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  1. This link doesn't work??

    On all my pc's and browsers, this link opens up a long page of html text...

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    Please specify which link. I can't find any problem.

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    Episode 29 of the Love Systems Podcast is now out!

    Matt Artisan, a dating coach with over 7 years of experience, joins the show to talk about how to get a date in three minutes during day game. Matt and Hootie also discuss important mindsets and principles to follow in order to progress in an optimal fashion.

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    Episode 30 of the Love Systems Podcast is now out!

    Hootie talks about the amazing process of habit formation, and shares 8 habits from ultra successful individuals. Learn how to build these habits into your life so that you can optimize your workflow and reach your objectives.

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    Free Dating Tips Podcast

    02:05 oceanizer at: I bet he would go...
    02:05 oceanizer at: "Other people can post their free time during part-time stories, too"

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