up on your body language skills because spoken communication is a MAJOR barrier here, although it gets easier every year. Non-verbal is key!

Also, I very often head out to neighboring countries (Moldova, Transnistria [break away territory, I know, scary right?], Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia) -- depending on timing, I can also meet up there for some action, naturally the closer to Odessa, the easier it is to get away from work and stuff.

PM me for contact information.